This page was updated on May 31, 2023

1. What are your hours?

​   Simply put, my hours are your hours.  I am available to work days, nights, weekends

     and holidays.  Of course, I appreciate as much advanced notice as possible when


2. What are your fees?
     Fees vary based on several factors.  Please see the Fees page for more information.

3. Are you available for direct-hire as an employee?
     Of course.  Please contact me to discuss your business' needs and how I may be of

     assistance to you.  Minimum hourly fee is $50+ per hour, $8,000 per month, $96,000

     per year based on a standard 40-hour work week.  Additional fees/charges may apply.

     However, please note that I will not contract with nor provide any services for any

     company or organization that is considered "woke" or ascribes to any other anti-

     American policies such as DEI or ESG, etc.

4. Why don't you charge for some of your publications?
      Even though I put a lot of time and effort into my publications, I believe that it is

      important for people to have this information, especially when we're talking about

      matters of safety and security. Besides, most of the information I provide can be found

      for free at other websites; I just add my personal and professional experiences to the

      narrative in hopes that it will enhance the information and be of additional benefit to

      the reader.

5.  How can you offer free real estate consulting services?
      The Realtor® to whom I refer you will pay me a portion of his or her commission if and

      when a transaction (sale or purchase) is completed.

6.  Are you interested in any MLM opportunities?
      Thank you, but not at this time as I am already an independent distributor with Beyond

      OrganicYoungevity and Amsoil Synthetic Lubricants.

7.  Are you hiring?
      Not at this time.

8.  Who is your webmaster?
      I built this....without any help from and in spite of you-know-who.

9.  Do you accept advertising?
      Not at this time.  Nor do I want any sponsored-content articles or any other

      written by anyone else.

10.  Do you do product testing/evaluations?


11. Do you make referrals?
       It depends. Unfortunately, in the past on a couple of occasions, businesses and people

       to whom I have referred clients did not perform as expected.  In those specific cases, I

       had relied upon referrals from other individuals whom I trusted.  I put my trust in

       these people (and their referrals) and they let me down.  But more importantly, they let

       down my friends and clients who trusted me to give them good advice that turned out

       to be bad.  Therefore, unless I have an established (and highly-successful) business

       and or personal relationship with a particular service provider and know they are as

       committed to service excellence as I am, then regrettably I will not be able to

       recommend them or their service. Furthermore, if you are a service provider and want

       my recommendation, in addition to the aforementioned criteria, your hours must be

       the same as mine (see 1. above).  Yes, I know that is a tall hurdle, but if you want to

       provide truly excellent service, you must be available to do so when your customers

       and clients require it, not just when you feel like it.  It's really that simple.

       I do provide a list of service providers you might want to consider for your respective

       needs, but do your own homework and caveat emptor!  Service Providers page.

12.  Do you install security systems (cameras, etc.)
        No.  As security awareness continues to increase among the public, many

        people have asked me about this.  This is a whole other security specialty  area that

        would require yet another license and a significant capital investment on my part and

        is a service offered by many other companies who specialize in it and do a better job

        of it than I ever could.  Also, there are many simple, inexpensive do-it-yourself

        systems on the market today.  Please see my Special Report on Identity Theft on

        thePublication page of this website for more info.

13.  Do you offer corporate sponsorships?
        Not at this time.  I already personally support/have supported the following


        Some other outstanding organizations you might want to consider for your charitable