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President Theodore Roosevelt’s view on Immigration & Assimilation, 1903:

"The mighty tide of immigration to our shore has brought in its train much of good and much of evil; and whether the good or evil shall predominate depends mainly on whether these newcomers do or do not throw themselves heartily into our national life, cease to be European and become Americans like the rest of us. More than a third of the people of the Northern states are of foreign birth or parentage. An immense number of them have become completely Americanized, and these stand on exactly the same plane as the descendants of any Puritan, Cavalier or Knickerbocker among us, and do their full and honourable share of the nation’s work. But where immigrants or the sons of immigrants do not heartily and in good faith throw in their lot with is, but cling to the speech, the customs, the ways of life, and the habits of thought of the old world which they have left, they thereby harm both themselves and us. If they remain alien elements, unassimilated, and with interests separate from ours, they are mere obstructions to the current of our national life, and, moreover, can get no good from it themselves. In fact, though we ourselves also suffer from their perversity, it is they who really suffer most. It is an immense benefit to the European immigrant to change him into an American citizen. To bear the name of American is to bear the most honorable of titles; and whoever does not so believe has no business to bear the name at all, and, if he comes from Europe, the sooner he goes back there the better. Besides, the man who does not become Americanized nevertheless fails to remain a European, and becomes nothing at all. The immigrant cannot possibly remain what he was, or continue to be a member of the Old-World society. If he tries to retain his old language, in a few generations it becomes a barbarous jargon; if he tries to retain his old customs and ways of life, in a few generations he becomes an uncouth boor. He has cut himself off from the Old World, and cannot retain his connections with it; and if he wishes ever to amount to anything he must throw himself heart and soul, and without reservation, into the new life to which he has come. It is urgently necessary to check and regulate our immigration by much more drastic laws than now exist; and this should be done both to keep our races which do not assimilate readily with our own, and unworthy individuals or all races—not only criminals, idiots and paupers, but anarchists of the…O’Donovan Rossa type.
…We freely extend the hand of welcome and of good-fellowship to every man, no matter what his creed or birthplace, who comes here honestly intent on becoming a good United States citizen like the rest of us; but we have a right and it is our duty to demand that he shall indeed become so, and shall not confuse the issues with which we are struggling by introducing among us Old-World quarrels and prejudices. There are certain ideas which he must give up. For instance, he must learn that American life is incompatible with any form of anarchy, or of any secret society having murder for its aim, whether at home or abroad… Moreover he must not bring in his Old-World religious race and national antipathies, but must merge them into love for our common country, and must take pride in the things which we can all take pride in… He must learn to celebrate Washington’s birthday, and the Fourth of July instead of St Patrick’s Day."

And in 1907 he said:

"We have room but for one flag, the American flag,...We have room but for one language here, and that is the English language,....and we have room but for one loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people."

Dual Nationality: Teddy Roosevelt’s “Self-Evident Absurdity”


What Happens When Illegal Immigrants Get into the U.S.?

Once inside the U.S., (all at the expense of U.S. taxpayers) they get a cell phone with only 1 app where they can contact U.S. Immigration Services and vice versa.  They can't make calls or access the Internet with these phones.  At this point, they have no risk of being deported.  (Under the Trump Admin., they were sent right back to Mexico to remain there.)  CBP classifies the person for placement.  This is called the State Department's "Reception & Placement Program."  A resettlement agency, such as the Catholic Charities, will sponsor the person.  The U.S. Government gives each person $2275 cash for expenses. (multiply that by 5 million).  While they are awaiting to be transferred to their destination of choice in the U.S., they get for free and not out of their lump sum cash: Hotel rooms, 3 meals per day at the hotel, access to legal services, access to transportation (via Uber, Lyft, cab, etc.), all dry cleaning and laundry picked up, and other "necessary" services.  We then pay for their transportation to their destination and they get other benefits (see above).


01-07-2024 - Mayorkas' DHS Claims 2.3 Million Illegal Migrants, but Hides Millions More

01-06-2024 - TX Dem Rep Cuellar: Migrants Come Because They Know Border Patrol Will

                     'Help Them' -- We Need 'Mass Deportations'

01-04-2024 - Biden’s Broken Border Mayorkas Dodges on How Many Migrants Are

                     Released ‘Would Not Surprise Me’ if It’s over 70% of Encounters

12-29-2023 - ICE Arrests of Criminal Illegal Aliens in 2023 Drop by 41% Under Joe Biden

                     Compared to Donald Trump

09-01-2023 - White House SPOX KJaP dinged for insisting Biden has done more 'than

                     anybody else' to secure border: 'Gaslight Award of 2023'

09-01-2023 - Washington Post: 'Border Apprehensions Have Risen More than 30% for 2

                     Consecutive Months'

08-31-2023 - NYC Schools Enroll 20K Migrants, None Required to Show Proof of


08-31-2023 - Dem Governor activates Massachusetts National Guard to help with

                     migrant crisis

08-31-2023 - Chicago Residents Gather to Oppose New Migrant Shelter at Lake Shore


08-31-2023 - Families crossing U.S. border illegally reached all-time high in August

08-29-2023 - Hundreds of Staten Island Residents Rally against Illegals Being Housed in

                     Shuttered School

08-25-2023 - Former ICE Official: Illegal Alien Accused of Abducting, Raping Missing


08-25-2023 - Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) Announces Jobs Program for Illegal Aliens as 380K

                        New Yorkers are Unemployed <Why do you people keep voting for these idiots??>

08-23-2023 - Biden Approves Migrant Camp at NYC Airfield Despite Residents'


08-22-2023 - Dems Complain About Cost of Illegal Immigration Under Biden: 'Just too

                     Many People'

08-22-2023 - Senate Republicans demand Biden halt sale of border wall parts

08-22-2023 - Border Patrol admits it’s responsible for open floodgates in Arizona border


08-22-2023 - Team Biden has opened the floodgates, literally, for illegal migrants

08-22-2023 - Oklahoma gov calls to reinstate 'Remain in Mexico': 'You don't have a

                     brain' if you don't want a secure border

08-22-2023 - Poll: Overwhelming Majority of New York Voters Call Migrant Flood a

                        Serious Problem

08-21-2023 - Joe Biden is quietly selling off Trump's border wall as unused parts are

                     sold at auction for MILLIONS of dollars in profit: President rushes to sell as

                     bill forces him to EXTEND migrant barrier

08-21-2023 - NYC Mayor Eric Adams (D) Opens Migrant Mega-Camp, Costing New York

                     Taxpayers $20 Million Every Month

08-21-2023 - Biden’s DHS Sends over $770M in Taxpayer Money to NGOs, Sanctuary

                     Cities Facilitating Illegal Immigration

08-19-2023 - Biden quietly sells off taxpayer-paid border wall parts for pennies on the

                        dollar to thwart GOP push to use them

08-19-2023 - ICE agents still arresting violent criminals with open warrants, sex

                     offenders and murderers

08-19-2023 - Democrat Chicago Mayor: We Have 'Humanitarian Crisis' with Migrants,

                     'We're Committed' to Being a Sanctuary City <Suckers!!!>

08-14-2023 - Border agents seize enough lethal drugs this fiscal year to kill more than 6

                     BILLION people

08-03-2023 - Sanctuary County Prince George's County, Maryland, Freed Illegal Alien

                     Child Rapist from Prison… Sexually Assaulted Another Woman After


08-03-2023 - Dem NYC Councilman: Mayorkas Is 'Lying' and the Border Is Open

08-02-2023 - Arrests of noncitizens with criminal convictions at border at record highs

07-31-2023 - Mayor Eric Adams (D): Joe Biden Must ‘Control the Border’ Because ‘There

                        Is No More Room’ in NYC <That'll teach yer ass not to brag about being a

                sanctuary city!>

​07-31-2023 - Hundreds of Migrants Drown as Biden Dangles Open-Borders Welcome

07-30-2023 - Chicago Residents Increasingly Turning Against 'Sanctuary' Policies as

                     More Illegals Flood Their Neighborhoods

​07-30-2023 - Americans without college degrees earned more when immigration dipped

                        under Trump, study found

07-30-2023 - Democrats Beg Biden to Declare Emergency as Migrants Fill NYC Streets

07-29-2023 - DHS Secretary Mayorkas Is Touting Border Encounters Several Times what

                        Obama Admin. Considered a Crisis

07-23-2023 - Liberals Have Their Own Border Wall; How Rich Blue Suburbs Keep the Poor

                        Away - The Atlantic

​​07-23-2023 - Biden's DHS Puts Fewer than 2-in-10 Migrants into Deportation

                     Proceedings After Releasing Them into U.S.

07-22-2023 - Investors: Biden's Mass Migration Inflates Americans' Housing Costs

07-21-2023 - CA Gov. Gavin The Newsom (D) to Spend $4.5M of taxpayer funds on

                     Lawyers for Illegal Aliens

07-20-2023 - Illegal Alien, Wanted by Interpol for Murder in El Salvador, Captured Years

                     After Obama’s DHS Freed Him into U.S.

07-11-2023 - Illinois law prohibits landlords from refusing to rent or sell property to

                     illegal migrants

06-01-2023 - Biden Open Border Horror MS-13 Gang Members, Released into U.S. by

                     Feds, Among Illegal Aliens Charged with 15-Year-Old Boy’s Murder

05-31-2023 - Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita Leads Lawsuit Against Joe Biden’s

                     Illegal Immigration Pipeline

05-30-2023 - Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson (D) Ignores Residents' Opposition, Fills

                     College with 300 Border Crossers

05-27-2023 - Immature New York Dem Rep AOC (Airhead On Crack) Laughs At Angry

                     Constituents Over Her Support for Biden's Illegal Alien Invasion of Their

                     Communities, US Taxpayer-Funded Ukraine War: "You're a piece of sh*t!"


​05-25-2023 - Joe’s Jail Break - Biden’s DHS Frees 2.3K Illegal Alien Convicted Criminals

                        into U.S. in Five Months

05-23-2023 - Angel Mom Tells Congress: My Daughter Is Dead Due to Open Borders

05-23-2023 - University Of California Moves Toward Hiring Illegal Immigrants In

                     Violation Of Federal Law

05-15-2023 - Chris Cuomo Tears Into Biden, Media For Ignoring Border Crisis: 'The Joke

                     Is On Us'

04-07-2023 - Fmr. Obama Acting ICE Director: ‘Certainly, There’s a Crisis at the Border’

                     and Asylum Process Is Abused

04-05-2023 - Chicago Mayor-Elect Johnson Wants Illegal Aliens to Vote in Local Elections

03-28-2023 - Pro-American Group Sues D.C. over Expanded Noncitizen Voting

03-13-2023 - Rice University Study: Trump's Policies Cut Illegal Immigration, Biden's

                     Encourage Inflow

03-13-2023 - Republicans Sue Vermont Town to Prevent Foreign Nationals from voting

                        in School Board Elections

03-11-2023 - Border county has 377% surge in human smuggling, 610% increase in

                     fentanyl under Biden

​​03-09-2023 - Burlington, Vermont Seeks to Give Voting Rights to DACA Illegal Aliens

03-08-2023 - Federal Judge Rules Biden Border Policies Unlawful, Make Border


03-06-2023 - New Yorkers Charged $5 Million Every Day to House, Feed, Care for Illegal


02-23-2023 - California Says It Can No Longer Afford Aid for Covid Testing, Vaccinations

                     for Migrants

02-10-2023 - 162 Democrats Voted to Allow Illegal Aliens to Vote in D.C.'s Local


02-07-2023 - Fact Check: Biden Claims 'Unlawful Migration' Dropped by 97 Percent

02-07-2023 - Biden Calls for Amnesty for Millions of Illegal Aliens in SOTU Address

02-07-2023 - NY Times: Biden's Migration Helps Cut Wages

01-26-2023 - Biden at the Two-Year Mark: Significant Immigration Actions Eclipsed by

                        Record Border Numbers

10-26-2022 - NYC’s 20,000 Migrants Are Fueling the City’s Underground Economy

10-07-2022 - The chilling numbers that reveal the scale of Joe Biden’s border disaster

10-01-2022 - Record 2.2 Million Migrants Apprehended by Border Patrol in FY22, 604K

                     Got Away

09-30-2022 - Soros-Backed Candidate for Maricopa County D.A. Wants to Prevent

                     Deportation of Criminal Illegal Immigrants

09-30-2022 - Joe Biden: Mass Immigration, Changing Demographics Making America ‘So

                        Much Better’

09-18-2022 - Venezuela Empties Prisons, Sends Violent Criminals to U.S. Border, Says

                     DHS Report

08-03-2022 - Biden’s Border Fiasco Is Expanding (Repeat)
07-25-2022 - The Jaw-Dropping Number of Illegal Immigrant 'Got Aways' Under Biden's


07-25-2022 - New York City's Democrat Mayor Eric Adams Admits Every Town Is Now a

                        Border Town

07-23-2022 - China’s Exploitation of Biden’s Border Insecurity

07-05-2022 - Biden to allow some migrants with terrorist ties into country, raising

                     security concerns

04-28-2022 - 'That's compassion?' Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) holds up posters of dead

                     migrants while confronting DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas about

                     Biden's immigration crisis and fentanyl deaths caused by smuggled drugs

​​04-27-2022 - 'The border is OUT of control': Republicans tear into DHS

                     Secretary Mayorkas after he said Biden administration has 'effectively

                     managed the crisis' and urge him to RESIGN before GOP can impeach him

                     if they retake the House

​04-27-2022 - Illegal immigrant population increased by ONE MILLION in Biden's first

                     year in office and cost the taxpayer an extra $9.4billion, research reveals

​03-15-2022 - Democrats in Portland, Maine Approve Voting Rights for Foreign Nationals

03-04-2022 - Illegal Alien Gets 25 Years in Prison for Sexually Abusing 10-Year-Old Girl

03-03-2022 - Despite 3000 Breaches, Border Walls Still Slow Smugglers as Intended

03-03-2022 - Biden Wants $10B to Protect Ukraine's Border After Spending $6M Every

                     Day to Not Build U.S.-Mexico Border Wall

02-26-2022 - Mexican Actor: Biden, Harris Caused Border Security Crisis

02-23-2022 - Soros-Linked 'Abolish ICE' Groups Behind Democrat Agenda to Stop

                        Tracking Illegal Aliens in U.S.

02-18-2022 - Biden's DHS Frees 62,500 Border Crossers into U.S. in a Single Month

02-14-2022 - Biden to Crack Down on Arrests of Illegal Aliens in American Communities

02-12-2022 - Biden administration lost track of thousands of unaccompanied minors

                     who entered U.S. illegally

02-05-2022 - Can the Border Patrol survive Joe Biden?

02-03-2022 - Florida takes additional legal action against Biden administration over

                     illegal immigration

02-02-2022 - DeSantis Gives President Biden An Ultimatum – If Joe Doesn’t Restore

                     Trump’s Policies, Florida Will Block Migrants

02-01-2022 - Four Years of Profound Change: Immigration Policy during the Trump

                        Presidency - Migration Policy Institute Report (PDF)

02-01-2022 - Border enforcement actions increased 300% in 2021

02-01-2022 - Biden Helps Illegal Alien, Accused of Killing Black Teen Girl, Evade


02-01-2022 - Biden's Flights of Illegals into U.S. Cost Taxpayers $340M in 9 Months

01-29-2022 - White House offers insulting response to betraying the American people

                     with secret migrant transport

01-28-2022 - Courts Continue to Invalidate Voting Rules Used During Biden's 2020


01-27-2022 - Watch: Biden Flying Illegal Aliens to U.S. Suburbs in 'Down Low' Operation

01-27-2022 - Biden Resettles 66K Afghans in U.S. with Help from Clinton, Bush, Obama

01-24-2022 - Amazon, Facebook Spend Millions Lobbying Congress for More Legal

                        Immigration, Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

01-12-2022 - AP Report: ACLU's Demand for $450,000 Payouts to Migrants Entices

                     More Crime

12-31-2021 - Border Patrol agents seize record amount of drugs in November,

                     apprehensions also increase

12-21-2021 - Biden Allows Thousands of Convicts to Evade Prison After Pandemic

11-12-2021 - Illegal Alien Arrested for Violent Carjackings, Shooting 16-Year-Old Boy

11-11-2021 - Illegal Alien, Who Murdered Four Americans, Avoids Death Penalty

11-06-2021 - Now Biden DEFENDS migrant compensation payments he called 'garbage'

                     three days ago: Says families separated at border 'deserve some kind of

                     compensation' but has 'no idea' if it will be as much as $450,000

11-05-2021 - Angel Families: Biden Plan is $450K for Illegal Aliens, $0 for American


10-26-2021 - Report: Illegal immigrant charged with DUI, killing 5-year-old girl in hit and


10-25-2021 - Three in five motorists admit they DIDN’T know London’s ultra-low

                     emission zone was being expanded TODAY as 130,000 drivers face

                     £12.50-a-day charge <Coming to a blue city near you!!!>

08-26-2021 - WINNING! Supreme Court Orders Biden Admin To Reinstate ‘Remain In

                     Mexico’ Policy

08-12-2021 - 212,672 migrants encountered at the border in July, says DHS Secretary

                     Alejandro Mayorkas.  In July 2020, there were 40,929 migrant encounters.

08-11-2021 - Senate Democrats reject banning illegals with criminal records from

                     getting residency <Criminals in 2 countries?? Dems gotta LOVE 'em!!>

07-07-2021 - North Dakota becomes the SEVENTH state to send law enforcement to the

                     border: Biden faces pressure to send more guards to the Rio Grande as

                     migrant families keep walking into the US from Mexico <Thank you, ND!>

​06-14-2021 - Biden DHS Chief To Cubans Hoping To Make Sea Voyage To U.S.: ‘You Will

                     Not Enter The United States’ <Oh, but it's okay for EVERYONE else in the world to

                come here, just not Cubans because they tend to vote for conservatives.  Ahhh, now I


06-01-2021 - Biden formally ends Trump-era 'Remain in Mexico' immigration program

06-01-2021 - 'Border Czar' Kamala Harris Slammed For 'Extreme Avoidance Of Human

                        Crisis' As Apprehensions Hit Two-Decade High

05-11-2021 - 20 governors urge Biden to act on border crisis, hit 'unacceptable' plans to

                        house migrants in states

05-11-2021 - 20 Governors Tell Biden His Plan to House Illegal Immigrants in Their

                     States Is ‘Unacceptable and Unsustainable’

05-11-2021 - Iowa's Reynolds, 19 Other Governors Send Letter to Pres. Biden About

   ​                  Reckless Southern Border Policies
04-29-2021 - ‘Over 11 Million Undocumented Folks — The Vast Majority Overstaying

                     Visas’: Breaking Down Joe Biden’s Misleading Immigration Claim

04-22-2021 - Del Rio Border Sector Chief: High-Speed Pursuits up 117%, Sex Offender

                     Arrests up ‘over 2,000%’

04-22-2021 - Report: Politico Tells Reporters to Not Call the Border Situation a Crisis

04-18-2021 - Pew: 20% More Voters Call Illegal Immigration 'Big Problem' Under Biden

04-13-2021 - Analysis Reveals the Horrifying Number of Illegal Immigrants Projected to

                     Reach Southern Border This Year

04-12-2021 - Father of Two Killed in Wrong Way Crash, Illegal Immigrant Charged with

                     Drunk Driving and Felony Death by Vehicle

04-12-2021 - Biden Admin Offering Major Reward to Employees Who Help Border


04-11-2021 - Full Blown Crisis: Biden Administration to Begin Housing Migrant Children

                     at Former Japanese Internment Camp

04-08-2021 - 'Not our problem': Gov. Reynolds declines request to house migrant

                     children in Iowa

04-02-2021 - Joe Biden’s USCIS Removing Term ‘Alien’ from Manual to Be ‘More

                     Inclusive’ <I don't give a #2 what PawPaw Biden say, the law still reads "illegal


04-01-2021 - Homeless Shelter Cleared to House Illegal Aliens, Dozens Infected with


​03-30-2021 - Former CBP Chief: Over 45K Border Crossers Freed into U.S. by Biden

03-29-2021 - Harris Has No Scheduled Meetings on Border Crisis After Tasked by Biden

03-28-2021 - Biden Using Bait And Switch to Cover Up Border Crisis, State AG Calls Out

                     How He’s Hiding Migrants Released Into The USA

​03-25-2021 - Kamala Harris tapped to 'fix the border' despite attacking immigration

03-23-2021 - Let's Compare Coverage of Biden's and Trump's Border Crises

03-22-2021 - James O'Keefe & Project Veritas Releases Photos of Border Facility, Taunts

                     Jen Pasaki for Denying Media Access

03-22-2021 - Leaked Photos Reveal Biden’s Detention Cells for Migrant Children on

                     Border <Looks like the same ones he used when he was VP under Obama!>

02-25-2021 - Study: Amnesty Will Cost 'Hundreds of Billions'

02-16-2021 - Report: Iranians Say Biden Broke Promise to Bring Muslims to U.S.<Joe,

                you'd better get on the phone an apologize to the Ayatollah right away!>

02-16-2021 - Joe Biden's DHS Blocks Use of Terms 'Illegal Alien,' 'Assimilation' <Biden is

                an attorney, and even though a very poor one, should know that this is a legal

                term.  This is just more 'woke' B.S.>

02-15-2021 - President Biden to Introduce Renewed Push for Amnesty <Well, of course he

                is.  Just think of the millions of undocumented Democrats suckered into voting for

                the same socialist politicians and policies that they were trying to escape when they

                came here.>

02-11-2021 - Biden Illegal Immigration Policy May Not Deport Rapists, Drunk Drivers,

                     Gangs, Assaulters, Thieves...Stops the Wall...But Traveling Americans Must

                     Quarantine for Safety

02-11-2021 - ICE director warns Biden's immigration policy is dangerous

​02-11-2021 - Joe Biden Ends Trump's 2019 Border Emergency Policy

02-10-2021 - Poll: Biden's 5 most unpopular executive orders are on immigration

​02-10-2021 - Federal Texas judge blocks Biden’s deportation freeze <Didn't you learn

                anything from Obama's failures in this area, Joe?  Or did you just forget??  DOH!!>

02-03-2021 - Breaking: Biden Administration Announces Kids in Cages as Part of New

                     Border Policy – Watch Live

02-03-2021 - What Happened to “Kids in Cages”? CNN Refers to Immigrant Detention

                     Center as “Overflow Facility”

02-02-2021 - Biden signs 3 executive orders revoking President Trump’s border policies

01-10-2021 - Joe Biden Vows 'Thorough Investigation' into Trump Officials for Border


01-05-2021 - CBP Chief: Joe Biden's Campaign Promises Have Caused a Migrant Flood

01-05-2021 - CBP: 450 Miles of New Border Walls Completed -- Funding for 350 More


12-08-2020 - Biden’s Immigration Agenda Could Change America as We Know It

12-08-2020 - Report: Biden May Appoint Official to Undo Trump's Immigration Reforms

12-02-2020 - Biden Insiders Believe Biden’s Plan to Reverse Trump’s Immigration

                     Restriction Measures Could Lead to a Rise in Illegal Immigration

​​11-10-2020 - Biden Likely Would Issue Orders on Climate, Abortion, Immigration

10-28-2020 - Time For New Rules In Washington Dealing With Dual Citizenship

10-22-2020 - Fact Check: Obama-Biden Used So-Called 'Cages' for Border Crossers

10-22-2020 - Joe Biden Vows Amnesty for All Illegals in First 100 Days: 'We Owe Them"

09-21-2020 - Study: Joe Biden Migration Plan Could Bring 52 Million Foreigners to U.S.

09-10-2020 - Joe Biden Promises to Let Mayors Import Foreign Workers

09-02-2020 - New Jersey Governor Okays Work Licenses for Illegal Migrants

08-25-2020 - Los Angeles County declines to turn over 25,000 illegal immigrants to 

                      ICE, report

08-12-2020  - Police: Drunk DACA Illegal Bought Beer Hour Before Killing Four Officers

08-12-2020 - Sanctuary Los Angeles County Vows to Free Criminal Illegals into U.S.

08-10-2020 - Trump Heroically Defies a Lawless Supreme Court on DACA

08-04-2020 - In New Jersey, Illegal Immigration Rules the Day

07-27-2020 - Sanctuary Railroads: Union Pacific Vows to Protect Illegal Aliens

07-23-2020 - Illegal alien/DACA recipient released after assault and DUIs in Texas

                     accused of killing 3 retired cops in DUI crash

07-22-2020 - Trump Signs Order Excluding Illegal Immigrants from Census to Prevent

                     Inflated Congressional Districts

07-22-2020 - Illegal Alien Was Out on Bail When He Allegedly Killed 3 Retired Officers

07-21-2020 - ACLU: Constitution Requires Illegal Aliens Count Toward Congressional

                     Apportionment <Ah, no, it DOESN'T!!>

07-20-2020 - Fact Check: Joe Biden Promises to Repeal Non-existent 'Muslim Ban'

07-20-2020 - Congressman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) Proposes Ban on Deporting Illegal Aliens

                     with Coronavirus

07-19-2020 - Illegal Alien Allegedly Attacked Jogger a Day After His Release from Jail

07-16-2020 - Democrats Advance Bill That Will Slash ICE Funding And Block Trump's

                     Illegal Immigrant Policy

07-13-2020 - Democrats' Top Priority After Victory: Amnesty

07-10-2020 - Biden's Immigration Plan: Reversal of Trump's Accomplishments

07-10-2020 - Mexican-American Runs Down & Kills Motorcycle Rider - Targets Him

                     Because White People Ride Harley Davidsons

07-08-2020 - Far-Left Calls on States to Expand Voting to 'Undocumented People'

07-08-2020 - Proposed Democrat Platform Gives U.S. Asylum to the World's Migrants

07-08-2020 - LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva Says Sharing Criminal Illegal Alien Info

                     With ICE is “Selling Them Out” for “Trump Blood

                     Money   <Another public official who needs a remedial class in the Constitution

                and the U.S. Code!!!>

07-06-2020 - Illegal Alien Accused of Raping 7-Year-Old Freed by Maryland Sanctuary


07-03-2020 - Trump's Visa Suspension to Drive Up Wages for American Professionals

​07-02-2020 - Gallup Shows 50% of Democrats Want More Immigration

06-23-2020 - FLASHBACK:  VIDEO:  Pres. Clinton's Remarks on Illegal Immigration

             in the 1995 State of the Union Address

06-23-2020 - FLASHBACK:  VIDEO: Democrats were for new border barriers before

             they were against it 

06-23-2020 - FLASHBACK: Senator Chuck U. Schumer (D-NY) Sounded Like Trump on

             Immigration in 2009

06-23-2020 - FLASHBACK: VIDEO: Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) 1993: No Sane Country

             Would Give Illegals Citizenship

06-11-2020 - Clinton-Appointed Judge: 'Illegal' to Arrest Illegal Aliens at NY

                     Courthouses <Is anyone surprised by that ruling??  Hey judge, you might want to

                brush up on your U.S. Code - standby to be overturned, you dipstick!>

05-14-2020 - Joe Biden: Illegal Immigration Is “A Gift” To The U.S.​

05-07-2020 - Sanctuary California: Illegal Alien Child Rapist Freed Six Times into U.S.

05-06-2020 - Poll: 7-in-10 Texas Voters Oppose Increasing Legal Immigration to the U.S.​​​​​

​05-06-2020 - Judges Help Free Nearly 200 Illegals, Including Murderers and Rapists

05-04-2020 - CA Judges Block Trump Rule that Immigrants Must Have Health Insurance

04-24-2020 - New Jersey governor is open to paying illegal immigrants $600-a-

                     week despite state 'running out of money

04-23-2020 - Supreme Court OKs Deportation of Legal Migrant for Drug Convictions

04-17-2020 - Pew Survey: More Than 8-in-10 Americans Call Mass Migration a 'Threat' to


​04-16-2020 - DHS Grants Environmental Waiver to Speed Texas Border Wall Construction

04-13-2020 - Poll: Nearly 8-in-10 Americans Want Immigration Moratorium for U.S.

04-11-2020 - Mass Unemployment in U.S. Once Eased by Immigration Pause

04-11-2020 - Illegal Alien Accused of Murdering 14-Year-Old Girl for MS-13 Gang


04-10-2020 - Illegal Aliens Arrested for Crimes Against Women, Children Seek Release

04-05-2020 - ACLU Coronavirus Jailbreak: California Frees Illegal Alien Child Molester

04-01-2020 - Trump Responds to Illegals Not Getting Coronavirus Relief Checks: 'They

                     Came in Illegally'

03-30-2020 - Harvard/Harris Poll: 5-in-6 Americans Want to End All Immigration from


03-26-2020 - AOC [Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY)] Upset Cash Relief

                     Does Not Extend to Non-Citizens

02-18-2020 - Buttigieg: Illegals Have ‘Every Bit of Claim on This Country’ As We Do<Uh,

                no, Petey, they don't!>

02-10-2020 - AG Barr Files Suits Against New Jersey, Washington Sanctuary Politicians

01-21-2020 - Joe Biden Promises Sanctuary for Drunk-Driving Illegals

​01-17-2020 - ICE: Mayor Bill de Blasio's (D-NY) Sanctuary Policy 'Sole Reason' Maria

                     Fuertes is Dead

01-07-2020 - Biden Says Illegals Should Learn English for Citizenship Despite Own Plan

12-26-2019 - Joe & Jill Biden, Meet Cpl. Ronil Singh and Deputy Brian Ishmael, Killed by 
                     Illegal Aliens - Why No Compassion for their Families??

12-17-2019 - Watch: Illegal Aliens Celebrate New Jersey Giving Them Driver's Licenses

10-10-2019 - WATCH: ICE Director Slams New Jersey A.G. for Hindering Arrests of

                     Criminal Illegals

09-12-2019 - Fact Check: Joe Biden Claims 'We Didn't Lock People Up in Cages'

​08-23-2019 - New Jersey Awarded $3.8 Million in Financial Aid to Illegal Aliens

06-26-2019 - 20 Times Breitbart Reported on Migrant Deaths During Obama-Biden Years

                     and No One Cared

06-19-2019 - After Border Authorities Beg For Immediate Help, President Trump Leaps

                     Into Action

06-19-2019 - Trump Proclaims Border Insurrection Act – Drains The Washington Pigsty

05-20-2019 - WATCH: Joe Biden in 2007 Vowed to Ban Sanctuary Cities for Illegal


05-10-2019 - VIDEO: Biden in 2006: U.S. Needs Border Fence to Stop 'Tons' of Drugs

                     From Mexico

04-15-2019 - The Nuclear Option: It's Time for Elite Northern Cities to Share Burden of

                      Illegal Immigration

04-14-2019 - Cher: Los Angeles ‘Can’t Take Care of Its Own, How Can It Take Care of'

                     More Immigrants<You wanted 'em, you got 'em, now deal with it, baby!>

04-12-2019 - Amnesty Advocates Help Illegal Immigrants Get College Scholarships

04-07-2019 - Kris Kobach: Stop Illegal Immigration by Ending Remittances to Mexico

03-13-2019 - ICE Union: 'Thousands of Illegal Aliens are Being Released into U.S.'

​​03-07-2019 - Rep. Ben Cline (R-VA) Proposes Crackdown on Illegals Who Purchase


01-29-2019 - WATCH: Rancher Who Invited Pelosi (D-CA) to the Border to See Influx of

                     Illegal Aliens, Drugs Take Message to Fox News

01-24-2019 - NJ City that supported giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants wants

                     to lay off 112 cops

01-18-2019 - Educating Illegal Aliens and Their Children Costs L.A. Schools Hundreds

                     of Millions Per Year

01-17-2019 - PHOTOS: Bulgaria, Australia, Slovenia Prove Walls Stop Illegal Migration

01-09-2019 - Ninth Circuit Couort of Appeals Upholds Federal Ban on Gun Ownership by

                     Illegal Aliens

11-29-2018 - Illegal Immigrants Are Far More Likely to Commit Serious Crimes Than the

                     U.S. Public

​10-29-2018 - WATCH:  Illegal Immigration:  It's About Power - PragerU

08-30-2018 - Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) warns immigration officers following 'illegal'

                     Trump orders: 'You will not be safe'

08-27-2018 - 6 Reasons Why AG Jeff Sessions is Trump's Hammer in the Fight Against

                     Illegal Immigration

08-19-2018 - WATCH:  A Nation of Immigrants - PragerU

07-08-2018 - Illegal Alien Released by Sanctuary City Gets $280 Fine for Killing Two Law

                     Enforcement Officers 

06-29-2018 - Illegal Immigrants Are Far More Likely to Commit Serious Crimes Than the

                     U.S. Public - Just Facts

05-24-2018 - U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Infuriates Left: 'School Decision' to

                     Report Illegal Students to ICE

05-14-2018 - DHS Shuts Big Loophole to Deter Illegal-Immigrant Students, Workers

05-13-2018 - Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, Who Tipped Off Illegal Aliens to ICE

                     Sweep, Faces Lawsuit
05-10-2018 - New Jersey Allows Illegal Aliens to Apply for State Financial Aid​
05-10-2018 - Half of all Americans now live in 'sanctuaries' protecting illegal aliens

05-07-2018 - Yes, NPR: Illegal Immigration Does Increase Violent Crime

04-04-2018 - More than a million undocumented immigrants have received California

                     driver's licenses