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            ​        Violence


It all started with this guy - remember him - telling people to get in their neighbors' faces and argue with them.  By the way, in hindsight, did you catch all the whoppers he told in that speech??  And they said Trump was a liar???  I was paying $125 per month (with a $1500 deductible) in 2008 before Obama(DoesNot)Care passed.  Today, $952 (with a $6500 deductible).  By liberal math, that's some serious cost savings!!!  I'm SO grateful!!  NOT!!!

  • For thousands more stories and examples of vicious left-wing/liberal-inspired hatred and violence against peaceful, God-loving Americans, see Defending Christianity here.

You may be shocked by the stories you see and read here and wonder how you could've possibly missed hearing about them.  Well, the answer is simple:  The media is controlled, for the most part, by 6 large, liberal/left-leaning conglomerates.  They do not support, nor do they like anything about traditional America or Americans, so they essentially look the other way when these things happen and don't report it.  However, when, on the rare occasion, the violence comes from the other side, they howl at the top of their lungs from the heights of their ivory towers and usually blow it completely out of proportion.  See the News You Missed page for more background on this.

01-02-2024 - America’s mainstreaming of Hamas, antisemitism and terror

01-01-2024 - ‘I won’t sit with a Jew’: American Students tell of violence, antisemitism on


12-25-2023 - Young U.S. Muslims are rising up against Israel in unlikely places

​​11-12-2023 - Pro-Terror Teenagers Admit They Learned to Hate Israel on China's TikTok,

                     Zuckerberg's Instagram

11-06-2023 - PHOTOS – Anti-Israel Protesters Desecrate Monuments to American

                     Revolution Near White House: ‘Death to the USA’

10-11-2023 - WATCH: ‘Free Palestine’ Rally in Dearborn Cheers Hamas Genocidal Chant:

                     ‘From the River to the Sea’ Rep. from Sharpton’s National Action Network


​10-09-2023 - PHOTOS: Democratic Socialists of America Cheer Palestinian Terror in New


09-24-2023 - Leftists and Palestinian Jew-Hate Progressive favoritism of the indefensible

08-31-2023 - VIDEO: Woman physically attacks conservatives for protesting LGBT

                     grooming of children

08-30-2023 - Democrat-Run Cities See Explosion of Hate Crimes

08-20-2023 - Multiple Kosher Restaurants Vandalized, Burglarized over Jewish Sabbath in


08-16-2023 - Federal Court Delivers Major Free Speech Win D.C. ‘Selectively’ Enforced Law

                     to Arrest Pro-Lifers but Not BLM Protesters

​08-09-2023 - VIDEO:  One full minute of Democrats and their media allies calling for

                        violence against Trump

06-18-2023 - Violence spirals out of control, sending dozens to the hospital over
                        Juneteenth weekend

06-18-2023 - Juneteenth holiday horror: Five dead and dozens injured as violence erupts

                     across the nation

06-06-2023 - California Bishops Slam Legislature for Honoring Anti-Catholic Hate Group

06-05-2023 - ‘Extremism’ in US Military: Stand-Down Was a Solution in Search of a Problem

05-31-2023 - More than $30K Raised for Elderly Pro-Life Activist Brutally Beaten Outside

                        Planned Parenthood Clinic

05-31-2023 - More than $30K Raised for Elderly Pro-Life Activist Brutally Beaten Outside

                        Planned Parenthood Clinic
​​05-30-2023 - DHS: Targets of Potential Violence in Coming Months Include Churches, Feds

05-25-2023 - Jewish Groups Blast Biden's Anitsemitism Strategy; Shaped by Antisemitic


05-24-2023 - RAND study finds ‘no evidence’ military veterans lean toward extremism

05-24-2023 - Pro-Life Display-Destroying CUNY Prof Fired After Threatening Reporter With


​05-23-2023 - Republicans demand an end to the Democrats' military 'witch hunt' as poll

                        finds most veterans are LESS likely to be white supremacist or interested

                     in political violence than rest of US population

05-23-2023 - Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) Extreme Left Warns of ‘Huge Backlash…in the

                        Streets’ if Joe Biden Negotiates Any Budget Cuts

05-23-2023 - Hollywood Star Ellen Barkin: 'I F**kin Hate These Motherf**ing Republicans.

                     Every Last One. F**k Them One and All' <C'mon, Ellen, where's all that liberal love

                and tolerance you're always preaching about??>

05-20-2023 - Multiple People Arrested At Nebraska Capitol After ANOTHER Violent 

                     ANOTHER Violent Outbreak Due To Trans And Abortion Bills [VIDEO]

05-17-2023 - Cops: Woman Defecated On Church Altar

05-13-2023 - Megyn Kelly Says ‘Come F**k Me Up’ to Charlize Theron After Oscar Winning

                     Actress Vows Violence Against ‘Transphobes’

05-09-2023 - Hollywood Defends Drag for Kids with Unhinged Telethon Charlize Theron

                     Vows to ‘F**k Anybody Up Who’s Trying to F**k With’ LGBTQIA2S+ People

                     Oscar-Winning Actress Threatens Violence to Prove ‘Drag Isn’t Dangerous’

                     <Another liberal Hollywood space cadet popping off.>

04-26-2023 - VP Harris (D-CA) Calls Pro-Life Lawmakers ‘Extremist,’ Threatens 'Don't Get

                     in Our Way'

04-25-2023 - Trans Activist Threatens Gun Violence If Denied Woman’s Bathroom

04-24-2023 - Tourist Town Faces A Huge Uptick In Violent Crime After Embracing Woke


04-21-2023 - Report Indicates Growing Hostility Against US Churches

04-18-2023 - ‘Abort God’: Ohio Pro-Life Pregnancy Center Attacked by ‘Jane’s Revenge’

04-16-2023 - Aid Group Decries Escalation of Anti-Christian Violence in Holy Land

04-14-2023 - San Francisco D.A.: We Still Have 'out of Control' Drug Dealing, 'Rampant'

                     Retail Theft, and 'Repeated Violent Attacks' on Asians

04-11-2023 - Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band Member Steven Van Zandt Says He Meant

                     to Say ‘Exterminate’ Conservatives ‘At the Ballot Box’

04-11-2023 - Steven Van Zandt Exposed as Sad and Angry Old Man

04-07-2023 - 'Enough Is Enough:' Charlie Kirk Blasts Universities that Let Violent Leftists

                     Run Amok
04-02-2023 - MSNBC's Joy Reid's Religion Seminar: Being Anti-Trans Is 'Anti-Gospel, Anti-

                     Christ' <She's a BRUTAL hater!!>

03-31-2023 - For Left, Political Ends Justify Violent Means

03-28-2023 - Man Arrested in Connection with 2022 Firebombing of Wisconsin Pro-

                        Life Organization

03-28-2023 - Nashville Christian School Shooting Preceded by Calls for ‘Trans Day of


03-28-2023 - WATCH: Five Times Pro-Trans Protesters Turned Aggressive, Violent

03-14-2023 - Left-Wing Activists Smash Windows, Arrested at UC Davis Charlie Kirk Event
                     Violence Comes After Chancellor Prompted Students to ‘Neutralize and
                     Negate’ TPUSA

03-10-2023 - VIDEO:  Hanoi Jane Fonda Suggests Murdering Pro-Life Politicians to Protect

                     Abortion Rights While on 'The View'

03-10-2023 - Jane Fonda Quips She 'Thought of Murder' to Fight for Abortion Rights

03-07-2023 - Minneapolis pro-life pregnancy center 'badly vandalized' by pro-abortion


03-07-2023 - VIDEO: Suspects Allegedly Deface NYC Christopher Columbus Monument

03-07-2023 - SPLC Defends Attorney Arrested for Alleged Domestic Terrorism

03-06-2023 - Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) Attorney Charged with Domestic

                     Terrorism for Allegedly Rioting with Antifa

03-06-2023 - Democrat-Run Atlanta’s ‘Cop City’ Hit with Antifa Terrorist Attack

01-30-2023 - Israel: Majority of Antisemitism Online Stems from Pro-Palestinian

                     Progressive Left

01-29-2023 - NYT Describes Deadly Palestinian Terror Attacks as 'Spasms of

                     Violence' Israel Had Coming

12-04-2022 - Pro-Life Group in Nebraska Receives Shooting Threat Note Allegedly Signed

                     by ‘Jane’s Revenge’

11-10-2022 - Since Dobbs Decision Leak, Violence Against Pro-Lifers Was Over 22 Times

                     That Against Pro-Choicers

11-04-2022 - GOP Seizes On Bail Reform as Weapon to Bash Democrats on Crime

11-02-2022 - Climate of Violence Republican Gen. Bolduc Physically Attacked by Individual

                     Outside Wednesday’s Debate

10-13-2022 - Watch — Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) Speaker of the House on January 6: If He

                     Comes to the Capitol, I'll Punch Trump and Happily Go to Jail <Where's all the

                liberal love and tolerance from this "ardent & practicing Catholic??"  I guess none for

                the opposition or especially the unborn!>

10-10-2022 - Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) Doubles Down on Call to ‘Kill and Confront’ MAGA

                     Republicans Specifically Targets J.D. Vance in Violent Rhetoric

09-30-2022 - Biden Hate Campaign Pays Off with Wave of Violence Against Republicans

09-14-2022 - Climate of Violence Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) Issues ‘Call to Arms’ over

                     Potential Abortion Ban After Tim Ryan’s Call to ‘Kill’ MAGA Dems Go All In on

                     Dark Brandon’s Dangerous Rhetoric

09-14-2022 - Democrat Midterm Message: MUST ‘Kill’ MAGA Tim Ryan (D-OH) Silent After

                        Outburst of Violent Rhetoric on MSNBC Backed by Soros, Votes with Biden…

09-13-2022 - Climate of Violence Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH): We Need to ‘Kill and Confront’

                     ‘Extremist’ Republican Movement Ohio Democrat Follows Dark Brandon’s

                     Lead of Demonizing MAGA

09-03-2022 - MSNBC Guest Roland Martin On Trump Supporters: “We are at war with these


08-31-2022 - VIDEO: Biden Talks Violence Against Opponent, Defined as ‘Semi-Fascist’ by

                     White House

07-24-2022 - Summer of Rage, Part I: 100+ Attacks Since Dobbs Leak Militant Pro-Abortion

                     Radicals Flourish in Madison, Wisconsin Violence ‘Meme’d’ on Twitter

​07-10-2022 - SUV-Hating Tyre Extinguishers Group Is Out to Deflate Your Tires

06-28-2022 - Anti-Dobbs (SCOTUS Abortion Decision) Reign of Terror Gains Momentum

06-27-2022 - Leftist Assaults Rudy Giuliani in Grocery Store, Claiming He’s ‘Gonna Kill


06-26-2022 - 10 Pro-Abortion Protesters Arrested in Portland for ‘Night of Rage’ Violence

06-26-2022 - Twitter Says Calls to Kill Justice Thomas Don't Violate Their Rules

06-26-2022 - Happy Now, AOC and Pelosi? Pregnancy Clinic Torched in Colorado

06-17-2022 - ‘Very Catholic’ Nancy Pelosi Refuses to Condemn Recent Spate of Violent

                     Attacks Against Pro-Lifers

06-09-2022 - 7 Recent Acts of Leftist Extremism Violence Targeted at Political Foes

06-05-2022 - VIDEO: Are Democrats calling for violence after Supreme Court ruling on


05-23-2022 - Islamic Society of North America Called Out for Fomenting Violence Against


05-09-2022 - Reporter Calls for Violence Against Pro-Life Groups

03-20-2022 - Colbert: Biden Should Slap Fox News Reporter Peter Doocy Like Will Smith

                     Slapped Chris Rock

01-04-2022 - University Administration Slammed With Lawsuits for Arresting Christian

                     Students for Sharing Their Faith

06-21-2021 - Democrat (of course) Congressman dares bishops to deny him Communion

                     over support for abortion, contraception

06-20-2021 - Anti-Israel Activists in NYC Call for ‘Intifada, Revolution’

05-28-2021 - Soros-Backed Group Tied to Violent Palestinian ‘Activists’ Bail Fund

05-26-2021 - Why Black Lives Matter Sides With Hamas Against Israel

05-26-2021 - List of “Pro-Palestinian” Violent Attacks On Jews In The U.S. and Canada

05-23-2021 - Dozens of Harvard Faculty Members Endorse Palestinian Terrorism

05-21-2021 - BREAKING: Pro-Palestinian Mob Attacks Jewish Diners in NYC

05-19-2021 - Israel, Not Hamas, Is the Aggressor in the Eyes of the Left

04-29-2021 - 10 Racist Attacks On Tim Scott From So-Called Progressives

​​03-04-2021 - What’s worse, violence on the left or the right? It’s a dangerous question

02-23-2021 - DHS: ‘Right-Wing Extremists’ Committed Most Deadly Terrorist Attacks Last


02-18-2021 - Amid Capitol riot, FBI released files from Kennedy-era investigation into

                     Nancy Pelosi's father

02-18-2021 - Why are people gloating over Rush Limbaugh’s death?  Political divisions

                     have crushed our sense of decency

02-17-2021 - 20 Absolutely Horrible Things That The Left Said About Rush Limbaugh

                     Right After He Died<You KNEW this would happen.  Where's all that liberal love and

                tolerance I keep hearing about, but never seeing??>

02-16-2021 - DCCC Hire Referred to Police as 'White Supremacists," Defended Looting

02-16-2021 - CNN, NBC Paid Left-wing Capitol Rioter $35,000 Each for Footage of Violence​
02-13-2021 - 9 Professors Who Compared Trump, GOP to Hitler but Weren't Canceled

02-12-2021 - Columnist shows 5 times Biden 'openly urged violence'

02-12-2021 - Trump’s lawyer plays a video of Democrats and celebrities advocating

              violence at impeachment trial <11 minutes of unhinged rantings!! Shocking!!>

02-11-2021 - Incitement? Kamala Harris and Ellen Degeneres Cackle About Murdering

                     Trump, Pence, and Sessions In An Elevator

02-11-2021 - Hannity accuses Dems of inciting violence toward Republicans: ‘Where was

                     the outrage?’

02-08-2021 - Democrats Now Claim Vote Machine "Errors... Irregularities... Discrepancies...

                     Procedural Faults in Machines..." Election Law Noncompliance...Will They Be

                     Accused of Incitement?

02-07-2021 - Time Magazine Gloats: "Shadow Conspiracy" Included 400 Planned

                     Demonstrations To Destroy Trump Victory...Admits Conservatives Not Really

                     A Threat

02-07-2021 - Here's The List: 250 Publishing Professionals Pen Letter To Ban Trump

                     Admin, Staff From Ever Publishing Anything

02-07-2021 - Antifa/BLM Mob Marches Through D.C. Chanting “F**k The Police”,

                     Threatening Violence — Receives Zero Media Attention

02-07-2021 - Watch: BLM-ANTIFA Rioters Chant 'Burn It Down' During March Through

                     Streets Of Washington, DC

02-05-2021 - MSNBC Suggest Killing Trump Supporters

02-05-2021 - Cowardly Fox News Cancels Very Popular Lou Dobbs After Smartmatic

                     Threatens Massive Lawsuit…How Are Voting Machine Companies Getting

                     Away With Silencing Anyone Who Questions Election Integrity?

​02-04-2021 - FLASHBACK VIDEO: AOC Literally Stormed the Capitol in 2018 With

                     Protesters By "Proudly" Joining Raid of Nancy Pelosi's Office

02-03-2021 - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC - Airhead on Crack) wasn't in Capitol Building

                     during her 'near death' experience, analysis of events show

02-02-2021 - AOC’s body politics -The congresswoman uses a sexual assault claim as

                     a political cudgel

01-18-2021 - Flashback: Democrats Rioted at Trump Inauguration

01-10-2021 - Months Ago, Democrats Blocked a Resolution Condemning Mob Violence

01-10-2021 - Twitter Hasn't Suspended These Accounts That Openly Incite Violence

01-10-2021 - Red Alert!! You Can't Unhear This! Nancy Pelosi Makes Critical Error - What

                     Did She Just Do!?

01-08-2021 - 10 Times Democrats Urged Violence Against Trump And His Supporters

01-08-2021 - Remember When the Left Loved Rioters and Kamala Harris Loved a

                     Group That Bailed Them Out of Jail?

01-07-2021 - AOC in 2019: Marginalized People Have 'No Choice but to Riot', Refused to

                        Condemn Antifa Violence

01-07-2021 - Matt Gaetz Destroys Democrats' Hypocrisy on Violence

​01-07-2021 - Nancy Pelosi Called for 'Uprisings' Against Trump Admin

11-20-2020 - The Democratic Party is often violent, divisive and hypocritical; if it doesn’t

                     change, Trump will be back - Baltimore Sun

​11-16-2020 - The Left’s Wanton Violence Against the MAGA Marchers

11-03-2020 - 74 Times Leftist Protesters Engaged in Violence, Destruction, or Intimidation

                     — In Past 30 Days

09-26-2020 - Kamala Harris blasted for praising BLM as ‘essential’ and ‘brilliant’ amid


09-25-2020 - Kamala Harris is branded 'ignorant' for praising BLM protests and calling

                     them 'essential' just three days after two cops were shot during Louisville


09-25-2020 - Kamala Harris praises BLM, says ongoing protests are 'essential' for change

                     in US - Harris praised the 'brilliance' and 'impact' of Black Lives Matter

​09-23-2020 - Black Lives Matter bail fund supported by Kamala Harris ‘helped free six men

                     accused of domestic violence in two months’

09-19-2020 - Democrats threaten violence if GOP fills SCOTUS vacancy: 'Burn the      

                     entire f***ing thing down'

09-16-2020 - REVEALED: Widespread vandalism and looting during BLM protests will cost

                     the insurance $2 BILLION after violence erupted in 140 cities in the wake of

                     George Floyd's death

09-03-2020 - Kamala Harris tweeted support for a bail fund, but the money didn’t just

                     assist protesters

09-01-2020 - WATCH:  Prominent Democrats Call for Violence

08-31-2020 - Video shows Democratic leaders, liberal pundits cheering and

                     condoning violence against political opponents

08-31-2020 - Meet The Rioting Criminals Kamala Harris Helped Bail Out Of Jail

08-29-2020 - FLASHBACK: Democrat Leaders Have Encouraged Political

                     Violence, Beginning With Obama

08-27-2020 - Kenosha Rioters Vandalize Synagogue ('Free Palestine'), Church ('BLM')

08-26-2020 - After Mocking Violence In Cities, CNN’s Lemon Admits Bad For Democrats:

                     Biden Maybe ‘Afraid’ To Say Anything

08-20-2020 - Democrat Convention Concludes Without A Single Mention Of Ongoing

                        Violent Unrest In Liberal Cities
07-30-2020 - The Left's Willingness to Tolerate Violence Should Frighten All Americans

06-27-2020 - Top 20 most violent cities run by Democrats

06-27-2020 - Democrats Can't Condemn Violence, Including Violence Against Police

06-01-2020 - Kamala Harris Inciting Violence on Two Occasions

05-31-2020 - Minnesota gov blamed right-wing 'white supremacists' for violence — now

                     the truth comes out - it was LEFT wing anarchists

05-30-2020 - AG Bill Barr: Violence Seems Planned by Leftists Using 'Antifa-Like Tactics'

03-25-2020 - Twitter: Pelosi Daughter ‘Glorified Violence’ Against Senator Rand Paul

03-24-2020 - Nancy Pelosi’s 9D-CA) Daughter Praises ‘Violent Criminal Attack’ On Senator

                        Rand Paul (R-KY)

03-10-2020 - VIDEO: Joe Biden Threatens to Slap Detroit Autoworker in the Face

03-08-2020 - Senator Chuck U. Schumer (D-NY) Threatens Supreme Court Justices to do

                     his Bidding

03-05-2020 - Senator Chuck U. Schumer (D-NY) implicitly threatens violence against

                     Supreme Court Justices

03-05-2020 - Schumer, the Supreme Court, and the Mob

03-05-2020 - Democrat Senator Chuck U. Schumer Threatened Supreme Court Justices

                     Kavanaugh and Gorsuch Over Abortion Case

02-28-2020 - Unhinged Congressman John Garamendi (D-CA) Threatens Don Trump, Jr.

                     with Physical Violence Over Comment on Coronavirus (VIDEO)

02-21-2020 - Obama AG Eric Holder Threatens Journalist For Criticizing DOJ: ‘Shut The

                     Hell Up’

02-20-2020 - Minnesota AG Keith Ellison (D) Asks for Examples of 'Bernie Bro' Violence,

                        Congressman Scalise (R-LA) Delivers

01-14-2020 - Project Veritas–Bernie Campaigner: Police Will Get ‘F***ing Beaten' at DNC

01-11-2020 - 11 Times Hollywood Leftists Fantasized About Violence Against Trump, GOP

                     in 2019

01-01-2020 - Top 10 Craziest Attacks on Campus Conservatives of 2019

11-28-2019 - Rap Sheet: 117 Acts of Violence and Harassment Against Conservatives on


09-09-2019 - Serious Violence at Places of Worship in the U.S.—Looking at the Numbers 

                     PDF here.
08-12-2019 - CNN's Chris Cuomo Threatens Violence After Man Calls Him 'Fredo'

08-01-2019 - Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY) Justified Violence Against

                     Jews Twice in 7 Days <AOC - Airhead on Crack>

07-19-2019 - Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) Threatens to Punch TRUMP in the Nose — Then

                     Calls for End of Hateful Rhetoric (VIDEO)

07-16-2019 - Democrat 'Squad' Refuses to Denounce Antifa, Al-Qaeda Violence

​06-05-2019 - Rap Sheet: 76 Acts of Violence and Harassment Against Conservatives on


05-03-2019 - BREAKING: Former Obama AG Eric Holder Calls For Violence Against Trump

09-10-2018 - Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) mocks: I threaten Trump supporters

                      'all the time'

07-07-2018 - 133 Trump Supporters Attacked Following Maxine Waters’ Call for Violence

07-05-2018 - Rap Sheet: ***639*** Acts of Media-Approved Violence and Harassment

                     Against Trump Supporters

07-02-2018 - 'Nazi' slur result: More violence against conservatives

06-28-2018 - Prosecute Those Who Incite Mob Violence – Including Maxine Waters!

06-25-2018 - Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) Urging Supporters To Violently

                     Confront Trump Officials    direct video link

06-25-2018 - Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) Calls for Political Violence

03-25-2018 - Biden has stated his desire to ‘beat the hell’ out of Trump

11-10-2017 - Progressives are normalizing violence against conservatives – and it is


06-14-2017 - Congressional baseball shooting

06-06-2017 - This List Of Attacks Against Conservatives Is Mind Blowing

01-01-2017 - It’s Escalating: Defiance and Calls for Violence among Democrats

05-04-2015 - Hate Network: Five Times CNN Whipped Up Violence In Baltimore

Left-Wing Violence

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