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​​​​​Okay, here's the bottom line, folks:  Since 2019, China has not only added hundreds of coal-fired plants in their country and continue to add an average of 2 per week,  with more on the way, they have also helped other countries build over 300 plants in their countries, as well.  China's annual output of carbon dioxide eclipses that of all other nations COMBINED!!!   Nothing, NOTHING all of these countries do to offset their own emissions by implementing "green technologies" will to ANYTHING to affect the climate as long as China continues to build out their coal-fired infrastructure and even though they have promised to be net-zero emissions by 2060, well, if you believe that, then I have some real estate to sell you in Brooklyn!!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​World’s Worst Polluter China Leads Global Stampede for Coal 4/6/2023


WATCH Michael Moore's latest movie debunking the environmental movement before the overlords at Google/YouTube take it down for being very politically incorrect:

President's Daily Brief with Bryan Dean Wright (former CIA Officer) Special Exposé Reports on Green Energy Sources, Child Labor, True Environmental Costs, etc.

               Left Out 11-22-2022

and the confirmation:

                                  Crashing the Grid

                                 Petrol Models

                   Environment in Indonesia

                  Boom Is Ravaging the Environment

              ​          Explained

                     Conference 2021

                     Environmental Policies Hurt The Environment


                        Viable - We Haven't Been Getting the Complete Story, 7-20-2022


                     Pizza Oven: Steve Forbes, 7-9-2023

THE TRUTH ABOUT GAS PRICES (from the Tip of the Day page)

July 6, 2022

Not one single source paints the full picture, but I've cobbled together a few videos and podcasts that about cover all the aspects. 

More here.



Climate Change Dispatch

Climate Change Lies Facebook page

Climate Depot

Climate Realism

Cold Climate Change

​Energy and Climate Policy—An Evaluation of Global Climate Change Expenditure 2011–2018
Global Climate Scam

Global Energy Monitor - Guide to the World's Energy Systems
Global Warming Lies

Just Facts Global Warming page

Real Climate Science
Real Science with Steven Goddard

​Technocracy's Climate Change page

Thunderbolts Project

Watts Up with That? 


Note:  Be sure to search the Economy/Economics page for stories on ESG.

01-07-2024 - Electric Vehicle Sales Slump to Just a Quarter of New Purchases

12-31-2023 - 9 Times Electric Vehicles Caught Fire in 2023

12-29-2023 - India Scoffs at Coal ‘Transition’: ‘Not Happening in Foreseeable Future’

09-08-2023 - Green Fail: UK Government Offshore Wind Farm Auction Attracts Zero Bids

08-31-2023 - China’s Coal Power Binge Accelerates: over 300 More Plants on the Way

08-29-2023 - More than 1,600 scientists, including two Nobel laureates, declare

              climate 'emergency' a myth

08-25-2023 - Study Shows Paper Straws More Harmful to Planet than Plastic

08-25-2023 - Next China: EV Graveyard

08-25-2023 - Reporters Discover China’s Massive Electric Vehicle Graveyards

08-23-2023 - Maui Fire Is What Happens When You Elect Democrat Nature Worshippers

08-22-2023 - Liberal London Mayor Sadiq Khan Pressured Scientists to Support Anti-Car

                     Scheme as Study Showed Minimal Impact on Pollution: Report

08-20-2023 - US Department of Commerce slaps tariffs on solar companies for dodging

                     China duties

08-18-2023 - 'Barren’ Disney Theme Parks Blamed on Climate Change <Hmmm, I don't

                suppose it may be because you charge way too damn much or that the good people of

                America don't want to expose their children to all your woke PC bullshit!!!>

08-18-2023 - Ford CEO Admits Charging EV During Road Trip 'Pretty Challenging'

08-14-2023 - Widely relied-on estimate of plastic dumped yearly in oceans off by

                        "magnitudes", new study says

08-05-2023 - Green Insanity: 16 Million Trees Cut Down to Install Windmills

07-29-2023 - ‘Man-Made’ Climate Change: Majority of Greek Wildfires Result of Arson,

                     Minister Admits

07-26-2023 - WATCH:  Climate Myths DEBUNKED: The Real Reason Elites Want You

                        Terrified of Global Warming | Ep 291

07-23-2023 - Hide Your Gas Stove, Hide Your Water Heater: Biden Administration Sets

                     New Efficiency Standards

07-19-2023 - Report: John Kerry Admits China Climate Trip Is a Failure

07-16-2023 - John Kerry Flies to China for (Another) Meeting with World's Biggest Polluter

07-10-2023 - JF'nK (John Forbes Kerry): Fiduciary Responsibility of Money Managers ‘Not

                     to Lose’ Money Is Hurting Climate Transition Investment

07-10-2023 - ’Lunch Bucket Joe’ No More United Auto Workers Call Out Biden’s Green

                     Agenda for Cutting Wages Showering Automakers With $$$ Billions

07-09-2023 - VIDEO:  Why John Kerry's Plane Is Way Worse For The Environment Than Any

                        NYC Pizza Oven: Steve Forbes

07-06-2023 - SDG&E Completes Large Energy Storage Facilities in Fallbrook and Imperial


06-29-2023 - American Auto Workers Withhold Support from Biden for ‘Funding Race to

                     bottom’ with Electric Vehicles

06-28-2023 - Study: Heavy Electric Vehicles Cause TWICE as Many Potholes as Petrol


06-28-2023 - House GOP condemns Biden sending $28M to UN Green Climate Fund

                     linked to China

06-27-2023 - Lawmakers Eyeball Ways To Tax American Drivers Joining A Global Push To

                     Disguise Authoritarian Control As An Environmental Concern

06-26-2023 - Critics rail against NYC crackdown on coal, wood-fired ovens: 'Don't mess

                     with a New Yorker's Pizza or Bagels'

06-03-2023 - New Study: Antarctic Ice Shelf Area Has Grown By 5305 Km2 From 2009-


05-31-2023 - ANALYSIS: China Hoodwinking the World via Technologically Advanced

                     Coal Mines

05-16-2023 - Poll finds New Yorkers divided over gas stove ban

​​05-10-2023 - Biden Cracks Down on Gas Stoves and is coming for your dishwashers,

                     furnaces and light bulbs

05-06-2023 - New York Gas Stove Ban – Beginning of the End or End of the Beginning?

05-03-2023 - New York becomes first state to ban gas stoves and fossil fuels in new

                     buildings to fight climate change <Another good reason to get out of that s---hole


05-02-2023 - Biden Administration Making Air Conditioning More Costly in the Name of

                     Climate Change

04-06-2023 - World’s Worst Polluter China Leads Global Stampede for Coal

04-03-2023 - China started a new coal-fired power plant every 3 ½ days in 2022, while

                        America closed 4.

03-24-2023 - New York Lawmakers Inch Closer to Banning Gas Stoves

03-23-2023 - Ford To Lose $3 Billion Making Electric Cars, But F Stock Rises 

03-17-2023 - Experts Tell Congress 'Green' Wind Turbines in Atlantic May Impair Ship

                     Radar, Threatening National Security

03-15-2023 - Fact-Checkers Busted Again -- Biden Seeks to Eliminate 96% of Gas Stoves

03-09-2023 - Renewables Aren’t Renewable

03-02-2023 - China is building six times more new coal plants than other countries,

                     report finds

02-27-2023 - China permits two new coal power plants per week in 2022

02-09-2023 - Green Push is Making Global Power Supply More Vulnerable to Weather

01-16-2023 - Meet the Green Energy Group Behind the Study That's Driving Calls To Ban

                     Gas Stoves

​​01-14-2023 - The Feds Are Coming for Your Gas Stove - Here’s How to Fight Back

01-14-2023 - Common Sense Debunks the Left’s Gas Stove Hysteria

​01-11-2023 - Biden's Weighing Forcing Electric Stoves when Electricity Prices Are


01-11-2023 - White House, consumer safety commission push back against rumors of

                     federal ban on gas stoves

01-10-2023 - Report: Biden Officials Considering Banning Gas Stoves in U.S.

01-10-2023 - Biden admin moves to ban gas stoves, citing clean energy policy, switch will

                     cost U.S. households

12-20-2022 - Eco Group Saw Major Funding Increase from Left-Wing Dark Money Network

11-29-2022 - Report: China’s Electric Vehicle Industry Destroying the Environment in


11-28-2022 - The Dirty Road to Clean Energy: How China’s Electric Vehicle Boom Is

                     Ravaging the Environment

10-27-2022 - FLASHBACK 8-6-2017:  Child miners aged four living a hell on Earth so YOU

                     can drive an electric car: Awful human cost in squalid Congo cobalt mine

                     that Michael Gove didn’t consider in his ‘clean’ energy crusade

10-26-2022 - Humanity ‘nowhere near’ goals to reduce emissions that cause Earth to

                     warm, UN says

10-26-2022 - Wind farm in Germany is being dismantled to expand coal mine

10-09-2022 - US government includes Li-ion batteries in list of goods produced by child


09-30-2022 - U.S. Dept. of Labor 2022 List of Goods Produced by Child Labor or Forced

                     Labor (PDF Report)      (DOL website w/historical data)

09-22-2022 - Bill Gates: You’ll never solve climate change by asking people to consume


09-21-2022 - China Has Built 14 Overseas Coal Plants Since Vowing No New Ones

07-25-2022 - John Kerry's Inflation Remarks Explains Why He Never Became President

06-24-2022 - The Problem with Off-Shore Wind Farms, Installation Challenges, The Jones

                     Act, American Solar Panel Tech Stolen by China - Bryan Dean Wright, The

                     President's Daily Brief podcast

03-15-2022 - Cobalt poses human rights test for Biden on clean energy

03-10-2022 - VIDEO:  Joe Biden's Gas Problem

03-09-2022 - Yes, Biden Is To Blame For The Energy Crisis. Here’s Why.

02-24-2022 - Bette Midler as Russia Invades Ukraine: 'Biggest Story in the World Is

                     Climate Change'<You can't fix stupid!>

02-24-2022 - Kerry: 'I Hope President Putin Will Help Us to Stay on Track' with 'What We

                     Need to Do for the Climate' <Won't this elite maroon EVER go away??!!>

02-07-2022 - Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) Spent More Than $500K On Private Jets, Has Claimed

                     ‘We Have Moral Obligation’ To Reduce Emissions

12-13-2021 - Green Energy Push Is Contributing To Forced Labor, Slavery

11-01-2021 - WATCH: Biden Admits 'Irony' of Asking OPEC for Oil While Pushing Climate

                     Change Policies

10-18-2021 - While Western Nations Kill Energy, China Builds Coal Plants By The Dozen

10-13-2021 - Biden Administration Plans Wind Farms Along Nearly the Entire U.S.


10-13-2021 - ​New wind farms would dot US coastlines under Biden plan

10-12-2021 - China plans to build new coal-fired plants after blackouts last week in a

                        move set to cause alarm ahead of the COP26 summit in Glasgow

​09-26-2021 - Here’s The List Of 317 Wind Energy Rejections The Sierra Club Doesn’t Want

                        You To See

08-24-2021 - China To Build 43 New Coal-Fired Power Plants

08-12-2021 - U.S. Held Hostage by OPEC Because of Joe Biden's Policies

08-11-2021 - White House Blames OPEC for Energy Prices Joe Biden Made Higher

06-20-2021 - Trump was RIGHT AGAIN: California Will Spend $500M to Thin Forests to

                      Help Prevent Wildfires <Forget Trump, what have conservatives been saying for

                 the past 20 years??!!!!>

04-23-2021 - Report: Gavin Newsom to Phase Out Fracking in California<Bye, bye more


04-22-2021 - Photos: Pete Buttigieg Arrives at Electric Vehicles Event in Pair of Gas-

                     Guzzling SUVs <Clown cars for thee, but not for me, peasants!!!>

04-14-2021 - Scientific American Colludes with Other Major Media to Normalize ‘Climate

                     Emergency’ Terminology

02-24-2021 - Not a myth: State of the Polar Bear Report shows 2020 was another good

                        year for polar bears <What??  How can this be??  Alfalfa Gore told us....>

02-19-2021 - Earth Cooling Dramatically

02-18-2021 - Wind turbines played significant role in historic Texas power failures, data


02-16-2021 - Massive Texas Blackouts, State of Emergency Triggered By Failed Green

                     Energy Wind Turbines...Can't Handle Winter Weather

02-06-2021 - Increasing Antarctic Sea Ice

02-05-2021 - Oopsie: Earth Heats Up Due To Clean Air During Economic Lockdown

01-28-2021 - Biden Opens New Fronts In His War On U.S. Oil And Gas

01-20-2021 - Biden to Sign Multiple Climate Change Orders, Reversing Trump Policies

01-06-2021 - Very Inconvenient Alps Glacier History…Top Glaciologists: Alps Were Ice-

                     Free 6000 Years Ago

12-05-2020 - Fact Check: Hurricanes Are Not Strengthened by Our CO2 Emissions

​11-10-2020 - Biden Likely Would Issue Orders on Climate, Abortion, Immigration

10-16-2020 - STUDY: Energy and Climate Policy—An Evaluation of Global Climate

              Change Expenditure 2011–2018(The 2 articles below summarize this study.)

10-14-2020 - ‘Clean Energy’ Is Dirtier, More Expensive And Destructive Of The


10-08-2020 - Surprising science — There’s no such thing as clean energy

09-23-2020 - NYC ‘Climate Clock’ Highlights Decades Of Premature Global Warming


09-23-2020 - As Wildfires Rage, Gov. Newsom (D-CA) Sues Feds For Clearing Out Forests

09-23-2020 - ‘Wildfires Are Greenie Fires’: How To Counter Climate Extremists

09-23-2020 - Bad Policies Fuel Forest Fires

09-22-2020 - New York 'Climate Clock' highlights decades of premature prophecies of

                     global warming doomsday

09-22-2020 - The Secretive Funding Behind The Global Warming Movement

09-22-2020 - How German Schools Are Becoming Climate-Indoctrination Farms

09-22-2020 - The Electric Car Hype Machine Is Just That: Hype

09-22-2020 - As Crops Set Records, WaPo Claims Climate Change Is Killing The Farm Belt

09-21-2020 - NPR Claims $500 Billion In Climate-Change Damage, Despite No Link

09-21-2020 - ‘Climate Arson’ And Other Wildfire Propaganda

09-21-2020 - U.S. Forest Fires Aren’t At Historic Highs—Not Even Close

09-21-2020 - WATCH: Green Revolution Hurting Environment Far More Than Helping

09-18-2020 - The Facts About Climate Change and California Fires

09-18-2020 - Solar Panels Generate Mountains Of Toxic Waste—And Heat The Earth

09-18-2020 - Bjorn Lomborg: CA Fires Caused By Century Of Suppressing Controlled


09-18-2020 - Why California Doesn’t Need To Burn

​09-18-2020 - CA Wildfires Burned Enough Carbon To Power About 23 Coal Plants For A


09-18-2020 - New Report: Official US Climate Data Reveals No Cause For Alarm

09-17-2020 - Facebook Climate Center Admits It Hasn’t Warmed Enough To Affect


09-16-2020 - Western Wildfires Are Due to Arson and Stupidity, Not Climate Change

09-14-2020 - Countering the Left’s Climate Power Grab With Facts

09-14-2020 - Junk Science Founder: Biden Climate Speech One Big Falsehood

09-09-2020 - Pennsylvania Lawmakers Resist Governor’s Actions on Climate Change

08-31-2020 - Fact Check: Joe Biden Claims 'I Am Not Banning Fracking'

08-22-2020 - Climate Change Alarmist Harrison Ford Flies Son to College on Private Jet

08-12-2020 - States That Switched To Green Energy Have Higher Costs, Little Growth

08-10-2020 - Media Blame Isaias On Climate Change – As Hurricane Numbers Decline

08-09-2020 - ‘Apocalypse Never’ Book Takes Direct Aim at Consensus Climate Alarmism

08-05-2020 - Why Progressive Activists Want to Silence the Truth About Climate Change

​07-31-2020 - New Climate Summary: Heatwaves Are LESS Frequent and Severe

07-25-2020 - Climate Alarmists Predict Polar Bear Extinction by End of Century. Again.

07-17-2020 - Joe Biden vows to completely outlaw new production of gas-powered cars if

                     elected <Apparently he hasn't seen Michael Moore's new movie.>

07-14-2020 - Joe Biden Pledges 'Civilian Climate Corps' to Fight Climate Change <Oh boy,

                here come the Trash Police,.... but at least they won't be armed!>

07-14-2020 - Biden Proposes New DOJ Climate Justice Division to Fight Pollution

07-14-2020 - Biden Embraces Inner Socialist As He Unveils $2 Trillion 'Climate Agenda'

07-14-2020 - Biden Unveils $2 Trillion Plan to Address ‘Climate Justice’

07-12-2020 - If 2020 Is the Warmest Year … So What?

07-07-2020 - Clinton/Obama Official, Tom Steyer to Advise Biden on Climate Change

06-29-2020 - Prominent climate activist Michael Shellenberger officially recants: ‘On

              Behalf Of Environmentalists, I Apologize For The Climate Scare’

06-30-2020 - Forbes Cancels Environmentalist Who Wrote 'I Apologize for

                     the Climate Scare'

06-27-2020 - A Winning Trifecta for Climate Science and Rationality

06-11-2020 - An Inconvenient Truth: Tornado Numbers Expose Al Gore’s Lies

05-06-2020 - Study: Antarctic Amery Ice Shelf Grew Considerably Over Last 20 Years

05-04-2020 - Rev. Jesse Jackson Stands up for Natural Gas Development in Struggling


05-01-2020 - Why Eco-Warriors’ Bid to Ban Natural Gas Appliances Is Wrongheaded

04-30-2020 - Meet the New Flack for Oil and Gas: Michael Moore​

04-24-2020 - Alarmists: Climate Change Will Turn Earth into ‘a Giant, Raging Fire Ball’

04-22-2020 - Al(falfa) Gore Suggests Banning Gas-Powered Cars, Biden Agrees

03-20-2020 - Fact or Fiction: Addressing the Talking Points of Climate Activists

02-25-2020 - Joe Biden Says He Worked on Climate Deal with Long-Dead Chinese Leader

02-20-2020 - Fracking Ban Would Hurt Environment

02-13-2020 - Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) Is Sponsoring a Bill to Ban Fracking Across US                            <You mean AOC?  Airhead On Crack?>

01-19-2020 - Earth's Climate History: What the Doomsayers Don't Want Voters to Know

01-14-2020 - Fact Check: Pete Buttigieg Claims Climate Change Caused Australia Fires

01-13-2020 - Record Farm Yields Contradict Climate Doomsayers’ Claims

01-10-2020 - Experts Say California Wildfires Not Caused by Climate Change

01-04-2020 - How the Oil Production Boom Has Benefited America

12-19-2019 - More Evidence That We Shouldn’t Take Advice From Climate Activists

12-19-2019 - Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) Says Climate Change May Force Californians to


11-24-2019 - WATCH: John Stossel Destroys Climate Change Myths in Terrific


11-20-2019 - Climate Myths Perpetuated by the Alarmists

11-20-2019 - Climate Myths Peddled by Alarmists Mislead the Public

11-20-2019 - Climate 'Science' Riddled With Dishonesty, Incompetence

11-20-2019 - Prof. Walter E. Williams - Climate ‘Science’ Riddled With Dishonesty,


11-14-2019 - The Green New Deal Isn’t Just Expensive. It’s Also Bad Environmental Policy.

11-14-2019 - No Venice Isn't Flooding Because of Climate Change

11-11-2019 - California Cities Ban Gas Stove Hookups to Fight Global Warming

11-08-2019 - Lettuce Pray: Climate Change, Neo-Paganism, and the End of the World

11-03-2019 - Trump’s EPA Rolling Back Obama-Era Anti-Coal Regulation

10-31-2019 - Here’s How Poor Land Management Is Leading to Bigger California Fires

10-30-2019 - Univ. of Chicago: Explosion in Antarctic sea ice levels may cause another ice


10-24-2019 - Here’s Why Californians Pay Way More for Gasoline Than Everyone Else

10-22-2019 - Breathe Free: Capitalism Helps Protect the Environment

10-18-2019 - Climate-Concerned 2020 Democrats Spending Big on Private Air Travel

10-15-2019 - Climate and LGBT agendas linked together

09-24-2019 - 500 Scientists Write U.N.: ‘There Is No Climate Emergency’

09-20-2019 - Climate Kids Would All Fail Elementary, Global Warming Test

09-20-2019 - Environment Canada Destroys Inconvenient Climate Data

09-20-2019 - Climate ‘Experts’ Are 0-41 with Their Doomsday Predictions

09-18-2019 - Wrong Again: 50 Years of Failed Eco-pocalyptic Predictions

09-09-2019 - The New Yorker Proposes Gun Control to Fight Climate Change

09-09-2019 - The Myth That the Polar Bear Population Is Declining

09-06-2019 - I Don't Care About Climate Change. It is a Religious Doctrine of Progressive


09-05-2019 - Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA): Government 'can and should' legislate your

                     meat consumption to combat climate change

09-05-2019 - Fact Check: No, CNN, Hurricane Dorian is Not Evidence of Climate Change

09-03-2019 - NC State: Electric Scooters Are Not Climate-Friendly After All

09-03-2019 - New Research Suggests Some Climate Data May Be Tainted

08-30-2019 - NASA admits that climate change occurs because of changes in Earth’s

                     solar orbit, and NOT because of SUVs and fossil fuels –

08-29-2019 - NBC Joins CBS, Fails to Include Inconvenient Tidbit About Global Warming

                     Teen’s (Greta Thunberg) Voyage <Darn those inconvenient tidbits, anyway!>

​08-28-2019 - Obamas' Mansion Purchase Exposes 'Hollow Rhetoric' Behind Climate


08-15-2019 - Coolest Year On Record Continues (Historical Temperature Chart)
08-13-2019 - New York Times: Lawns Are Symbols of Racism, Bad for Global Warming

07-24-2019 - Heat Index In 1934

07-22-2019 - Heatwave Of July 22, 1901 

07-21-2019 - Climate Obsessed Dems Wrong on the Summer Heat Wave

07-18-2019 - July 18, 1936 – Hottest Day On Record In The Western US

07-17-2019 - It’s Not Your Imagination – The New York Times Is Getting More Dishonest

07-16-2019 - Plummeting Midwest Heat

07-15-2019 - It's Not Really About The Climate: It's About Control

07-12-2019 - Climate change hoax COLLAPSES as new science finds human activity has

                     virtually zero impact on global temperatures

07-11-2019 - Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) Chief of Staff Admits: Green New Deal

                     About Socialism, Not Climate

07-09-2019 - NBC’s Climate Propaganda

07-09-2019 - Meteorologist hits AOC with science lesson for exploiting weather to

                     promote climate change agenda

07-07-2019 - Report: Teachers Preach Climate Change Sans Training, Textbooks

06-29-2019 - Is a 1989 'U.N. Predicts Disaster if Global Warming Not Checked' Article

                     Authentic? - Truth or Fiction?

06-17-2019 - WATCH: A Reading of Dr. Ross McKitrick's "Open Letter to Lisa Raitt" on

                     the Climate Mob

06-13-2019 - The Real Reason The Left Pushes Climate Change

06-09-2019 - Climate Hysteria Fails Again: Feds Remove Warning That Glaciers 'Will All Be

                     Gone' by 2020

06-09-2019 - National park officials quietly remove climate change alarmist signs after

                     cold winters sink narrative

06-04-2019 - Experts : Arctic To Be Ice-Free By 1989

05-24-2019 - Science's Untold Scandal: The Lockstep March of Professional Societies to

                     Promote the Climate Change Scare

05-23-2019 - Young people blame climate change for their small 401(k) balances

05-06-2019 - Pitting Americans against each other in the "Climate Change" debate

04-30-2019 - China Building 300 New Coal Power Plants Around The World

04-29-2019 - Why Is China Placing A Global Bet On Coal?

04-27-2019 - BBC, Attenborough Accused of Fake News on 'Climate Change: The Facts'

04-23-2019 - NYC To Ban Hot Dogs and Processed Meats To Improve Climate

04-18-2019 - 'Climate Change: The Facts' Was the BBC's Biggest Lie Ever

03-21-2019 - Greenpeace Founder: Climate Change Hoax Is Completely Made-Up


03-19-2019 - 10 times 'experts' predicted the world would end by now

03-05-2019 - STUDY: Polar Bear numbers reach new highs – Population increases to the

                        highest levels in decades

02-12-2019 - No, Climate Change Is Not Wiping Out the World's Insects

01-15-2019 - Year of climate change is scary stories debunked

01-14-2019 - New Paper Shows No Increase In Hurricane Activity Around The World

01-08-2019 - The Climate Paper Most Widely Covered By The Media In 2018 Was Actually

                      A Call For Global Socialism

01-08-2019 - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘Green New Deal’ Is About Socialism,

                     Not Climate Change <By the way, AOC = Airhead On Crack!>

01-02-2019 - Global Temps Have Dropped for 3rd Year in a row!

12-27-2018 - Democrats’ ‘Green Raw Deal’ Will Deliver Only Socialism And Misery

11-26-2018 - 4 Problems With the New Climate Change Report

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                     Promote Climate Doom

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                     Bear-Climate Claims

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