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Fight Back Against and Boycott ESG & These Woke Companies

President's Daily Brief with Bryan Dean Wright (former CIA Officer) Special Exposé Reports on Green Energy Sources, Child Labor, True Environmental Costs, etc.

                       Left Out 11-22-2022

and the confirmation:

                  Environment in Indonesia

                   Is Ravaging the Environment


Note:  Be sure to search the Climate Change page for more stories on ESG.

01-07-2024 - Electric Vehicle Sales Slump to Just a Quarter of New Purchases

12-26-2023 - California Pizza Hut operators laying off all delivery drivers in light of

                     mandatory $20 minimum wage <Told you so!>

12-25-2023 - U.S. national debt continues to soar in 2023; per-taxpayer burden reaches


12-19-2023 - The wealthiest Californians are fleeing the state. Why that's very bad news

                     for the economy

09-08-2023 - Why America's deficit doubled to $2 trillion in one year

09-08-2023 - Biden to Cancel Alaska Oil, Gas Leases Issued Under Trump

09-06-2023 - Biden administration cancels remaining oil and gas leases in Alaska's Arctic


09-04-2023 - Bidenomics Isn't Working: Vast Majority of Americans Say Economy Is Bad

                     And Getting Worse <Don't forget Trump predicted this in 2020.>

08-31-2023 - VIDEO: Why have US credit card delinquencies surged?

08-31-2023 - 61% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck — inflation is still

                     squeezing budgets

08-31-2023 - Rep. AOC (D-NY & Squad Member) promotes message calling inflation

                        corporate 'propaganda' to hide 'greedy shareholders'

08-30-2023 - Economist slams Biden for 'utterly appalling' claim about Bidenomics: 'A


08-30-2023 - VIDEO: Florida home insurance is a 'huge problem,' carriers must come back

08-29-2023 - Bidenomics: Food prices expected to rise through 2024

08-25-2023 - U.S. Consumers Are Showing Signs of Stress, Retailers Say

08-23-2023 - Macy's sounds the alarm on credit card delinquencies

08-23-2023 - Democrat-Run NYC Loses $1 Trillion as Wall Street Firms Flee

08-22-2023 - Bidenomics is working? Tell that to millions in debt and going hungry

08-21-2023 - Workers now demanding nearly $80K to start new job

08-21-2023 - New York, California each lost $1T in assets as financial firms fled south

08-21-2023 - Gen Xers face alarming retirement shortfall, study says

08-20-2023 - US Department of Commerce slaps tariffs on solar companies for dodging

                     China duties

08-20-2023 - As inflation punishes Americans, Joe Biden lies and lies

08-20-2023 - Raising financial awareness: Americans still not saving enough

​08-04-2023 - More than half of Gen Xers stopped saving for retirement, here's why:


08-03-2023 - Bud Light Boycott: Anheuser-Busch Sales Collapse Even More

08-03-2023 - DEI positions dwindling amid company layoffs, Republican political

                     pressure, and court decision

08-02-2023 - Poll: Most Say Paycheck Failing to Keep Up with Inflation in ‘Struggling’


08-02-2023 - Breitbart Business Digest: Why the U.S. Credit Downgrade Doesn’t Matter

08-01-2023 - Bud Light Distributers Give Up Trying to Win Back Customers, Cut 360

                        Jobs <That'll teach their woke asses!!!>

07-31-2023 - Green Cars, Red Ink: Ford Set to Lose $4.5 Billion on Electric Vehicles This


07-30-2023 - Americans without college degrees earned more when immigration dipped

                     under Trump, study found

07-27-2023 - San Francisco Mayor Desperate: We Should 'Get Rid of Most Taxes' to Attract

                     Businesses <Uh, I think it's just a little late to have a conservative economic policy


07-26-2023 - Watch: Famous Rapper Ice Cube Takes Tucker Carlson on a Tour of L.A.

                     Showing Him How Politicians Failed Black Americans <Note:  Most of those

                politicians are Democrats, of course.>

07-22-2023 - Investors: Biden's Mass Migration Inflates Americans' Housing Costs

07-10-2023 - JF'nK (John Forbes Kerry): Fiduciary Responsibility of Money Managers ‘Not

                     to Lose’ Money Is Hurting Climate Transition Investment

05-30-2023 - Chick-fil-A’s Woke Turn Signals Larger DEI Problem in Corporate America

05-30-2023 - Chick-fil-A hires VP of diversity, equity, inclusion; Twitter says it is going


05-30-2023 - Chick-Fil-A Goes Woke? Applies For Membership With Diversity, Equity, And

                     Inclusion (DEI) Board [VIDEO]

05-30-2023 - Grassroots Boycotts Against Woke Corporations Are Working

05-30-2023 - Virginia eliminates degree requirements for most state jobs

05-28-2023 - State Farm Ends Insurance Coverage for California Residents

05-28-2023 - Old Navy to Close Another Downtown San Francisco Location, Joining Retail


05-25-2023 - Target market value drops $9 billion in a week amid boycott over pride


05-24-2023 - Target removes items from designer who sells Satan merchandise

05-24-2023 - Corporate Queering: Target Children's Apparel Advertised as 'Thoughtfully

                     Fit' for Multiple 'Gender Expressions'

05-24-2023 - CA Gov. Gavin The Newsom (D) Accuses Target CEO of ‘Selling Out LGBTQ+

                     Community’ by Removing Pride Items from Satanist Designer

​05-24-2023 - AP News: Target pulls some LGBTQ+ merchandise from stores ahead of June

                         Pride month after threats to workers

05-24-2023 - Major League Baseball, Budweiser, Disney, and Target Hate You

05-24-2023 - "Terrified Of A Bud Light Situation": Target Pulls Pride Month Products In

                     Certain Stores Amid Boycott Calls

05-24-2023 - Conservative Shareholders Demand Blackrock Account For Racist Policies

05-23-2023 - Report: Some Target Stores Have Moved 'Pride' Section amid Backlash

05-23-2023 - Sen. Tom Cotton Blasts Target over Partnering with Satanist to Push Trans


​​05-22-2023 - Target Partners with Satanist Designer Abprallen for Gay Pride Collection

05-18-2023 - Report: Bidenflation Forces Shoppers to Buy Groceries at Walmart

05-18-2023 - Corporate Queering: Target Selling "Pride" Clothes for Children

05-18-2023 - Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) blasts wasteful spending, government 'fumbles':

                     Million-dollar wine trails and Ecuador drag shows  <See the Politics & Media page

                for a full list of Federal Fumbles and Festivus reports on government waste.>

​05-12-2023 -  To Keep Gas Prices Soaring, Biden Kills Alaska, Gulf Drilling Leases

05-10-2023 - Disney+ Subscriptions Plummet by 4 Million as Studio Keeps Pushing

                     Transgender, Drag Queen Content

05-08-2023 - U.S. Census: Nearly half of baby boomers have no retirement savings

05-03-2023 - WaPo Fact Checker Torpedoes Bogus Biden Debt Limit Talking Points

                     In Just The Past Week, The Washington Post’s Fact Checker Has Agreed That

                     President Biden’s Claims Relating To The History Of The Debt Limit, The

                     House-Passed Debt Limit Bill, And His Own Record On The Deficit Are

                     Untrue  <Ooooo, BURN!!!>

04-29-2023 - Iowa Taxpayers Shouldn’t Be at Mercy of Woke Investment Managers

04-27-2023 - Poll: Most Voters Are Unfamiliar with Left-Wing Environmental, Social, and

                        Governance (ESG) Policies

04-26-2023 - What I Think is Going on with China - Ray Dalio

04-21-2023 - WINNING!  U.S. ESG Funds Shrink at Fastest Pace Since 2015

04-21-2023 - Why We Love Poverty-America's Addiction to Poverty - Matthew Desmond 

04-20-2023 - Biden Rule Forces Good-Credit Homebuyers to Subsidize Loans to

              Higher-Risk Borrowers

04-18-2023 - Biden to hike payments for good-credit homebuyers to subsidize high-

              risk mortgages <I smell yet another well-deserved SCOTUS slap down about to


04-14-2023 - These States Have Taken Action Against Woke ESG in 2023

03-29-2023 - Is Chick-fil-A Woke?

03-29-2023 - How many Americans live paycheck to paycheck in 2023?

03-29-2023 - West Virginia Signs Landmark Anti-ESG Proxy Reform Bill into Law

03-22-2023 - Biden, Newsom Decline to Defend ESG, Even in Celebrating Veto of ESG


03-21-2023 - Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) SLAMS Biden For Vetoing Bipartisan Anti-ESG Bill

                        In Furtherance Of 'Radical Agenda'

03-20-2023 - It’s On! Dem Senator Manchin (WV) Slams Biden for Using First Veto to

                     Enforce ‘Radical Social and Environmental Agenda’ Veto of Anti-ESG Bill Puts

                     ‘Radical Policy’ Above American Security, Prosperity

03-16-2023 - 19 ‘Freedom-Loving States’ Form Anti-ESG Alliance

03-16-2023 - Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) Leads 18 States in Alliance Fighting Biden's ESG
                        <Big Ronnie is punishing Paw Paw for his insolence!!!>

03-15-2023 - Businesses Expect Joe Biden's Inflation to Significantly Rise

03-15-2023 - BlackRock Chief Larry Fink's Latest Letter Shies Away from ESG

03-14-2023 - Core Consumer Inflation Accelerates, Pushed Up By Rising Housing Costs

03-13-2023 - SVB's (Silicon Valley Bank's) ESG: Hiring and Supplier Quotas Based on

                        Ethnicity, Race, Sex

​​03-13-2023 - Uber, Lyft Score Victory as California Court Affirms Right to Treat Drivers as

                     Contractors <Take that you Sacramento commie bastards!>

03-11-2023 - Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary Rips Socialist AOC and Her America Last Policies:

                     She is ‘Great at Killing Jobs’ (VIDEO)

03-11-2023 - ESG Is ‘Sold on a False Promise’: NYU Professor Damodaran

03-11-2023 - The ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’ Onslaught

03-09-2023 - Consumer Advocacy Group Releases Report Warning Congress About

                        Dangers of ESG Investing

03-09-2023 - Renewables Aren't Renewable

03-06-2023 - The Woke Wrecking Machine

​03-03-2023 - Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary: NY Democrat Congresswoman AOC 'Great at

​                     Killing Jobs' -- Many Blue States 'Uninvestable'

​03-01-2023 - Biden Breaks Out Veto Pen for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG),

                        Soft on Crime Bills

03-01-2023 - Dozens of DEMOCRATS side with Republicans to pass measure that would

                     force Biden administration to audit executive orders to prevent more

                     inflation and 'wasteful spending''

02-27-2023 - House to Vote on Resolution to Scrap Biden ESG Rule

02-23-2023 - Americans are saving less and being buried in credit card debt <Thank you


02-13-2023 - Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) Calls for Legislation to End ESG Banking

02-08-2023 - Heritage Action, Hoosier Conservative Call on Lawmakers to Pass Anti-ESG                            Bill

02-07-2023 - NY Times: Biden's Migration Helps Cut Wages

02-07-2023 - Fact Check: Yes, American Jobs Have Left the U.S. -- with Biden's Support
02-07-2023 - Fact Check: Biden Says Take Home Pay Is Up

02-07-2023 - Fact Check: Biden Claims He Created as Many Jobs in 2 Years as Any

                        President Created in 4

02-07-2022 - Fact Check: Biden Claims Credit for a Manufacturing 'Boom' That's Already


02-07-2023 - Fact Check: Joe Biden Claims He Cut the Deficit
02-07-2023 - Fact Check: Yes, American Jobs Have Left the U.S. -- with Biden's Support

02-06-2023 - State Freedom Caucuses Renew Push for Attorneys General to Leave

                         National Association over Woke ESG Agenda

02-01-2023 - 49 Senate Republicans, Joe Manchin Move to Scrap Biden ESG Retirement

​                     Rule

01-31-2023 - ESG Is ‘Terrifying,’ ‘Problematic’ Concept in Investing. Author and

                     Entrepreneur & Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy Explains Why

01-30-2023 - Senior Biden Official Stood To Profit From Canceling Alaska Oil Leases,

                     Watchdog Charges

01-26-2023 - Kansas AG Kris Kobach Demands Answers from National Association of

                     Attorneys General on ESG Investment

01-25-2023 - Leftist Elites Have a New Woke Weapon Aimed at Your Family: ESG

01-23-2023 - 21 Attorneys General Pressure Advisory Firms to Dump ESG Rules, Alleging


01-23-2023 - Sen. Katie Britt (R-AL) Exposes ESG Agenda of Biden Pentagon Pick with First


01-18-2023 - ESG Investing a Key Factor in 'Greenflation'

01-16-2023 - Meet the Green Energy Group Behind the Study That's Driving Calls To

                     Ban Gas Stoves

12-23-2022 - Rand Paul’s (R-OK) ‘Festivus Report’ airs $482 billion worth of federal waste

                     grievances  <See the Politics & Media page for a full list of Federal Fumbles and

                Festivus reports on government waste.>

12-10-2022 - House Republicans Launch Investigation into Major Climate Groups

                     Spearheading ESG Policies

12-08-2022 - Activist Investor Calls for BlackRock CEO to Step Down over ESG Hypocrisy

12-08-2022 - Arizona Treasurer Divests from BlackRock over Political Activism, ESG


12-02-2022 - West Virginia, Louisiana State Treasurers Criticize Joe Biden Rule Allowing

                     Companies to Prioritize ESG Initiatives for Retirement Plans

12-01-2022 - Florida Pulls $2 Billion from BlackRock in Largest Anti-ESG Divestment

11-28-2022 - Populist House Republicans Rejecting Woke Corporations over ESG

11-27-2022 - Labor Department approves investing pensions in 'woke' ESG-only funds

11-15-2022 - Consumers Research Launches Group to Combat ESG Energy Activism

11-14-2022 - Tom Emmer (R-MN) Pushes ESG LGBTQ Agenda as He Vies for House

                     Majority Whip

10-26-2022 - The Economic Disaster of the Pandemic Response - Hillsdale Imprimus 

10-26-2022 - Putin Is Onto Us (Energy Wars)

10-26-2022 - Pence: Pushing Back Against ESG 'Has Got to Be of Paramount Importance'

                     for Republicans

​10-24-2022 - Arkansas A.G.: ESG Is Just Banks Trying to Meet Biden's Policy Goals

​10-19-2022 - 19 Attorneys General Announce Investigation into Six Wall Street Firms

                        over ESG Investing

​10-12-2022 - Public, Private Pensions Set to Collide Over Woke ESG Investing

10-06-2022 - Louisiana to Divest from BlackRock over ESG Green Energy Activism

10-06-2022 - OPEC Can’t Stop Humiliating Joe Biden - Oil cartel cuts two million barrels of

                     production and defies US pressure.

10-05-2022 - Bidenomics Sends U.S. National Debt Soaring Past $31T for First Time

10-05-2022 - US Mortgage Rates Rise for Seventh Week to Highest in 16 Years​

09-29-2022 - House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA): ESG Is '100%' an Antitrust Violation

                        and GOP Majority Will Pursue That

09-27-2022 - Senate Banking Chair Brown (D-OH): I Support ESG Efforts that ‘Most Bank

                     CEOs Want’ to Avoid Lending to Those ‘Destroying the Environment’

09-25-2022 - House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA): Democrat ESG Energy Crisis ‘Just

                        Wrong’; Republicans to Lower Gas Prices

09-07-2022 - Finnish economist: “I am telling you people that the situation in Europe is

                     much worse than many understand”

​09-06-2022 - LISTEN:  President's Daily Brief: The Attrition War in Ukraine and How It Will

                        Impact Europe and Our Economy 

09-05-2022  -'Socialism in sheep's clothing': Pro-market leaders combat ESG, liberal

                         capture of corporate America

09-01-2022 - Single Family Home Construction Spending Plunges 4%

08-30-2022 - Fighting Back Against ESG

08-30-2022 - U.S. States Show How to Fight 'Woke' Wolves of Wall Street

08-26-2022 - Thanks to Woke, World’s 2nd Largest Theater Chain Talks Bankruptcy

08-24-2022 - Texas Bans BlackRock and Other Financial Firms Over ESG Energy Crisis

08-15-2022 - States Fight Back Against 'Woke ESG Investing'

08-02-2022 - Credit Card Debt Jumps Most in 20 Years as Inflation Soars

07-29-2022 - West Virginia Bans Five Wall Street Firms from State Contracts over ESG

                     Climate Activism

​​07-28-2022 - Mike Pence Spars with Leaders of ESG Movement

07-05-2022 - CNN’s Romans: Biden Blaming Putin, Refiners, and Gas Stations for High Gas

                     Prices Is Contradictory

07-04-2022 - Oil Group Mocks Biden’s Price Gouging Accusations: ‘Intern Who Posted This

                     Tweet’ Should Take ‘Econ 101’

06-23-2022 - 23 States Demand the SEC Put Investors First, Not ESG Scores

06-18-2022 - Biden's SEC Chair Plans Overhaul of Equity Markets, Pushes ESG

06-16-2022 - VIDEO:  Biden fact-checked over attack on oil companies

06-16-2022 - Biden's Still Fighting in Court to Keep Ban on Oil and Gas Leases

06-08-2022 - Why Corporate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Enforcement Is

                     Self-Reinforcing Scam

06-06-2022 - How Biden Helps Struggling Americans: Let's Cancel 2000 Existing Oil and

                     Gas Leases

06-03-2022 - ESG Energy Crisis: U.S. Rig Count Flat as Oil Climbs to $120 a Barrel and Gas

                     Hits Record High

05-29-2022 - Republicans launch counteroffensive against latest woke corporate

                        push: ESG investing

05-27-2022 - Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) Bill Would Block Federal Retirement Plans from

                     Investing in ESG Climate Scam Funds

05-27-2022 - ESG Energy Crisis: U.S. Rig Count Drops Despite Soaring Oil Prices

​​05-12-2022 - Biden Administration Cancels Three Major Oil Lease Sales in Alaska, Gulf of


​​05-10-2022 - Fact Check: Nine Misleading Claims in President Biden’s Inflation Denial

05-04-2022 - Lithium shortage slams brakes on electric car revolution: Prices of crucial

                     battery element up six-fold since 2017

04-30-2022 - Resumed oil and gas leases on federal land 'leaves a lot to be desired,'

                     industry leader says

04-29-2022 - ESG Energy Crisis: Just 3 Oil Rigs Added This Week

04-29-2022 - GRAINS-Wheat up 43% in three months as tight global supply lifts prices

04-21-2022 - Breitbart Business Digest: ESG Is Cancel Culture for Fossil Fuels

04-21-2022 - Utah Leaders Object to 'Dubious' S&P Woke Climate ESG Activism

03-31-2022 - Biden Nixes Offshore Oil Leases Thru 2023 While Tapping Oil Reserve

03-28-2022 - The Rise of Anti-ESG Shareholder Proposals

03-14-2022 - Violent Crime Forces Amazon to Flee Democrat-Run Downtown Seattle

03-14-2022 - U.S. Average Gas Prices Soar 22% in Two Week to Hit $4.43 Per Gallon

03-09-2022 - Yes, Biden Is To Blame For The Energy Crisis. Here’s Why.

​03-08-2022 - WATCH: Energy Industry Accuses Jen Pasaki of Misleading Americans With

                        'Red Herring' Comment on Oil and Gas Leases

03-04-2022 - VIDEO:  States Fight Back Against ESG Social Credit Scores

03-03-2022 - Bidenflation: Fed Chair Powell Debunks Biden's State of the

                     Union Inflation Claim

02-25-2022 - Russia sanctioned by the world: How world leaders putting the financial

                     thumbscrews on Putin have done nothing to halt his forces rampaging

                     across Ukraine... as India and China refuse to stop trading

02-25-2022 - FLASHBACK 9/19/2018:  A Timeline Of All Russia-Related Sanctions &

                     Counter-Sanctions 2014-2018

02-25-2022 - Bidenflation Pushes Durable Goods Prices Up Most in 47 Years

02-25-2022 - Bidenflation Still Burning: Prices Rising at Fastest Pace Since 1982

02-24-2022 - Bidenflation: New Home Prices Soared and Sales Dropped More Than

                     Expected in January

02-23-2022 - Biden Halts Gas Leases Even as Oil Nears $100

02-21-2022 - Bidenflation Runs Hot Sending Rents Soaring 20% Across the Country

02-21-2022 - Biden administration freezes new oil and gas drilling leases after court rules

                     against key climate tool <Oh yeah, this is just what we need right now. Could this

                joker possibly screw up our economy any more???>

02-21-2022 - Oil Soars After Arab Oil Ministers Turn Biden Down Again, Refusing to Open

                     Oil Taps

02-15-2022 - Bidenflation: Prices Soar Twice as Fast as Expected

02-08-2022 - Biden's First Year Sees Biggest Ever Trade Deficit

02-04-2022 - Joe Biden 'Proud' of Jobs Report While 1% Say Economy Is Excellent

​02-04-2022 - Joe Biden: Americans Getting 'Clobbered' by Inflation, High Food and Gas

                        Prices Under My Administration

02-03-2022 - Bidenflation: Factory Orders Plunge Twice as Much as Expected

02-02-2022 - Biden's Energy Policies 'Taking Care of Putin' More Than Americans

02-03-2022 - Most Americans say their finances are not better off since Biden took office

02-03-2022 - Why are so many Americans leaving their jobs?

02-02-2022 - ‘We got our hopes up’: American families adjust to life without the

                      expanded child tax credit <As the Gunny used to tell us, "If you can't feed 'em,

                don't breed 'em, TURDS!">  Debunking Democrat Myths About the Child Tax


02-01-2022 - Food stamps: February 2022 SNAP benefits - going up

02-01-2022 - Why A Record Number of Americans Quit Their Jobs Last Year

​01-31-2022 - Inflation Expectations Surge Near Record Highs in Dallas Fed Survey

01-28-2022 - Bidenflation: Fed's Favorite Inflation Measure Soared 5.8% in 2021, Worst in

                     39 Years

01-28-2022 - Key inflation gauge surges 5.8% in December, fastest pace in four decades

​01-27-2022 - Inflation Expectations Jump to Record High in Kansas City Fed

                        Manufacturing Survey

01-25-2022 - Poll: 72 Percent Say 2022 Economy Will Hurt or Plateau Family Finances

01-25-2022 - Here’s how to fight inflation without destroying the American worker

01-24-2022 - Poll: Majority of Voters Think Economy Is Unfair Under Biden

01-24-2022 - Biden Energy Policy - The Congressional HEAT Report

01-20-2022 - The Biden Administration’s Energy and Climate Policies in Its First Year

01-20-2022 - Bidenflation: Philly Fed Survey Shows Highest Expected Cost Inflation Since


01-19-2022 - Bidenflation: Oil Soars to 8-Year High, Pumping Gas Prices Toward Recent


01-18-2022 - Oil Prices Expected To Soar In 2022

01-17-2022 - Report: Black Americans Fleeing Democrat-Controlled New York, California

01-17-2022 - McDonald's To Slash Hours By 10% Due To Labor Shortage

01-14-2022 - Consumer Sentiment Drops as Bidenflation Crushes Expectations

01-14-2022 - Bidenflation Stole Christmas: December Retail Sales Crash as High Prices and

                     Shortages Weigh on Consumers

01-13-2022 - Oil and natural gas industry pins high energy costs on Biden policies

01-13-2022 - Bidenflation: Producer Price Index Jumps a Full Year Record High 9.7%

01-12-2022 - Bidenflation Crushed Workers in 2021: Three Worst Annual Real Wage

                     Contractions on Record

01-12-2022 - Bidenflation: New Car Prices Up 12%, New Trucks Up 11.6%, Used Cars Up


​01-12-2022 - Bidenflation: Consumer Prices Surge 7%, Worst Since 1982

01-10-2022 - The Great Quarantine Will Sideline Millions of American Workers and

                     Make Bidenflation Worse

01-07-2022 - Bidenflation: Worker Incomes Fall Further Behind Inflation

01-04-2022 - An All-Time High 4.5 Million People Quit Their Jobs in November as Cheap

                     Labor Bubble Burst Continues

01-04-2022 - New COVID stimulus checks are coming in 2022 to some US workers

01-04-2022 - VIDEO:  New stimulus checks are coming in 2022 to some US workers

                     (Stimulus Check Update)

01-03-2022 - Real Construction Spending is Falling in Age of Bidenflation

12-16-2021 - Why Is US Labor Supply So Low? Goldman Sachs

12-16-2021 - Study: Inflation Will Cost Families $3.5K in 2021, Low-Incomes Hardest

                     Hit <Hey, wait a minute!!  I thought Democrats were supposed to be looking out for

                the "little guy."  I'm sorry, I mean "little person."  Thanks for nuthin', Plugs!>

12-15-2021 - Bidenflation Stole Christmas: Retail Sales Much Lower Than Expected in


12-15-2021 - Bidenflation: Long-Term Inflation Expectations Jump Higher

12-14-2021 - Bidenflation: Producer Price Index Rises by Record 9.6%, Worse Than


12-14-2021 - Brookings:  Labor market exits and entrances are elevated: Who is coming


12-10-2021 - Bidenflation: New Cars and Trucks See Biggest Price Hikes Since 1975, Used

                     Car Prices Up 31%

12-10-2021 - Bidenflation: November Saw Biggest Jump Ever in Restaurant Prices, Fast

                     Food Up Record 7.9%​

​​12-04-2021 - 25 Biden policies raising gas prices and other energy costs

​​12-04-2021 - VIDEO:  The Real Reason People Won't Go Back to Work

12-03-2021 - Bidenflation Concealed an October Decline in Factory Orders

12-03-2021 - Bidenflation And Broken Supply Chains Afflicted The Services Sector in


11-30-2021 - Bidenflation Sends Consumer Confidence Stumbling to 9-Month Low

11-30-2021 - Workers Quit Jobs in Droves to Become Their Own Bosses

11-27-2021 - Biden-Harris Administration to Increase U.S. Oil Production Costs 6.25%

11-26-2021 - Bidenflation Friday: Shoppers Expected to Pay Up to 17% More For Toys,

                     Clothing, TVs, and Other Gifts

11-24-2021 - Bidenflation Blues: Rising Prices Plunge Consumer Sentiment to Decade Low

11-23-2021 - Bidenflation Causes Dollar Tree to Raise Prices by 25 Percent to $1.25

11-23-2021 - Bidenflation Rises Again to Record High in Mid-Atlantic Manufacturing


11-20-2021 - Can a fourth stimulus check payment happen before December 2021?

11-20-2021 - US Inflation: Which Categories Have Been Hit Hardest?

11-20-2021 - Bidenflation: Thanksgiving Dinner Costs Hit Record High, Up 14% From Last


11-20-2021 - In huge blow to Biden (and huge win for Americans), federal judge grants

                     injunction against oil, gas exploration ban on federal lands

11-20-2021 - "No Turning Point Yet" - Soaring Food Inflation To Continue Into 2022:

                        Commodity Expert

11-20-2021 - Full Employment? Ask Young Workers

11-19-2021 - Psaki's "No Economist" Assertion Draws Some Inflation Dissenters

11-17-2021 - Millions of Americans are suddenly “quitting” their jobs. But no, it has

                     nothing to do with the “mandates”, right?

11-17-2021 - New Home Construction Slows And Falls Short of Expectations Amid

                     Shortages and Bidenflation

11-16-2021 - Biden Reportedly Begged China To Release Oil Reserves During Xi Call; Quid

                     Pro Quo?

​11-16-2021 - Bidenflation: Winter Heating Prices Set To Soar Even if Temperatures Stay


11-15-2021 - Bidenflation: Tyson Foods Says It Is Sharply Raising Prices

11-15-2021 - VIDEO: Bidenflation: California Gas Prices Soar to Record High

11-12-2021 - A Record 4.4 Million Americans Quit Their Jobs in September

11-12-2021 - Bidenflation Crushes Consumer Sentiment to Worst Level in a Decade

11-11-2021 - Joe Biden Finally Admits Inflation 'Worrisome,' Three Months After

11-11-2021 - Bidenflation Crushed Real Wages Again in October

11-11-2021 - Bidenflation: Business Inflation Expectations Jump to New High

11-10-2021 - Consumer Prices Soar 6.2%, Fastest Rate of Inflation Since 1990

11-10-2021 - Inflation has taken away all the wage gains for workers and then some

11-09-2021 - Bidenflation: Truck Trailers and Shipping See Record-Breaking Price Hikes

​11-09-2021 - Bidenflation: Producer Prices Soar at Record 8.6% Pace

​11-09-2021 - Bidenflation Rages: Most Expensive Thanksgiving Ever! Turkey Prices Up

                        41%, Home Heating Oil Up 115%, Food Prices Up 10.5%

11-08-2021 - VIDEO:  Supply Shortages & Soaring Prices Sweep Across America As Supply

                     Chains Face Catastrophic Damages!

11-08-2021 - What's behind the push for a fourth stimulus check

11-08-2021 - White House Confirms Biden Effort to Shut Down Another Major Pipeline

11-08-2021 - Report: Joe Biden Considers Closing Second Pipeline as Gas Prices Soar

11-08-2021 - Biden's other setback: OPEC+ ignores his plea for help

10-08-2021 - Economists expected far more Americans would be working again by now

11-07-2021 - Stimulus check update: How likely is a fourth payment in 2021?

11-05-2021 - Stimulus checks update: Here’s who will get payments in 2022

11-05-2021 - 100,450,000: More Than 100 Million Not in Labor Force for 14th Straight

                         Month; No Job, Not Looking

11-05-2021 - Consumer Debt Explodes Higher as Americans Grapple with Bidenflation

11-04-2021 - Bidenflation: Labor Costs Soar Even While Real Worker Pay Crashes

11-02-2021 - Bidenflation Stole Christmas: Holiday Spending Plans Rise By Less Than


11-01-2021 - Bidenflation: Gas Pump Prices Hit 7 Year High

11-01-2021 - Fourth Stimulus Check Update: what's the situation in every state?

​11-01-2021 - WATCH: Biden Admits 'Irony' of Asking OPEC for Oil While Pushing Climate

                     Change Policies

10-31-2021 - Major Restaurant Chains Hike Prices Due To Worker Shortages

10-31-2021 - Stimulus check update: See if you’re eligible to get $7,200 next year

10-27-2021 - Bidenflation: Texas saw highest level of price hikes – ever – according to

                     Dallas Fed survey

10-27-2021 - Bidenflation Hits Disneyland: Price of Admission Spikes as Much as 9 Percent

10-26-2021 - How to Beat Bidenflation: What You Need to Know about Cryptocurrencies &


10-26-2021 - Bidenflation: U.S. Home Prices Jump by Record 19.9%

10-25-2021 - Bidenflation Stole Christmas: Consumer Prices Up, Retail Spending Plans Not

10-25-2021 - Bidenflation 'Deluge': October Saw Highest Level of Price Hikes Ever in Dallas

                        Fed Survey

10-22-2021 - Bidenflation: Bank of America Raises Its 2022 Inflation Forecast as Supply

                        Chain Worsens

10-20-2021 - 6 reasons why Americans aren’t returning to work

​10-19-2021 - Procter & Gamble Raising Prices on Consumer Staples as Shortages

                        and Bidenflation Bite

10-14-2021 - These Out-of-Work Americans Tell Us Job Market Turmoil Is Anything But

                     Transitory <Hmmm, the jobs are obviously out there, it just seems that everyone has

                some kind of excuse not to take them.>

10-14-2021 - Bidenflation: Supply Chain Inflation Rockets to 23.9%, Final Demand at

                     Record 8.6%

10-14-2021 - Bidenflation Stole Christmas: Prices Soar on Toys, Bikes, Electronics, Sports

                     Equipment, and Pets

10-14-2021 - It’s Happening: Global Elites Plotting to Destroy Americans’ Personal

                     Wealth, ESG corporate ratings

10-13-2021 - More than half of San Francisco Bay Area residents plan to leave

                        permanently: poll

10-13-2021 - Bidenflation Shock: Kids Shoe Prices Up 11.9%

10-11-2021 - ​Biden Again Begs OPEC+ To Ramp-Up Oil Production

​10-01-2021 - Bidenflation Unexpectedly Accelerated in August to Fastest Pace in Over 30


09-29-2021 - What Is Wrong With Corporate Wokeism on Political Causes

09-26-2021 - Here’s The List Of 317 Wind Energy Rejections The Sierra Club Doesn’t Want

                     You To See

​​09-24-2021 - Bidenflation: New Home Prices Up 20% While Sales Are Down 24.3%

09-22-2021 - Existing Home Sales Fall as Bidenflation Pushes First Time Buyers Out of


09-17-2021 - VIDEO:  Employment Crisis - Why is everyone QUITTING?

09-15-2021 - Bidenflation Cranks Up to New Record High in Empire State Manufacturing


09-14-2021 - Bidenflation: U.S. Consumers Face Steeply Higher Prices on Beef, Bacon,

                     Chicken, Fish, and Even Salad Dressing

09-13-2021 - “Get A Job” Trending on Twitter Unemployment Benefits Expire for Millions

                     of Americans

09-10-2021 - Producer Prices Soar a Record 8.3% as Bidenflation Runs Hotter Than


09-08-2021 - Supply Disruptions and Bidenflation Afflict Economy, Fed's Beige Book Says

09-08-2021 - How many Americans live paycheck to paycheck in 2021?

09-06-2021 - Labor Day: Real Wages Are Falling in the Biden Economy

09-04-2021 - A Softening Economy Will Be Buffeted By Stimulus Withdrawal And Delta

                     Variant Surge

09-02-2021 - Productivity Growth Revised Down as Bidenflation Devoured Compensation


09-01-2021 - Bidenflation Hits U.S. Construction: America Spent More to Build Fewer

                        Houses in July

​08-31-2021 - Consumer Confidence Tanks on Delta Variant and Bidenflation

08-27-2021 - Bidenflation: Consumer Prices Rise at Fastest Pace in 30 Years

08-26-2021 - Inflation Hits Record High in Kansas City Fed Manufacturing Index

08-24-2021 - Bidenflation: Richmond Fed Manufacturing Index Crashes While Prices Hit

                        Record High

08-19-2021 - Sixty-one percent of households owed no federal income taxes last year:


08-18-2021 - Job Openings are at a Record High. Why Aren’t People Going Back to Work?

08-18-2021 - 61% of Americans paid no federal income taxes in 2020, Tax Policy Center


08-17-2021 - Bidenflation: Inflation and Shortages Plunge Homebuilder Confidence to

                        Lowest Level in 13 Months

08-16-2021 - Report: OPEC Snubs Biden, Rejects Plea for More Oil

08-14-2021 - Opinion: Many Americans aren’t going back to work, but it’s not for the

                     reason you might expect

08-13-2021 - Biden begging OPEC for oil after nixing the Keystone Pipeline is a slap in the

                        face for US workers & proof of his ineptitude

​08-12-2021 - Bidenflation: Household Goods Inflation Hits Highest Since 1980

08-12-2021 - U.S. Held Hostage by OPEC Because of Joe Biden's Policies

​08-12-2021 - Biden Admin Begs OPEC to Produce More Oil – After Shutting Down the US

                        Oil Industry

08-11-2021 - After Destroying American Energy Production, Biden Begs OPEC to Pump

                        More Oil

08-11-2021 - Biden 'inflation tax' erases gains in workers' pay, as Democrats' own

                     economists admit fears

08-11-2021 - White House Blames OPEC for Energy Prices Joe Biden Made Higher

08-11-2021 - Bidenflation Stays High with Prices Jumping 5.4%

08-10-2021 - Bidenflation: Real Hourly Pay Suffers One of the Worst Collapses Ever

08-02-2021 - Bidenflation: Soaring Costs Bulldoze Gains in Home Construction Spending

08-09-2021 - Farmers cry foul over Biden’s inheritance tax proposal - eliminates "step-

                     up basis" for heirs

08-09-2021 - Bidenflation: Older Americans Expect Far Higher Prices Than Younger


​08-05-2021 - The Mystery of the Missing Workers, Explained

08-04-2021 - Bidenflation Still Burning White Hot Throughout Services Sector

08-03-2021 - Carney: Bidenflation Concealed Falling Factory Orders in June

​07-26-2021 - Bidenflation: New Home Sales Unexpectedly Plunge 6.6%

07-22-2021 - Bidenflation: Sales of Million Dollar Homes Up 147%, Median Home Price Hits

                        Record High

07-16-2021 - #Bidenflation: Cost of Gas, Used Cars Up 45%, Car Rentals 88%

07-13-2021 - Inflation surges at fastest rate in 13 years hitting 5.4% in June with cost of

                        gas rocketing 45% and everyday items like bacon, milk and oranges up 8%

                        compared to last year

07-10-2021 - North Dakota Gov.: Biden Oil and Gas Lease Halt Has Already Cost over $100

                     Million in Lost Revenue, Could Cost Billions if It Continues

07-08-2021 - Biden begs OPEC to increase oil as he shuts down U.S. production — U.S. oil

                        imports from Russia hit 11 year high - Biden Puts OPEC & Russia First, US Oil

                        Industry Last

07-04-2021 - Stimulus update: Is a 4th stimulus check coming in 2021?

07-01-2021 - 40% of San Francisco residents plan to leave due to quality of life: Poll

06-21-2021 - US Census:  Why Did Labor Force Participation Rate Decline When the

                        Economy Was Good?  Aging Boomers Solve a Labor Market Puzzle

​06-14-2021 - Why aren't more American women and men in the labor force?

06-11-2021 - Al Gore Lobbies Joe Biden to Kill Another Pipeline; Spend Billions on Green

                         New Deal

​06-10-2021 - Thanks To Bidenflation Americans Are Now 5% Poorer

06-02-2021 - OPEC Meeting Hints More Pain At The Pump As Gas Inches To $6 Per Gallon

                         In Parts Of USA #Bidenflation

06-02-2021 - AK Gov. Dunleavy: Biden Suspension of Arctic Oil Leases 'Irrational'

06-01-2021 - Report: Biden to Cancel Oil, Gas Leases in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

                        (ANWR), Despite High Gas Prices

06-01-2021 - WATCH:  Why There are Now So Many Shortages (It's Not COVID)

06-01-2021 - "An Absolute Shocker": Core CPI To Hit 4% In Two Weeks?

06-01-2021 - US Manufacturing Surveys Scream Stagflation As "Expectations Have


06-01-2021 - World Stocks Hit Record As US Futures Jump, Oil Spikes Above $70

06-01-2021 - Fed's Liquidity Bomb Pushes Key Benchmark Rate Closer To Zero

05-31-2021 - The Worst-Kept Secret in America: High Inflation Is Back

05-31-2021 - Here Is The Most Important Number In The Biden Budget

05-31-2021 - Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger Says Semi Shortage Could Last "A Couple Years"

05-28-2021 - 'Much Less Than Meets The Eye' - Biden Officially Unveils Budget With

                     Retroactive Capital Gains Tax Hike

05-20-2021 - Jen Pasaki Gets Destroyed Over Biden's Pipeline Hypocrisy

05-20-2021 - Biden Giving Russian Gas Pipeline A Pass After Killing American Keystone

                     XL Pipeline  <The hypocrisy is staggering!>

04-16-2021 - 4 things that might explain the labor shortage hitting the reopening

                        American economy

04-14-2021 - Pew: U.S. labor market inches back from the COVID-19 shock, but recovery

                     is far from complete

04-05-2021 - Glenn Beck: Here's why MAJOR companies are going all-out woke over

                     Georgia's voting laws, ESG Exposed!

04-04-2021 - What I Wouldn’t Give for a Shave That Isn’t Woke

​​03-29-2021 - Success, Not Corporate Wokeness, Elevates the Human Condition

03-11-2021 - Fact Check: About Those Viral 'Trump vs. Biden' Economic Charts...

03-05-2021 - How new ESG ‘credit scores’ could affect EVERY aspect of your life

02-19-2021 - School Officials to Biden: Banning Oil, Gas Leasing on Federal Land Harms

                     Education Funding

01-28-2021 - Biden Opens New Fronts In His War On U.S. Oil And Gas

01-27-2021 - Lawsuit Filed on Biden’s Public Land Leasing Ban: $33.5B GDP Loss​
​01-27-2021 - Joe Biden to Ban New Fracking Leases on Federal Lands Despite Promise Not


01-27-2021 - Biden halts oil and gas leasing on federal land

01-20-2021 - 12 Woke Companies to Avoid

05-15-2020 - GDP could decline by 42% in the second quarter, according to the Atlanta


05-08-2020 - Record 103,415,000 Not in Labor Force; Participation Rate Sinks to 47-Year


01-13-2020 - ​40% of Older Americans Rely Solely on Social Security for Retirement Income

11-27-2019 - 49 Conservative Leaders Urge Chick-Fil-A to 'Reverse Course' on Charities

11-26-2019 - Cowardice and Capitulation: The Shocking Things Chick-fil-A Funds

08-30-2019 - The Poorest 20% of Americans Are Richer on Average Than Most European


08-26-2019 - The Poorest 20% of Americans Are Richer on Average Than Most Nations of


08-23-2019 - Here's how many Americans are struggling to pay their credit card balance

                     in full

04-24-2019 - THESE Are the Most Telling Failures of Socialism - Heritage Fdn

​01-30-2019 - Much Has Changed for the Better Since 2016 -- Not That Trump Will Get


12-14-2018 - Nearly 156 People Leave Chicago Daily: Demographic Trends

09-07-2016 - Five Myths about Economic Inequality in America, Cato Institute

09-06-2013 - U.S. Labor Participation Rate at Lowest Level Since the 1970s

                                  Crashing the Grid