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Okay, here's the deal, man, as Joe Biden would say:  You don't have to be a lawyer to understand that you can't convict someone of a crime based on false evidence.  If, by chance, you do manage to do so and the fraud is discovered, the convicted individual's record must be expunged and those who perpetrated the fraud upon the court must be held accountable, tried, convicted and sentenced accordingly for perjury, among other things.  Going back a little farther, you cannot knowingly present false evidence to a judge in order to obtain a warrant for a property search, wire tap, etc.  Doing so is perjury and a felony.  As a judge once explained to us, without our system of laws and regulations, our society would be in complete chaos and we'd be no different than many third-world countries and banana republics, rife with corruption and crime and the poor, innocent and weak would be preyed upon unmercifully.  But even more important in our system of jurisprudence is the expectation that once someone is under oath and on the witness stand, they will tell the truth to the court.  Without that expectation, nothing else matters and the system breaks down completely.  Recall that is why President Bill Clinton was impeached - perjury is that serious.

So what does all that have to do with this subject?  Very simple.  As many of us have known for years and irrespective of what you have heard from the mainstream media, late-night comedians, Hollywood know-it-alls or the acerbic hags of The Spew (The View), the whole Trump-Russia collusion investigation/Mueller probe hinged on a single piece of evidence and that being the Steele Dossier (aka 'Pee Dossier') which was eventually proven to have been commissioned by and paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC.  That was the "evidence" initially used to obtain warrants to conduct surveillance on the Trump campaign and eventually launch the Mueller investigation, which, by the way, absolved Trump of any collusion with Russia, and, in fact, proved the opposite. 

Today, thanks to FOIA requests, private lawsuits, Congressional investigations, the DOJ's Inspector General (IG) report and now the DOJ's declassification of numerous documents, and the ongoing Durham Probe into Crossfire Hurricane, we now have clear and irrefutable evidence that this whole (first) impeachment exercise has been a politically-motivated sham from get-go and based on totally bogus evidence and it was well known at the time to those using that "evidence" that it was bogus, yet they still used it to obtain warrants repeatedly.  Numerous high-level FBI agents were fired or had to resign in disgrace, but none were ever punished for these egregious abuses of law enforcement powers.

Then there was the matter of the phone call to Ukraine.  This is pretty simple:  In 1998, President Clinton signed the "Treaty with Ukraine on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters."  This treaty was eventually ratified by the Senate, giving it the force of law.  Essentially, both countries agreed to cooperate with each other on legal and criminal law enforcement issue.  So, Pres. Trump clearly had the right, the obligation, to inquire about Hunter Biden's activities in the Ukraine and they had an obligation to assist the U.S. with that investigation.  Now, thanks to a Republican-led House, we have discovered all the banking records and financial malfeasance of the Bidens and their "brand."

​What's next?  At the end of March 2020, after the DOJ's IG uncovered serious problems with the FBI's FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) warrant application process for the dates in question, AG Barr tapped U.S. Attorney John Durham to conduct a further investigation and he eventually upgraded it to a criminal investigation and has empaneled a grand jury, issued numerous subpoenas, arrests have been made and Durham's investigation has conclude with the blockbuster Durham Report exposing all kinds of corruption at all levels.  And speaking of the media, as President Thomas Jefferson said roughly 200 years ago, "If you are relying upon the media for the facts, you are receiving nothing but distortion and propaganda."   Remember it has been the mainstream media who has led the American people around by the nose for over 3 years now, trying to convince us that Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election, but now that the truth has come out, Thomas Jefferson's words never rang more true.  We'll see.  It's gonna get real interesting, real fast!!!

Regarding Executive Privilege:  On the second day he was in office, January 21, 2009, the very first executive order Obama signed was Executive Order 13489 (this superseded Pres. Bush's EO 13233 and Pres. Reagan's EO 12667) which gives incumbent and former Presidents the right to assert Executive Privilege over documents, transcripts, etc.  So, President Trump has every right to assert Executive Privilege over any records from his time in office.  However, courts can overturn such assertations.  Also, this EO allowed Vice Presidents to classify and declassify documents that they produced themselves, such as notes from a sensitive meeting with intelligence or military officials, but no other documents - this is a common mistake made by the elite mainstream media idiots.

So now we have the January 6th Committee trying to use that incident as yet ANOTHER way to Article/Amendment 14 President Trump from running again.  Of the hundreds of thousands of people in attendance, only a relative handful were charged with disorderly conduct and trespassing and even fewer with more serious crimes,.....and some are still being without bail and some in solitary confinement and in deplorable conditions and in clear violation of the Constitutional rights to due process for over a year!!!  NONE were armed and it took President Trump 88 minutes to respond to the riot, not hours as Biden said in his speech.  And there is NOTHING on the records showing President Trump encouraging, supporting, etc., such actions - quite the contrary - even the left-wing hit website Snopes confirmed that.  (See 02-11-2021 entry below.)  But you won't hear any of that from the completely dishonest and biased mainstream media.  Furthermore, there are quite a few dishonest "legal analysts" in the mainstream media that contend that President Trump is ineligible to serve as president again since he incited an insurrection and the 14th Amendment and (Section 3 therein) therefore prevents him from serving.  Okay, yes, that is true IF he is convicted of such and as of this date, he has NOT.  He has been indicted on 91 different charges, NONE of which are insurrection.

There are only two legal analysts/lawyers whom you can trust to give you the straight scoop on Trump's legal issues and they are:

The official government special counsels' investigative reports that prove Trump was correct and exonerate him:

12-28-2023 - Harvard Law Prof. Alan Dershowitz (D): This Is Why Use Of 'Insurrection' Is

                     Often Wrong

09-02-2023 - Harvard Law Prof. Alan Dershowitz (D) DESTROYS Legal Arguments for

                Trump Indictments | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep 192

08-25-2023 - Hollywood Celebrities Go Wild over Trump Mugshot: ‘Lying Treasonous Child

                     Abducting Rapist Sack of S**t’<Where's all the liberal love and tolerance?? Yeah,

                right - there's no such thing!>

08-25-2023 - A Dozen Media Outlets that Fell for Fake News on Mar-a-Lago

08-21-2023 - New memos undercut Biden-Ukraine narrative Democrats sold during 2019

                        impeachment scandal

08-15-2023 - Harvard Law Prof. Alan Dershowitz (D): Georgia Indicted Trump for Doing

                     What Democrats Did for Gore in 2000

NOTE:  GA has 158 counties.  Not 1 other county, including any other Democrat DA's, joined with Fulton County DA Fani Willis (D) to indict Pres. Trump.  Think about that!

08-15-2023 - All the Trump Indictments in One Place

08-12-2023 - Trump Indicted for Claims of ‘Stolen’ Election in Georgia; Democrat Election

                     Denier Stacey Abrams Still Walks Free

08-04-2023 - VIDEO:  Trump's Lawyer Alina Habba SHUTS DOWN Liberal Media Reporters

                     One By One

08-03-2023 - Jack Smith’s Charges Against Trump Wouldn’t Hold Up At The Supreme

                     Court, Legal Experts Say

08-03-2023 - Harvard Law Prof. ALAN DERSHOWITZ (D): The Trump Indictment Fails The

                     Nixon Test

08-02-2023 - VIDEO:  Harvard Law Prof. Alan Dershowitz (D) Explains Why He Sees No

                        Smoking Gun In New DOJ Charges Against Trump

08-02-2023 - VIDEO:  Harvard Law Prof. Alan Dershowitz (D) Explains Why He Sees No

                        Smoking Gun In New DOJ Charges Against Trump

08-02-2023 - Harvard Law Prof. Alan Dershowitz (D):  I've read the indictment and here is

                        my legal analysis

​08-02-2023 - Capitol Police Chief: January 6 ‘Appears to Be a Cover-Up’

08-02-2023 - Harvard Law Prof. Alan Dershowitz (D): SCOTUS Will Overturn Trump January

                     6 Conviction

08-02-2023 - Trump’s J6 ‎Case Judge Worked at DC Law Firm During Hunter Biden’s Tenure

08-02-2023 - VIDEO:  Harvard Law Prof. Alan Dershowitz (D) - I've read the indictment and

                        here is my legal analysis

08-01-2023 - VIDEO:  Georgetown Law Prof. Jonathan Turley reacts to Trump's latest 4-

                        count indictment

​08-01-2023 - WATCH:  George Washington Univ. Law Prof. Jonathan Turley reacts to

                        Trump's latest 4-count indictment

08-01-2023 - Trump J6 Case Assigned to Obama-Appointed Judge, Obama Donor <Everyone

                knows "the fix" is in!>

08-01-2023 - George Washington Univ. Law Prof. Jonathan Turley: 'Disinformation

                     Indictment' Is Charging Trump for Free Speech

08-01-2023 - Judge rules Trump protected by presidential immunity for claims doubting

                     election while in office

08-01-2023 - 'Total Clown Show': CNN Buries Devon Archer, Hunter Biden Revelations

06-26-2023 - Harvard Law Prof. Alan Dershowitz (D): With new evidence, Congress

                     unmasks a multi-year government plot to protect Biden, sully Trump

​06-09-2023 - Trump indictment reignites concerns of disparate DOJ treatment of Biden,


05-22-2023 - ANALYSIS: The Biggest Revelation From the Durham Report

05-18-2023 - 2024: 7 Years Later, Durham Report Makes Russia Hoax a Scandal

                     for Biden After Trump Exonerated Trump: ‘This Should Never Be Allowed to


05-15-2023 - Durham report slams FBI’s Trump-Russia probe (Crossfire Hurricane)

                        FULL Durham report here.

05-10-2023 - Biden campaign exploited former intel officials to discredit Hunter Biden

                     laptop allegations

03-25-2023 - Harvard Law Prof. Alan Dershowitz (D): The Left Will 'Stretch the

                     Constitution, Destroy the Constitution to Prevent Trump from Running for


03-19-2023 - Harvard Prof. Alan Dershowitz (D): Trump Indictment Would be 'Targeted


03-12-2023 - ‘Democratic Party Icon’ Naomi Wolf Apologizes to Conservatives After

                      Release of January 6 Footage

03-11-2023 - Proud Boys J6 Sedition Trial Halted After Leaked Chat Logs Show FBI Agent

                     Said Her Boss Ordered Her To "Destroy Evidence"

03-11-2023 - Leaked chat PROVES FBI helped orchestrate J6

​01-11-2023 - Harvard Law Prof. Alan Dershowitz (D): says Biden keeping classified

                        documents nullifies any argument to prosecute Trump

09-19-2022 - Whistleblower Alleges FBI Schemed to Distort January 6 Cases into

                     Nationwide ‘Domestic Violent Extremism’ Epidemic

08-25-2022 - Mark Zuckerberg: FBI Warned Facebook of 'Russian Propaganda Dump'

                     Ahead of Hunter Biden Laptop Story

08-24-2022 - Trump Vindicated as Biden DOJ Releases Mueller Memo on Not Prosecuting

​                     Trump

08-23-2022 - ​Harvard Law Prof. Alan Dershowitz (D): calls Biden waiving Trump's

                     executive privilege unconstitutional

08-22-2022 - Harvard Law Prof. Alan Dershowitz (D): FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago was 'improper'

08-21-2022 - ​Harvard Law Prof. Alan Dershowitz (D): 'I Voted Against Trump Twice,' but

                     Mar-a-Lago 'Was an Improper Search'

08-08-2022 - Harvard Law Prof. Alan Dershowitz (D): Rips FBI Raid on Trump, Raises Legal

                     Questions About How It Was Conducted

08-08-2022 - FBI raid on Trump compound stands in stark contrast to Clinton treatment

                        years earlier

06-28-2022 - Another January 6th Committee Trump 'Bombshell' Outed as a Hoax -

                     Cassidy Hutchinson Testimony FALSE!

05-20-2022 - Vindicated!  Hillary Approved Russia Collusion Hoax, Former Campaign

                     Manager Robbie Mook Testifies

03-30-2022 - Clinton campaign, DNC fined by FEC for lying about Steele dossier payments

03-23-2023 - Harvard Law Prof. Alan Dershowitz (D): NY DA Alvin Bragg Created 'a Crime

                     that Doesn't Exist' to 'Get the Perp Walk' of Trump

02-19-2022 - Vindicated! State Dept. email showing $7 million bribe was withheld from

                     Trump’s impeachment defense team

02-15-2022 - Special Counsel U.S. Attorney John Durham: Clinton campaign hired techs to

                     'mine' data about Trump servers to fuel collusion suspicions

02-15-2022 - Durham's Clinton Spying Revelations 'a Massive, Massive Scandal'

02-14-2022 - NewsBusters: Sunday Shows Ignored Durham Allegations of Spying on


02-12-2022 - Special Counsel U.S. Attorney John Durham Filing Suggests Clinton

                     Operatives Spied on Trump in 2016 and in White House

02-05-2022 - Did Trump order the National Guard be deployed Jan 6? Here’s the full story

                     neither side is telling.

01-24-2022 - Harvard Law Prof. Alan Dershowitz (D):  January 6 Committee 'Reminds Me'

                     of 'McCarthyism'

01-12-2022 - VIDEO: Exposing the Media’s Big Lie About Elections

01-11-2022 - Journalists EXPLOIT January 6 to Push Dems ‘Voting Rights’ Agenda

​​01-11-2022 - VIDEO:  Julie Kelly Senior Writer at American Greatness on the Committee

                         Investigating the January 6 - She Asks All the Questions the Committee


01-07-2022 - Fact Check: Biden Rewrites History, Tells Lie About President Trump During


01-06-2022 - Trump Hits Back at Biden Jan. 6 Comments: “Just a Distraction for Fact Biden

                     has Completely and Totally Failed”​

01-06-2021 - VIDEO:  Bill O'Reilly Fact Checks Biden's Jan 6 Speech

01-06-2022 - National Guard, Federal Protective Services Deployed Amid Chaos at U.S.


01-06-2022 - Report: Democrats Seek to Disqualify Trump from 2024 Campaign amid


01-04-2022 - Jan. 6 - BLM Riots Comparison <Biden & Harris are FULL OF IT!!>

11-18-2021 - Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) And The End Of Shame In American Politics

11-12-2021 - The Washington Post corrects, removes parts of two stories regarding the

                     Steele Dossier <FINALLY, after YEARS of lying to the American people about it!>

11-08-2021 - VIDEO:  Durham Probe Targets Obama & Hillary! Crimes Against Children,

                     2.5B Tax Fraud + 650,000 More Emails!

11-08-2021 - Hats off to Durham': Trump praises indictments brought by special

                     prosecutor that will 'only get deeper' into the Russia probe and 'all point

                     back to the Democrats, Hillary and dirty lawyers'

11-07-2021 - Bill O'Reilly's Weekly Column:  Corruption (in the media)

11-05-2021 - Russian source behind dodgy Steele dossier leaves court after being charged

                     by Special Counsel John Durham with lying to FBI agents about contact with

                     Clinton former aide and crony Charles H. Dolan Jr. 

11-05-2021 - Arrest Of Steele Dossier Source A "Seismic Development"

11-04-2021 - Arrest illustrates how Steele dossier was political dirty trick by Hillary Clinton

09-20-2021 - Obama Executive Order & Jan 6 Investigation - Executive Privilege and the

                        January 6 Investigations: The Presidential Records Act and Relevant Judicial


09-01-2021 - The January 6th Insurrection Hoax - Hillsdale College Imprimus

08-10-2021 - Appellate Court Overturns Pre-Trial Detention for Jan. 6th Riot Detainees

08-09-2021 - Pelosi’s Contemptible Fraud

06-21-2021 - Dems and Dishonest Media Attempt To Label Every Trump Supporter Who

                     Attended Jan 6th Rally A “Terrorist,” While NYC Dismisses Almost Every Case

                     Against 2020 Looters and Violent BLM/Antifa Rioters

06-21-2021 - What If the Media Had Told the Truth?…5 Mainstream Media Lies for Which

                     Trump Has Been Vindicated, and the Damage They Caused

04-19-2021 - Chinese labs and Russian bounties: Biden admin gives partial vindication to

                     Trump theories

04-16-2021 - VIDEO:  FLASHBACK: Media and Dems Parroted Discredited Russia Bounty


02-28-2021 - President Trump: Capitol Officials Controlled by Pelosi Rejected My

                        Recommendation of 10,000 National Guard for January 6 Because of Optics

02-18-2021 - Backlash: Six of seven GOP Senators voting to convict Trump have been

                     rebuked in home states

02-16-2021 - THE SMOKING GUN: New Emails Show Comey Knew FBI Was Unable to

                     ‘Corroborate’ Steele Dossier

02-16-2021 - Trump Lawyer Believed 'Very Fine People' Hoax Until Trial Prep<Brainwashed

                by the very skillful liberal media.>

02-13-2021 - WATCH: Trump impeachment defense lawyer Michael van der Veen delivers

                     closing argument and crushes Democrat arguments with facts and law

02-12-2021 - WATCH: Trump defense uses video of Democrats’ rhetoric in impeachment

                     trial and exposes their willful and unlawful manipulation of the actual


02-12-2021 - Trump’s lawyer plays a video of Democrats and celebrities advocating

              violence at impeachment trial<11 minutes of  unhinged rantings!! Shocking!!>

02-12-2021 - VIDEO:  Trump Lawyers Present Video Evidence of Numerous Democrats

                     Condoning Violence

02-12-2021 - Trump Attorneys OBLITERATE Democrat's Phony Impeachment Scam...Play

                     Powerful Video Showing Attack On Capitol Was NOT Spontaneous Event

                     Spurred By Trump Speech

02-11-2021 - A minute-by-minute timeline of Trump's day as the Capitol siege unfolded

                     on Jan. 6<See Tweets at 2:38pm and later. Yep, that's what I call really inciting


02-10-2021 - Democrats edit impeachment video to conveniently exclude Trump's call to

                     protest ‘peacefully'  <Well of course they did!>

02-07-2021 - CNN's "State Of The Union" Anchor Says Trump Supporters Need To Be 'Held

                     Accountable'...Ignores BLM-ANTIFA Rioters Chanting "Burn It Down" In DC

02-07-2021 - Time Magazine Gloats: "Shadow Conspiracy" Included 400 Planned

                     Demonstrations To Destroy Trump Victory...Admits Conservatives Not Really

                     A Threat

02-07-2021 - Here's The List: 250 Publishing Professionals Pen Letter To Ban Trump

                     Admin, Staff From Ever Publishing Anything

02-06-2021 - Stop The Steal: Proof President Trump Didn’t Incite Capitol Riot

​02-06-2021 - Harvard Law Prof. Alan Dershowitz (D): Trump Impeachment 'Political

                        Theater' -- 'It's Just Showboating

02-06-2021 - Senator Rand Paul (R-KY): Claim Trump Incited Capitol Riot is “Big Lie”

01-31-2021 - The Speech As Incitement Case Against Trump Continues to Crumble

01-25-2021 - Reports: Chief Justice John Roberts Will Not Preside At Upcoming Trump

                     Senate Trial <Maybe it's because he knows IT'S A COMPLETE SHAM!!>

01-22-2021 - Liberal Harvard Law Professor and Noted Constitutional Expert Alan

                     Dershowitz: Trump Impeachment Trial 'Political Theater'

01-10-2021 - FBI's spreadsheet puts a stake through the heart of Steele's dossier

12-07-2020 - An Interim Report From Special Counsel Durham Will Cause Heartburn

                     for Biden DOJ and the Senate

11-27-2020 - Carter Page sues FBI, DOJ, and individuals behind FISA abuse

09-23-2020 - Explosive Report on Biden Family Corruption Syndicate

09-23-2020 - BREAKING: Hunter Biden Received Millions From Wife Of Ex-Moscow Mayor,

                     Paid Suspects Allegedly Tied To Trafficking, Had Contacts With Individuals

                     Linked To Chinese Military, Senate Report Discovers

09-23-2020 - Kerry Lied About Not Knowing Of Hunter Biden's Business In Ukraine

09-17-2020 - Senate Committee Prepped To Subpoena Dozens Of Obama Admin Officials

                     In Probe Of ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ Roots

09-17-2020 - Leaked Call Reveals Biden Risked National Security To Sabotage Trump

09-17-2020 - Biden Post-Election Ukraine Phone Call Leaked: Undermined Incoming Trump

                     Administration, Vowed To Keep Backchannel Open

09-01-2020 - Judicial Watch: State Dept Records Show US Embassy in Ukraine Monitored

                     Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Donald Trump Jr., Rudy Giuliani, Journalists

                     and other U.S. Citizens in Potential Violation of Federal Law

08-31-2020 - D.C. Circuit Court Denies Flynn's Appeal to Drop Case

08-31-2020 - GET READY: More Obama Spygate Docs Will Be Declassified Soon, Says DNI

                     John Ratcliffe

08-31-2020 - Full D.C. Circuit Blocks Michael Flynn, DOJ Effort to Drop Charges

​08-28-2020 - Judicial Watch: New Strzok-Page Emails Show FBI Investigated President

                     Trump’s Tweets Critical of Obama and FBI

08-28-2020 - FBI Investigated President Trump’s Tweets Critical of Obama and FBI

08-26-2020 - Elise Stefanik: Democrats' Impeachment Sham ‘Was an Attack on You’

08-24-2020 - WATCH: Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) shares newly declassified FBI docs

                     showing ‘clear’ bias toward Trump… So where’s the subpoena avalanche?

​08-18-2020 - Senate Intelligence report finds no Russia collusion, FBI handling of probe


08-14-2020 - Durham probe: Ex-FBI lawyer Clinesmith to plead guilty in first criminal case

                     arising from review, manipulation/altering of documents

08-09-2020 - Graham Releases Document Showing FBI Misled the Senate on Steele Dossier

08-05-2020 - Fmr Deputy AG Sally Yates Testifies: Comey Went ‘Rogue’ In Launching

                     Perjury Trap On Flynn

08-05-2020 - 3 Things To Know About The Steele Dossier’s Primary Sub-Source

08-05-2020 - Fmr Acting AG Sally Yates’ Partisanship On Full Display In Russiagate

                     Judiciary Committee Hearing

08-02-2020 - Book: FBI Brass Took ‘Extraordinary’ Steps To Hide Russia Investigation Docs

                     From Trump

07-29-2020 - Judicial Watch: FBI Capitulates on Fired FBI Agent Andrew McCabe's Text

                     Messages After Adverse Federal Court Ruling

07-27-2020 - Primary Source for Steele's 'Pee Dossier' Lived in U.S., Not Russia

07-27-2020 - Obama-Biden operatives had 'shocking' financial ties to Russia

​07-21-2020 - Declassified notes by fired FBI agent Peter Strzok refute Russian collusion

                     claim in 2017 New York Times report

07-21-2020 - Hiding the Truth: Networks Skip Strzok Notes Admitting No Russia


07-18-2020 - Newly Declassified ‘Operation Crossfire Hurricane’ Files Released By Sen.


07-17-2020 - Newly-Released Documents Further Expose FBI Malfeasance In Russia

                     Collusion Investigation

07-17-2020 - The New Peter Strzok Notes Just Made the NYT Look Like Bigger Idiots Over

                      Their Trump-Russia Collusion Peddling

07-17-2020 - Fired FBI Agent Peter Strzok: FBI Crossfire Hurricane watching Trump the day

                     he took oath of office

07-17-2020 - Declassified Docs Reveal FBI Agents Didn't Believe Russia Trump Conspiracy.

                     When Will AG Barr Deliver Justice For The Nation?

07-17-2020 - Ex-Acting DNI Grenell Says New Docs On? Trump Dossier Rip Its Credibility

                     Even Further

07-12-2020 - Report: Chilling Long-Lost FBI Docs Accurately Predicted the Left’s Plot to

                     Destroy America

07-11-2020 - Court Implicates Hillary Clinton In Plot To Sabotage Trump Campaign, Rules

                     That It Was Her Who Paid For Steele’s Sham Dossier…Used Lies During Third


07-13-2020 - Liberal Lawyer Jonathan Turley Shreds CNN Legal Analyst’s Take on Roger

                     Stone’s Commutation in Less Than Five Paragraphs

07-09-2020 - Judicial Watch Files Lawsuit With State Dept. Over Russia Probe

07-08-2020 - British court rules against Christopher Steele, orders damages paid to

                     businessmen named in dossier

07-03-2020 - FBI Notes About Joe Biden Contradict Susan Rice 'By the Book' Claim on

                     Russia Hoax

06-28-2020 - Flynn Case: Appellate Court Gives Judge Sullivan a Tutorial on the Law and


06-24-2020 - Explosive New FBI Notes Confirm Obama Directed Anti-Flynn Operation

06-11-2020 - Declassified Document: Intel Community Knew Steele Dossier Was

              Unreliable by 2017

06-01-2020 - Flynn Transcripts Confirm Mueller Team Lied To The Court And Country

05-27-2020 - FBI opened Russia probe on third-hand 'suggestion' of

                     collusion, declassified memo shows

05-19-2020 - Judicial Watch: Newly Declassified Susan Rice Email Shows Flynn Was

                     Targeted In Obama Oval Office Meeting With Comey

05-12-2020 - Hillary’s Law Firm that Paid for Dossier Also Recruited CrowdStrike to Probe

                     DNC Hack, Her Servers Never Examined by FBI

05-12-2020 - DNI Grenell Docs Reveal Who Unmasked Flynn, Durham Investigating,

                     Brennan Allegedly Suppressed Russian Intel Evidence

05-11-2020 - John Podesta, Hillary's Campaign Chairman, Says She Knew About Trump

                     Oppo Research That Ended Up in Steele Dossier

05-11-2020 - List Of Obama Officials Involved In Unmasking Declassified, Expected To Be

                     Public Soon

04-30-2020 - Poll: 53% of American Voters Still Believe Fake News that Steele

                      'Pee' Dossier Was Accurate

04-27-2020 - Top Experts Analyze Inspector General Report Finding Problems in FBI


04-17-2020 - Newly Declassified FISA Footnotes Expose Major Lies in Dems' Rebuttal to

                     GOP FISA Memo

04-16-2020 - Russian Disinformation in Steele Dossier Fueled Collusion Probe

04-12-2020 - Anticipation Over U.S. Attorney John Durham's Investigation Builds

04-11-2020 - While you were focused on the pandemic, it was revealed the FBI knew the

                     Steele Dossier against Trump contained Russian disinformation

04-10-2020 - Russian Disinformation Fed the FBI’s Trump Investigation

01-15-2020 - Email: Former FBI Director James Comey Tried to Hide Fact that

                     'Pee' Dossier Wasn't Corroborated

01-02-2020 - U.K. Spy Steele Claims John McCain Aide Leaked 'Pee' Dossier to BuzzFeed

12-28-2019 - Donald Trump: John McCain 'Not Very Nice' for Spreading Russia Dossier

12-26-2019 - IG Report Reveals Steele Funneled Claims Through John McCain After FBI

                     Dropped Him

12-13-2019 - Watch Media Lie About Steele Dossier Being 'Corroborated'

12-05-2019 - Fusion GPS Confirms Steele Passed Anti-Trump Material to FBI from ‘Creepy’

                     Clintonista Cody Shearer

11-21-2019 - Fiona Hill, former National Security Council Official, Worked with Christopher

                     Steele, Author of Russia ‘Dossier’

09-08-2019 - Evidence Suggests Steele Dossier Played Role in Launching Trump


08-14-2019 - FBI Memo: Obama State Dept. In Communication with 'Pee' Dossier Producer

                     Fusion GPS

07-24-2019 - Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) Grills Robert Mueller on Why He Ignored

                     Steele Dossier's Origins

07-24-2019 - Mueller Refuses to Say Whether or Not He Read the Steele Dossier

​06-12-2019 - Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch: Obama State Department Was "All Hands On

                     Deck" For Targeting Trump With Steele Dossier

​05-16-2019 - Ex-top FBI lawyer James Baker’s admissions on the Steele dossier and Comey

                      so DAMNING

04-19-2019 - MEDIA WRONG: Top 10 things the media got wrong about ‘collusion’

                and ‘obstruction’

03-20-2019 - As Russia collusion fades, Ukrainian plot to help Clinton emerges

03-03-2019 - Schiff: There Is “Direct Evidence” of Trump Collusion With Russia<Yeah, and

                here it is Feb. 2021 and we're STILL waiting for him to produce all that evidence....>

​02-20-2019 - FBI's top lawyer believed Hillary Clinton should face charges, but was talked

                     out of it

02-10-2019 - The case for Russia collusion ... against the Democrats

02-06-2019 - Mueller hauled before secret FISA court to address FBI abuses in 2002,

                     Congress told

01-28-2019 - MEDIA WRONG:  ​Beyond BuzzFeed: The 10 Worst, Most

                Embarrassing U.S. Media Failures on the Trump-Russia Story

12-05-2018 - FBI email chain may provide most damning evidence of FISA abuses yet

05-26-2018 - 7 Ways Spy-in-Chief Barack Obama Spied on Donald Trump

02-09-2018 - Former Obama official confirms Steele dossier was given to State

Trump Impeachments/Crimes

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