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I've been getting a lot of questions about this topic, so I decided to add this page.  Check back frequently as I will be adding quite a bit to this section.  Also, please see my Security Services page.

Disclaimer:  I am not an attorney and do not give legal advice. If you have questions of a legal nature, always contact a licensed attorney who specializes in the area of law in which you need assistance.

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Get that latest news, legal, legislative updates, range reports, hardware, equipment and technical reviews with these on-demand radio programs.  Note that most also have their own companion websites, social media pages and podcast available thru the iTunes Podcast app, but I've found the Stitcher app to be the best, free one-stop source for all the podcasts.  Also check for these on your favorite podcast apps such as TuneIn, SoundCloud, iHeart Radio, Player FM, Podcast One, etc. - many are available on multiple platforms.

Andrew Flusche, Attorney at Law, YouTube Channel - police interaction advice

Armed American Radio (from USCCA) website)   TuneIn app   iTunes

Armed Scholar YouTube Channel - daily news/legal        

Audit the Audit YouTube Channel - police interaction advice

Black Man with a Gun   iTunes app   Stitcher app

Crime in America

CVO Gun Talk with Ernie Traugh on the Stitcher app  iHeart Radio app

Ethical Preparedness YouTube - gear reviews, police interaction advice

​The Firearms Podcast on the Stitcher app   website    Facebook

Firearms Radio Network website    Facebook

Frontlines of Freedom with Denny Gillem    Facebook

Guns & Gadgets

Guns & Gadgets Daily

GunStreamer (replacing YouTube)

Gun Talk with Tom Gresham on the Stitcher app   website   Facebook

How to use “Hey Siri, I’m Getting Pulled Over” app to record interactions with police. - police interaction advice

KrisAnne Hall Show (Constitutional Law Attorney) website  SoundCloud  iTunes

Langley Outdoors Academy YouTube Channel - daily news/legal/reviews

Law Enforcement Today app   website   Facebook

Lock N Load with Bill Frady on the Stitcher app   website

NRA News on the Stitcher app   website    Facebook

Polite Society Podcast on the Stitcher app   website    Facebook

VIDEO:  Start Your Own Gun Free Zone - They Work!

We the People University - police interaction advice 



If you have been thinking about getting a handgun and your carry license (if required by your state), it's much more complicated than just doing those 2 things - you need to ask yourself several questions before proceeding.  Below is an excerpt from some of my class material that should help you make your decision.

Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Getting Your Carry Permit & Cost Considerations (Updated 01-03-2021)


This is why you shouldn't open carry - a contrarian view - Bravo Concealment 02/19/2021

Now take this interactive quiz:  Do You Know Enough Gun Safety to Get A Firearms Certificate?

Read this book: Oklahoma Gun Law: Armed and Educated by Robert Robles, Attorney at Law  (also available at most local gun shops) (If you are in another state, look for a similar book from an in-state attorney, usually affiliated with U.S. Law Shield.)

5 Best 9mm Self Defense Ammo Options For Concealed Carry

Pocket Guns - Are They Worth It?

Oklahoma HB 2587 (aka Permitless Carry or Constitutional Carry Law), signed by Gov. Stitt on 2-27-2019 and went into effect on 11-1-2019. (full text of all laws affected, old verbiage plus respective changes.)

For Oklahoma residents, most firearms-related laws which people (civilians) have questions about can be found in Title 21, Chapter 53 of the Oklahoma statutes.  Scroll down about 2/3 the way to the bottom and you will find the section.

If you wish to apply for a handgun carry permit, also known as the Oklahoma Self Defense Act, all the information is here at the OSBI's website.

Oklahoma Self-Defense Act (SDA) book, UPDATED 11-1-2020

Oklahoma Self-Defense Act (SDA) Handgun Licenses and Medical Marijuana

There are additional laws and regulations for security officers and private investigators which can be found in Title 59, Chapter 42A of the Oklahoma statutes.  Scroll down about 7/8 of the way to the bottom and you will find this section.  Additional rules are in the Oklahoma Secretary of State's Office of Administrative Rules (OAR) Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC), Title 390 (Scroll down for link to Title 390 and click on View Title).

Also, former Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt issued a very important opinion on 2/19/2014 regarding security guards, private investigators and their carrying of firearms.   Read it here.

For Oklahoma Armed Private Investigators: For convenience purposes, I used to make a 4-panel, foldable business card that I can hand to law enforcement personnel who may not be familiar with the firearms carry laws as they pertain to licensees.  Below is the Microsoft Word file with the relevant laws in case you would like to print them out to carry with you and or copy and paste them to Vistaprint (or your preferred vendor) and make some cards yourself.  Of course, it is is always a good idea to double check the laws cited as they are subject to change.


(Updated 9-15-2021. You will have to download this file and open it with Microsoft Word.)

(Note: I placed the Title 21 and Title 59 citations on the outside panels of the card (one Title on each panel) and the AG's opinion covers the 2 panels inside when you open up the card.)

What About Oklahoma Medical Marijuana, State Occupational Licensing and Firearms Possession?

Yes, this is a tricky question and I got a variety of opinions, but here is THE statute and a good article on the latter that should clarify things.  Obviously this statute wasn't thought through very well and the legislators didn't consult with CLEET or law enforcement before passing it because the conflicts are glaring and I suspect it will get corrected eventually:

Updated version going into effect on 11-1-2021

Oklahoma Title 63, Chapter 15, Section 425 License Holder Protection - Non-Discrimination - Authorized Use - Zoning - Location - Research License  Version 1, para. E.  "No licensed medical marijuana patient may unduly be withheld from holding a state-issued license by virtue of their being a licensed medical marijuana patient including, but not limited to, a concealed carry permit."  Version 2, para. E. "No person who possesses a medical marijuana patient license may be unduly withheld from holding another state-issued license by virtue of his or her status as a medical marijuana patient licensee including, but not limited to, a concealed carry permit."

See Oklahoma Title 63, Public Health and Safety, and scroll down to Chapter 15 Narcotic Drugs for all the statutes related to this subject.

Can I Get A Gun License In Oklahoma If I Have A Medical Marijuana Card 08-06-2018?

Obviously this conflicts with paragraph E. of the statute above.  If you have any questions, contact your attorney.

Signed by the Governor: Oklahoma Law Prohibits Denial of Firearms Ownership Based on Medical Marijuana Use 03-19-2019

Other states' laws & traveling:
Get the smart phone apps from LEGAL HEAT and CONCEALED CARRY.  They are updated very frequently, however, if you have questions about any type of defensive weapon carry laws, ALWAYS be sure to double check the laws in your respective state with an official state government office and or website, such as your state's attorney general's office.  And if you travel on any commercial, public transportation - bus, taxi, airline, etc., be sure you thoroughly check your baggage and remove any weapons before boarding.  Check with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) website  AND your respective carrier for prohibited items and procedures to transport firearms, if allowed, and check frequently as rules and regulations change.   It is imperative that you remember that not all states/jurisdictions allow civilians to carry firearms or other defensive weapons (sad, but true) and won't honor your state's permit/license.  Also, some states allow firearms carry but may not necessarily honor your state's permit/license.  The same goes if you live in a Constitutional Carry (no permit required) state and are traveling to another Constitutional Carry state or permit-required state.  Furthermore, just because another state may honor your permit, they may not allow the particular configuration of your firearm, and I'm mainly talking about states (or local jurisdictions) that limit the number of rounds you can have in a magazine.  So, it is of the utmost importance that you perform your due diligence and research the states/jurisdictions to where you will be traveling or you may very well wind up in a lot of trouble!  See the State Carry Permit Reciprocity Info section below.

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Second Amendment Rights Advocacy Groups:
1 Million Moms Against Gun Control    Facebook

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State Carry Permit Reciprocity Info:

(Warning:  Be extremely careful when traveling away from your home state and transporting any kind of weapon - ALWAYS double check other states' laws through their official state government websites such as the attorney general and or state highway patrol websites.  And when doing your legal research, also be sure to check for attorney general opinions as they usually carry the weight of law and remain in effect unless otherwise rescinded by succeeding A.G.'s. - this is very important!!   Of course, if you have questions, be sure to consult a knowledgeable attorney.  These precautions also apply to LEO's who are carrying under LEOSA - it doesn't protect you as much as you may think - see articles below.  And if camping, be sure to check to see if your destination is controlled by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - guns are not allowed in their parks - see link below.)

Note:  There are many CCW reciprocity apps available for smart devices.

Always Be Carrying Conceal Carry Reciprocity Maps

American Gun Owners Alliance State Permit Reciprocity Map

Concealed Carry (be sure to get their Concealed Carry Gun Tools app for smartphones!)

Concealed Carry Map Builder

Concealed Carry Permit Reciprocity Maps v5.1 (Updated Mar. 23, 2019)

Guns to Carry - The Ultimate Concealed Carry Guide

My Legal Heat smartphone app

NRA-ILA Gun Laws

Pepper Spray Laws & Restrictions 1

Pepper Spray Laws & Restrictions 2

Pepper Spray Laws & Restrictions 3

Pepper Spray Laws & Restrictions 4

Stun Gun Laws & Permit Requirements

Stun Gun Laws

Stun Gun Laws by State

Taser Laws

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Corps Lakes Gateway

USA Carry Concealed Carry Permit Reciprocity Map

USA Firearm Training Permit Reciprocity Map Builder

USCCA Reciprocity Map

For Law Enforcement Officers (LEO's):  

​Federal Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA) - USCCA excellent

Police Magazine Article:  Does the LEOSA Carry Law Apply to You?  1-17-2014

LEOSA state by state: Why are retired police officers having problems? 8-16-2019

5 Things to Know About the LEOSA Reform Act - PoliceOne, 3-22-2019

LEOSA Reform Act of 2019 H.R. 1156

LEOSA ID Cards for Military Police

LEOSA ID Cards for U.S. CBP

Excellent Articles & Videos on the 2nd Amendment and Self Defense:

​.223 vs 5.56, What's the freaking difference?

3-D Printed Guns: Separating Truth from Fiction, 7/31/2018

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Auditing Shooting Rampage Statistics

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in 2017, 9/26/2018

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Study found race matters in police shootings, but the results may surprise you, WaPo 4/27/2016

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Friend or Foe 

A community driven interactive database and map of pro and anti-gun businesses. Find out which local businesses honor and respect your Constitutional right to carry and defend yourself and your family.....and those that don't!  

If you're challenged by a business owner, ask them, "Well, I don't see any signs that say: 'No Criminals Allowed,' 'No Shoplifters Allowed,' 'No Pedophiles Allowed,' etc., so I guess it's okay for them to come in to your store but not someone who purchased their firearm legally, paid a large fee, was fingerprinted, photographed and went through extensive background checks and is licensed by the state to carry a firearm and such people are 5 - 7 times less likely to commit a firearms violation than even police officers?? 

And be sure to go to Tim Oliver's website, Learn to Carry, and get your free PDF file to print your "NO GUNS = NO MONEY" business cards to hand to vendors who don't respect your Second Amendment right to self-protection!!!

CCRKBA's Extensive List of Anti-Gun Companies (running list)

List of 145 CEO's (with armed private security) Who Want Gun Control (for You) 20190912   -  Their Letter to the U.S. Congress (pdf)

Businesses That Prohibit Guns or Have No-Gun Policies

These Are the Roughly 200 Businesses Whose Leaders Are Backing Gun Control Initiatives (02-21-2021) Gun Free Zone List

Firearms Self-Defense Insurance Policies:

Self-Defense Gun Owner Insurance Programs Compared - Updated 2/16/2021 EXCELLENT!!  Click Here To Download A PDF Version Of This Chart.

Excellent articles on these types of programs from Concealed Carry, Inc.

Best Concealed Carry Insurances (Buyer’s Guide) by Gunmann (video)

U.S. Law Shield (also excellent videos from the attorneys)
Texas Law Shield
VA Self Defense Law
Second Defense Alliance
Firearms Legal Protection LLC
Gun Owners Legal Defense Network
Homefront Defense Team
National Association for Legal Gun Defense
Patriot Legal Protection (formerly CHLPP)
Second Call Defense
NRA Carry Guard
US Concealed Carry  (USCCA)
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Armed Citizen's Legal Defense Network - Post Self-Defense Support: The Buyer's Guide
What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self Defense - Armed Citizen's Legal Defense Network
Defending A Disparity of Force Shooting (aka Hickey Booklet) - Armed Citizen's Legal Defense Network

Now that you've got your Carry Permit, you need some great training - try my friend, Will Andrews, owner of Oklahoma Shooting Skills.  He has some outstanding classes!  Wilshire Gun, which also has a chapter of A Girl and a Gun Women's Shooting League.  

Other OKC-local resources:

The Well-Armed Woman (TWAW) Oklahoma Chapters   Facebook page

Blue Collar Tactical & Firearms

Core Protective Solutions

H&H Shooting Sports

Shooting Performance

NRA Classes, Full List (check your local ranges for offerings)

OKC Firearms Training (formerly Stand Ready Defense) with David "The Marine" Elderton

OKC Tactical - SDA Classes, Private Lessons, Great Outfit!

In Kansas City, consult Conceal & Carry, Inc. for all your training needs.

Also online training:
American Concealed

Active Self Protection

Ethical Preparedness

Gun Talk with Tom Gresham (radio) (The only nationally syndicated radio talk show about firearms, gear, shooting and gun rights.)     Shop Gun Talk
Gun Talk's YouTube Channel (dozens of free videos)
Gun Talk's First Person Defender series on YouTube (excellent!)
Shootrite Firearms Academy
Gunsite Academy
Handgun Combatives

NRA infographic corrects the most common handgun marksmanship errors

Personal Defense Network

Sonoran Desert Institute School of Firearms Technology

Tactical Hyve   YouTube Channel

Target Focus Training
Target Focus Training YouTube Channel (dozens of free videos)

The Modern Defender

Tim Oliver's Learn to Carry  (and go here for NO GUNS=NO MONEY cards)

USA Firearm Training

Get the real facts on guns and crime:
American Gun Facts (Brief statistical overview and country comparison - Excellent!)

Conceal Carry Permit Holders Across the U.S. Report- July 16, 2015 - Crime Prevention Resource Center (EXCELLENT!) summary here

Crime Prevention Research Center (Prof. John R. Lott)

Professor & Author John R. Lott videos  (Gun Facts 7.1 - 128-page report in PDF format, 2017 version)  Note:  The

             PDF (book) version was discontinued in 2019 and all the info is now web-based. (GREAT!)
Guns Save Lives (Stories of Self-Defense and News)

Gun Violence Archive

Of Arms and the Law

OpenSecrets Gun page (follow the money)

Target Sports USA Blog (several articles) (EXCELLENT!)
U.S. Government Bureau of Justice Statistics Firearms Violence report, May 2013

War on Guns
The War on Cops: How the New Attack on Law and Order Makes Everyone Less Safe - Heather Mac Donald (EXCELLENT book on the real statistics surrounding police shootings.)

Shots Fired: The Misunderstandings, Misconceptions and Myths About Police Shootings - Joe Loughlin (EXCELLENT)

PragerU:  Is Gun Ownership a Right?

PragerU:  What Should We Do About Guns?

Federalist #29

Federalist #46

Gear (Guns, Shooting, Holsters, Clothing, & Equipment for Security, Police, Survival, Camping, etc.):
Prices vary widely, so once you've found what your looking for, be sure to shop around for the best prices and sign up for e-mail lists to get special deals!

H&H Shooting Sports (Probably the best selection of holsters in the OKC metro.  Blue Box discounts!)

Blue Collar Tactical & Firearms (Guns, gear)

C.O.P.S. Gun Shop (Blue box discounts!)

C.O.P.S. Products (In Oklahoma City! - security, law enforcement, EMS - uniforms, accessories, holsters, gear.  If you need it, the great folks there will help you get it!)

OKC TacPro (Gear, parts, training)

Special Ops Uniforms, 505 N. Portland Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73107, (405) 946-3504, Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm.  Closed Sat. and Sunday.  No website.

Top Tier Tactical (Midwest City - great selection of gear and blue line support stickers, patches, etc.)

Village Tactical [In The Village (OKC metro).  Blue box discounts!]

2A4Life Gear

​2A4Life Ultimate Belly Band Holster

Aguila Ammo

America Concealed

Ammoland Shooting Sports News


Armed American Supply


Alabama Holster

Alien Gear Holsters

Alpha Holster

Arlo Home Security Cameras

Armor Express Body Armor

AWS, Inc. (Advanced Warfighting Solutions)

Ballistics by the Inch

Battle Arms Development (top-shelf AR's & PCC's)


Big Daddy Unlimited
Blade-Tech Holsters

Black Iron Holsters

Black Rhino Concealment


Blink Home Security Cameras

Blue Force Gear

Blue Ridge Custom Holsters

Bluetti (Solar-powered generators)

Bravo Concealment

Brownell's (EVERYTHING firearms including parts and tech support)

Bravo Company USA

Bud's Gun Shop

​BudK Knives & Swords

Bulk Ammo

C. Crane Radios & Electronics

Cati (body) Armor

Chamber It (All Things Ammunition)   Cartridge Posters

Cheap RV Living YouTube Channel

Chief Supply

Code 3 Tactical


Copper Custom Armament (firearms customization)


Cops Plus

Corsco Concealment

Crimson Trace laser sights

Crossbreed Holsters

Dene Adams (unique concealment solutions for the ladies)

Drury's Guns

Dvor (Sign up for incredible deals!)

​Ecoflo (Solar-powered generators)

EDC Gear Reviews

Ethical Preparedness YouTube Channel (tips, strategies, gear, etc.)

Field Supply

Fieldcraft Survival products

Fieldcraft Survival Channel  - excellent!

First Tactical (clothing, backpacks)

Forge Survival Supply

Fortress Tactical

FoxX Holsters

G-Code Holsters

Gallery of Guns

Galls (LE equipment)

Generark (Solar-powered generators)

Govx (gear and other great deals from affiliates like Costco, major hotels, car rental companies, etc.)

Grip6 Belts

Groove Life (stretching EDC belts, rings, watch bands, etc.)



​​GunDealio (Get the app, too.)



Guns & Gadgets Daily

Guns America


GunTalk's Sponsor page

Hammer Striker - gun reviews

​Hanks Belts

Hidden Hybrid Holsters

Hogue Grips  (Grips, Knives, Stocks, Holsters, Gear)

Hybrid Armory 

Hybrid Holsters

Hyve Technologies (Innovative Glock & Smith & Wesson Accessories)

Jackery (Solar-powered generators)

Know, Prepare, Survive

KORE Essentials(Check out their EDC conceal carry belts - FANTASTIC!)

Lancer Advanced Weapons & Components (home of the Laugo Alien pistol, high quality magazines, rifles, components)

LaserMax (Recoil spring guide rod lasers)

Levy's Outdoor (slings)

LMT (Lewis Machine & Tool Co.)

Looper Brand of Oklahoma Handcrafted Leather Goods since 1938

Lucid Optics


Midway USA

Military Clothing

Military Uniform Supply, Inc.

Military Uniforms Supply

Multi Holsters

N82 Tactical (holsters)

National Parks Depot

Nature's Genrator (Solar-powered generators)

Nest Home Automation & Security

Nexbelt  (Check out their EDC conceal carry belts - FANTASTIC!)

Nutrient Survival food

O P Tactical

Operationally Proven Tactical


Optics Planet

On Your 6 Designs

Outdoor Life

Patriot Oufitters

PI Gear

Police Store

Primary Firearms (everything firearms & gear)

Proof Pronto (Security cameras & surveillance gear)

Pro-Vision Bodycams

Pyramyd Air Gun Mall (all things air guns)

QVO Tactical

Range 365

Raw Dog Tactical


Relentless Tactical

Remora Holsters


RTT (Resist the Tyranny-Guns, Gear & Politics)

Safe Life Defense (belts & body armor)

Savoy Leather  (security system & other equipment reviews)

Seecamp Pistols

​Sell with Certainty

Shomer-Tec (specialty police & military gear)

The Shooting Club   Get the app, too.

Silencer Shop

SimpliSafe (Smarter, DIY Home Security)

Smith & Wesson Performance Center

Sneaky Pete Holsters

Solo Stove (fire pits, cooking stoves, stainless steel, smoke-less)

Spider Concealment

Sportsman's Logistics

Sportsman's Warehouse

Springfield Armory

SSP Tactical Eyewear

Standard Manufacturing (custom unique modified firearms - GREAT!)


Sticky Holsters

Styker Covert Carry

Survival Addicts

Survival Cache

Survival Frog

Survival Gear

Survival Prepper

Survival Straps

Survivalist Camps Campers

T.Rex Arms (holsters, firearms upgrades)

Tactical Gear

Tactical Outdoors Gear

TakLite Flashlights

Target Sports USA (Great Resource for everything shooting sports!)

Tentsile Tree Tents and Hammocks

The Tactical Wire (great reviews, news, info)

Top Tier Tactical in Midwest City, OK

True Utility

Urban Carry Holsters

Ultimate Spy Camera
Uniform & Accessories Warehouse

Urban Carry

USA Firearm Training's Belly Band Holster

USCAV (US Cavalry)

U.S. Gun Totes (Impressive, high-quality, unique & innovative features, made in Oklahoma!!)

UtiliKilts (Tactical Kilts??  YES!!)

Vedder Holsters


Warrior Poet Society

Wazoo Survival Gear
We the People Holsters

Wilderness Tactical Products
Workboots USA

Wraith Tactical

Secure Your Firearms:

Fort Knox Vaults

Gun Vault

Gun Box - High-tech solutions to securing your firearms

Liberty Home Concealment

Liberty Safes

Sports Afield

Tactical Traps - concealment shelving

Target Sports USA - How to Store Firearms Safely in Your Home Guide (Excellent resources here)

Other Info & Resources:
Forgotten Weapons

Patriotic/Support Law Enforcement & Military: - Back the Blue Yard Signs


Armed American Supply

Back the Blue Signs
Below 100
Big Jay's Back the Blue
C.O.P.S. (Concerns of Police Survivors)

Frontlines of Freedom

​​GOP Store - Back the Blue Yard signs

Honor and Remember

​​IACP (International Association of Chiefs of Police)

Law Enforcement Today    Facebook

Law Enforcement United National

​​National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund

​​Officer Down Memorial Page

Police Lives Matter USA

Police Officers United Facebook page


​​St. Michael's Shield (bullet-proof vest program)

​​Stanton Project (K9 Support)

Thin Blue Line Shop

Thin Blue Line USA

Top Tier Tactical in Midwest City, OK

Rustic Flag Company

Zazzle Police Outdoor Signs  (HUGE selection - be sure to click on the various blue tabs

                                              at the top for more selections)​​


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