This page was updated on July 2, 2021

Magnus Omnicorps, LLC provides customized services for individuals and businesses.  Inasmuch, we strive to be flexible in our rates and contracts.  For simplicity purposes, Magnus Omnicorps, LLC charges flat, hourly rates which vary depending upon the job/task and start at $50 per hour, with a 3 hour minimum charge.  There are no mileage charges, however, in cases where the daily mileage per job/task exceeds 20 miles, there may be an additional fee.  All fees are subject to change without prior notice.

Magnus Omnicorps, LLC requires simple contracts for every job.  This is for your protection and ours.  If you believe that you may need my services on a periodic, recurring basis, I offer long-term retainer contracts, most without monthly fees.

The minimum requirement for service is one hour. Thereafter, services are billed per half hour.  Magnus Omnicorps, LLC has the right to deny any service that, in our judgement, is immoral, unreasonable, unethical, punishable by law, or may put Magnus Omnicorps, LLC's personnel at risk.  

Time tracking and mileage will usually begin either when we leave our office to complete your job/task, or, once we arrive at the job site.  Services will be billed by the job, monthly, a combination thereof or according to other arrangements set forth in the contract and depending if services are a la carte or monthly.  We regret that we are unable to extend credit at this time - the client must cover all costs associated with third party product purchases and service requests.  Clients should provide cash, check or make other specific arrangements with Magnus Omnicorps, LLC or the third party provider(s), if any.

Scheduling and Cancellation:
Scheduling maybe requested via email, phone or text.  For most jobs/tasks, Magnus Omnicorps, LLC requires a 12- hour cancellation notice. If there is a less than 12-hour cancellation after the time of initial booking, the client will be charged a $100 fee. Please keep in mind that the client must provide a way of accessing the home or place of business where service will be performed. If this is not provided, the client will be charged a $100 cancellation fee and mileage, if applicable.  Additional details are contained within specific contracts.