Services for Seniors

This page was updated on June 30, 2019

Life has become increasingly more complicated and difficult.  You’ve worked hard all your life and now yours shouldn’t be.  Let me assist you with:

  • Familiarization with new electronics
  • Interfacing with service providers on your behalf
  • Paying bills
  • Basic computer and Internet instruction/familiarization
  • Internet research
  • Errands
  • Letter writing/e-mailing
  • Mail pick-up/package shipping
  • Appointment setting
  • Assessing senior care/residential living options
  • Welfare visits/checks
  • Professional estate management (see below)* 

Seniors, have you heard about the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office TRIAD program?  We are very fortunate to have this program available to us.  Please see the Oklahoma County TRIAD page on this website for more information about the program and upcoming events.  

See the Helpful Info & Links page under the Services and Resources for Seniors section for links to companies that offer helpful and innovative products.  Also see The Savvy Senior website for other great resources.

Due to the mobility of our society, it is becoming more common for seniors not to have any of their children or close relatives in the immediate area who can assist them if the need arises, especially in the event of a health emergency and or if they have to transition to a long term care community.

If for whatever reasons you are unable to fully or partially assist with managing a loved one's affairs,  I can help you with the following tasks, among others:

  • Interfacing with medical and other care providers and professionals​
  • Arranging for transportation to medical and other appointments and accompanying them
  • Visits to the relative(s)
  • Taking them special meals, personal hygiene items, clothing, etc.
  • Managing a home/household/property
  • Paying bills, mail management
  • Arranging for estate sales and auctions
  • Provide frequent verbal and written reports to relatives
  • Other customized services as needed

You can rest assured that your loved one's affairs are safely and securely in the hands of an experienced Oklahoma state-licensed real estate agent and Council on Law Enforcement, Education and Training (CLEET)-licensed Private Investigator and Security Officer whose background has been thoroughly vetted.



Be sure to see my special 49-page report, Long-Term Care from the Inside Out on the Publications page for more information.

Our society is aging and caring for the elderly and especially those with dementia-related issues is the elephant in the room and the 800-pound gorilla on the back of the world that almost no one wants to talk about until they are literally forced to confront it.   The costs for this care are staggering and it is estimated that 40% of baby boomers have no retirement savings and 60% have no defined pension plan.  Also, a recent article by CNBC estimated it will be a $1 Trillion disease (globally) by 2018.   Video summary here.  If you haven't priced the cost of a private, long term care facility, you will be shocked.  In Oklahoma, depending on the level of care needed, it can range from a low of $3,000 up to $7,000+ per month...and we're on the low end of the scale!!  Click here to see Genworth's interactive website to help you calculate your state's care costs.

A brief story:  One day, practically out of the blue, some friends "inherited" a relative from another state who had moderate/middle-stage Alzheimer's Disease.  They never had to deal with the long-term care community before and had absolutely no idea where to start and even worse, how to pay for their loved one's care because she had no money of her own.  They contacted me and fortunately I was able to point them in the right direction and they were able to get help, but would you know where to turn if this happened to you or a loved one?  The options for care and funding are numerous and confusing to most and since every situation is unique, I will just touch on the major issues here.

Ideally, we should all be discussing this potential inevitability with our loved ones and planning for emergencies and the need for long term care is one aspect of that planning, either for ourselves or, in many cases, our parents.  When the need arises, the two biggest questions are where do I go for the care and how do I pay for it?  I have found some excellent guides to help you get started, but first, if you find yourself in immediate need, probably the best place to turn is your county's Areawide Aging Agency (they go by various names, but most are similar to this).  They can connect you with the resources you need.  These websites can help you locate the agency in your area:

National Association for Area Agencies on Aging

U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services, Administration for Community Living

Since most people don't have long term care insurance policies and Medicare won't cover fees for long term care facilities, your options are private pay or Medicaid.  For the latter, your Areawide Aging Agency can help connect you with the local government office that will process your application for benefits.  Of course, many people also need legal assistance with wills, powers of attorney, etc., and well all know how expensive that can be.  Fortunately, most communities have no or low-cost legal aid services available to those who qualify.  Again, your Areawide Aging Agency will be able to put you in contact with them.  Also see the legal aid links below.

Here are some guides that you will hopefully find beneficial:

Let's Talk: Starting the Conversation About Health, Legal, Financial and End-of-Life Issues guide

The Conversation Project website

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services - Your Guide to Choosing a Nursing Home or Other Long Term Care

Caring for a Person with Alzheimer's Disease - Your Easy-to-Use Guide from the National Institute on Aging

The Calm Before the Storm - Family Conversations about Disaster Planning, Caregiving, Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia

Medicare's Nursing Home Ratings Guiding Families Through Life Changes 

InsureUOnline Special Section on Long Term Care Insurance

Bank of America's U.S. Trust - Memory & Your Family - Capital Acumen, Spring 2015

Oklahoma Resources:

Areawide Aging Agency Services Summary

OKDHS Guide - Nursing Home or Alternative Care in OK

OKDHS - Medicaid ADvantage Long Term Care Program

Mobile Meals of Oklahoma County

Oklahoma County Senior Nutrition Program

Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma

Legal Aid Services of OK - Senior Law Project

Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma
Legal Aid OK


Mercy Hospital Community Outreach newsletter - May-July, 2016

Mercy Hospital Care for Caregivers newsletter - May-August, 2016


Please check back as I continue to update this section and provide you with additional resources.  Also please see my Helpful Info & Links page under the Services and Resources for Seniors subsection for related links.   And if you're concerned about fraud and crime affecting the senior community, please see my unofficial Oklahoma County TRIAD page and get involved!