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Countdown to Ending Biden and the Democrats' Anti-American, Anti-Religious, Hateful, Socialist Policies (Election 2022)


Interactive, time-lapse map of Taliban takeover of Afghanistan 

20-Year map of Taliban control in Afghanistan


Local gas price for E10 on:

20201102:  $1.89

20201103:  Joe Biden manages to obtain the Presidency

20201117:  $1.97

20201202:  $1.99

20210120:  Biden inaugurated

20210201:  $2.09

20210212:  $2.19

20210216:  $2.27

20210221:  $2.29 

20210223:  $2.32

20210226:  $2.39

20210304:  $2.49 

20210428:  Biden delivers his first speech to Congress outlining his historic tax-and

                   -spend socialist wish-list.

20210429:  $2.59

20210507:  Colonial Pipeline hacked, shutdown, gas shortages across 16 states. 

                   Biden admin had no back-up plan, especially since Joey Warbucks shut down

                   the Keystone XL Pipeline on his very first day in office - brilliant, dipstick!!!

20210511:  $2.69

20210628:  $2.79   

20211012:  $2.89  [+$1.00 per gallon, a 53% increase from initial.  For a 10 gallon
                              purchase, you are paying $10.00 more now than 10 months ago. Who
                              does this hurt the most?  The poor and the working class.  Great job,                                Joe!  Let's see the media blame Trump for this!  See below:]

And no, it's not because refineries are switching over to "summer blends."  If that was the case, why didn't we see the same effect during the Trump years??  Well???  This is why and get ready for it to get much worse.  I told you so!!!

08-06-2021 - Bidenomics? Gas prices hit 7-year high

02-10-2021 - Displaced Pipeline Workers Issue Major Warning About Joe Biden

01-27-2021 - Biden suspends oil and gas leasing in slew of executive actions on climate


01-27-2021 - HEARTBREAKING: Keystone XL Pipeline Workers Speak Out About Lost Jobs

                     Following Biden Cancellation of Project

01-22-2021 - Report: Biden kills 70,000+ U.S. jobs with the stroke of a pen, ‘disrespects’

                     Canada in the process on his first day in office

44 ounce fountain drink at convenience store

20201102:  $1.18  Election day

20210504:  $1.40 [+22 cents, an 18.64% increase]

1 pound regular ground beef (93/7):

20201102:  $3.99

20210913:  $8.97 [+4.98 per pound, a 125% increase]


Joe Biden graduated (76th out of 85) from Syracuse University Law School in 1969 and in 1970, he was elected to the New Castle County (Delaware) Council and never looked back.  This guy has been in politics ALL HIS LIFE!!  He's NEVER held a job in the private sector, EVER, and has very few accomplishments, if you could call them that, to show for his 50+ years in politics!  He's known around Washington, D.C. as 'Plugs,' 'Joey Fingers,' 'Joey Warbucks,' 'The Close Talker,' 'The Gaffe Master,' 'Sleepy Joe,' 'Joe Bite Me,' 'Quid Pro Joe,' 'Mr. Sniffster,' 'Mr. Chiclets,' 'Pedo-Joe,' 'The Thief-in-Chief,' 'The Commander-in-Thief,' 'Squints,' 'Whispers,' 'Joey Two-Times,' etc.  So, do you really want this guy in the White House??  Well, now you got him - let's see how you like him when you're paying $5 for a gallon of gas and $7 for a gallon of milk and unemployment goes up to 10%+ and you can't find a job because he threw open the border doors.

VIDEO:  Then VP Joe Bidenin his own words clearly threatening to withhold over a billion dollars in U.S. aid from Ukraine if the Prime Minister didn't fire the prosecutor who was investigating the oil company on which his son, Hunter, served as a board member and was receiving approx. $83K per month salary even though he had NO experience in the oil or gas industry, didn't speak Ukrainian or Russian and admitted on camera in and ABC News/GMA interview on October 15, 2019, that he probably got the job because his father was the Vice President.  The prosecutor got fired and was replaced with another prosecutor who conveniently dropped the investigation.  Hypocrisy much, Joe?  Bet you didn't see this in the MSM.  So if Joe could do it, why couldn't Trump???

READ and WATCH exposés on the Biden family (& other politicians') corruption from renowned investigative journalist, author and president of the non-partisan Government Accountability Institute, Peter Schweizer.  You don't know 95% of it!!!

Biden Ukraine - China Scandal Laid Out Perfectly by Peter Schweizer & Mark Levin

VIDEO: Money Trail from Foreign Oligarchs to Hunter Biden Bank Accounts Exposed

Democrats Under Investigation

Barack Obama's Culture of Corruption (Expansive & exhaustive record of his regime, lest we forget!  So, should we impeach him, too??  No!)


11-24-2021 - Rittenhouse Case Illustrates Liberal Hypocrisy

11-23-2021 - Psaki justifies Biden calling Rittenhouse a 'white supremacist' because 'he

                     posed with Proud Boys' - then blames TRUMP for 'encouraging militia

                     groups and people taking law into their own hands'  <Hmmm, recall that Biden

                eulogized former Ku Klux Klan Exalted Cyclops, Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV), who later

                renounced that membership, but does that make Biden a white supremacist or

                racist?  I don't think so - one only need look at his VP choice.  And Obama took

                pictures with noted antisemites Louis Farrakhan and Reverend Jeremiah Wright and

                treated Israel rather poorly during his administration, but does that make him an

                antisemite?  Not necessarily.  Now watch these 38 examples where Trump

                condemned racism and white supremacy.  I guess the mainstream media missed

                those.  Anyone surprised???>

11-21-2021 - Democrats' Tax Cuts For The Wealthy In NY, NJ Spotlights Build Back Better


11-21-2021 - Can Biden be sued for calling Kyle Rittenhouse a “white supremacist?”

                        History tells us “absolutely.”

11-20-2021 - Bill O'Reilly's Weekly Column:  Joe & Kyle

11-20-2021 - US Inflation: Which Categories Have Been Hit Hardest?

11-20-2021 - Bidenflation: Thanksgiving Dinner Costs Hit Record High, Up 14% From

                     Last Year

11-20-2021 - In huge blow to Biden (and huge win for Americans), federal judge grants

                        injunction against oil, gas exploration ban on federal lands

11-20-2021 - "No Turning Point Yet" - Soaring Food Inflation To Continue Into 2022:

                     Commodity Expert

11-19-2021 - Kamala Harris Dodges Reaction to Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict after

                        condemning vigilantes during 2020 campaign

11-19-2021 - How Biden Plans to Wreck the Fourth Estate and Pretty Much Establish State

                     Media <You mean it isn't already???>

11-19-2021 - Do You See the HUGE Lie in This Top Democrat's Statement About the Kyle

                     Rittenhouse Verdict?

11-19-2021 - In a New Statement Biden Smears Kyle Rittenhouse, Again

11-19-2021 - FLASHBACK: 08-31-2020 - Meet The Rioting Criminals Kamala Harris Helped

                     Bail Out Of Jail
11-19-2021 - FLASHBACK:  08-11-2020 - Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) Urged Supporters to

                     Donate to Group Pushing Defunding Police

11-16-2021 - FBI Whistleblower Reveals Biden DOJ Activated Counterterrorism Division

                     Against Protesting Parents

11-16-2021 - Biden Reportedly Begged China To Release Oil Reserves During Xi Call; Quid

                        Pro Quo?

11-15-2021 - VIDEO: Bidenflation: California Gas Prices Soar to Record High

11-15-2021 - VIDEO: ‘F*ck Joe Biden’ Chant Thunders Through Stadium During Indiana-

                     Rutgers Game

11-14-2021 - Bill O'Reilly's Weekly Column:  The Titanic People (Biden Supporters)

11-12-2021 - Bidenflation Crushes Consumer Sentiment to Worst Level in a Decade

11-11-2021 - Joe Biden Finally Admits Inflation 'Worrisome,' Three Months After


11-11-2021 - Joe Biden Says 'I've Adopted the Attitude of the Great Negro' During Speech

11-11-2021 - Bidenflation Crushed Real Wages Again in October

11-11-2021 - Bidenflation: Business Inflation Expectations Jump to New High

11-10-2021 - Consumer Prices Soar 6.2%, Fastest Rate of Inflation Since 1990

11-10-2021 - Inflation has taken away all the wage gains for workers and then some

11-09-2021 - Bidenflation: Truck Trailers and Shipping See Record-Breaking Price Hikes

​​11-09-2021 - Bidenflation Rages: Most Expensive Thanksgiving Ever! Turkey Prices Up

                        41%, Home Heating Oil Up 115%, Food Prices Up 10.5%

11-09-2021 - Bidenflation: Producer Prices Soar at Record 8.6% Pace

11-08-2021 - Biden's other setback: OPEC+ ignores his plea for help

11-08-2021 - White House Confirms Biden Effort to Shut Down Another Major Pipeline

11-08-2021 - Report: Joe Biden Considers Closing Second Pipeline as Gas Prices Soar

11-07-2021 - Bill O'Reilly's Weekly Column:  Corruption (in the media)

11-06-2021 - Biden’s diplomacy push meets its match as Ethiopia unravels

11-06-2021 - Now Biden DEFENDS migrant compensation payments he called 'garbage'

                     three days ago: Says families separated at border 'deserve some kind of

                     compensation' but has 'no idea' if it will be as much as $450,000

11-05-2021 - Angel Families: Biden Plan is $450K for Illegal Aliens, $0 for American


11-05-2021 - Consumer Debt Explodes Higher as Americans Grapple with Bidenflation

11-04-2021 - Bidenflation: Labor Costs Soar Even While Real Worker Pay Crashes

11-02-2021 - Bidenflation Stole Christmas: Holiday Spending Plans Rise By Less Than


11-01-2021 - Bidenflation: Gas Pump Prices Hit 7 Year High
11-01-2021 - WATCH: Biden Admits 'Irony' of Asking OPEC for Oil While Pushing Climate

                        Change Policies

10-31-2021 - Video: Country Music Fans Chant ‘F**k Joe Biden’ at Jason Aldean Concert

10-31-2021 - VIDEO: ‘F*ck Joe Biden’ Chant Rocks Georgia-Florida Game

10-27-2021 - Bidenflation Hits Disneyland: Price of Admission Spikes as Much as 9

10-27-2021 - Bidenflation: Texas saw highest level of price hikes – ever – according to

                     Dallas Fed survey

10-26-2021 - Bidenflation: U.S. Home Prices Jump by Record 19.9%

10-26-2021 - White House claims they never heard of “Let’s Go Brandon” chant that now

                        holds the No. 1 spot on iTunes

10-25-2021 - Bidenflation Stole Christmas: Consumer Prices Up, Retail Spending Plans


10-25-2021 - Bidenflation 'Deluge': October Saw Highest Level of Price Hikes Ever in

                     Dallas Fed Survey

10-24-2021 - Bill O'Reilly's Weekly Column:  Protecting Joe (CNN Townhall)

​10-22-2021 - Bidenflation: Bank of America Raises Its 2022 Inflation Forecast as Supply

                        Chain Worsens

10-21-2021 - WATCH: ‘F*ck Joe Biden’ Chant Drowns Out Fox ALCS Postgame Show Hosts

10-19-2021 - Procter & Gamble Raising Prices on Consumer Staples as Shortages

                        and Bidenflation Bite

10-17-2021 - Bill O'Reilly Weekly Column:  The Steal (Exposing Zuckerberg's $420M
                     Influence on the 2020 Election)
10-14-2021 - Bidenflation: Supply Chain Inflation Rockets to 23.9%, Final Demand at

                        Record 8.6%

10-14-2021 - Bidenflation Stole Christmas: Prices Soar on Toys, Bikes, Electronics, Sports

                        Equipment, and Pets

10-13-2021 - Biden Administration Plans Wind Farms Along Nearly the Entire U.S.


10-13-2021 - ​New wind farms would dot US coastlines under Biden plan

​10-13-2021 - Bidenflation Shock: Kids Shoe Prices Up 11.9%

10-11-2021 - ​Biden Again Begs OPEC+ To Ramp-Up Oil Production

​10-10-2021 - Bill O'Reilly Weekly Column:  Eyes Wide Shut  (Biden on U.S. Crime)
10-01-2021 - Bidenflation Unexpectedly Accelerated in August to Fastest Pace in Over 30


​09-24-2021 - Bidenflation: New Home Prices Up 20% While Sales Are Down 24.3%

09-22-2021 - Existing Home Sales Fall as Bidenflation Pushes First Time Buyers Out of


09-17-2021 - ​Biden signs executive order authorizing new Ethiopia sanctions amid

                     reports of atrocities

09-15-2021 - Bidenflation Cranks Up to New Record High in Empire State Manufacturing


09-13-2021 - President Trump Releases HARD-HITTING New Ad Highlighting Joe’s

                     Failures in Afghanistan (VIDEO)     Downloadable HD-Quality Video

09-13-2021 - Biden Had A Two Hour Warning Before Afghanistan Suicide Bombing…Why

                     Did He Let Them Die?

09-12-2021 - Joe Biden Goes Golfing While Americans Left Behind in Afghanistan

09-12-2021 - College Football Fans Keep Chanting 'F*ck Joe Biden'

09-11-2021 - Poll: Majority of Americans 'Angry' with How Things Are Going

09-10-2021 - Producer Prices Soar a Record 8.3% as Bidenflation Runs Hotter Than


09-10-2021 - Biden Marks 20th Anniversary of 9/11 Criticizing Anti-Islam Anger

09-08-2021 - Biden heckled in New Jersey for stranding Americans in Afghanistan: 'He

                     will leave you behind'

09-08-2021 - Joe Biden Lies About Shouting New Jersey Hecklers

09-08-2021 - He Rescued Trapped Americans, Now Congressman Mullin (R-OK) Is

                        Exposing White House Lies

09-07-2021 - Viral Videos Show College Football Fans Chanting 'F**k Joe Biden'

09-07-2021 - Shocking: Biden Lied His Way Into History And CNN Actually Called Him On

                     It  <Wow! I guess even the Clinton News Network can commit a random act of

                journalism once in a while!>

09-06-2021 - Labor Day: Real Wages Are Falling in the Biden Economy

09-01-2021 - 6 lies Joe Biden told about Afghanistan

08-31-2021 - VIDEO:  Father of Marine killed in Kabul rejects meeting with Biden

08-27-2021 - White House Hired Criminal Art Dealer to Vet Ethics of Hunter Biden’s Art


08-27-2021 - Bidenflation: Consumer Prices Rise at Fastest Pace in 30 Years

08-26-2021 - WINNING!  Supreme Court Orders Biden Admin To Reinstate ‘Remain In

                        Mexico’ Policy

08-26-2021 - WINNING!  Supreme Court lifts federal ban on evictions

08-26-2021 - Inflation Hits Record High in Kansas City Fed Manufacturing Index

08-24-2021 - Bidenflation: Richmond Fed Manufacturing Index Crashes While Prices Hit

                     Record High

08-21-2021 - Former Obama WH Doctor: Biden Is Not ‘Cognitively Prepared’ To Be

                     President <Gee, ya' think??>

08-17-2021 - Bidenflation: Inflation and Shortages Plunge Homebuilder Confidence to

                     Lowest Level in 13 Months

08-16-2021 - Report: OPEC Snubs Biden, Rejects Plea for More Oil

​08-13-2021 - Biden begging OPEC for oil after nixing the Keystone Pipeline is a slap in

                     the face for US workers & proof of his ineptitude

08-12-2021 - U.S. Held Hostage by OPEC Because of Joe Biden's Policies

08-12-2021 - Biden Admin Begs OPEC to Produce More Oil – After Shutting Down the US

                        Oil Industry

08-12-2021 - Americans Concerned As Biden’s Cognitive Skills Exponentially

                     Worsening <So, where are all those armchair medical experts, politicos, and media

                talking meatheads who were constantly questioning Trump's mental capacity and

                calling to Article 25 him???  Maybe they're still on summer vacation at Martha's

                Vineyard hanging out with Slick Barry and Mooch-elle.>

08-12-2021 - In new video, Hunter Biden alleges Russian drug dealers stole his 3rd laptop

08-12-2021 - Bidenflation: Household Goods Inflation Hits Highest Since 1980

08-11-2021 - Biden 'inflation tax' erases gains in workers' pay, as Democrats' own

                     economists admit fears

08-11-2021 - White House Blames OPEC for Energy Prices Joe Biden Made Higher

​08-11-2021 - Bidenflation Stays High with Prices Jumping 5.4%

08-11-2021 - After Destroying American Energy Production, Biden Begs OPEC to Pump

                     More Oil

08-10-2021 - Bidenflation: Real Hourly Pay Suffers One of the Worst Collapses Ever

08-10-2021 - VIDEO: Joe Biden Appears Lost and Confused Upon Return to the White


08-09-2021 - Bidenflation: Older Americans Expect Far Higher Prices Than Younger

08-09-2021 - Farmers cry foul over Biden’s inheritance tax proposal - eliminates "step-

                        up basis" for heirs

08-06-2021 - Families of victims from 9/11 tell Biden not to attend events unless he

                        releases information

​08-06-2021 - Bidenomics? Gas prices hit 7-year high

08-04-2021 - Bidenflation Still Burning White Hot Throughout Services Sector

08-03-2021 - Carney: Bidenflation Concealed Falling Factory Orders in June

08-02-2021 - Bidenflation: Soaring Costs Bulldoze Gains in Home Construction Spending

07-29-2021 - WINNING!  Kevin McCarthy Goes Scorched Earth On Nancy – He Just Shut

                     Down Another Pelosi Panel And Roasts Democrats On House Floor

07-26-2021 - Joe Biden Breaks Down 3 Times Over Weekend – The President Talks About

                     Vampires, Moms And Incoherent Words

07-26-2021 - Bidenflation: New Home Sales Unexpectedly Plunge 6.6%

07-22-2021 - Bidenflation: Sales of Million Dollar Homes Up 147%, Median Home Price

                     Hits Record High

07-16-2021 - #Bidenflation: Cost of Gas, Used Cars Up 45%, Car Rentals 88%

07-13-2021 - Fox News commentator Brit Hume blasts Kamala Harris as 'politically very

                     stupid' for claiming rural residents can't get photocopies of their IDs to vote

                     by mail because they don't have 'Kinkos or OfficeMax' <Hey Kammie, ever hear

                of the 'copy' button on most personal printers???>

07-13-2021 - Fact-Checking 6 Big Claims in Biden’s Partisan-Tinged Speech on Voting

07-12-2021 - Trump says Biden must 'stand up' to Cuba and mocks Obama for watching

                     baseball with Castro while regime 'imprisoned, beat, and killed the Cuban

                     people' - as White House dodges question on whether COVID sparked huge


07-12-2021 - Shock Video: Biden Mumbles ‘What Am I Doing’ Scares Kid Away As Mental

                        Decay Worsens

07-11-2021 - The Truth Of Hunter Biden’s Incest Finally Comes Out 

07-11-2021 - Kamala Hammered For Insulting ‘Rural’ Americans; ‘Can’t Get To Kinko’s                              <Hey Kammie, ever hear of the "copy" button on most home printers??">

07-09-2021 - North Dakota sues Biden administration for $80M for 'unlawfully canceling

                     oil and gas leasing' in the state - as Keystone XL owners launch $15B suit

                     over blocked pipeline permit

07-08-2021 - Biden begs OPEC to increase oil as he shuts down U.S. production — U.S. oil

                        imports from Russia hit 11 year high - Biden Puts OPEC & Russia First, US

                        Oil Industry Last

07-08-2021 - VIDEO:  RUNDOWN:  The Biden administration is unraveling

​​07-07-2021 - James Woods Rips Biden, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot: 'As Long as

                        Democrats Continue to Defund the Police, America's Streets Will Run with


07-07-2021 - Jen Pasaki says Howard University students are 'lucky to have' 1619 Project

                        founder Nikole Hannah-Jones as a faculty member after she rejected UNC's

                        tenure offer <Welcome to the drawer beneath the drawer with the dullest knives,


07-04-2021- Biden is filmed looking confused and forced to refer to his notes while

                       quizzed by media at Michigan pie shop: Trump's White House physician says

                       Dems should demand he take cognitive test

07-02-2021 - Mainstream media melts down over Supreme Court decision on Arizona

                     'voting restrictions'

07-01-2021 - VIDEO:  Media Finally Runs Segment Exposing Biden’s Dementia …

              There’s Just 1 Catch

07-01-2021 - Supreme Court upholds Arizona voting limits in a major ruling concerning

                     a key part of the Voting Rights Act

07-01-2021 - Supreme Court just stomped on Team Biden’s bid to bully states on voting


06-30-2021 - EXCLUSIVE: Joe Biden entertained Hunter's Mexican billionaire business

                        associates in the vice president's office in 2014 and even flew with his son

                        to Mexico City on Air Force 2 so Hunter could attend meetings over a

                         'flippin gigantic' deal

06-24-2021 - Hunter Biden gets a pass.... AGAIN! Liberal media ignore claims president's

                        son used dad's money to accidentally pay escort $25,000 

06-21-2021 - Dems and Dishonest Media Attempt To Label Every Trump Supporter Who

                     Attended Jan 6th Rally A “Terrorist,” While NYC Dismisses Almost Every

                     Case Against 2020 Looters and Violent BLM/Antifa Rioters

06-21-2021- What If the Media Had Told the Truth?…5 Mainstream Media Lies for Which

                    Trump Has Been Vindicated, and the Damage They Caused

06-21-2021 - Ethics Expert Slams Biden...Claims All Top Jobs Are Going To Children And

                     Spouses Of Friends <Well, it's okay for Joe to do it because he's a Democrat, but not

               for that mean, evil, Republican Trump!!>

06-18-2021 - VIDEO: Biden Looks Dazed And Confused When Asked If He’ll Be Banned

                     From Communion...Finally Gives Arrogant Answer

06-14-2021 - Biden DHS Chief To Cubans Hoping To Make Sea Voyage To U.S.: ‘You Will

                        Not Enter The United States’ <Oh, but it's okay for EVERYONE else in the world to

                come here, just not Cubans because they tend to vote for conservatives.  Ahhh, now I


06-12-2021 - I told you so! Trump reels off list of times liberal media said he was wrong

                        when he was right all along, from Wuhan, to Hunter Biden's laptop and the

                        clearing of Lafayette Square

06-11-2021 - Al Gore Lobbies Joe Biden to Kill Another Pipeline; Spend Billions on Green

                        New Deal

​​06-10-2021 - Thanks To Bidenflation Americans Are Now 5% Poorer

06-10-2021 - How the liberal media have completely IGNORED Hunter Biden's N-word

                        scandal: Not ONE left-leaning outlet covered the president's son using racist

                        language in texts first revealed by DailyMail.com

06-09-2021 - Twitter is slammed for allowing sharing of leaked IRS records revealing

                        America's billionaires have paid a pittance in tax after BLOCKING Hunter

                        Biden laptop story for violating 'hacked materials policy'

06-09-2021 - Donald Trump, Jr blasts liberal media for silence over Hunter Biden's N-

                     word texts to white lawyer and says 'they would lose their damn minds' if

                     he or brother Eric used the same language

06-09-2021 - Hannity slams the mainstream media for refusing to cover the 'Biden

                        foreign crime family' and the 'hard drive from hell' after it was revealed

                        Hunter addressed his white lawyer as 'n***a' multiple times in shocking


06-08-2021 - EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden addressed his white lawyer as 'n***a' multiple

                        times, used phrases like 'true dat n***a' and bantered 'I only love you

                        because you're black,' in shocking texts unearthed days after Joe's

                        emotional Tulsa speech decrying racism

06-08-2021 - EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden was hired by a Romanian real estate tycoon to

                        overturn his bribery conviction through a massive propaganda campaign

                        with help from VP Joe's government connections and former FBI director

                        Louis Freeh

06-04-2021 - EXCLUSIVE: Listen as Hunter Biden bragged that he would regularly smoke

                     crack with late D.C. Mayor Marion Barry at a Georgetown bar when he was a

                     student in recorded phone call with a friend

06-03-2021 - DOJ investigates whether Democrat lobbying firm worked 'illegally' with

                        Burisma while Hunter Biden was on its board

06-02-2021 - EXCLUSIVE: Hunter's 'stripper' baby mama was an assistant at HIS firm and

                        after she had his baby he kicked her off company health insurance -

                        disproving claims he had 'no recollection' of her

06-02-2021 - OPEC Meeting Hints More Pain At The Pump As Gas Inches To $6 Per Gallon

                        In Parts Of USA #Bidenflation

06-01-2021 - Biden formally ends Trump-era 'Remain in Mexico' immigration program

06-01-2021 - Biden unveils plan for racial equity at Tulsa Race Massacre centennial

06-01-2021 - 'Border Czar' Kamala Harris Slammed For 'Extreme Avoidance Of Human

                     Crisis' As Apprehensions Hit Two-Decade High

06-01-2021 - Biden puts Harris in charge of efforts to protect voting rights <Yeah, and she's

                done such a bang-up job after he put her in charge of the border issue.>

05-31-2021 - Biden defends Americans' right to vote 'freely' in Memorial Day remarks

05-31-2021 - Russia Monitoring Biden's "Persecution" Of Capitol Hill Rioters &

                         Their "Opposition Rights"

05-31-2021 - U.N. Watchdog Says It Has Been Unable To Access Iran’s Nuclear Program

                     Data Since February (Right After Biden Took Office)

05-27-2021 - 'Dad will be there but keep that between us for now': Emails reveal Joe

                        Biden DID meet with Hunter's foreign business partners while he was VP

                        during a dinner organized by his son to introduce potential clients to his

                        powerful father

05-26-2021 - EXCLUSIVE: Former FBI director Louis Freeh gave $100,000 to a private trust

                        for Joe Biden's grandchildren and spoke with the then vice president in

                        2016 'to explore lucrative future work options' with Hunter as the middle


05-24-2021 - ​Gun Controllers Seek to Ban Accurate Firearms, Inaccurate Firearms, and

                        Everything In-between

05-20-2021 - Jen Pasaki Gets Destroyed Over Biden's Pipeline Hypocrisy

05-20-2021 - Biden Giving Russian Gas Pipeline A Pass After Killing American Keystone

                        XL Pipeline  <The hypocrisy is staggering!>

05-18-2021 - Biden Abandons Religious Freedom as First Among Rights

05-12-2021 - More than 120 retired generals and admirals sign letter suggesting Biden                         wasn't legitimately elected and questioning his mental health    the letter

05-11-2021 - Joe Biden Blames Law Enforcement for Fueling 'Distrust' in Police Week

                     Statement Honoring the Fallen

05-11-2021 - Iowa's Reynolds, 19 Other Governors Send Letter to Pres. Biden About

                        Reckless Southern Border Policies

05-03-2021 - Biden Goes All in On Calls for Extreme Gun Control

04-30-2021 - Leftist Shout ‘Close Private Detention Centers! Abolish ICE!’ Biden Pleads, ‘I

                     Agree With You … Give Me Another Five Days’

04-29-2021 - Examining Joe Biden’s 21 False Or Misleading Statements From His Joint

                        Address To Congress

04-30-2021 - No, Biden Isn’t A ‘Very Catholic President,’ He Flouts Church Teaching And

                     Should Be Disciplined

04-29-2021 - ‘Over 11 Million Undocumented Folks — The Vast Majority Overstaying

                        Visas’: Breaking Down Joe Biden’s Misleading Immigration Claim

04-30-2021 - Sorry, Corrupt Media: Biden Is The Worst Left-Wing Culture Warrior Since


04-29-2021 - MSNBC And CNN Anchors Perpetuate Lies About Operation Warp Speed,

                     Refuse To Give Trump Due Credit

04-29-2021 - CNN’s Left-Wing Viewers Give Biden’s Speech Worse Marks Than They Did

                     Trump’s First Speech In 2017

04-28-2021 - Nearing 100-day milestone, Biden's low-50s job approval stuck far below

                        historical norm

04-28-2021 - US Catholic Bishops Voting On Whether Pro-Abortion Biden Should Be Urged

                         To Stop Taking Communion

04-28-2021 - Biden Hand-Picks Limited Audience For Speech To Control Optics

04-23-2021 - Blue State Blues: Joe Biden’s Anti-American Administration

04-22-2021 - Biden Admin Signals Intent to Push Critical Race Theory Under Guise of

                     History and Civics

04-21-2021 - Biden Promoting Company Tied to Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm

04-21-2021 - Restaurant CEOs: Biden’s $1.9T Virus Payout Causing Labor Shortage

04-21-2021 - WH Condemns 'Police Violence' in Response to Death of Ma'Khia Bryant

04-19-2021 - Biden’s Anti-gun Lies are Too Much Even for Legacy Press Fact Checkers

​​04-19-2021 - Chinese labs and Russian bounties: Biden admin gives partial vindication to

                        Trump theories

04-19-2021 - Biden Education Dept. Seeks to Prioritize Critical Race Theory and 1619

                     Project Grant Applications

04-19-2021 - Israeli Military Officials Unite in Opposition to Biden Admin’s Iran Deal

04-18-2021 - Pew: 20% More Voters Call Illegal Immigration 'Big Problem' Under Biden

04-13-2021 - Biden Admin Announces It Will Deploy More Troops Overseas in Drastic

                     Reversal of Trump Policy

04-13-2021 - White House Lavishes Pandemic Praise on Governor Whitmer (D-MI) Who Is

                     Presiding Over the Worst COVID Hotspot in the Country <White privilege, ya'


04-13-2021 - Biden Tries to Get Clever, Redefine 'Bipartisan' to Get Away with Ramming

                     Lefty Bills Through

04-12-2021 - In New Executive Gun Control Push, Biden Seems to Throw Obama, and

                        Himself, Under the Bus

04-12-2021 - Biden Shows Gun Control Isn't About Guns - It's About Control

04-12-2021 - Father of Two Killed in Wrong Way Crash, Illegal Immigrant Charged with

                     Drunk Driving and Felony Death by Vehicle

04-12-2021 - Biden Admin Offering Major Reward to Employees Who Help Border


04-12-2021 - US Budget Deficit Hits All-Time High Under Biden

04-12-2021 - In Middle of Briefing, Biden's Commerce Secretary Admits Trump's China

                     Tariffs Worked <Yep, she's fired!>

04-11-2021 - Full Blown Crisis: Biden Administration to Begin Housing Migrant Children

                     at Former Japanese Internment Camp

04-10-2021 - Putting Biden's Gun Control Claims to the Truth Test

04-10-2021 - If it ain’t broke, Joe Biden will break it

04-09-2021 - Biden’s Four Biggest Press Conference Whoppers on Guns

04-09-2021 - LISTEN: On The Mark Levin Radio Show: Discussing Biden’s Lies About Guns

                        with Dr. John R. Lott

04-08-2021 - 'Not our problem': Gov. Reynolds declines request to house migrant

                        children in Iowa

​​04-08-2021 - Biden's Many False Claims On Gun Violence - Dr. John R. Lott

04-02-2021 - WATCH:  A ‘perverted’ rule: How Joe Biden evolved from supporting the

                     filibuster to trying to change it - In his own words - WaPo

04-02-2021 - Biden "Infrastructure" Plan Spends More On Electric Cars Than Repairing


04-02-2021 - WATCH: Biden Slurs, Jumbles Words Demanding States Stop Reopening

                        Despite Data Proving Him Wrong

04-02-2021 - Joe Biden Fails to Condemn Farrakhan Follower Capitol Hill Attack in

                     Statement <Of course he didn't - it doesn't fit the Democrat narrative!>

04-02-2021 - Fact Check: Joe Biden Falsely Claims He 'Turned Around a Slow-moving

                     Vaccination Program'

04-02-2021 - Blue State Blues: Joe Biden Turns Out to Be the Socialist He Said He Wasn’t

04-01-2021 - Pinocchio Joe! The Georgia Voting Law Lie Biden Keeps Repeating That Has

                     Been Debunked by Even the Mainstream Media

03-31-2021 - Joe Biden to Tax American Business at Higher Rate than Communist China

03-30-2021 - Biden’s press secretary Jen Pasaki claims ignorance of Senate report on

                     Hunter Biden getting $3.5 million transfer from Russia

03-30-2021 - Former CBP Chief: Over 45K Border Crossers Freed into U.S. by Biden

03-30-2021 - Washington Post Gives Biden Four Pinocchios for False GA Voting Law

03-29-2021 - Senator Joe Biden vs. President Joe Biden: A Filibuster Problem?

03-29-2021 - Harris Has No Scheduled Meetings on Border Crisis After Tasked by Biden

03-29-2021 - Biden's Lie-Filled Press Conference

03-29-2021 - Biden: A Captive to His Handlers

03-28-2021 - Biden Using Bait And Switch to Cover Up Border Crisis, State AG Calls Out

                        How He’s Hiding Migrants Released Into The USA

03-25-2021 - ​Report: Secret Service Tried To Clean Up Biden Family Mess In Hunter’s

                     Missing Gun Incident

03-25-2021 - Report: Hunter Biden May Have Lied On Federal Background Check Form To

                     Purchase A Gun

03-25-2021 - Kamala Harris To Speak At Summit With Ties To Antisemitic Former

                     Women’s March Leader

​​03-25-2021 - Kamala Harris tapped to 'fix the border' despite attacking immigration

03-23-2021 - Let's Compare Coverage of Biden's and Trump's Border Crises

03-19-2021 - Biden Trips on Air Force One Stairs; Mocked Trump Walk in 2020

03-19-2021 - WATCH: Joe Biden Falls on Steps While Boarding Air Force One

03-19-2021 - Biden stumbles multiple times and falls climbing Air Force One stairs —

                     White House blames wind

03-18-2021 - North Korea Confirms It Is Actively Ignoring Biden

03-17-2021 - Joe Biden Was Right the First Time on the Filibuster

02-26-2021 - Gun-Rights Group Exposes Joe Biden’s Gun Control Proposal They Say

                     Would Turn 105 Million Law-Abiding Americans Into Criminals

02-21-2021 - Joe Biden Officially Most Disliked President in YouTube History, Disables All

                     Comments on All His Videos...Few People Watch...Got the Most Votes in

                     American History?

02-20-2021 - Joe Biden Tells Foreign Leaders He Will Not Be Advocating For America's

                     Interests First At G-7 Summit, Declares End Of Trump's "America First"

                     Era <The sellout of America accelerates!  Told ya' so!!>

02-19-2021 - SkyNews Australia VIDEO - ‘Never before’ has the leader of the free

             world been ‘so cognitively compromised’

02-16-2021 - Watch: Kudlow Calls 'Bulls**t' on Hot Mic to Kamala Claim Biden Admin

                      Started from Scratch on Vaccine

02-16-2021 - Report: Iranians Say Biden Broke Promise to Bring Muslims to U.S. <Joe, you'd

                better get on the phone an apologize to the Ayatollah right away!>

02-16-2021 - Fact Check: President Biden Falsely Claims Trump Did Not Condemn Proud


02-16-2021 - Joe Biden's DHS Blocks Use of Terms 'Illegal Alien,' 'Assimilation'<Biden is an

                attorney, and even though a very poor one, should know that this is a legal term. This

                is just more 'woke' B.S.>

02-16-2021 - Biden: Former Military, Police Fueling 'Growth of White Supremacy' Groups

                    <Prove it, pretzel boy!>

02-16-2021 - Israel Suggests It May Ignore Joe Biden on Iran, After Biden Ignores

                     Netanyahu  <Bibi should be prepared to get the same level of disrespect from Biden

               that he received from Obama.>

02-15-2021 - President Biden to Introduce Renewed Push for Amnesty<Well, of course he

                is.  Just think of the millions of undocumented Democrats suckered into voting for the

                same socialist politicians and policies that they were trying to escape when they came


02-15-2021 - The Woke Force: Biden Pentagon Pursues Leftist Domestic Agenda

02-12-2021 - Columnist shows 5 times Biden 'openly urged violence'

02-11-2021 - White House reportedly considering Florida travel restrictions, Marco Rubio

                     points out Biden's hypocrisy <I wonder what he's going to do to punish the rest of

                the red states?>

02-11-2021 - ICE director warns Biden's immigration policy is dangerous

02-11-2021 - Joe Biden Ends Trump's 2019 Border Emergency Policy

​02-11-2021 - Biden Illegal Immigration Policy May Not Deport Rapists, Drunk Drivers,

                     Gangs, Assaulters, Thieves...Stops the Wall...But Traveling Americans Must

                     Quarantine for Safety

​02-11-2021 - Incitement? Kamala Harris and Ellen Degeneres Cackle About Murdering

                     Trump, Pence, and Sessions In An Elevator

02-10-2021 - White House defends order permitting trans athletes to compete in girls'

                     sports: 'Trans rights are human rights
02-10-2021 - Poll: Biden's 5 most unpopular executive orders are on immigration

02-10-2021 - Federal Texas judge blocks Biden’s deportation freeze <Didn't you learn

                anything from Obama's failures in this area, Joe?  Or did you just forget??  DOH!!>

02-07-2021 - Biden backtracks on several campaign issues <And you're surprised??  Suckas!>

02-03-2021 - Breaking: Biden Administration Announces Kids in Cages as Part of New

                     Border Policy – Watch Live

02-03-2021 - Gun Ownership Growing At "Blistering Pace," Americans Fearing Tyrannical

                     Biden Administration Buy Firearms At "Highest Rate In History"

02-03-2021 - FLASHBACK 02-01-2017:  It’s Escalating: Defiance and Calls for Violence

                     among Democrats

02-02-2021 - Judicial Watch and Daily Caller News Foundation Appeal Court Decision

                     about Hidden Biden Senatorial Records

​​02-02-2021 - Biden signs 3 executive orders revoking President Trump’s border policies

02-01-2021 - Devout Catholic? The Media vs. Biden’s Real Record

01-27-2021 - Biden Reverses Trump Order Banning Racially-Divisive Critical Race Training

                     In Federal Government

01-27-2021 - Biden Appoints Susan Rice To Drive Racial Politics Deep Into Federal

                     Bureaucracy  <Remember, she's the one who, early on in the Obama administration,

                lied repeatedly on national TV about the cause of the Islamist terrorist attack on our

                embassy in Benghazi, Libya, and the death of the ambassador, Christopher Stevens,

                among others.>

01-26-2021 - Keystone XL Pipeline Workers Speak Out About Lost Jobs Following Biden

                     Cancellation of Project

01-21-2021 - Biden Signs Divisive Transgender Executive Order

01-20-2021 - Biden to Sign Multiple Climate Change Orders, Reversing Trump Policies

01-10-2021 - Big Tech, Corporate America Lines Up to Fund Joe Biden's Inauguration

01-10-2021 - Months Ago, Democrats Blocked a Resolution Condemning Mob Violence

01-10-2021 - Joe Biden Vows 'Thorough Investigation' into Trump Officials for Border


01-08-2021 - Remember When the Left Loved Rioters and Kamala Harris Loved a Group

                     That Bailed Them Out of Jail?

01-07-2021 - Kamala Harris Said Riots 'Should Not' Stop Last Summer

01-07-2021 - Fact Check: Joe Biden Repeats Lies About 'Tear Gas,' 'Upside-down' Bible in

                      Speech Attacking Trump

​01-07-2021 - Liberals Started Rioting Right After Trump's Election

​01-05-2021 - CBP Chief: Joe Biden's Campaign Promises Have Caused a Migrant Flood

01-02-2021 - Facebook deletes 1.7 million member group 'Joe Biden Is Not My President!'

12-31-2020 - Biden returning to Obama scheme to take control of police departments

12-30-2020 - Media Silent After Deranged Biden Supporter Rams Vehicle Into A Crowd Of

                     Trump Supporters At Rally

12-29-2020 - Buttering Up Biden: How ‘The View’ Spent 2020, Shilling for Joe Biden

12-29-2020 - Joe Biden calls Kamala Harris 'president-elect'....again!

12-16-2020 - Media Will Treat Biden Very Differently Than Trump

12-14-2020 - Defending the Filibuster, the Last Safeguard of Minority Rights

12-10-2020 - VIDEO: New Yorkers Shocked by These Real Joe Biden Quotes

12-09-2020 - CONFIRMED: Hunter Biden Under Investigation Over Taxes

12-09-2020 - Hunter Biden Tax Probe Examining Chinese Business Dealings

12-09-2020 - Joe Biden son Hunter Biden under federal tax investigation

12-09-2020 - Biden Picks Leftist Activist to Lead HHS

12-09-2020 - Biden/ChiCom Collusion Is Threat Number 1

12-08-2020 - The Odds of Biden Overcoming Trump's Lead in Four States is Less Than

                      One in a Quadrillion

12-08-2020 - Biden’s Immigration Agenda Could Change America as We Know It

12-08-2020 - Report: Biden May Appoint Official to Undo Trump's Immigration Reforms

12-07-2020 - Archbishop Chaput: Pro-Abortion Joe Biden ‘Should Not Receive Holy


12-07-2020 - An Interim Report From Special Counsel Durham Will Cause Heartburn

                     for Biden DOJ and the Senate

12-06-2020 - Former Archbishop: Biden 'Smoothed the Way for Grave Moral Evils,' Should

                     Be Denied Communion

12-05-2020 - Philly Archbishop says Biden should be denied Holy Communion

12-04-2020 - Joe Biden Snubs Latin America: No Calls to Mexico, Brazil, Colombia <He's a


12-03-2020 - Chuck Schumer Endorses Biden's Plan To Force Public Schools To Allow

                      Males In Female Bathrooms
12-02-2020 - LISTEN: CNN Execs Spike 'Breitbart, New York Post, Fox News'

                     Hunter Biden Laptop Story

12-02-2020 - Biden Insiders Believe Biden’s Plan to Reverse Trump’s Immigration

                     Restriction Measures Could Lead to a Rise in Illegal Immigration

12-01-2020 - Team Biden Defends Press Secretary Jen Psaki's (Obama re-tread) Pink

                     Hammer and Sickle Hat

11-30-2020 - Horowitz: New analysis shows Biden winning nearly impossible margins on

                     mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania

11-27-2020 - Reasons why the 2020 presidential election is deeply puzzling

11-26-2020 - Six Disastrous Obama-Era Foreign Policies Set to Return Under Biden

11-24-2020 - EXPLOSIVE Study: Media Suppression of 8 Key Stories 'Stole This Election'

                     for Joe Biden

11-24-2020 - SPECIAL REPORT: The Stealing of the Presidency, 2020

11-20-2020 - BLM Co-Founder DEMANDS Biden-Harris Prioritize Their Radical Leftist


11-18-2020 - Anti-Israel Radical Karine Jean-Pierre Named as Possible Joe Biden Press


11-17-2020 - Report Suggests Mainstream Media Silence On Hunter Biden Laptop Story

                     Vital To Biden Success

11-15-2020 - Biden Called Out For Silence As Leftists Attack Pro-Trump Demonstrators In

                     Nation’s Capital

11-14-2020 - BLM/Antifa Goons Surround Hotel Where MAGA Rally Supporters are

                     Staying...Is THIS the “Unity” Joe Biden Spoke of?

11-14-2020 - Biden Cancer Initiative spent millions on payroll, zero on research: report

11-12-2020 - Biden's Supposed Transition Team is Stacked With George Soros Operatives

11-12-2020 - Report: Joe Biden's Transition Team Stacked with at Least 40 Lobbyists

11-10-2020 - Biden Likely Would Issue Orders on Climate, Abortion, Immigration

11-09-2020 - Report: Big Tech, Media 'Stole the Election' by Burying Biden-China Scandal

11-07-2020 - Software that Incorrectly Gave Biden 1000s of Votes, Used in 28 States

11-02-2020 - Fact Check: Joe Biden Once Again Claims He 'Never' Opposed Fracking

10-30-2020 - Fact Check: Joe Biden Lies About Social Security -- Again

10-29-2020 - Evidence of Joe Biden Corruption Just Keeps Piling Up, and the Media

                     Refuses to Cover It

10-28-2020 - Fact Check: Joe Biden Claims Trump Has Not Acted to Lower Medicare Drug


10-28-2020 - John Solomon Exposes 7 Uncomfortable Realities the Biden Crime

              Family Face

10-24-2020 - Fact Check: 19 False Claims in Barack Obama's Speech for Joe Biden in


10-22-2020 - Fact Check: Biden Claims Trump 'Hasn't Said a Word' to Putin About Election


10-22-2020 - Fact Check: Trump Is Right, Joe Biden Wrong, on 'Xenophobia'

10-22-2020 - Fact Check: Biden Says Trump ‘Pokes His Finger in the Eye of All Our Allies’

10-22-2020 - Joe Biden Vows Amnesty for All Illegals in First 100 Days: 'We Owe Them"

10-22-2020 - Fact Check: Joe Biden's Presidential Campaign Is Bankrolled by Wall St

10-22-2020 - Fact Check: Joe Biden Claims Obamacare Didn't Cause Americans to Lose

                     Their Insurance

10-22-2020 - Fact Check: Joe Biden Misleadingly Claims He Would Not Ban Fracking

10-22-2020 - Fact Check: Donald Trump Claimed Joe Biden Incarcerated Black People

10-22-2020 - Fact Check: Biden Claims Giuliani Is 'Being Fed Information That Is Russian'

10-22-2020 - Fact Check: Trump Accuses Biden of Having Tried to 'Hurt Social Security'

10-22-2020 - Fact Check: Biden Falsely Claims the Trade Deficit with China Is Higher Now

10-22-2020 - Fact Check: Biden Claims Trump Has 'No Plan' to Combat Coronavirus

10-22-2020 - Fact Check: Donald Trump Says Joe Biden's Brother 'Made Money in Iraq'

10-22-2020 - Fact Check: Joe Biden Claims to Have 'Never Said I Oppose Fracking'

10-22-2020 - Fact Check: Biden Claims No Impeachment Witness Brought Up Burisma

10-22-2020 - Fact Check: Biden Claims Schools Can’t Open for In-Person Learning

                     Because ‘They Need a Lot of Money’

10-22-2020 - FACT CHECK: Joe Biden Repeats 'Inject Bleach' Claim

10-22-2020 - Fact Check: Biden Said Trump Did ‘Nothing to Help Small Businesses’

                     During Pandemic

10-22-2020 - Fact Check: Obama-Biden Used So-Called 'Cages' for Border Crossers

10-22-2020 - Fact Check: Joe Biden Claims 'My Son Has Not Made Money' from China

10-22-2020 - Fact Check: Joe Biden Claims 'Laptop from Hell' is 'Russian Disinformation,'

                     Without Evidence

10-21-2020 - 10 Examples of Joe Biden's Racially Charged Conduct and Comments

10-21-2020 - Report: Hunter Biden's Laptop Seized by Feds in Money Laundering Probe

10-20-2020 - Hunter Biden’s Emails and the Joe Biden Family Syndicate, Explained

09-26-2020 - Kamala Harris blasted for praising BLM as ‘essential’ and ‘brilliant’ amid


09-25-2020 - WATCH: Biden Jokingly Calls U.S. Troops 'Stupid Bastards', 'Dull Bunch' in


09-25-2020 - Kamala Harris praises BLM, says ongoing protests are 'essential' for change

                     in US - Harris praised the 'brilliance' and 'impact' of Black Lives Matter

09-25-2020 - Kamala Harris is branded 'ignorant' for praising BLM protests and calling

                     them 'essential' just three days after two cops were shot during Louisville


09-23-2020 - Explosive Report on Biden Family Corruption Syndicate

09-23-2020 - "Yes"...Kamala Harris Agrees with Comment that America was Founded on


09-23-2020 - Black Lives Matter bail fund supported by Kamala Harris ‘helped free six

                     men accused of domestic violence in two months’

09-23-2020 - Laura Ingraham: Democrats 'Don't Even Pretend to Hide Their Anti-


09-23-2020 - BREAKING: Hunter Biden Received Millions From Wife Of Ex-Moscow Mayor,

                     Paid Suspects Allegedly Tied To Trafficking, Had Contacts With Individuals

                     Linked To Chinese Military, Senate Report Discovers

09-23-2020 - Kerry Lied About Not Knowing Of Hunter Biden's Business In Ukraine

09-23-2020 - Media Love Joe Biden's Faith And Hate Amy Coney Barrett's

09-22-2020 - Joe Biden, 2008: John McCain an 'Angry Man', a 'Sidekick,' a Coward

09-21-2020 - Joe Biden: Voters Don't Deserve to Know Whom I'd Appoint to Supreme


09-21-2020 - Fact Check: Joe Biden Claims Debunked Atlantic Story 'Confirmed By Every


09-21-2020 - Study: Joe Biden Migration Plan Could Bring 52 Million Foreigners to U.S.

09-21-2020 - GOP Seizes on 'Biden Rule' Ambiguity to Justify Filling Ginsburg Seat

09-20-2020 - Joe Biden Falsely Claims No Supreme Court Session Before Election

09-20-2020 - Even the 'Fact Checkers' Couldn't Ignore These Biden Lies About the

                     Supreme Court

09-20-2020 - Fact Check: Joe Biden Pretends He Never Promised a SCOTUS List

09-19-2020 - Biden Resurrects False Claim That Helped Cost Him Chance At Presidency

                     In 1988

09-18-2020 - Biden Falsely Claims Trump Failed to Mention COVID19 in SOTU Address

09-18-2020 - Biden Flip-Flops to Support Fracking — For Now

09-18-2020 - Biden Claims He Would Be First President Without Ivy League Degree. He

                     Forgot About Some Big Names.

09-18-2020 - Bail Fund Promoted By Harris Helped Alleged Child Rapist Get Out Of

                      Jail: Report

09-18-2020 - Fact Checkers Blast Biden’s Outlandish Remark About Trump, Pandemic:

                     ‘Biden Is Making This Up’

09-18-2020 - FLASHBACK: Biden Praising the former Exalted Cyclops of the KKK, Senator

                     Robert C. Byrd (D-WV), who also filibustered the 1964 Civil Rights Act and

                     Voting Rights Act (also see story on 7-2-2020)

09-17-2020 - Leaked Call Reveals Biden Risked National Security To Sabotage Trump

09-17-2020 - Biden Post-Election Ukraine Phone Call Leaked: Undermined Incoming

                     Trump Administration, Vowed To Keep Backchannel Open

09-17-2020 - Biden Claims Trump Is Responsible For ‘All The People’ Who Died From

                     Coronavirus: ‘I’m Not Making This Up’ <Earth to Space Cadet Biden, Do You Read

                Us?  Watch out for Pick's Disease!>

09-17-2020 - WATCH: Biden Repeatedly Refuses To Call China An Opponent When

                      Pressed By CNN <You'd better watch it, CNN - you're dangerously close to losing

                 your lib cred by having the audacity to challenge Hidin' Biden!>

09-15-2020 - Biden: I Won’t Ban Fracking, I’ll ‘Make Sure’ Fracking Is ‘Eliminated'

09-14-2020 - Junk Science Founder: Biden Climate Speech One Big Falsehood

09-13-2020 - Joe Biden Counters Evidence, Claims 'Assault Weapons' Ban Would Save


09-10-2020 - Biden Spox Refuses to Answer if Biden Used Teleprompter During

                     Interviews or Q&As

09-10-2020 - Joe Biden Promises to Let Mayors Import Foreign Workers

09-10-2020 - WATCH:  Joe Biden Forced To Admit Trump's USMCA Trade Deal Is Better

                     For American Workers Than NAFTA

09-09-2020 - CNN Uses Soviet-Style Airbrushing to Erase Redskins Logo from

                     '70s Biden Photo <Oh thank you, CNN - you saved me from being triggered by

                seeing that logo that was designed by the Chief of the Blackfeet Nation!!>

09-09-2020 - New Documentary Exposes the Biden Family's Shady Financial Relationship

                     With Red China   WATCH HERE

09-09-2020 - Hunter Biden Helped Buy Out Michigan Company to Create Jobs Overseas

09-09-2020 - Autoworker who Biden cursed at protests him in return Michigan visit

09-08-2020 - Left 'Secretly Preps' for Violent Unrest If Biden Loses

09-08-2020 - The Biden Campaign Is Hiding Kamala Harris--Here's Why

09-08-2020 - Biden Flip-Flops on Proposed National Mask Mandate, Says It Would Be


09-08-2020 - VIDEO:  'It's A Flat Lie': Angry Biden Lashes Out At Reporter When Asked On

                     Flip-Flopping Stance On Fracking, Then Claims Trumps Wants To Defund

                     The Police

09-07-2020 - VIDEO: Candace Owens Slams Joe Biden for Pandering to Blacks Via

                     "Ignorant" Rapper Cardi B

09-07-2020 - Kamala Flip-Flops on Fracking After Polls Tighten in PA

09-05-2020 - Biden Acknowledging 'Flaw' that DNC 'Didn't See' Reality of Disorder in


09-04-2020 - The Audacity of Dope: The Life and Times of Joseph R. Biden

09-03-2020 - Kamala Harris tweeted support for a bail fund, but the money didn’t just

                     assist protesters

09-03-2020 - Biden Town Hall Attendees in Kenosha Were Given Scripts

09-03-2020 - Biden to Meet w/Guy Who Claims Jews Control Interest Rates

09-03-2020 - Tennessee Bishop Questions Biden-Pelosi Catholic Credentials

09-02-2020 - Joe Biden Denies Calling for National Mask Mandate

09-02-2020 - Fact Check: New York Times Claims Joe Biden 'Repeatedly' Condemned


09-02-2020 - Joe Biden Denies Calling for National Mask Mandate

09-02-2020 - Four Ways the Obama-Biden-Harris Team Has Attacked Catholics

09-01-2020 - Biden Chooses Farce Over Facts - Blames Trump for violence, fails to

                     condemn Antifa, and offers no sympathy for victims.

08-31-2020 - Meet The Rioting Criminals Kamala Harris Helped Bail Out Of Jail

08-31-2020 - Fact Check: Joe Biden Falsely Claims Trump Did Not Condemn Violence

08-31-2020 - Don't Forget Kamala and Team Biden Paid Bail for Rioters

08-31-2020 - Joe Biden Brain Freeze: COVID 'Has Taken More than 100 Year-- Look

08-31-2020 - WATCH: Priest warns US voters: ‘You cannot be Catholic and be a Democrat’

08-31-2020 - Fact Check: Joe Biden Claims 'I Am Not Banning Fracking'

08-31-2020 - Joe Biden Fails to Condemn Attacks on Police: More Dead from COVID than

                     ‘Killed on Patrol'

08-31-2020 - Meet The Rioting Criminals Kamala Harris Helped Bail Out Of Jail

08-31-2020 - Foundation With Biden Campaign Ties Funding Leftist Agitators On U.S.


08-31-2020 - Kamala Harris: Police Must Face 'Accountability and Consequence'

​08-31-2020 - Fact Check: Joe Biden's False Quote, 'The More Chaos, Violence, the Better

                     for Trump's Re-election'

08-31-2020 - Washington Post Lies About The Democratic Party’s Support For Infanticide

08-31-2020 - Biden: The Violent Riots Will Continue Unless You Vote Democrat <Poor Joe,

                he's confused again - he meant Republican.>

08-31-2020 - Biden Praised For Copying Pence’s RNC Remarks On Violent Riots <Better

                watch it, Joe - remember, if you can, you had to drop out of the presidential race in

                1987 because of plagiarism.>

08-30-2020 - Marianne Williamson Rips Joe Biden Campaign: 'Platitudes but No Substance

                      and No Policy'

08-29-2020 - Minnesota Democrat Mayors Endorse Donald Trump: Biden Did 'Nothing' for

                      Working Class

08-28-2020 - And Just Like That, Joe Biden and the Democrats Stopped Liking Riots

08-27-2020 - Biden Took Workers' Money While Offshoring Their Jobs to China

08-27-2020 - 'Too Late, Joe': Donald Trump Mocks Biden's Attempt to Condemn Leftist


08-27-2020 - WATCH: Historic Civil Rights Figure Clarence Henderson: ‘If You Do Vote For

                     Biden, You Don’t Know History’

08-27-2020 - ‘Fact Checkers’ Going To Great Lengths To Hide Joe Biden’s Support For

              Late-Term Abortion

08-27-2020 - ‘An Exercise In Skullduggery’: Pelosi Argues That Biden Shouldn’t

                     ‘Dignify’ Debate With Trump <Standby, here come the excuses!>

08-27-2020 - Biden on Riots: This Is 'Trump's America' -- 'Rooting for More Violence'

​08-26-2020 - After Mocking Violence In Cities, CNN’s Lemon Admits Bad For Democrats:

                     Biden Maybe ‘Afraid’ To Say Anything

08-26-2020 - When Biden offers new ideas, ask yourself: 'Why didn’t he try that over the

                     last 48 years?'

08-26-2020 - When Obama postmaster closed facilities during 2012 election, Democrats

                     sang different tune

08-26-2020 - Legendary Notre Dame Coach Lou Holtz: Biden Is ‘Catholic In Name Only’

08-26-2020 - Military Doctor Turned Nun Unloads On Biden-Harris: ‘Most Anti-Life

                     Presidential Ticket Ever’

08-26-2020 - Fmr Gov. John Kasich (R-OH): 'Absolutely Imperative for Joe Biden' to

                     'Deeply' Condemn Riots

08-26-2020 - Police Organization Leader: Biden, Harris 'Most Radical Anti-Police Ticket'

08-25-2020 - Democrat Mayor: Joe Biden 'Too Weak' to Stand Up to Radical Left

08-24-2020 - White Supremacist Who Organized Charlottesville Race Riots Endorses Joe


08-24-2020 - RNC Issues Powerful Rebuke to Obama/Biden Admin for Trusting Far-

                      Left Smear Group, The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)

08-24-2020 - In sequel to viral video, candidate Klacik tells RNC black voters done

                     'blindly' backing Democrats - Klacik says Joe Biden believes black people

                     'can't think for themselves'

08-23-2020 - 45 Questions the Media Should Ask Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

08-22-2020 - The Left-Wing War on America’s Suburbs

​08-20-2020 - ‘Under God' skipped in pledge of allegiance in at least two Democratic

                      convention meetings

08-20-2020 - Fact Check: Did Joe Biden Really Have Brain Surgery?  <So with a history of

                weak blood vessels, is it possible that he could have another blowout at any time??>

08-19-2020 - Joe Biden Does Not Understand the Second Amendment – Reason.com

08-13-2020 - Biden, Harris blasted by mainstream media for not taking questions from


08-12-2020 - Schweizer: Harris Engaged in 'a Massive Cover-Up' of Alleged Clergy Sex


08-12-2020 - Kamala Harris's Top 9 Fails

08-12-2020 - Report: Kamala Harris's Ancestors Owned Slaves, Too

08-12-2020 - Kamala's Anti-Catholic Assault Previews Her Potential Administration

08-12-2020 - No, Kamala Harris Isn't A 'Moderate' — She's A Radical Threat To America

08-12-2020 - Awkward Joe Biden Email: Kamala Harris 'to Help Me ... to Lead This Nation

                     Starting in January 2021'

08-12-2020 - GovTrack: Kamala Harris Further Left than 'Democratic Socialist' Bernie


08-12-2020 - WATCH: Kamala Harris: Americans Must be 'Welcoming to (Illegal Alien)


08-12-2020 - Peter Schweizer: Kamala Harris Gained 'Job Promotions' and BMW 7 Series

                     During Willie Brown Affair

08-12-2020 - Kamala Was Ringleader In Kavanaugh Character Assassination Attempt

08-12-2020 - Kamala Harris Led Smear Campaign Against Brett Kavanaugh

08-11-2020 - The Bidens Are Serial Tax Evaders

08-11-2020 - Kamala’s Big Lie During the Kavanaugh Hearing, Even Politifact Busted Her

08-11-2020 - Harris Urged Supporters to Donate to Group Pushing Defunding Police

08-11-2020 - Joe Biden Reads from Script While Talking to Kamala Harris on Zoom

08-11-2020 - Joe Biden Needed a Typed Script to Call Kamala Harris and Tell Her She’s

                     the VP Pick

08-11-2020 - Joe Biden Picks Black, Female Chief of Public Affairs Officer For Soros-

                     Funded MoveOn As Chief Of Staff For His VP

08-11-2020 - Kamala Harris Brings Extreme Gun Control Position to Biden Ticket

08-11-2020 - Pro-Lifers: Biden-Harris ‘Most Pro-Abortion Presidential Ticket in History’

08-11-2020 - Before Kamala Harris Was On His Ticket, She Said She Thought Biden

                     Committed Sexual Assault

08-11-2020 - Flashback--Kamala Harris: ‘I Believe’ Biden Accusers

08-11-2020 - Kamala Harris: 4th Most Liberal Senator; Backed Green New Deal, 'Medicare

                     for All'

08-11-2020 - MSNBC's Joy Reid: Harris VP Pick Ensures Maximum 'African-American'

                     Turnout, Biden Now the 'Anti-Trump'

08-11-2020 - WATCH: That moment Kamala Harris agreed with supporter saying Trump is

                    ‘mentally retarded’ and then lied about it…AND MORE

08-11-2020 - Kamala Harris Jailed Nearly 2,000 People for Marijuana Offenses

08-11-2020 - Biden VP Pick Kamala Harris Compared Border Security To The KKK

08-11-2020 - Joe Biden Announces Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) As His Running Mate               Harris on the Issues - everything you need to know

08-09-2020 - Biden Seems To Suggest Michael Brown Was Victim On Anniversary Of

                     Death. Obama-Biden DOJ Said Officer Acted In ‘Self-Defense’

08-09-2020 - Biden Campaign Preemptively Accusing Critics of VP Pick of Sexism and

                     Racism<Blah, blah - who didn't see that coming?  Same old, worn out Democrat/

                Alinsky/Obama/Clinton tactic.>

08-08-2020 - Hunter Biden Hit With $450K Tax Lien, Is Resolved Despite ‘No Discernible

                     Income,’ Biden Campaign Silent: Report

08-08-2020 - Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s (D-MI) Veep Cred: I Kept 6600 Firearms Industry

                     Employees Out of Work!

08-07-2020 - Biden On Taxpayer-Funded Programs: Working Illegal Aliens ‘Should Have

                     Access To What Everybody Else Has Access To’

08-07-2020 - How Long Can The Media Cover For Biden’s Racial Gaffes?

08-07-2020 - Biden Campaign: Black Reporter 'Deserving' of 'Junkie' Comment

08-05-2020 - 4 Unions Defy Joe Biden, Reach Deal to Build Keystone XL Pipeline

08-05-2020 - Biden's Lies for Black (and White-Privilege Guilt) Votes

08-05-2020 - Biden Asks Black Reporter If He's a Junkie<Hmmm, stereotyping Black people as

                drug addicts??  Racist much, Joe??>

08-05-2020 - Biden Says Border Wall Construction Will End if He is Elected

08-06-2020 - CatholicVote Demands Joe Biden Condemn Democrat ‘Anti-Catholicism’

08-06-2020 - Biden: Unlike African-Americans, Latinos Are ‘Diverse’

08-03-2020 - Communist Party Leader Endorses Joe Biden for President

08-02-2020 - Democrats Urging Biden Not to Debate Trump

08-01-2020 - Joe Biden's Son-in-Law's Firm Received Upwards of $350K in PPP Loans

07-31-2020 - Joy Reid joins online mob slamming Biden for another criticism of Kamala

                     Harris from 'very white' VP search team <Some libs just can never be happy.>

07-31-2020 - Cognitive Tests Are Not Intelligence Tests—and Joe Biden Needs to Take

                     One Now

07-31-2020 - Democrats’ Platform Plank: End the Firearm Industry in America

07-29-2020 - Biden’s ‘Gun Violence Epidemic’ Plan is a Blueprint for Civilian Disarmament

07-28-2020 - Uh Oh: More Than 100 Law Enforcement Agencies Refuse to Guard the DNC

07-28-2020 - BREAKING: Over 100 Police Agencies Pull Out Of Agreements To Guard DNC


07-28-2020 - Bernie Sanders Co-Chair Says Voting For Biden Is Like “Eating Half A Bowl Of


07-28-2020 - Democrats Attempt To Derail Biden Burisma Probe As Election Nears

07-28-2020 - Dems Hate AG Barr for Exposing Obama-Biden Abuses

07-27-2020 - ​Obama-Biden operatives had 'shocking' financial ties to Russia

07-27-2020 - Joe Biden Thinks the Rioters Are Very Fine People

07-26-2020 - Joe Biden Addresses L.A. Democratic Awards Dinner Honoring Kathy Griffin

                     as Riots Continue

07-25-2020 - Joe Biden Campaign Hispanic Organizers Claim 'Toxic' Work Culture

07-23-2020 - Biden: I've Had Nurses Breathe In My Nostrils To Make Me Move<WHAT???>

07-22-2020 - How Will Democrats Depose Biden?

07-22-2020 - Fact Check: Joe Biden Claims It's Donald Trump Who Wants to 'Defund the


07-21-2020 - Fact Check: Joe Biden Repeats False Claim About 'Shovel-ready' Jobs <2011

                Flashback: Obama Jokes About Lack of ‘Shovel-Ready Jobs’ Created From Stimulus>

07-21-2020 - Biden ‘Trojan Horse for the Very Far-Left Socialist Marxist Democrats’

07-20-2020 - WATCH:  Joe Biden Wishes That American Schools Taught More About the

                     Islamic Faith<Now wait a minute, Joe...  We're not allowed to teach about the

               Christian faith in schools - I thought Dems were ALL about the separation of church

               and state and crushing faith in general.  And NO, we're NOT all from the same root.>

07-20-2020 - Americans Of Faith Have Everything To Lose Under Joe Biden

07-20-2020 - Fact Check: Joe Biden Promises to Repeal Non-existent 'Muslim Ban'

07-20-2020 - Senate Transcripts: Joe Biden Quoted N-Word 13 Times in 1985 Hearings

07-19-2020 - Yes, Joe Biden Said He Wants to Defund the Police

07-18-2020 - Biden Campaign Staffer Mocked Cops As Worse Than 'Pigs,' Radically Called

                     For Defunding Police

07-17-2020 - PA Energy-Sector Unions Souring on Joe Biden as Candidate Veers Left

07-17-2020 - WaPo: Biden's Gun Control 'Terrible for Working Class Firearm Owners'

07-17-2020 - Joe Biden vows to completely outlaw new production of gas-powered cars if

                     elected<Apparently he hasn't seen Michael Moore's new movie, Planet of the


07-17-2020 - Biden Fights Science: Just Plain Dangerous for Kids to Return to School

07-17-2020 - Joe Biden Campaign Hires Video Producer Who Recently Denigrated Cops

07-17-2020 - Biden's 2008 Speech Honoring Foreign Leader Plagiarized Time Magazine

07-17-2020 - FACT CHECK: Joe Biden Does Want To Defund The Police

07-17-2020 - Report: Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) Is Shaping Joe Biden's Left-wing


07-16-2020 - No Malarkey: Biden's 'Unity' Platform Shows Conclusively That He's Already

                     Bernie's and AOC's Puppet

07-16-2020 - Top Biden Advisor: Yeah, We Really Screwed Up Swine Flu and are Lucky

                     More Americans Didn't Die

07-16-2020 - Washington Post Tries to Defend Biden by Spinning 'Defund the Police'

07-16-2020 - Radical Marxist/Communist Angela Davis: Biden ‘Candidate Who Can Be

              Most Effectively Pressured’

07-16-2020 - Biden-Sanders 'Unity Task Force:' We Must End a Popular Scholarship

                      Program For Poor Black Kids

07-15-2020 - Trump's List of 42 Disastrous Things Biden Would Do as President

07-15-2020 - National Association of Police Organizations Ditches Biden, Endorses Trump

07-15-2020 - National Association of Police Organizations President: Vote to Endorse

                     Trump 'Overwhelming'; Biden Passed on Chance to Talk to Us

07-14-2020 - Biden Embraces Inner Socialist As He Unveils $2 Trillion 'Climate Agenda'

07-14-2020 - OOPS! Biden Proudly Quotes Chinese Communist Dictator and Mass

              Murderer During Fundraiser <C'mon man, there was no 'oops' about it.>

​07-14-2020 - Joe Biden Quotes Mao Zedong; Senior Adviser Called Mao 'Favorite

              Political Philosopher' <Shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, being that he's a

                Democrat and all.

07-14-2020 - Mainstream Media Acknowledges Joe Biden's Leftward Shift

07-14-2020 - Trump Tears into Biden's Entire Agenda at White House Press Conference

07-14-2020 - Joe Biden Pledges 'Civilian Climate Corps' to Fight Climate Change<Oh boy,

               here come the Trash Police,.... but at least they won't be armed!>

​07-14-2020 - Biden Proposes New DOJ Climate Justice Division to Fight Pollution

​​07-14-2020 - Biden Unveils $2 Trillion Plan to Address ‘Climate Justice’

07-13-2020 - Exposed: Biden's Sister Made Millions From Joe's Campaigns Via Her Own

                     Consulting Firm

07-13-2020 - Joe Biden's energy adviser aided Kremlin nuclear agenda

07-12-2020 - Report: Chilling Long-Lost FBI Docs Accurately Predicted the Left’s Plot to

                     Destroy America

07-11-2020 - Biden Seeks to Abolish America's Suburban Communities

07-10-2020 - Biden's Immigration Plan: Reversal of Trump's Accomplishments

07-10-2020 - What You’re Not Being Told About Joe Biden’s Fundraising

07-10-2020 - The Unbearable White Privilege of Joe Biden

07-10-2020 - Biden's Policing Policies Will Endanger Police, Raise Crime Rates, and Hurt


07-09-2020 - Joe Biden Repeatedly Lifts from Bernie Sanders' Platform to Be 'Most

                     Progressive Since FDR'

07-09-2020 - Joe Biden Vows to Reverse Supreme Court on Religious Exemptions in


07-09-2020 - Joe Biden Literally Just Plagiarized Bernie and AOC's Leftist Platforms as His

                     Own<Well, plagiarism IS something he's very good at.>

07-09-2020 - Biden Pledges to Reverse Supreme Court Ruling on Religious Liberty

07-09-2020 - Joe Biden Vows to Reverse Supreme Court on Religious Exemptions in


07-09-2020 - WATCH: Joe Biden Vows 'End to the Era of Shareholder Capitalism'

07-08-2020 - The Game Is to Hide Biden's Disqualifying Dementia<Just like they did with

                Hillary's health problems - guess they have forgotten how well that worked!>

07-08-2020 - 'They become the enemy': Trump campaign hits Biden police comments

07-08-2020 - Biden: We Have an Opportunity to 'Rewrite Our Economy'  <Oh yeah, you and

                Slick Barry did such a bang-up job when you were in office...for 8 YEARS!!!>

07-08-2020 - Biden says some funding should 'absolutely' be redirected from police

​07-08-2020 - Watch: Joe Biden says police ‘become the enemy’ when they respond to

                     situations requiring armored vehicles

07-08-2020 - Five Myths Leftists Push About Donald Trump and Conservatives

07-08-2020 - University Refuses Daily Caller FOIA Request for Biden Docs

07-07-2020 - Wikipedia Editors Sanitize the Page of Potential Biden VP Kamala Harris

07-06-2020 - Lobbying Firm Tied to Hunter Biden, Burisma Received Covid PPP Loan

07-03-2020 - FBI Notes About Joe Biden Contradict Susan Rice 'By the Book' Claim on

                     Russia Hoax

07-03-2020 - 16 Biden Union Allies Accused in Sexual Misconduct Suit

07-02-2020 - Joe Biden Has Praised A KKK Leader and Segregationists.  Hint:  Hillary

             did exactly the same. <And no one cared then, either.>

07-02-2020 - MoveOn Blows Up the Myth That Joe Biden Is a Moderate





06-29-2020 - STUDY: TV News Has No Time for Biden Sex Assault Accuser

06-26-2020 - Judicial Watch Obtains Secret Service Records Showing Hunter Biden Took

                     411 Flights, Visited 29 Countries

06-25-2020 - WATCH:  Joe Biden Claims “Now We Have Over 120 Million Dead From


06-25-2020 - WATCH: Joe Biden Lies About Calling for Defense Production Act in January

06-25-2020 - Biden's Foreign Policy Boss Called for Anti-Israel DNC Platform

06-25-2020 - Biden Charity Paid Execs Millions But spent little on cancer

06-24-2020 - Biden Voted to Protect Tax-Exempt Status of Private Segregated Schools

06-24-2020 - Biden Campaign Hides Staff Diversity Data, Demands Trump Transparency

06-24-2020 - Biden’s Mental Capacity: The Emerging Issue

06-24-2020 - CBS's Catherine Herridge Shows Proof Biden Was One of the "Masterminds"

                     Behind General Flynn Takedown

06-24-2020 - Disgraced Former FBI agent Peter Strzok's Notes Reveal Biden Knew about

                     Flynn Probe Despite His Denials

06-23-2020 - Fmr Defense Secretary Gates: 'I Stand by That Statement' Biden Had Not

             Been Right on Any Major Foreign Policy in 40 Years

06-23-2020 - No, Nancy Pelosi, the #MeToo accusation against Joe Biden is not a 'closed


06-22-2020 - Joe Biden Refuses Trump’s Request for More than Three Debates

06-20-2020 - Dennard Blasts Biden: Dems 'Have Put a Bigot at the Top of the Ticket'

06-17-2020 - “These Democrats…they hate black people”, “fought to keep slavery in”,

                      “built the KKK”, Preacher Bevelyn Beatty. “Republican Party is the party of

                      the blacks”    VIDEO here.

06-17-2020 - Poll: Overwhelming Majority of Battleground Voters Say Biden Lacks Mental

                     Capacity to Be President

06-16-2020 - VIDEO:  Joe Biden Called the UDC "An Organization...of Many Fine People

                     Who...Display the Confederate Flag."  <Oh, so it's okay for him to say it, but not

                for Trump, which Trump didn't, but is STILL being taken out of context by the liberal

                media.  Surprise, surprise, Sgt. Carter!!>

06-16-2020 - Joe Biden once called members of female Confederacy group ‘fine people’

06-16-2020 - Biden once called Confederate heritage group 'fine people'

06-15-2020 - Young Black Voter Delivers Awesome Rant: "I am not voting in Joe Biden"

06-14-2020 - My Name Is Joe O’Biden, And I Am Here To Defund the Police!

06-14-2020 - Joe Biden's History of Division

06-12-2020 - Joe Biden Omits Radical Islam in Statement on Pulse Nightclub Shooting

                     Anniversary<Ubama taught him well.>

06-11-2020 - NY Times: The first rule of Biden’s economic policy committee is you do not

                     talk about the economic policy committee

06-11-2020 - Joe Biden Repeats Charlottesville 'Fine People Hoax'; Falsely Claims Trump

                     Did Not Condemn Murder of Heather Heyer

06-11-2020 - Stacey Abrams: Biden Campaign Hasn't Called Me for VP Vetting <I wouldn't

                be holding my breath, if I were you!>

06-10-2020 - Video: Racist Biden Senior Adviser Caught in the Lie that Trump "Couldn't

                     Even Utter" George Floyd's Name

06-10-2020 - Dr. Shelby Steele Calls Out Joe Biden for Exploiting "Black Pain" for "Votes"

06-09-2020 - Biden Campaign Quiet on Staff Donations to Defund the Police Group

06-08-2020 - Joe Biden Declines to Stand Up Against Democrat Calls to ‘Defund Police’

06-08-2020 - Joe Biden 'Does Not Believe' Police Should Be Defunded  <Wait,...wait for it,...

                wait for the flip-flop>

06-08-2020 - Joe Biden: Ban Federal Funds for Training Teachers in Firearm Usage

06-08-2020 - Biden's Running Mate Contenders Ensnared by Issues, Scandals

06-07-2020 - Black Civil Rights Attorney Leo Terrell Blasts Dems, Biden: Dem Party Has

                     Been ‘Hijacked by Extremists’

06-07-2020 - Sen. Tom Cotton throws ice-cold water on Dem enthusiasm over Colin

                     Powell’s endorsement of Joe Biden

06-07-2020 - Colin Powell Says He ‘Cannot In Any Way Support’ Trump, Says He’ll Vote 
                     For Biden.  <General Powell, MAJOR RINO>

06-03-2020 - Charlamagne tha God: Biden’s Record in the Senate 'Reflects Very Racist


06-02-2020 - Joe Biden Appears to Blame Police for Riots: They 'Escalate Tension

06-02-2020 - Ted Cruz to Joe Biden: Why Support Those Destroying Black Businesses?

06-02-2020 - Joe Biden Includes George Floyd's Dying Words in Fundraising Appeal

06-01-2020 - Kamala Harris Inciting Violence on Two Occasions

05-31-2020 - Celebrities and Biden staffers donate to bail out protesters

05-27-2020 - Watchdog asks feds to investigate university, Biden center for millions in

                     anonymous China donations

05-26-2020 - Paris Dennard: All Joe Biden Has Done for Blacks Is 'Lock Us Up'

05-24-2020 - Press covers for Joe Biden in bitter wake of 'you ain't black' fallout

05-24-2020 - ​Liberal Law Professor, Jonathan Turley, Slams CNN For Edited Clip Favoring

                     Joe Biden: "That Is A False Statement"

05-23-2020 - Michael Moore Torches Biden: He Lacks ‘Necessary Enthusiasm' to Beat


05-22-2020 - NAACP Responds to Joe Biden Comments: We Never Endorsed Him, Or


05-22-2020 - Vernon Jones (D-GA) to Biden: 'You're Not Entitled to Black Support"

​05-22-2020 - Fact Check: Joe Biden Did Not Call for Country to Be Shut Down One Week


05-22-2020 - Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC): Biden's 'You Ain't Black' Line 'Par for the Course for


05-22-2020 - Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC): Biden's 'You Ain't Black' Remark 'the Most Arrogant,

                     Condescending Comment I've Heard in a Very Long Time'

05-22-2020 - 'You Ain't Black' and Joe Biden's 10 Other Acts of Racism

05-22-2020 - Black Conservatives: Joe Biden's 'You Ain't Black' Comment 'Racist and


05-22-2020 - Joe Biden: 'You Ain't Black' if You Don't Back Me over Trump

05-22-2020 - BET Founder Robert Johnson: Joe Biden 'Should Spend the Rest of His

                     Campaign Apologizing to Every Black Person He Meets'

05-22-2020 - BET Founder Says Biden Should Spent Rest Of Campaign Apologizing

05-22-2020 - Joe Biden: 'No One Should Be Going to Jail for Drug Crime, Period'

05-22-2020 - Jemele Hill: What Joe Biden Said About Black Voters 'Was Accurate'

​​05-21-2020 - Joe Biden Ukraine Scandal Exploding

​05-21-2020 - Biden blasts BDS, progressives: Stop targeting Israel — and “letting

                     Palestinians off the hook for their choices”

​05-21-2020 - When You’re Joe Biden, They Let You Do It

05-21-2020 - Joe Biden pledges to eliminate tens of thousands of Midwest jobs

05-20-2020 - Biden Forgets ‘Coronavirus,’ Claims He Doled Out ‘$84 Billion’ in Recovery


​05-20-2020 - Senate Committee Authorizes Subpoena in Hunter Biden-Burisma


05-19-2020 - Joe Biden Falsely Accuses Trump of Ignoring Antisemitism

05-18-2020 - Biden Bragged about Nearly Being Arrested for Following ‘Lovely’ Women
05-18-2020 - Joe Biden Vows to Stop Keystone XL Pipeline 'For Good' If Elected<Yeah, who

                needs those thousands of jobs anyway??  They should all just learn to code.>

05-16-2020 - Number of Joe Biden's Sexual Misconduct Allegations Rises to 10

05-15-2020 - Joe Biden Changes Story Again About Michael Flynn: Not Aware of 'Criminal'


​05-15-2020 - FLASHBACK: Joe Biden Accused Of Swimming Naked In Front Of Female

                     Secret Service Agents. Media Dismissed The Claim.

05-14-2020 - President Joe Biden Will Be Immediately Impeached for 4 Scandals

05-14-2020 - Biden Claims Coronavirus Cost over 85,000 Jobs, Lives of Millions <DOH!!!

                Not another gaffe!!>

05-14-2020 - Update: Biden’s Involvement in Obamagate 

05-14-2020 - Joe Biden: Illegal Immigration Is “A Gift” To The U.S.

05-13-2020 - VIDEO: Joe Biden Admits He Was Briefed On Flynn Investigation After

                      Claiming “I Know Nothing”

05-13-2020 - Study: Networks Bury Important Facts Corroborating Sex Assault Claim

                     Against Biden

05-13-2020 - Joe Biden Aide Attacks CBS Reporter for Flynn 'Unmasking' Memo

​05-12-2020 - Study: Nearly 100 Hollywood Celebs Smeared Brett Kavanaugh But Won't

                      Condemn Joe Biden for sexual misconduct allegations

05-12-2020 - Biden Struggles With Flynn Questions on ABC, Barely Asked About Reade by

                      former Clinton White House Communications Director George


05-12-2020 - Sen. Chuck U. Schumer (D-NY): Joe Biden Response to Tara Reade Sexual

                     Assault Claims 'Sufficient'

05-13-2020 -  Biden Campaign Scrambles After Declassified Documents Show a Request

                       was Made in Joe Biden's Name to Unmask General Michael Flynn on

                       January 12, 2017

05-12-2020 - Joe Biden Caught Lying - Admits He Was Aware 'They' Asked for

                     Investigation of Michael Flynn

05-11-2020 - STUDY: CNN Ignored Allegations Against Biden for an Entire Month

05-11-2020 - Radio silence: Late night hosts loved attacking Trump but haven’t said a

                     word about Tara Reade

​05-11-2020 - Mike Rapaport Tweets Horrendous Mother’s Day Message to ‘Useless’

                     Melania Trump <This guy is such a sad sack....he need psychiatric care even more

                than the acerbic hags on The View.>

05-11-2020 - BREAKING: “Satchel of new documents” Will Show Rep. Adam Schiff and

             Others "knew for a long time there was no collusion" between Trump

             and the Kremlin [VIDEO]

05-11-2020 - [VIDEO] New "Bombshell" Docs Intel Chief Grenell Will Release Friday

              Will Show More Rep. Adam Schiff Deception

05-10-2020 - Three Times Joe Biden Was Reportedly Involved with the Russia Collusion


05-08-2020 - Biden Sold Out America to China While Working for Hollywood

05-08-2020 -​ Trump Campaign on Gen. Flynn: 'What Did Joe Biden Know and When Did

                     He Know It?'

05-08-2020 - 7 Pieces of Corroboration that Back Claim Joe Biden Assaulted Tara Reade

05-07-2020 - Biden Campaign Attacks Tara Reade But Defends the Word of Women

05-07-2020 - Biden Promises to Scrap New Dept of Education Due Process Requirements 

                     Rule on College Sexual Assault 

​05-06-2020 - No, Nancy Pelosi, the #MeToo accusation against Joe Biden is not a 'closed


05-06-2020 - ABC News Sat on Interview With Biden Accuser For 5 Weeks

05-06-2020 - NPR Public Editor: We were ‘too slow’ reporting on Tara Reade’s allegations

                     against Biden

05-06-2020 - Joe Biden Promises to Restore Funds to Palestinians that Were Cut Because

                     of Terror

05-05-2020 - Politico Founder Doesn't Want Justice for Biden, He Wants 'a Coronation'

05-05-2020 - Fact Check: AOC (Airhead on Crack) Says Support Biden Because We've ‘Had

                     Kids in Cages' <Uh, yeah, that was under Ubama, toots!  Try to pay attention!>

05-05-2020 - Tara Reade & Christine Balsey Ford: Liberals Rewrite History to Justify

                     #MeToo Hypocrisy

05-05-2020 - Pelosi: Biden Sexual Assault Allegation Is a 'Closed Issue'<I don't think so,

                space cadet!>

​05-05-2020 - Biden, Media, Feminists Resurrect Clinton Playbook to Destroy Tara Reade

​05-05-2020 - Obama Sends Private Letter to National Archives Claiming ‘Confidentiality’

                     To Not Release Biden-Ukraine Docs - Gregg Jarrett

05-05-2020 - Obama's office bashed Senate Biden-Ukraine probe, linked it to 'Russian

                     disinformation campaign,' letter shows

05-04-2020 - Fact Check: Biden Falsely Claims Assault Allegation Just Brought Up in 2020

05-04-2020 - Sen. Elizabeth "Fauxcahontas" Warren (D-MA) Says Biden’s Defense Against

                     Sex Assault Claims Was ‘Credible And Convincing,’ Reaffirms Her Support

05-04-2020 - Biden Enjoys Armed Protection While Fighting to Disarm Americans

05-03-2020 - Ari Fleischer: 'The Press Is Protecting' Joe Biden

05-03-2020 - RNC Head DESTROYS ABC’s Raddatz on Media Ignoring Biden Rape Claim

05-03-2020 - Joe Biden Urges U.S. Women's Soccer to Continue Equal Pay Fight Despite

                     Court Dismissal<...and that's Uncle Joe he's a movin' kinda slow at the junction,

                Petticoat Junction!!>

05-02-2020 - New Accuser Alleges Sexual Harassment By Joe Biden When She Was 14

05-02-2020 - Joe Biden Forgets Word for 'Coronavirus', Loses Train of Thought

05-02-2020 - Flashback – Biden on Balsey Ford: Women Should Be Given ‘Benefit of the 


05-02-2020 - Watch: Joe Biden Claims ‘600,000 Dead’ from Coronavirus

05-02-2020 - AP Admits Not Reporting, Deleting Tara Reade 2019 Interview<What,

                media bias???  Nooooooo!!!!!  Say it ain't so, Joe!>

05-01-2020 - Donald Trump Marvels at Democrat 'Double Standard' on Biden Sexual

                     Assault Allegations

05-01-2020 - MSNBC's Brzezinski: 'A Good Thing' Media Haven't Treated Biden Allegation

                     Same as Kavanaugh Allegation

05-01-2020 - ABC's Hostin: Biden Doesn't Have to Do Anything -- 'Trump Is Self-

                     Imploding'  <You just keep believing that, space cadet!>

05-01-2020 - Fact Check: Media Deceptively Claim Joe Biden Called for Release of 'Any'


05-01-2020 - Joe Biden Again Says 'Intercourse' When Discussing Coronavirus

05-01-2020 - Biden Says Tara Reade Deserves 'Rigorous Investigation' While Hiding

                     Senate Papers

05-01-2020 - Tara Reade Is Joe Biden's Eighth Accuser

05-01-2020 - NY Post says: #MeToo hypocrisy of Joe Biden, Democrats exposed

05-01-2020 - Hypocrisy in Action: Dem Reaction to Biden Finally Speaking on Sexual

                     Assault Allegations, ‘Time to Move On’

05-01-2020 - National Archives Admin Refutes Joe Biden: Harassment Complaint Wouldn't

                     Go Here

05-01-2020 - U. of Delaware Refuses to Release the Biden Papers<Surprise!  Surprise, Sgt.


04-30-2020 - Evening News Networks End Their Tara Reade Blackout, Come to Biden’s

                     Defense Against Rape Allegations<Hmmm, so all women should be believed

                UNLESS they were victimized by Democrats.  I guess I missed that part.  Nooooo,

                there's no left-wing media bias!>

04-30-3030 - Sarah Silverman Exposes Sen. Gillibrand's #MeToo Double Standards for

                     Biden, Franken

04-30-2020 - Daily Beast: Women’s Groups 'Silent on Biden Sex-Assault Accusation

​04-29-2020 - Juanita Broaddrick Blasts Hillary's Biden Endorsement: Has 'Decades of

                     Experience' Enabling 'Sexual Predator' Bill

04-29-2020 - Joe Biden Was at Meeting Where James Comey Was Told to Brief Trump on

                     Steele Dossier

04-29-2020 - Democrats respond with hypocrisy to the Biden sexual assault allegation

04-29-2020 - No Media Pressure on Biden to Release University Documents

04-29-2020 - Fact Check: 3 Falsehoods in Biden Campaign's Tara Reade Talking Points

04-29-2020 - Far-Left Magazine CounterPunch: Sex Misconduct Allegations 'Swirling 

                     Around Biden' for Years

04-28-2020  -Biden Backer & Kavanaugh Detractor Alyssa Milano Tells Tara Reade 'I Hear

                     and See You,' but Stops Short of Saying She Believes Her

04-28-2020 - Biden Delivers Completely Incoherent Answer When Asked About His Son's

                     Business in China

04-28-2020 - Biden Campaign 'Circulated Talking Points' on Tara Reade Allegations

04-28-2020 - Tara Reade's One More Victim of Media that Protects Democrats

04-28-2020 - Tara Reade: Hillary 'Enabling a Sexual Predator' by Endorsing Biden

04-27-2020 - Tara Reade's Former Neighbor Says They Discussed Biden's Alleged Assault

                      in Mid-90s

​04-27-2020 - How Obama/Biden Wrecked the U.S. Medical Device Industry

04-26-2020 - Rose McGowan Calls on Joe Biden to Drop Out as Tara Reade Allegation

                      Roils Campaign

04-26-2020 - 1993 CNN Clip of Biden Accuser's Mother Calling Larry King Vanishes from

                      Google Play Catalog

04-26-2020 - 16 Reasons Why I Believe Joe Biden Sexually Assaulted Tara Reade

04-24-2020 - SHOCK Video: Is This the Mother of Joe Biden's Accuser Talking to CNN in

                     1993? [UPDATED]

04-24-2020 - Greenfield Video: Believe All Women — Unless They Accuse Joe Biden

04-24-2020 - Biden ‘Expert’ Ezekiel Emanuel Over-Estimated Coronavirus Cases by 99


04-24-2020 - Al(falfa) Gore Suggests Banning Gas-Powered Cars, Biden Agrees

04-24-2020 - Former Bernie Sanders Spokeswoman Accuses Media of Protecting Biden

04-24-2020 - Twitter Censors Another Joe Biden Meme, Locks Accounts that Posted It

04-17-2020 - Klobuchar: Misconduct Allegation Against Biden 'Has Been Investigated'

04-17-2020 - Pelosi: 'Satisfied' with Biden's Answer on Sexual Misconduct Allegations

04-17-2020 - Joe Biden Celebrates Endorsement by J Street, Soros-backed Israel Critics

​04-17-2020 - Bernie Sanders: 'Relevant' to Discuss Sexual Assault Allegation Against

                      Joe Biden

04-17-2020 - Joe Biden Exposes #MeToo Movement as Total BS

04-16-2020 - Rocker Meredith Brooks Says Joe Biden Touching Children Is Not Normal:

                     ‘Curdles My Blood'

​04-16-2020 - Ronan Farrow's Weinstein-Reporting Partner Finds Biden Accuser Tara Reade


04-14-2020 - New York Times Editor Admits Biden Sexual Assault Story was

             Censored at Behest of Biden Campaign

04-14-2020 - Rose McGowan of #MeToo Slams WaPo over Story About Biden Accuser: 'I

                     Feel Violated by Your Shi**y Writing'

04-14-2020 - Biden's Secret Senate Papers May Hold Key to Sexual Assault Allegation

04-13-2020 - Kavanaugh vs. Biden: The Media's Outrageous Double Standard on

                     Allegations of Sexual Assault and 'Believing Women'

04-12-2020 - New York Times Smeared Brett Kavanaugh, Covered for Joe Biden

04-12-2020 - NYT Removes Qualifying Language from Biden Sexual Assault Allegation

04-12-2020 - NYT Scrubs Mention of Unwanted Touching from Story on Joe Biden Accuser

04-11-2020 - Watch: Terrific Video Skewers Alyssa Milano’s #MeToo Hypocrisy,

                     Comparing Her on Kavanaugh and Biden

​04-11-2020 - Alyssa Milano’s Biden Defense Is More Pathetic Than You Can Imagine

04-11-2020 - The Liberal Media Cover Up on Joe Biden’s Sex Abuse Claims

04-11-2020 - Joe Biden’s sexual assault accuser Tara Reade files criminal complaint

                     against him

04-11-2020 - Joe Biden Probably Can't Go Far-Left Enough for Sanders Supporters

04-08-2020 - Biden Accuser Reacts to Bernie Dropping Out: 'There Is No Democracy

04-07-2020 - Joe Biden Sexual Assault Allegation Made Alyssa Milano Backtrack on

                     ‘Believing All Women’

04-06-2020 - Rose McGowan Rips Media for 'Covering Up Creepy Joe Biden' Assault


​04-05-2020 - Biden Falsely Claims: 45 Nations Blocked Chinese Nationals From Entering

                     U.S. Before Trump Did

04-05-2020 - Joe Biden is racking up Pinocchios briskly during the pandemic

04-03-2020 - Biden Now Supports Trump's China Travel Ban, But Before Called It

                     Hysterical Xenophobia

04-03-2020 - ​WaPo fact-checker: Biden’s still fibbing about Trump’s coronavirus response

04-02-2020 - Media ignores Biden’s ‘Luhan’ gaffe

04-02-2020 - Joe Biden Calls on Trump to Help Iran, Which Rejected U.S. Aid

​03-31-2020 - Poll Shows Trump More Trusted than Joe Biden to Handle Economy,


03-31-2020 - Chronology: Trump Was On Top Of Coronavirus While Biden Mocked

03-30-2020 - Why Are the Mainstream Media Ignoring Tara Reade’s Sexual Assault

                     Accusation Against Joe Biden?  <Uh, you're seriously asking that question??>

03-27-2020 - Biden's Campaign Paid $806K to PR Firm Tied to New #MeToo

              Allegation <Ahh, Quid Pro Joe strikes again!>

03-26-2020 - CampusWire: Joe Biden claims he 'became a professor' at UPenn...but never

                     taught a class, even after getting paid $900K over 3 years!

03-26-2020 - Billionaire Who Helped Rehab Jeffrey Epstein's Image Drops $1.5 Million to

                     Boost Biden

03-25-2020 - Biden's Memory Isn't the Only Problem

03-25-2020 - Joe Biden: I Have A Plan To Fight the Ebola Virus! 

03-23-2020 - FLASHBACK: The Obama-Biden Administration Scrapped WH Health and

                     Security Office in 2009 <So stop blaming Trump for it, media idiots!!>

03-16-2020 - On Guns, Joe Biden is Full of It

​03-15-2020 - Fact Check: Biden Claims Trump Tax Cuts Left U.S. Unable to Afford

                     Coronavirus Economic Rescue

​03-15-2020 - Fact Check: Biden Is Wrong, Foreign Workers Take Jobs from Americans

03-13-2020 - VIDEO: AIM President Adam Guillette calls out Media's Biden coverage

03-12-2020 - Ocasio-Cortez: Biden Is Winning Because of ‘Rampant Voter Suppression’

​03-10-2020 - New Close-Up Video of Biden Yelling at Auto Worker is Much Worse Than

                     Thought: "I wanna go outside with you"

​03-10-2020 - MSNBC Plays Selectively Edited Video of Biden Yelling at Autoworker, Leaves

                     Out Threats, Curse

03-05-2020 - Helping Joe Out! ABC, NBC Hide Biden’s Latest Blunders

03-02-2020 - Trump Trolls Biden for Suggesting Half Our Country Killed by Guns

02-26-2020 - Fact Check: Joe Biden Claims He ‘Saved Millions of Lives’ from Ebola

​02-26-2020 - FACT CHECK: Biden Says Founders Didn't Want 'Everyone' to Own Guns

02-25-2020 - Joe Biden Says He Worked on Climate Deal with Long-Dead Chinese Leader

02-24-2020 - Biden Criticizes Sanders for Praising Castro Despite Own Record on Cuba

​02-20-2020 - Joe Biden Essentially Calls For Banning Nearly All Firearms

02-17-2020 - Watch -- Biden: DACA Illegals 'Are More American than Most Americans'

02-14-2020 - Joe Biden: Illegal Immigration Is “A Gift” To The U.S.

02-07-2020 - Joe Biden Doubles Down in NH: Sue Firearm Companies for Criminal Use

01-31-2020 - Peter Schweizer Unveils the Layers of Corruption Behind

              the Biden Family

01-30-2020 - Brutal Flashback Video Revives Biden's Blatant Lies and Plagiarism

01-27-2020 - Cardinal Burke on 'Pro-Choice' Biden

01-27-2020 - Pam Bondi Lays Out Case Against Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Burisma

01-23-2020 - Book Bombshell: Start-up Linked to Hunter Biden's Firm Bagged $3 Million

                      from Government Program Run by Biden Adviser

01-22-2020 - Joe Biden’s Grand Plan To Suppress Internet Freedom

01-22-2020 - Judge: Hunter Biden Must Appear in Court After Failing to Turn Over Docs

01-21-2020 - Six Unanswered Questions About the Biden Family's Culture of Corruption

01-21-2020 - The Biden 5: Deals in China, Costa Rica, Iraq, Russia, Ukraine

01-21-2020 - Firm Employing Biden’s Brother Got More than $1.5 Billion in Contracts

01-21-2020 - Joe Biden Promises Sanctuary for Drunk-Driving Illegals

​01-21-2020 - Joe Biden Claims DACA Recipents ‘More American than Most Americans’

01-20-2020 - Hunter Biden’s Firms Scored Reportedly Hundreds of Millions from

                     Russians, Chinese, and Kazakhs

01-20-2020 - Joe Biden’s Brother Frank Linked to Projects Receiving $54,000,000 in

                     Taxpayer Loans from the Obama Administration—Despite No Experience

01-20-2020 - Schweizer: 'No Coincidence' that Biden Family Deals Took Place When Biden

                      Was VP 

01-14-2020 - Fact Check: Biden Falsely Claims Trump Softened North Korea Sanctions

01-14-2020 - Biden Claims Donald Trump Ordered Military Force 'Into Iran'

01-14-2020 - Fact Check: Biden Falsely Claims He Opposed Iraq War from Beginning

01-14-2020 - Fact Check: Joe Biden Claims the Iran Deal Was 'Working'

01-14-2020 - Fact Check: Joe Biden Falsely Claims to Have Defeated ISIS

01-13-2020 - FLASHBACK: 1998: Joe Biden Urged U.S. to 'Dethrone' Saddam Hussein Over


01-11-2020 - Ten Big Obama-Biden Scandals John Kerry Wants to Hide From You

01-09-2020 - Book to Reveal How Biden Family Siphoned ‘Millions in Taxpayer Cash’

01-07-2020 - Biden Says Illegals Should Learn English for Citizenship Despite Own Plan

01-06-2020 - Six Separate Foreign Policy Lies by Democrat Joe Biden

01-01-2020 - The Biden Papers: Senate Documents Kept Secret, Hidden from Public

12-31-2019 - Joe Biden Urges Displaced Coal Miners to 'Learn' to Code

​12-30-2019 - Here’s Why The Justice Department Must Investigate Joe Biden’s “Quid Pro

                     Quo” - Gregg Jarrett

12-30-2019 - Joe Biden: ‘We’re All Dead’ if We Don’t Stop Using Fossil Fuels

12-30-2019 - Joe Biden Criticized Texas Law Allowing Armed Parishioners as 'Irrational'

12-29-2019 - An Armed Guard in a Texas Church Struck Down a Murderer Immediately;

                     Joe Biden Called His Ability to Do So ‘Irrational’

12-29-2019 - Flashback Nov. 2017: Biden Criticizes Gun Used to Stop Church Shooter

12-26-2019 - Joe & Jill Biden, Meet Cpl. Ronil Singh and Deputy Brian Ishmael, Killed by

                     Illegal Aliens - Why No Compassion for their Families??

12-19-2019 - Fact Check: Biden Falsely Claims Middle Class Isn't Growing Under Trump

11-26-2019 - Long Before Hunter’s Ukraine Gig, Joe Biden Used ‘Legal Graft’

11-26-2019 - WATCH: Obama Administration Repeatedly Ducked Questions on

                     Hunter Biden

11-22-2019 - Joe Biden: Lindsey Graham Will 'Regret' Investigating Me ‘His Whole Life'

11-19-2019 - Joe Biden Pushes Gun Controls That Failed Last Week in CA

11-14-2019 - Documents Released by Ukrainian General Prosecutor’s Office Reveal

                     MILLIONS Funneled to Hunter Biden and the John Kerry Family

11-10-2019 - Joe Biden: No One Needs a 'Magazine with 100 Clips in It'

11-04-2019 - Biden Pressured Ukraine to Fire Prosecutor After Burisma Lobbying Effort

10-29-2019 - Joe Biden on a Priest Denying Him Communion: ‘I’m Not Going to Discuss


10-29-2019 - Report: Head of Joe Biden Super PAC Is Registered Foreign Agent

10-24-2019 - Anita Hill: I'm 'Ready to Hold Joe Biden Accountable'

10-18-2019 - Biden Denied Communion at SC Church Over Abortion Stance

10-11-2019 - Video of Tom Brokaw Calling Out Joe and Hunter Biden's 'Corruption'

                      Resurfaces Amid Ukraine Scandal

10-10-2019 - MULTI-MILLION JOE’S STUNNING Wealth Revealed: Biden’s Collect Mind-

                     Blowing Amount Since Leaving White House

09-27-2019 - FLASHBACK: WATCH: 2018: Joe Biden Brags At CFR Meeting About

                     Withholding Aid To Ukraine To Force Firing Of Prosecutor

09-26-2019 - Report: Documents Conflict with Biden's Ukrainian Prosecutor Story

09-24-2019 - Schweizer: Hunter Biden Made a Deal with China that ‘Nobody Else Has’

09-24-2019 - Schweizer: Washington Post Readers Unaware of Hunter Biden Scandals

09-20-2019 - The Case for Impeachment... of Joe Biden

09-12-2019 - Fact Check: No, Biden, Obamacare Not Working for Americans

09-12-2019 - Fact Check: Joe Biden Claims 'We Didn't Lock People Up in Cages'

09-10-2019 - WaPo Fact Checker Lets Joe Biden Lie His Way Out of Iraq War Lie

09-05-2019 - Kamala Harris: Government 'can and should' legislate your meat

                     consumption to combat climate change

09-05-2019 - Joe Biden pushes for Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s assault weapons ban because

                     it worked, or so he says

09-03-2019 - Biden Pushes Ban on Gun Magazines Secret Service Used to Protect Him

09-03-2019 - WATCH: Joe Biden Calls for Ban on Magazines Holding 'Multiple

                     Bullets' <This kind of ignorance and stupidity is why liberals should have absolutely

                NO say in any gun legislation.>

08-23-2019 - Fact-checking exposes Biden's propensity to revise his past

08-22-2019 - Biden on capital gains tax: “We should raise the tax back to 39.6 percent”

08-21-2019 - Joe Biden Forgot Trump Repeatedly Condemned White Supremacism

08-21-2019 - Another Gaffe: Joe Biden Claims MLK, RFK Assassinated in the '70s'

08-20-2019 - Politico Wants Us to Deny Evidence of Joe Biden's Mental Decline

08-18-2019 - Joe Biden: My Plan Will Make 'Health Care More Affordable' <Oh yeah, just like

                it did under Obama(DoesNot)Care??  I think I'll pass - that 600% increase last time

                was enough for me!!>

08-14-2019 - Eight Things to Know About the Biden Family's Culture of Corruption

08-10-2019 - Joe Biden Says ‘Poor Kids Are Just As Bright’ As White Kids

08-09-2019 - Flashback: Joe Biden Repeatedly Praised Racist Gov. George Wallace (D-AL)

08-07-2019 - Joe Biden's 'Buyback Program' Is Straight-Up Gun Confiscation

07-23-2019 - Biden Admits 'A Lot of People Were Left Behind' During the Obama

                     Years <WHAAAATT???  I thought ObamaDalaiLama was going to make us all RICH!!!>

06-28-2019 - Fact Check: Joe Biden Falsely Claims Trump Has Never Criticized KKK

06-27-2019 - Fact Check: Joe Biden, Kamala Harris Are Being Funded by Wall Street

06-26-2019 - 20 Times Breitbart Reported on Migrant Deaths During Obama-Biden Years

                     and No One Cared

06-17-2019 - WATCH: Students Slam Trump's 'Pretty Racist' Quotes, Then Learn They're

                     From Biden

06-14-2019 - ​Students surprised by some of Joe Biden’s ‘pretty racist’ quotes

06-07-2019 - WATCH: 2012 Joe Biden Said 'Life Begins at Conception'

06-03-2019 - Biden Lied in 1987 with Claim He Marched in Civil Rights Movement

05-28-2019 - Joe Biden's Fifty Years of Flip-Flops

05-22-2019 - VIDEO: Money Trail from Foreign Oligarchs to Hunter Biden Bank Accounts


05-20-2019 - WATCH: Joe Biden in 2007 Vowed to Ban Sanctuary Cities for Illegal


05-15-2019 - Joe Biden: Second Amendment Doesn't Say You're 'Entitled' to Own a

                     Gun <Well, it kind of does, Joe.>

05-10-2019 - VIDEO: Biden in 2006: U.S. Needs Border Fence to Stop 'Tons' of Drugs

                     From Mexico

05-09-2019 - Joe Biden Pushes Gun Laws that Already Exist After CO School Shooting

05-04-2019 - Vanity Fair: Hunter Biden’s $1.5B Bank of China Deal ‘Looming’ as

                     Campaign Scandal

03-30-2018 - (VIDEO) Biden: 'The 2nd Amendment Is Being Very Badly Interpreted' - There

                      Is 'Prostitution of the 2nd Amendment'    Direct link to YouTube video.

11-13-2017 - Former VP Joe Biden: AR-15 Used to Stop Texas Church Massacre Should

                     Not Be Allowed

08-04-2016 - Black Lives Matter Founder: 'Clintons Use Black People For Votes'

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