11-18-2021 - Why Is The Media Suddenly No Longer Interested In Blaming COVID Waves

                     On Red States

11-04-2021 - Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) Grills Fauci on Gain of Function: You Changed

                     the Definition to 'Cover Your Ass'

11-02-2021 - Watch Anthony Fauci's Lies EXPOSED As He Makes Them 

10-30-2021 - Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), Colleagues Demands Answers on Fauci NIH Dog


10-28-2021 - VIDEO: Antidepressant Fluvoxamine Significantly Reduces Covid-19


10-28-2021 - Survey Shows COVID-19 Toll on Senior Mental Health, Social Health

10-26-2021 - NIH Erases Website's Section on Gain of Function amid Fauci Fallout

10-23-2021 - Covid-19 natural immunity compared to vaccine-induced immunity: The

                        definitive summary | Sharyl Attkisson

10-25-2021 - Approved “Water Pill” Bumetanide May Reduce Alzheimer’s Risk

10-20-2021 - Pfizer has secret government contracts for COVID vaccines: Advocacy

                        group says company puts profits over public health and reveals seven of

                        its contracts are worth $5BILLION <WHAT??!!  You mean they're not the

                altruistic company all those liberal Democrat pointy heads told us they were??  I'm

                socked, I tell you, SHOCKED!!>

10-04-2021 - Three Pfizer Scientists Caught on Video Admitting Natural   

                         Immunity Stronger Than Vaccine Antibodies

09-17-2021 - Deafening Silence: CBS's 'Late Show with Stephen Colbert' Won’t

                        Acknowledge Bombshell Report Linking Fauci to Wuhan Lab After Praising

                         Him as ‘America's Most Trusted Doctor’

09-17-2021 - WATCH: Anthony Fauci Opposed Federal Vaccine Mandates at Least 13


09-13-2021 - Revealed: How scientists who dismissed Wuhan lab theory are linked to

                     Chinese researchers

09-13-2021 - The Wuhan lab leak was always a credible theory - so why did scientists

                     dismiss it? 5/28/2021

09-13-2021 - 27 Scientists & Doctors Who Said Coronavirus was not man-made - The

                     Lancet 3/7/2020   Re-affirmed on 7/5/2021

09-13-2021 - BOMBSHELL! CDC Admits Death Rate from COVID Greatly Overstated

09-09-2021 - CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo avoid documents suggesting Fauci lied to

                     Congress about NIH funding Wuhan lab research - ABC, CBS, NBC also

                     avoided the bombshell revelations

09-08-2021 - Expert: Documents Show Fauci-Funded Wuhan Lab Created Novel

                        Coronavirus with ‘Enhanced Pathogenicity’ for Humans

09-08-2021 - CNNLOL Ignores Bombshell Report About Lab Funding in Interview with

                     Anthony Fauci

09-08-2021 - US pumped millions tp back Covid-19 research at China's Wuhan Institute

09-07-2021 - Scientist Claims Anthony Fauci 'Untruthful' About Chinese Lab Research

09-07-2021 - Internal Documents Further Contradict Fauci’s ‘Gain-of-Function’ Research


08-31-2021 - Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine creates TWICE as many antibodies as Pfizer's,

                     study finds - but scientists don't yet know how this translates to

                     protection against the virus

08-27-2021 - Covid:  Natural immunity for the win - Latest Studies From Israel

08-11-2021 - New study finds Pfizer vaccine may be less effective against Delta variant

08-05-2021 - Dr. Fauci Credits Trump for Speedy Development of Coronavirus Vaccines

07-28-2021 - BOMBSHELL: Pfizer engineered agreements with governments saying they

                         had to pay for the COVID-19 vaccines whether they worked or not, with

                         NO recourse for injuries or failures

07-20-2021 - Washington Post Reporter: 'Rand Paul Was Right and Fauci Was Wrong'

07-02-2021 - FDA approves controversial drug for use against Alzheimer’s disease,

                        despite evidence showing it doesn’t work

06-22-2021 - After Dr. Fauci repeatedly perjured himself, his destiny consists of

                     investigation and trial

06-19-2021 - University of Florida Issues Statement After Lab Finds Pathogens on

                     Children’s Face Masks

06-19-2021 - Stunning Revelation: For Ten Years, Google Has Been Funding EcoHealth

                     Alliance Who Participated In Deadly Bat Coronavirus Research In Wuhan


06-12-2021 - Another Blow To Fauci: Hydroxychoroquine Study Debunks ‘Experts’ Cites

                        His Research Showing It ‘Worked As An Anti…

06-02-2021 - Fauci in 2020: Masks From Drug Stores ‘Not Really Effective’ Against CCP

                     Virus <Believe that science, pretzel boy!>

06-01-2021 - Washington Post Becomes Latest Media Outlet To Walk Back "Debunked

                     Conspiracy Theory" Wuhan Lab Leak Coverage

05-17-2021 - Previous COVID infection provides more immunity than jab, new study


05-14-2021 - It Was The Government That Produced COVID-19 Vaccine Success <And yes,

                Pfizer got money, too, depsite what you hear from the hags on The Spew!>

05-08-2021 - CDC Admits the Coronavirus Is Airborne, Can Be Transmitted More Than 6

                     Feet Away

05-04-2021 - 7T brain scans reveal potential early indicator of Alzheimer's

05-04-2021 - Pfizer Reaps Hundreds of Millions in Profits From Covid Vaccine

03-31-2021 - Taxpayer Funded Research And The Covid-19 Vaccine

03-29-2021 - Report: Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Aides Orchestrated Nursing Home Scandal


04-26-2021 - What MIT Just Revealed About Social Distancing PROVES How Crooked

                      Liberals Are!

04-22-2021 - Study: 56% of Liberal Women Under Age 30 Have Been Diagnosed as

              Mentally Ill

04-19-2021 - SCIENCE: White Libs More Likely To Have Mental Health Problems:

              Pew Research <Well, PauPau Biden says we have to follow the science.....>

04-16-2021 - Pew: Over Half of Liberal White Women Mentally Ill

04-15-2021 - “More Than Twice As Many” Drug Overdose Deaths As Covid-19 Deaths In

                      San Francisco Last Year

04-15-2021 - Pew: Young, Liberal, White Women Suffer Mental Health Issues

04-13-2020 - Dr. Fauci Torches a Member of the Press for Trying to Imply Trump Didn't

                     Listen to Health Experts

04-03-2021 - Blue New York, Michigan Report More Cases of the Coronavirus in Last

                     Seven Days than Texas and Florida

04-03-2020 - Brit Hume shares old video clip from Dr. Fauci that every lib critical of

                     Trump should be forced to watch

04-01-2021 - Judicial Watch Obtains Additional Records of FDA Purchases of Fetal

                     Tissue for “Humanized Mice” Project; Agency Wanted “Fresh, Shipped on

                     Wet Ice” Fetal Organs

03-03-2021 - SARS Covid-2 Is the 'Product of Genetic Experiments Commissioned and

                     Funded' by Fauci’s NIAID

03-02-2021 - Professor quits COVID-19 research amid hostility over his findings

02-21-2021 - Brain-swelling Nipah virus 75 times more deadly than coronavirus may be

                     next pandemic, scientists warn of ‘The Big One’

02-16-2021 - Watch: Kudlow Calls 'Bulls**t' on Hot Mic to Kamala Claim Biden Admin

                     Started from Scratch on Vaccine

02-16-2021 - Project Veritas: Mark Zuckerberg Expressed Concern About 'Modifying

                     DNA and RNA'

12-03-2020 - Can your employer require you to take a COVID-19 vaccine?

11-14-2020 - Biden Cancer Initiative spent millions on payroll, zero on research: report

11-12-2020 - How COVID-19 Vaccine Can Destroy Your Immune System

11-10-2020 - Analysis: Pfizer Vaccine Relies on U.S. Government-Developed Spike

                        Protein Technology - Belies Pfizer Claim Not to Have Benefited from

                        Taxpayer Dollars
10-27-2020 - New Study Found 80% of COVID-19 Patients Were Vitamin D Deficient

09-21-2020 - MSNBC Hostess Rachel Maddow inflation? Host uses U.S. coronavirus

                     death rate 10x higher than experts say

09-21-2020 - Are the additives in our food making us ill? Scientists say a diet of highly

                     processed meals is fuelling harmful inflammation that can lead to heart

                     disease, arthritis, dementia and even cancer

09-01-2020 - OH THE HORROR! Sturgis Motorcycle Rally COVID-19 Numbers Are in and

                     They Are Shocking

08-31-2020 - New Data From the CDC Shows 6% of Deaths Are Due to COVID-19 Alone

08-10-2020 - Bad news for teachers' unions: New UK mega-study shows that opening

                     schools brings almost no COVID risk

08-10-2020 - Lockdowns Never Again: Sweden Was Right, and We Were Wrong

07-27-2020 - Texas Doctor: Studies Claiming HCQ Doesn't Work Are 'Fake Science'

​07-27-2020 - Here’s Exactly How Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) Covered up His Deadly

                     Nursing Home Policy

07-27-2020 - Facebook, Google/YouTube, Twitter Censor Viral Video of Doctors' Capitol

                     Hill Coronavirus Press Conference, but Video Still Available Here

07-27-2020 - WATCH: ER Doctor: 'We Are Not Overwhelming the Health Care System'

07-24-2020 - Trump Signs 4 Executive Orders to Lower Drug Costs

07-24-2020 - Health company apologizes for falsely telling 600,000 US military

                     members they were infected with coronavirus

07-24-2020 - SCIENCE FRAUD: Florida Gov. DeSantis calls for investigation into why

                     people are testing “positive” for coronavirus tests they never received

07-22-2020 - Some Big City Officials Admit Anti-Police Protests May Have Helped

                     Spark COVID-19 Resurgence

07-22-2020 - Fauci himself 15 years ago said chloroquine was effective at treating


07-22-2020 - Pfizer Gets $1.95 Billion to Produce Coronavirus Vaccine by Year’s End

​07-21-2020 - Scientists say COVID temperature checks are not reliable and might do

                     more harm than good: report

07-20-2020 - LISTEN: The Elites Think We Are Stupid and Will Buy Their Coronavirus Lies

07-20-2020 - Congressman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) Proposes Ban on Deporting Illegal Aliens

                     with Coronavirus

07-20-2020 - NIH: Does vitamin D deficiency increase the severity of COVID-19?

07-19-2020 - Connecticut pathologist’s study shows CDC coronavirus test kits generate

                     30% false positive results

07-16-2020 - Top Biden Advisor: Yeah, We Really Screwed Up Swine Flu and are Lucky

                     More Americans Didn't Die

07-16-2020 - Another COVID-19 Metric The Media Won't Tell You About

07-15-2020 - Physician Dr Scott Atlas Explains Why Closing Schools in the Fall

             Doesn't Agree with the Science

07-14-2020 - Medical Group Says 'Little Evidence' Lockdowns Save Lives, Urges New

                     COVID Strategy

​07-14-2020 - MSNBC Host's Face After Pediatricians Say It's Time to Send Kids Back to

                     School Is Priceless

07-13-2020 - LISTEN: Follow Science and Open Schools Normally

07-09-2020 - LISTEN: Understanding the Math Manipulation of the False COVID Panic

07-08-2020 - Ignored by the Leftist Media - Children are SEVEN TIMES More Likely to Die

                     from Seasonal Flu than the COVID

07-07-2020 - LISTEN: Don’t Be Silenced from Following the Real Science and Data on the


07-03-2020 - New Hydroxychloroquine Study Proves Trump Right, Says It 'Significantly'

                     Cuts Death Rate

05-06-2020 - WATCH: Plandemic – The Next Covid-19 Film to be Censored from the

                     Web   Alternate source  (This video is being censored by Google, YouTube and

                other video sharing platforms.  If these links are dead, go to Yandex and search for

                it - Yandex does not censor anything.)

04-23-2020 - MSNBC Wrongly Claims US Corona Testing 'Far Behind Other Countries'

04-15-2020 - Headlines Around The World Say The U.S. Has The Worst Record On

                     Coronavirus Deaths But The Data Says Otherwise

04-13-2020 - Dr Fauci to Biased Media: President Trump Always Said "Yes" to Our Health


04-12-2020 - Dr. Fauci Sets the Record Straight on China and Coronavirus

04-08-2020 - On Mask Shortage, CBS IGNORES That Obama Depleted Supply and Never


04-01-2020 - Dr. Fauci Sets CNN's Jim Acosta Straight on Trump's Coronavirus

                     Response: "We acted very, very early"

03-25-2020 - Johns Hopkins Study: USA More Prepared for Pandemic Than Any Other 


03-22-2020 - COVID-19 – Evidence Over Hysteria

03-15-2020 - The Coronavirus ‘Plandemic’ and the rise of the New World Order

09-12-2019 - Fact Check: No, Biden, Obamacare Not Working for Americans

​08-18-2019 - Joe Biden: My Plan Will Make 'Health Care More Affordable' <Oh yeah, just

                like it did under Obama(DoesNot)Care??  I think I'll pass - that 600% increase last

                time was enough for me!!>​​​


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