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​​​​You can't make up this kind of stupidity! Cities and states so bad with such inept leadership, intrusive laws, hyper-regulation, confiscatory taxes and outright contempt for general order and law enforcement that they deserve their own web page....so their liberal ideologies can be exposed and don't infect the rest of the country! And by the way, if you're one of the MILLIONS of Blue State refugees escaping and moving to Red States, welcome, but please check your liberal/socialist/communist ideologies at the border - don't bring here what you left behind and mess up our freedoms.  Thank you very much!!!!  The bigger question here is why do you geniuses in these blue areas keep voting for these inept idiots and their misguided policies??? You are your own worst enemies!!  Ya' know, there's a reason they're called "libtards."  Think about it!!!

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                     around' - 8-22-2023



06-27-2024 - Sanctuary State New York: Turkish Migrant Accused of Raping 15-Year-Old

                     Girl After Crossing Biden's Wide Open Border Last Year

FLASHBACK:  Bottom 5 States in (Liberal) Fiscal Condition: New Jersey, Connecticut,

                     Illinois, Massachusetts, California

12-27-2023 - The ‘Great Sort’ draws transplants pushing Florida and Other States to the

                        right, experts say

12-26-2023 - California Pizza Hut operators laying off all delivery drivers in light of

                     mandatory $20 minimum wage  <Told you so!>

12-21-2023 - Young Americans packing their bags: Gen Z heading to Texas, fleeing states

                     like California for better living

12-20-2023 - Blue States Lose Population, Red States Gain Population

12-19-2023 - The wealthiest Californians are fleeing the state. Why that's very bad news

                        for the economy

12-14-2023 - Fairfax County, VA School Board Member Sworn in on ‘Banned’ Explicit

                     LGBTQ+ Books <Well, now, isn't that special.>

12-11-2023 - Christopher Rufo, CRT Expert: Harvard President Claudine Gay's Ph.D

                     Dissertation Violates School's Plagiarism Standards

12-01-2023 - Blue State Blues: Pro-Palestinian Intellectuals Continue to Justify

                     Terror Against Civilians

​11-10-2023 - Blue State Blues: 50 Years of Excuses for Palestinian Terror Are Enough

​11-03-2023 - Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Leaving Democrat-Run Seattle for Miami

09-07-2023 - 11 Percent Tax on Guns, Ammo, Passes in California Senate<And it won't do a

                damn thing to stem the crime wave because gutless prosecutors won't put criminals                    in jail and criminals don't care about laws, especially glaringly stupid laws.>

09-04-2023 - Survey: Washington D.C. Ranked Least Desirable Place to Live <No denying it -

               decades of liberal Democrat rule have turned D.C. into a serious S-H!>

08-31-2023 - Dem Governor activates Massachusetts National Guard to help with migrant


08-31-2023 - Chicago Residents Gather to Oppose New Migrant Shelter at Lake Shore


08-31-2023 - NYC Schools Enroll 20K Migrants, None Required to Show Proof of


08-30-2023 - Democrat-Run Cities See Explosion of Hate Crimes

08-29-2023 - Hundreds of Staten Island Residents Rally against Illegals Being Housed in

                     Shuttered School

08-28-2023 - San Francisco Restaurant Bans Armed Police to Keep Patrons 'Safer'​​

​08-28-2023 - From Washington to California.... massive "violent incidents" spread

                        involving "large groups of juveniles"

08-28-2023 - San Francisco Nordstrom closes after nearly three decades in business amid

                        rise in crime

08-27-2023 - San Francisco restaurant bans armed officers, police union

                     responds <Newsflash to the restaurant owner:  Criminals don't care about your

                stupid little "no guns allowed" door signs and now you've just told all of them that there

                will never be any guns or police in your store, so you are completely defenseless and

                ripe for the pickin',....dumbass!>

08-27-2023 - San Francisco restaurant bans armed officers, police union responds

08-25-2023 - Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) Announces Jobs Program for Illegal Aliens as 380K

                      New Yorkers are Unemployed <Why do you people keep voting for these idiots??>

08-25-2023 - San Francisco Police Union Furious as Bakery Refuses Cop Service Because of


08-24-2023 - Mass Looting Flash Mobs Spread in Southern California, Beyond L.A.

08-23-2023 - Biden Approves Migrant Camp at NYC Airfield Despite Residents' Opposition

08-23-2023 - Democrat-Run NYC Loses $1 Trillion as Wall Street Firms Flee

08-22-2023 - San Francisco hit with ‘tidal wave’ of fentanyl overdose deaths as city on

                     track to set grim record

08-22-2023 - Liberal London Mayor Sadiq Khan Pressured Scientists to Support Anti-Car

                     Scheme as Study Showed Minimal Impact on Pollution: Report

08-22-2023 - Dems Complain About Cost of Illegal Immigration Under Biden: 'Just too

                     Many People'

08-22-2023 - Poll: Overwhelming Majority of New York Voters Call Migrant Flood a Serious


08-21-2023 - New York AG, Ed Chief Push Joint Statement: Schools Can’t Ban ‘Lewdness’

                     from Classrooms

08-21-2023 - NYC Mayor Eric Adams (D) Opens Migrant Mega-Camp, Costing New York

                        Taxpayers $20 Million Every Month

08-21-2023 - New York, California each lost $1T in assets as financial firms fled south

08-21-2023 - Nearly 40 Shot During Weekend in Mayor Brandon Johnson's Democrat-Run,

                     Gun-Controlled Chicago

08-21-2023 - Recovering drug addict blames Democrat-run Philly leaders for 'encouraging'

                     criminals to 'break all the rules' they want

​08-20-2023 - 3 Shot, Killed in Hookah Lounge in Democrat-Run, Gun-Controlled

                        Washington State

08-20-2023 - Gunbattle Leaves 1 Dead, 8 Injured at Block Party in Democrat-Run, Gun-

                     Controlled Philly

08-20-2023 - Multiple Kosher Restaurants Vandalized, Burglarized over Jewish Sabbath in


08-19-2023 - PHOTOS – ‘Biden’s America’: NYC Addicts Seen with Needles Hanging from


08-19-2023 - Democrat Chicago Mayor: We Have 'Humanitarian Crisis' with Migrants,

                        'We're Committed' to Being a Sanctuary City <Suckers!!>

​08-17-2023 - Democrat-Run Washington, DC, Sees 27% Surge in Homicides Year-to-Date

08-15-2023 - Bad News for Left-Wing Hollywood -- Cable Viewership Hit Record Low

08-14-2023 - Report: 44% of Wisconsin schools’ reading curriculum ‘doesn’t work’

08-10-2023 - Democrat-Run NYC Loses 11,900 Public School Kindergarteners <That's okay,

                they needed to make room anyway for the illegal alien children that the taxpayers are

                now on the hook to pay to educate because NY is a sanctuary state.  Yeah, how's that

                workin' out for ya', NY??  Not so good?  Too bad, so sad.  Hey, here's a novel idea -

                STOP ELECTING DUMBOCRATS!!!>

08-10-2023 - Democrat cities overrun by crime especially in Black communities - O'Reilly

08-08-2023 - VIDEO: "I can't take it anymore" why one lifelong Oakland resident is leaving

08-03-2023 - Illinois Dumps More than $23M Taxpayer dollars to Draw Out-of-State

                     Abortion Seekers

08-03-2023 - Dem NYC Councilman: Mayorkas Is 'Lying' and the Border Is Open

08-03-2023 - Sanctuary County Prince George's County, Maryland, Freed Illegal Alien Child

                        Rapist from Prison… Sexually Assaulted Another Woman After Release

08-02-2023 - VIDEO:  San Francisco Landlords may lose everything

08-01-2023 - Chicago PD Finally Make Large Number of Arrests in Teen Mass

                     Rampage <FINALLY!  Good for them!!  Unfortunately, the worthless Soros-fuhded DA,

                Kim Fox, will probably drop charges on all of them.>

07-30-2023 - Chicago Residents Increasingly Turning Against 'Sanctuary' Policies as More

                     Illegals Flood Their Neighborhoods

07-30-2023 - Democrats Beg Biden to Declare Emergency as Migrants Fill NYC Streets

07-30-2023 - Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker Signs Law Allowing DACA Illegals to Police


07-30-2023 - Report: California Loses Nearly $350 Million to Migration Out-of-State

07-29-2023 - 5 Shot Outside Safeway in Gun-Controlled Washington State

07-29-2023 - Violent crime is rising in the nation's capital. DC seeks solutions as

                     Congress keeps close watch

07-29-2023 - Oakland NAACP: People Are Afraid to Walk to Mailboxes Due to Crime

                     Spawned by Defunding Police, Lax Prosecution <Well, imagine that!  You

                geniuses might want to re-think the party you keep voting for if you don't want this

                crap to continue!>

07-27-2023 - San Francisco Mayor Desperate: We Should 'Get Rid of Most Taxes' to Attract

                     Businesses <Uh, I think it's just a little late to have a conservative economic policy


07-26-2023 - Watch: Famous Rapper Ice Cube Takes Tucker Carlson on a Tour of L.A.

                     Showing Him How Politicians Failed Black Americans <Note:  Most of those

                politicians are Democrats, of course.>

07-24-2023 - Carjackings Up 126 Percent in Mayor Brandon Johnson's (D) Chicago

07-23-2023 - Liberals Have Their Own Border Wall; How Rich Blue Suburbs Keep the Poor

                        Away - The Atlantic

07-23-2023 - Mayor Johnson’s (D) Gun-Controlled Chicago: Nearly 30 Shot Friday into

                     Mid-Afternoon Sunday

07-21-2023 - CA Gov. Gavin The Newsom (D) to Spend $4.5M of taxpayer funds on

                        Lawyers for Illegal Aliens

07-21-2023 - Democrat-Run New York City to Pay $13M taxpayer-dollars to 1,380 George

                     Floyd Rioters <Well, if that isn't the most back-asswards decisions I've ever seen, but

                hey, we're talking about liberals here.>

07-20-2023 - Gov. Gavin The Newsom (D-CA) Wants Power to Fine School Districts That

                     Resist LGBTQIA2S Curriculum

07-20-2023 - PHOTO: Walgreens Puts Chains on Freezers in San Francisco Pharmacy

07-18-2023 - Safeway Adds More Anti-Theft Gates at Several San Francisco Stores

07-18-2023 - Illinois Supreme Court Ends Cash Bail in Middle of Crime Wave

07-16-2023 - St. Louis 'Gun Control Mayor' Tishaura Jones (D) Privately Admitted Gun

                     Control Doesn't Work

07-08-2023 - A Third of Seattle Residents Are Considering Leaving the Democrat-Run,

                        Gun-Controlled City, Citing Crime, Costs

06-14-2023 - VIDEO:  Why California Retailers Are Forced To Lock Up Items

06-30-2023 - MI House Passes Bill Making it a HATE CRIME Punishable of Up to $10,000

                     Fine and Imprisonment For Using Wrong Pronouns

06-26-2023 - Critics rail against NYC crackdown on coal, wood-fired ovens: 'Don't mess

                         with a New Yorker's Pizza or Bagels'

06-18-2023 - Violence spirals out of control, sending dozens to the hospital over

                     Juneteenth weekend

06-18-2023 - Juneteenth holiday horror: Five dead and dozens injured as violence erupts

                     across the nation

​06-16-2023 - CA Gov. Newsom (D): Businesses Leaving S.F. Due to Economic Shifts, COVID

                         and Lots of Places Have Issues, But I Did Have to Send in the National Guard

06-14-2023 - (VIDEO) Why Everyone is Leaving California (and Why You Should, Too)

05-30-2023 - Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson (D) Ignores Residents' Opposition, Fills

                     College with 300 Border Crossers

05-28-2023 - Old Navy to Close Another Downtown San Francisco Location, Joining Retail


05-28-2023 - State Farm Ends Insurance Coverage for California Residents

05-26-2023 - ‘Unstoppable tide’: NYC high schools are in complete disarray over rampant

                        marijuana use

05-23-2023 - University Of California Moves Toward Hiring Illegal Immigrants In Violation

                     Of Federal Law

05-23-2023 - Williams-Sonoma Latest Retailer to Leave Downtown San Francisco

05-21-2023 - 21 Shot Friday into Sunday Morning Across Mayor Brandon Johnson's


05-18-2023 - VOTERS’ REMORSE: Blue state survey shows majority want to re-criminalize

                     drugs: 'We made an enormous mistake'

05-18-2023 - Majority of voters in progressive Oregon regret decriminalizing drugs:

                     survey <Ha!  Imagine that!!>

05-16-2023 - Poll finds New Yorkers divided over gas stove ban

05-14-2023 - CA Gov. Gavin The Newsom (D) Backtracks: Open to Cash Reparations for

                     Slavery, After All <Now who do you think is going to pay for all this, you dumbass!>

05-14-2023 - Dave Chappelle Rips Democrat-Controlled San Francisco in Standup Set:

                     'Y'all N*ggas Need a Batman!'

05-10-2023 - Biden Cracks Down on Gas Stoves and is coming for your dishwashers,

                        furnaces and light bulbs

05-08-2023 - U.S. Census: Nearly half of baby boomers have no retirement savings

05-06-2023 - New York Gas Stove Ban – Beginning of the End or End of the Beginning?

05-05-2023 - (VIDEO) How California Destroyed its Middle Class (A Cautionary Tale) -

                      Victor Davis Hanson

05-04-2023 - Anti-Gun Democrat-Run Cities With ‘Progressive’ Prosecutors Have the

                     Highest Homicide Rates

05-03-2023 - New York becomes first state to ban gas stoves and fossil fuels in new

                     buildings to fight climate change <Another good reason to get out of that s---hole


04-28-2023 - Unarmed "Security Ambassadors” Who Replaced Police Officers in Dem-Run

                     City Stand By and Watch While Violent Confrontation Happens Directly In

                     Front of Them [VIDEO]

04-24-2023 - Tourist Town Faces A Huge Uptick In Violent Crime After Embracing Woke


04-17-2023 - Watch: House Hearing on ‘Victims of Violent Crime in Manhattan’ DA Bragg

                     Hammered over Soft-on-Crime Policies

​04-16-2023 - How New York's legal weed (marijuana) is turning workers into stoned


04-16-2023 - California Power Companies Propose to Bill Electricity Partly by Income

04-14-2023 - San Francisco D.A.: We Still Have 'out of Control' Drug Dealing, 'Rampant'

                     Retail Theft, and 'Repeated Violent Attacks' on Asians

04-12-2023 - Report: Two Million Left Major Cities from 2020 to 2022

04-11-2023  Louisville, Kentucky's Democrat Mayor Makes Support for Gun Control

                       Litmus Test for Supporting Police

04-11-2023 - Census Data Shows Mass Exodus from Democrat-Run Cities to Red States

04-11-2023 - Walmart to Close Four Stores in Democrat-Run Chicago

04-07-2023 - 'Enough Is Enough:' Charlie Kirk Blasts Universities that Let Violent Leftists

                     Run Amok

04-07-2023 - Democrat Actress Sara Foster Calls San Francisco a ‘S**thole’ After Cash App

                     Founder’s Murder: ‘Liberal Politicians Are Ruining Cities’

04-05-2023 - Study: Over 72% of NYC Violent Crime Suspects Freed Without Bail Go On to

                     Commit More Crimes

04-05-2023 - Chicago Mayor-Elect Johnson Wants Illegal Aliens to Vote in Local Elections

04-04-2023 - Radical Left-Winger Brandon Johnson Wins Race for Chicago Mayor

03-31-2023 - For Left, Political Ends Justify Violent Means

03-29-2023 - The States Americans are Leaving and Why

03-24-2023 - New York Lawmakers Inch Closer to Banning Gas Stoves

03-15-2023 - Between Red and Blue States, the Divide Drags on

03-15-2023 - Fact-Checkers Busted Again -- Biden Seeks to Eliminate 96% of Gas Stoves

03-14-2023 - Left-Wing Activists Smash Windows, Arrested at UC Davis Charlie Kirk Event

                     Violence Comes After Chancellor Prompted Students to ‘Neutralize and

                     Negate’ TPUSA

03-11-2023 - Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary Rips Socialist AOC and Her America Last Policies:

                     She is ‘Great at Killing Jobs’ (VIDEO)

03-11-2023 - Report: NYPD Officers Stepping Down in 2023 at Record-Breaking Pace amid

                     Crime Wave

03-10-2023 - Report: NYC Mayor Eric Adams (D) Plans to Use Taxpayer Funds to Send

                     Migrants to College

03-10-2023 - The Price of Eliminating Consequences

03-06-2023 - New Yorkers Charged $5 Million Every Day to House, Feed, Care for Illegal


03-06-2023 - Democrat-Run Atlanta’s ‘Cop City’ Hit with Antifa Terrorist Attack

03-05-2023 - Report: Austin Police Officers Quit in Droves, Texas City ‘Hostile Place’ for


03-03-2023 - Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary: NY Democrat Congresswoman AOC 'Great at

                     Killing Jobs' -- Many Blue States 'Uninvestable'

03-02-2023 - Chicago's top cop resigns a day after Lori Lightfoot lost her reelection bid as

                     crime spiraled in the Windy City under their watch: Mayoral contender blasts

                     him for 'failing to make our city safer'

03-02-2023 - MEGHAN MCCAIN: Hey Lightfoot, don't falsely blame racism for your failures

                     - Chicago doesn't need another Jussie Smollett. You lost because the voters

                     demand results... NOT lazy identity politics

03-02-2023 - Crime Pays: NYC Agrees To Shell Out Millions to BLM Protesters - Settlement

                     payment comes as left-wing city council pushes to defund NYPD

03-01-2023 - 'We're a Target for Criminals': Atlanta Buckhead Neighborhood Pushes To

                     Secede From City Over Rampant Crime

03-01-2023 - 'Crime doesn't pay': Republicans slam Lori Lightfoot's reign as Chicago

                      mayor as 'a city drenched in blood from violent crime' - as she becomes

                      first incumbent to lose reelection in the Windy City in FOUR DECADES

02-28-2023 - Ousted Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot who lost reelection bid with just 17%

                      of the vote claims she was treated unfairly because she's a 'black woman in

                      America' – despite overall crime soaring by 52% in a year

02-28-2023 - New Yorkers Moving to Florida for Better Jobs and Lower Taxes, Survey


02-23-2023 - New York's millionaire exodus: 1,453 taxpayers earning more than $25M

                     fled the state in 2021 - 520 fewer than departed during the height of the

                     pandemic, new figures show

02-23-2023 - California Says It Can No Longer Afford Aid for Covid Testing, Vaccinations

                     for Migrants

02-23-2023 - To Increase ‘Equity,’ This California High School Is Eliminating Honors

                     Courses<That's just great - dumb 'em down to the lowest common denominator!>

02-21-2023 - Report: Gavin the Newsom Underestimated California Deficit by $7

                     Billion <And this pinhead wants to be President?  I don't think so, pretzel boy!>

02-21-2023 - Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) predicted massive budget deficit for California.

                     Reality was even worse, analysis finds

02-07-2023 - California exodus is costing the formerly Golden State 'billions' amid 'sharp


02-03-2023 - NYC crime jumped in January —reversing promising trend that closed out


02-01-2023 - Exodus from crime-ridden, high-cost cities like New York, San Francisco and

                     Chicago continues as people continue to flee to more affordable states, like

                     Florida and Texas

01-30-2023 - UP IN SMOKE: California Business Climate So Bad Even Jerry Garcia's

                     Marijuana Company Is Leaving

01-23-2023 - Report: Soros Spends over $40M Getting DAs Elected Across U.S.

01-23-2023 - How George Soros co-opts the media and keeps criticism down

​01-22-2023 - 10 Cities Homeowners are Fleeing (and Where They’re Going)

01-22-2023 - George Soros spent $40M getting lefty district attorneys, officials elected all

                     over the country

01-19-2023 - More New Yorkers moved to Florida in 2022 than any year in history in

                     staggering exodus

01-19-2023 - Justice ‘reforms’ forcing prosecutors to toss out 69% of NYC criminal cases,

                        alarming new study finds

01-16-2023 - Meet the Green Energy Group Behind the Study That's Driving Calls To

                     Ban Gas Stoves

​01-14-2023 - The Feds Are Coming for Your Gas Stove - Here’s How to Fight Back

01-14-2023 - Common Sense Debunks the Left’s Gas Stove Hysteria

​​01-11-2023 - Biden's Weighing Forcing Electric Stoves when Electricity Prices Are


01-11-2023 - White House, consumer safety commission push back against rumors of

                      federal ban on gas stoves

01-10-2023 - Report: Biden Officials Considering Banning Gas Stoves in U.S.

01-10-2023 - Biden admin moves to ban gas stoves, citing clean energy policy, switch will

                        cost U.S. households

01-05-2023 - Illinois Gov. Pritzker Vows to 'Fight' for Stalled Bail Abolishment Law Set to

                     Free Violent Crime Suspects from Jail
01-02-2023 - Blue States California and New York Experience 'Six-Figure' Population


01-01-2023 - Fiscal Policy Institute Study:  Housing Costs, Not Taxes, Drive Migration

                        out of New York On average, savings from lower housing costs are 15 times

                        greater than savings from taxes

​12-28-2022 - Red States Texas, Florida Crush Blue New York, California, & Illinois When It

                     Comes To 2022 Population Growth

12-28-2022 - The California Exodus Is Gathering Steam

12-23-2022 - 300,000 People Moved Out of California from 2021 to 2022, Most of Any


11-28-2022 - At Least 28 Shot Thanksgiving Weekend in Lori Lightfoot's Chicago

11-26-2022 - These Soros-supported prosecutors promised us ‘reform’ but delivered

                        chaos instead

11-23-2022 - 'This is a very serious constitutional crisis in Chicago': Reporter who was

                     banned from press conferences by Mayor Lori Lightfoot SUES her for an

                     'attack on the First Amendment'

11-16-2022 - Shock: California Projects $25 Billion Deficit -- After $98 Billion Surplus

11-09-2022 - Florida bracing for new influx of residents fleeing blue states — including

                     NY — after Dems’ election success

11-04-2022 - NYC’s Subway Police Surge Fails to Dent Transit Crime

10-04-2022 - Four Leftist, Soros-Backed DAs the Media Are Hiding From You

11-04-2022 - GOP Seizes On Bail Reform as Weapon to Bash Democrats on Crime

10-13-2022 - Tudor Dixon: Michigan Students Have ‘Incredibly Low Reading Scores’ Under

                        Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

10-10-2022 - New York City, Los Angeles Among Major U.S. Cities that Failed to Disclose

                     Rise in Violent Crime for 2021

10-05-2022 - Murder Rate Mystery: New FBI Crime Stats Don’t Include NYC, LA

10-02-2022 - California Decriminalizes Jaywalking Due to Alleged Racial Bias

09-25-2022 - No more New York: People are trying to flee the Empire State for warmer

                     destinations. Here’s why.

09-23-2022 - More People Leaving San Francisco Than Any Other Metro Area: Redfin

09-20-2022 - New Yorkers continue to stampede south as record number swap to Florida


​09-16-2022 - NYC is the richest city on the planet with 59 billionaires and a staggering

                        345,600 millionaires: US captures half of the Top 10 list while longtime

                        wealth leader London ranks fourth

09-07-2022 - Wall Streeters fleeing NYC pack elite Palm Beach private schools to capacity

08-29-2022 - 35 Shot, 8 Killed, During Weekend in Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago

07-25-2022 - Report: Americans Flee Blue State Cities for Red, Purple States

07-25-2022 - New York City's Democrat Mayor Eric Adams Admits Every Town Is Now a

                     Border Town

07-13-2022 - Soros-Funded Los Angeles DA Gascón (D) to disband unit that notifies

                     victims of their assailant's parole hearings

07-05-2022 - More Americans leaving California to move to Mexico, amid inflation and

                     soaring home prices

07-05-2022 - At least 13 people shot across NYC during bloody stretch on Independence


07-04-2022 - California bans state-funded travel to Arizona, Utah and other states over

                        policy differences

07-04-2022 - Highland Park (Chicago) Attack Occurred Despite Red Flag Law, Other

                        Stringent Gun Controls

07-04-2022 - Highland Park (Chicago) Attack Occurred Despite Stringent Gun Controls

06-26-2022 - 10 Pro-Abortion Protesters Arrested in Portland for ‘Night of Rage’ Violence

06-22-2022 - ​Report: Violent Crime in 6 Dem-Run Cities on Track to Eclipse 2021's


06-22-2022 - Six Major Cities to Surpass 2021 Totals of Violent Crime Halfway through

                        2022 <And yes, they are all Democrat-controlled cities, of course.>

06-05-2022 - California: No. 1 in Gun Control, No. 1 in 'Active Shooter Incidents'

05-25-2022 - Democrat-Run D.C. Residents Report That "Violence Has Gotten Out of

                     Control"... "It doesn't feel like the city government is doing anything to help

                     us" [VIDEO]

05-24-2022 - Startling exodus to Florida accelerating despite NY reopening after COVID


05-04-2022 - The Big Apple continues to rot! Major crimes in NYC surged by 34.2% last

                      month with soaring numbers of robberies and assaults: Cops say shootings

                      are down almost 30% - but they're still DOUBLE pre-pandemic levels 

04-12-2022 - Guardian Angels founder warns New York City is heading back to crime-

                     ridden days of the 1980s amid surging violence

03-29-2022 - Baltimore reaches $3.5 million settlement with business owners over

                     damages from Freddie Gray unrest

03-28-2022 - As violent crime soared in Chicago in 2020 and 2021, Mayor Lori Lightfoot

                        assigned around 85 police officers to provide security for her, her home,

                        and her family

03-14-2022 - Violent Crime Forces Amazon to Flee Democrat-Run Downtown Seattle

03-03-2022 - Carjackings in Democrat-Controlled NYC Up Nearly 300 Percent

02-22-2022 - Atlanta Crime: Homicides Spike 43 Percent, Rapes 236 Percent

02-22-2022 - Colorado Drug Overdoses Spike After Democrats Decriminalize

                     Fentanyl <You can't fix stupid!>

02-21-2022 - Students Told to Disclose Who Their Parents Voted For

02-19-2022  - "Make no mistake - there is a war on cops right now in America"

02-18-2022 - YOU GOT CANCELLED! Recalled San Francisco School Leader Blames ‘White


02-16-2022 - NYC Mayor Says He May Stop Taking Questions From White Reporters <You

                elected another real winner there, NYC!>

02-15-2022 - New York City Fires 1,430 Workers Over Mandate

02-12-2022 - Are historic declines in Democrats holding violent criminals accountable

                     connected to rising violence?

​02-11-2022 - L.A. School Police: Violent Crimes Against Children Are Increasing

02-07-2022 - ‘A Win For Families’: Virginia Supreme Court Sides With Youngkin On

                     Executive Order Against School Mask Mandates

02-05-2022 - Nearly 50 Confederate Memorials Removed, Renamed, And Relocated In

                        2021: Report

02-02-2022 - Black Americans Sue NYC for Giving Voting Rights to Foreign Nationals

02-01-2022 - Migration from blue states to certain cities spikes cost of living there

​​01-31-2022 - California Democrats Fail to Pass Single-payer Health Care Bill  (also

                         see:  California's Single-Payer Health Care Plan Would Cost More Than the State's

                         Whole Budget)

01-28-2022 - Election Integrity Win: Pennsylvania Rules Mail-in Voting Unconstitutional

01-28-2022 - Rapper and ‘gang member’, 16, Out on Probation from a Previous

                     Armed Robbery & Weapons Conviction, Now charged with shooting NYPD

                     cop last week, walks FREE on bail

01-28-2022 - Report: Chicago Schools Train Teachers that Sex ‘Not Rooted in Biology,’

                     and to Hide ‘Preferred’ Pronouns from Parents

01-17-2022 - California Could Double Its Taxes To Start Massive New Social Program -

                     Single Payer Healthcare

01-17-2022 - Report: Black Americans Fleeing Democrat-Controlled New York, California

01-17-2022 - Union Pacific Bashes LA's Social Justice Reform, Threatens To Leave City

                     Amid Soaring Train Thefts

01-15-2022 - Virginia's New AG Fires Civil Rights Division, Will Start Prosecuting Cases

                     Dropped By 'Social Justice' DAs <Welcome back to sanity, VA!!>

01-12-2022 - Gov. Newsom (D) Pushes Healthcare For Illegal Immigrants As California

                     Lawmakers Look At Single-Payer Healthcare System

12-29-2021 - New York’s “bail reform” leads to spate of violent crimes by repeat offenders

                     in NYC

12-22-2021 -  Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon (D-PA) Carjacked at Gunpoint in Democrat-Run, Gun-

                      Controlled Philadelphia <What??!! How can this be??!! You mean to tell me that

                 some person (not criminal) ignored the gun laws,....in a Democrat-run city??? I'm

                 shocked, I tell you, SHOCKED!!!  Obviously, that person needed her car more than

                 she did.  Any decent Democrat would've just handed over the keys to that needy

                 person so they wouldn't have had to use an eeeevil gun!!>

​12-10-2021 - WaPo Accuses Math Curriculums of ‘Racism’ — ‘The Other CRT’

12-06-2021 - Top Democrat Economist Says Woke Math Is a National Security Threat

11-30-2021 - Gingrich on Crime Uptick: Media Will Do All It Can to 'Not Communicate How

                     Bad It Really Is'

11-25-2021 - Democrats Have a Waukesha Problem - The massacre at a Christmas parade

                     reveals the dangers of their crime policies

11-11-2021 - Soros-backed L.A. D.A. George Gascón to Release Murderer 6 Years into 50-

                     year Sentence

11-21-2021 - University Of California To Permanently Remove Standardized Testing For


11-21-2021 - Illinois Pension Shortfall Surpasses $500 Billion, Average Debt Burden Now

                     $110,000 Per Household

11-15-2021 - VIDEO: Bidenflation: California Gas Prices Soar to Record High

11-15-2021 - Seattle Boy Watches Father Die as Staffing Shortage Likely Delayed Aid

11-15-2021 - 'Severe Rat Infestation' Shuts Down San Francisco Walgreens

11-12-2021 - ‘That’s silly’: NYC mayor-elect responds after Black rights activist threatens

                     ‘riots’ and ‘bloodshed’

​11-10-2021 - Black Lives Matter activists threaten ‘riots’ if Mayor-elect Eric Adams

                        reinstates controversial NYPD anti-crime units

11-03-2021 - Report: Tourists “afraid” to visit Portland due to Antifa’s presence and

                     continued violence <Yeah, how's that defunding of the police working out for you,


10-31-2021 - Austin Defunded Police, Now Voters Will Decide if City Needs More Cops

10-27-2021 - Report: Marijuana dealers openly peddling drugs in police-defunded New

                        York City

10-27-2021 - More and more San Francisco prosecutors quitting, joining effort to recall

                        far-left, Soros-funded toady DA Chesa Boudin

10-25-2021 - Three in five motorists admit they DIDN’T know London’s ultra-low emission

                     zone was being expanded TODAY as 130,000 drivers face £12.50-a-day

                     charge <Coming to a blue city near you!!!>

10-13-2021 - More than half of San Francisco Bay Area residents plan to leave

                     permanently: poll

09-09-2021 - Over 3,100 Shooting Victims in Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago This Year

08-25-2021 - Research Cited to Show California Math Is ‘Racist’ Often Misrepresented

07-27-2021 - Report: At Least 15 Shot Monday in Mayor Lori Lightfoot's Chicago

​07-25-2021 - At Least 29 Shot Friday into Saturday Night Across Lori Lightfoot's Chicago

07-19-2021 - 56 Shot, 11 Killed, During Weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot's Chicago

07-13-2021 - Three Bronx teens are shot dead in 'major gang war': Cops blast 'soft'

                     criminal justice system for letting violent criminals back on the streets

07-12-2021 - 40 Shot, 11 Killed, During Weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot's Chicago

07-08-2021 - Mayor Lori Lightfoot Welcomes Joe Biden to Chicago: No Talk of Endemic

                        Gun Violence

07-07-2021 - James Woods Rips Biden, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot: 'As Long as

                     Democrats Continue to Defund the Police, America's Streets Will Run with


07-06-2021 - Nearly 100 Shot Friday Night Through Monday Night in Lori Lightfoot's


​07-05-2021 - More Than 70 Shot over July 4th Weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot's Chicago

07-05-2021 - VIDEO: Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Personally Attacks Reporter Over Truth on

                        Crime in Heated Exchange

07-04-2021 - Chicago Has Fallen: Mayor Lightfoot Just Lost All Control Over Her City

07-02-2021 - Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Blames '99%' of Criticisms on Sexism, Racism

​07-01-2021 - Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Thinks ‘About 99%’ of Criticism Aimed at Her

                         is Due to Racism and Sexism

07-01-2021 - 40% of San Francisco residents plan to leave due to quality of life: Poll

06-30-2021 - Portland, OR will no longer enforce many traffic violations

​06-28-2021 - Report: Nearly 70 Shot During Weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot's Chicago

06-23-2021 - Crime Surges 25 percent in 2021 as Democrats Control Washington

​06-23-2021 - Now MATH is racist: Educators condemn $1M 'Dismantling Racism in

                        Mathematics' program funded by Bill Gates which tells teachers NOT to push

                        students to find the correct answer because it promotes white supremacy

06-23-2021 - Portland, OR Police will no longer stop drivers for ‘minor infractions’ to

                        reduce stops for ‘people of color’ <Yeah, let me know how that works out for

                you.  Get ready for you insurance rates to skyrocket!  Another incredibly stupid liberal


06-22-2021 - Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Claims Shootings Down with Year-over-Year

                     Murders Up

06-22-2021 - 16 Shot, 7 Fatally, on Monday Alone in Mayor Lori Lightfoot's Chicago

06-22-2021 - Over 300 Killed in Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago Thus Far in 2021

06-22-2022 - Report: Violent Crime in 6 Dem-Run Cities on Track to Eclipse 2021's


06-21-2021 - 49 Shot During Father's Day Weekend in Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago

06-20-2021 - 23 Shot Friday into Saturday Night in Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago

06-20-2021 - Trump was RIGHT AGAIN: California Will Spend $500M to Thin Forests to 

                     Help Prevent Wildfires <Forget Trump, what have conservatives been saying for the

                past 20 years!!!!>

06-18-2021 - Judicial Watch Seeks Injunction for Court Against Chicago Mayor Lori

                     Lightfoot Self-Confessed Racist Interview Policy

​​06-17-2021 - California Public School Teachers: The Latest Dupes in the Campaign to

                        Demonize Israel

06-13-2021 - 32 Shot Friday into Sunday Morning in Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago

06-13-2021 - 32 Shootings Between Friday And Sunday Morning Have Left 3 Dead In

                        Mayor Lori Lightfoot's Gun-Free Chicago

06-11-2021 - Judicial Watch: Chicago Mayor’s Office Confirms Racially Discriminatory

                     Interview Policy in Sworn Court Filing

06-09-2021 - George Soros Gave Billions to Left-wing Causes in Years He Paid No Federal

                     Income Tax

06-09-2021 - People Leaving Blue States Advise Those Who Remain, ‘Start Making

              Better Decisions on Who You Vote For’

06-07-2021 - 55 Shot During Weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot's Chicago

06-07-2021 - Racist Mayor #2: Los Angeles' Eric Garcetti (D)

06-06-2021 - Over 40 Shot in Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago Friday into Sunday Morning

06-01-2021 - At Least 33 Shot During Memorial Day Weekend in Lori Lightfoot's Chicago

​06-01-2021 - Racist Mayor #1: Chicago's Lori Lightfoot (D)

05-31-2021 - 28 Shot Friday into Monday Morning in Mayor Lori Lightfoot's Chicago

05-24-2021 - Nearly 50 Shot During Weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot's Chicago

05-22-2021 - Chicago Police Union Issues Vote of 'No-Confidence' in Mayor Lightfoot

05-17-2021 - 46 Shot During Weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot's Chicago

05-13-2021 - 15 Shot Tuesday Through Wednesday in Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago

05-10-2021 - At Least 26 Shot Mother's Day Weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot's Chicago

05-09-2021 - 19 Shot Friday into Sunday Morning in Mayor Lori Lightfoot's Chicago

05-06-2021 - 13 Shot, 2 Fatally, Wednesday Alone in Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago

05-03-2021 - 45 People Shot During Weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot's Chicago

04-30-2021 - The blue-state exodus gains momentum

04-30-2021 - How Fed-Up Citizens Armed With A Petition Took On Leftists Over Austin’s

                     Homeless Problem

04-29-2021 - Report: Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Aides Orchestrated Nursing Home Scandal


04-29-2021 - More Than 200 Seattle Police Officers Quit Citing ‘Anti-Police’ Climate

04-27-2021 - Petition To Recall California Lockdown King Gavin Newsom Collects Enough

                        Signatures To Trigger Election

04-26-2021 - 24 Shot, 3 Dead, over the Weekend in Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago

04-26-2021 - So many people fled New York and California for Texas and Florida that the

                        coasts will lose power in Congress — and the South is about to get a much

                        bigger say

04-23-2021 - Virginia Eliminates Accelerated Math Courses Because Equity

04-23-2021 - Blue State Blues: Joe Biden’s Anti-American Administration

04-23-2021 - More than 900 People Shot in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago This Year

04-23-2021 - Report: Gavin Newsom to Phase Out Fracking in California <Bye, bye more


04-21-2021 - Chicago Police May Soon Need Permission to Chase Suspects on Foot

04-19-2021 - 24 Shot Over Weekend in Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago

04-19-2021 - NY Bail Rules Stop Judge From Holding Man Accused of Attacking

                     Undercover Asian Cop

04-18-2021 - Cities that defunded police reap more violence, calls to re-fund

04-15-2021 - California Education Dept. Considering Program to Fight Supposed Racism

                      in Math

04-15-2021 - California Weighs ‘Equitable Math’: Goal of Getting Correct Answer Racist

04-15-2021 - “More Than Twice As Many” Drug Overdose Deaths As Covid-19 Deaths In

                      San Francisco Last Year

04-11-2021 - 60 Expressway Shootings Across Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago

04-06-2021 - Trees Are Now Racist? Portland, OR School Worries 'Evergreen' Mascot May

                     Be Linked to Lynching
04-05-2021 - Portland, OR high school's choice of new mascot — evergreen trees — could

                     be a problem due to lynching connotations, officials say
04-05-2021 - Portland, OR School Delays ‘Evergreens’ Mascot Vote Due to Fears It’s

                     Linked to Lynching
04-05-2021 - Trees Are Now Racist: Portland, OR School Delays Vote On ‘Evergreen’

                     Mascot Over Fears People May Link It To Lynching
04-05-2021 - Trees Are Now Racist: Portland School Delays Vote On ‘Evergreen’ Mascot –

                     Making a tree a mascot a concern because black Americans were once

                     hanged using trees
04-05-2021 - Civil Right Champion Lawyer Leo Terrell reacts to Portland, OR school

                     fearing 'Evergreens' mascot tied to lynching: “It devalues true racism”
04-05-2021 - Portland, OR School Delays Vote On 'Evergreen' Mascot Citing Trees As


04-03-2021 - Blue New York, Michigan Report More Cases of the Coronavirus in Last

                     Seven Days than Texas and Florida

04-03-2021 - NYPD Orders Officers to Allow People to Smoke Weed in Public

03-31-2021 - Atlanta Mayor to Hire 250 Police Officers After Homicides Surge

                     58% <Well, well, imagine that!>

03-29-2021 - At Least 30 Shot Over Weekend in Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago

03-26-2021 - New York City removes qualified immunity from police in first major shot in

                     the battle over police protections

03-19-2021 - Michigan Restaurateur Arrested over 'Violation' of Gretchen Whitmer

                     Coronavirus Orders <You elected a REAL peach there, MI!!!>

03-08-2021 - 20 People Shot over Weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot's Chicago

03-02-2021 - Washington Supreme Court declares felony drug possession laws


03-01-2021 - At Least 21 Shot Over Weekend in Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago

02-23-2021 - Math Suffers From White Supremacy, According to a Microsoft's Bill Gates-

                        Funded Course

02-17-2021 - Microsoft's Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Behind ‘Anti-Racist’ Math Push

02-16-2021 - Left-Wing Nation Essay Calls for ‘Blue-State Secession’ <Oh please, OH


02-08-2021 - At Least 23 Shot, 3 Killed, over Weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot's Chicago

​02-01-2021 - At Least 20 Shot over Weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot's Chicago

01-28-2021 - NY AG Report: NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) Policies Might Have Killed More

                     Grandmas Than Originally Thought

01-25-2021 - 30 Shot over Weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot's Chicago

01-24-2021 - At Least 20 Shot Friday into Sunday Morning in Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago

01-21-2021 - Pew Research:  2020 Census Estimates Show Population Decline in 16 States

01-20-2021 - 12 Woke Companies to Avoid

01-18-2021 - At Least 23 Shot over Weekend in Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago

01-12-2021 - Carjackings More than Doubled During 2020 in Mayor Lightfoot's


01-04-2021 - At Least 27 Shot New Year's Weekend in Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago

01-03-2021 - Madman with bat attacks 10 people, carjacks two vehicles in wild

                     Manhattan rampage: cops <Remember, Gov. Cuomo (D), recently signed a

               law eliminating cash bail for almost all crimes, except the most egregious.

               Good thing this wasn't a serious crime otherwise he'd be in jail with a large

               bail on his head.  DOH!!>

01-03-2021 - Man, 43, attacks multiple people with a bat on two-hour New York City

                     crime spree, leaving one unconscious and another with a broken arm,

                     before carjacking two vehicles

01-01-2021 - Chicago shootings, murders up 50% in 2020; Cook County breaks

              records for total deaths

01-01-2021 - Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago Sees 55% Rise in Homicides in 2020

12-31-2020 - Over 4,100 People Shot in Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago in 2020

12-28-2020 - Illegal Immigrants in Virginia to Get 'Driver Privilege' Cards

12-25-2020 - NYC video captures the moments before Gov. Cuomo (D) staffer is attacked

                     with cinder block

12-22-2020 - The Sovietization of California

12-21-2020 - CHICAGO:  Over 4,000 People Shot Across Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago in


12-19-2020 - Report: 11 Shot Friday Into Saturday Morning in Lightfoot's Chicago

12-08-2020 - Shootings Approach 14-Year High in Mayor de Blasio’s NYC

12-07-2020 - Report: Goldman Sachs explores moving key operation from NYC to Florida,

                     where taxes are low, to save money

12-07-2020 - 40 Shot, 6 Killed, During Weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot's Chicago

12-06-2020 - 30 Shot, 4 Dead, Friday into Sunday Morning in Lightfoot's Chicago

12-04-2020 - After He was Busted Not Wearing a Mask, NJ Governor Tells Rep. Matt Gaetz

                     He's "Not Welcome in New Jersey" for Not Wearing a Mask

12-02-2020 - Hewlett Packard Enterprise to move headquarters to Texas

11-30-2020 - New Jersey Lawmakers Pass Bill to Adopt 'Social Justice' Education in Public


11-30-2020 - 28 Shot, 7 Killed, over Weekend in Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago

11-23-2020 - 50 People Shot, 5 Killed, over Weekend in Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago

11-22-2020 - Nearly 40 Shot Friday into Sunday Morning in Lightfoot's Chicago

11-14-2020 - New stats reveal massive NYC exodus amid coronavirus, crime

​11-08-2020 - Over 25 Shot, 4 Dead, Friday into Sunday AM in Lightfoot's Chicago

11-04-2020 - California has rejected a major gig economy reform, leaving workers

                     without employee protections<But maintaining freedom for entrepreneurs!>

​11-04-2020 - New Jersey bans single-use bags, foam containers

11-04-2020 - New Jersey Residents Vote To Legalize Recreational Marijuana – CBS Philly

10-16-2020 - CHICAGO:  For Sixth Year Running, Chicago Dubbed Nation's 'Rattiest City'

10-14-2020 - Number of Shooting Victims in NYC Nearly Doubles From 2019

10-10-2020 - 87 Shootings Reported on Expressways in Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago

09-28-2020 - Over 3,100 Shooting Victims in Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago this Year

09-23-2020 - Bad Policies Fuel Forest Fires

09-21-2020 - Nearly 40 Shot, 6 Killed, over Weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot's Chicago

09-21-2020 - DOJ Declares NYC, Seattle, and Portland 'Anarchist Jurisdictions'

09-18-2020 - The Facts About Climate Change and California Fires

09-17-2020 - 2 Seattle Schools Offered 7-Year-Olds Anti-Police, Leftist Messages

09-17-2020 - NY City Eateries Will Be Allowed To Charge 10% COVID-19 Fee Under Bill

                     Passed By Council<How 'bout another generous helping of taxes, NYC residents??

                Get out of that dump while your home still has a little value !!>

09-16-2020 - Report: Seattle Mayor May Face Federal Charges Over ‘Autonomous

                     Zone’ Fiasco

09-16-2020 - ‘Shocking And Saddening’: Survey Shows Profound Ignorance Of Holocaust

                     Among U.S. Young People, Including Nearly 20% In New York Who Believe

                     Jews Were Responsible

09-16-2020 - Judge Decides Recall Petition Against Seattle Socialist Councilmember Can

                     Go Forward

09-16-2020 - REVEALED: Widespread vandalism and looting during BLM protests will cost

                     the insurance $2 BILLION after violence erupted in 140 cities in the wake of

                     George Floyd's death

09-14-2020 - At Least 50 Shot, 11 Dead, over Weekend in Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago

09-13-2020 - Over 35 Shot Friday into Sunday Morning in Lori Lightfoot's Chicago

​09-08-2020 - At Least 51 Shot, 7 Fatally, Labor Day Weekend in Lightfoot's Chicago

09-07-2020 - San Francisco’s Soft-On Crime Approach is Turning it Into a Criminal


​09-07-2020 - 40 Shot, 6 Killed, Friday Into Monday Morning in Lightfoot's Chicago

09-04-2020 - Blue State Blues: Liberal Jewish Leaders Bend the Knee to Antisemitism

09-03-2020 - NY Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) Defunded Police. More New Yorkers Keep Dying

                     For It  <This is what happens when you're too lazy to vote!>

09-02-2020 - New Jersey Governor Okays Work Licenses for Illegal Migrants

09-02-2020 - Cuomo, De Blasio Go After Jewish Weddings, Cheer Black Lives Matter Riots

09-01-2020 - New Jersey Is Becoming The Most Hated State As Households Flee In Record


​09-01-2020 - New Jersey Makes 'Race-Based' 911 Calls a Crime

08-31-2020 - New Jersey Governor "Very Seriously" Considering Tax On High-Frequency


08-31-2020 - Chicago weekend shootings: 55 shot, 10 fatally, in citywide gun violence

08-30-2020 - At Least 46 Shot Friday into Sunday Night in Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago

08-30-2020 - New Jersey Hikes Gas Tax By 22.5%, Bringing Total Increase Since 2016 To


08-21-2020 - Residents fleeing North are voting against 'policies of blue state America,'

                     economist says

08-20-2020 - Democrat Convention Concludes Without A Single Mention Of Ongoing

                     Violent Unrest In Liberal Cities

08-20-2020 - Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Blames Mississippi for Chicago Gun

                     Violence <Hey!  Look in the mirror, dingbat!!>

​08-17-2020 - At Least 50 Shot, 5 Fatally, Over Weekend in Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago

08-12-2020 - The Chickens Are Coming Home To Roost in NYC

08-11-2020 - District attorney says he will refuse to prosecute Portland rioters for a list of

                     offenses, including rioting - new DA will decline to prosecute a list of

                     offenses <Pray for the good people of Portland and the police - they deserve better

                than a criminal coddler like this!>

08-11-2020 - Major National Chains Flee De Blasio's New York

08-11-2020 - REPORT: Chicago/Cook County Prosecutor Kim Foxx (D) Dismissed

                     Thousands Of Felony Cases Including Gun Crimes Cases

08-10-2020 - New York City’s Downward Spiral

​08-10-2020 - Paper: Chicago Prosecutor Kim Foxx Has Dropped 25,183 Felony Cases

08-10-2020 - Shootings in De Blasio's NYC on Track to Surpass 2018, 2019 Combined

​08-10-2020 - Seattle Police Chief Resigns After Democrat City Council Votes To Cut

                     Police Budget

08-10-2020 - At Least 35 Shot, 4 Fatally, over Weekend in Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago

08-10-2020 - Chicago Mayor Lightfoot: We Don't Need Federal Troops, We Need Gun


08-10-2020 - Peak Looter? Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot changes her tune on looting

08-09-2020 - Manhattan district attorney DROPS felony charge against BLM leader accused

                     of assaulting NYPD cop

08-09-2020 - ​Far-Left Extremists Burn Police Building In Portland, Violently Attack

                     Police Officers

08-07-2020 - Gov. Cuomo (D-NY) Begs Wealthy New Yorkers to Return

08-07-2020 - Escape From New York: Wealthy Residents Flee In Droves As The City

                     Degenerates Into A Hellhole

08-05-2020 - Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) Pleads with Rich New Yorkers to Return to City:

                     'I'll Cook!'

08-05-2020 - Gov. Cuomo (D-NY) begs wealthy New Yorkers to come back to save the city

                     and pleads 'I'll buy you a drink!' as he fights off calls to raise their taxes -

                     which he fears may scare them away forever

08-05-2020 - Los Angeles County Sheriff: County Is 'Laying the Groundwork for Defunding

                     the Sheriff's Department as We Know It' <Can you say, "Escape from L.A. 2" ???>

08-04-2020 - In New Jersey, Illegal Immigration Rules the Day

08-03-2020 - Black Lives Matter Protesters Swarm Seattle Police Chief's Home
08-03-2020 - Portland Murders Surge After City Council Disbands Police Unit

08-02-2020 - De Blasio's NYC: More Shootings at This Point in 2020 than All of 2019

08-01-2020 - Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago Sees 139 Percent Increase in Murder

08-01-2020 - California Democrats Propose Raising Top State Tax Rate to 16.8% <And they

                wonder why people and businesses are leaving the state by the tens of thousands!>

07-30-2020 - The Left's Willingness to Tolerate Violence Should Frighten All Americans

07-29-2020 - Mayor Lightfoot Blames Gun Friendly States for Chicago's

                     Bloodshed <Hmmm, strange that those other states don't have the same problem.>

07-28-2020 - The Full Video Montage of Violent Riots Democrats Didn't Want You to See

                     at AG Barr's Hearing

07-27-2020 - Here’s Exactly How Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) Covered up His Deadly

                     Nursing Home Policy

07-27-2020 - Judge Orders NYPD to Hand Over Private Information About Gun Owners

07-27-2020 - Murders Continue to Surge in Democrat-Controlled Cities

07-27-2020 - Over 30 Shot, 10 Killed, as Violence Surges in de Blasio's NYC

​07-26-2020 - Chicago Mayor Lightfoot: 'We Will Not Allow Federal Troops in Our City'

07-26-2020 - Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Blames Other States for Chicago's Gun Violence

                        Problem <Hmmm, strange that those other states don't have the same problem.>

07-25-2020 - Seattle Police Chief To Residents: 'We Cannot Enforce The Law. You Are On

                     Your Own'...Concedes To The Mob

07-24-2020 - Cuccinelli: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot 'turned 180 degrees' on working

                         with Trump

07-23-2020 - ‘Fascist’: What Top Democrats Say About Federal Law Enforcement Help for

                     Their Cities

07-23-2020 - Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Grudgingly Accepts Federal Law Enforcement


07-22-2020 - CHICAGO:  Fact Check: Obama Failed to Send Help to Stop Violent Crime

                     in Chicago

07-22-2020 - De Blasio's NYC: Shootings Surge 220 Percent, Murders Up 24 Percent

​07-21-2020 - At Least 14 Wounded in Shooting Outside Chicago Funeral Home

07-21-2020 - Democrats Destroyed New York Once. They’re Doing It Again

07-21-2020 - St. Louis couple defending home from mob charged with weapons

                     violations, while violent gun felons are released everywhere

07-20-2020 - New York Readying Release of More Convicted Cop Killers This Year

07-20-2020 - At Least 65 Shot, 10 Dead, over Weekend in Mayor Lightfoot's (D) Gun-

                     Controlled Chicago

07-19-2020 - Illinois' Democratic Speaker of the House implicated in massive bribery


07-16-2020 - Mayor de Blasio says NYC is 'safer' and 'better' since releasing inmates,

                     ignores skyrocketing crime rate<Proving yet again that he IS the dullest knife in

                the drawer!>

07-16-2020 - Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D): Chicago Needs More Gun Control

​07-16-2020 - Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Calls Kayleigh McEnany a 'Karen'

07-16-2020 - ‘Karen is getting police powers’: Berkeley, Calif. moves forward with plan to

                      have unarmed civilians enforce traffic laws (what could POSSIBLY go


​07-16-2020 - Berkeley Slashes Police Budget by 50% – No More Traffic Stops <Get ready to

                pay a whole lot more in car insurance!!>

07-16-2020 - Berkeley to have unarmed civilians perform traffic stops

07-16-2020 - Embattled NYC Police Commissioner Finally Admits Things Have 'Gone Too


07-14-2020 - President Trump Warns of 'Incredible' Backlash Over Crime Ridden Democrat


07-14-2020 - These Are the Ridiculous Non-Coronavirus Demands the LA Teachers Union

                     Wants Met Before Returning to School

07-13-2020 - California Rejected 100,000 Mail-In Ballots Because of Mistakes

07-13-2020 - NYC Weekend: Shooting Victims Exceed Coronavirus Deaths <And so it


​07-11-2020 - Citing coronavirus, California may release up to 18,000 prisoners by the end

                     of August

07-10-2020 - City of Seattle Re-educates White Employees to Recognize 'Complicity in the

                     System of White Supremacy' <Yeah!  Send them to re-education camp!!>

07-10-2020 - Seattle City Council Backs Call to Defund the Police by 50% 

07-10-2020 - Majority of Seattle Council Wants to Cut Police Funding by 50% <Recreational

                marijuana is legal in Washington.  Coincidence??>

07-09-2020 - Seattle City Councilwoman Threatens: "We are coming to dismantle this

                     deeply oppressive, racist, sexist, violent, utterly bankrupt system of

                      capitalism"<Wow!  Her command of derogatory adjectives is impressive!>

07-09-2020 - NYPD limits retirement applications amid 400 percent surge this week

07-09-2020 - New York Business Sues Democrats Cuomo, De Blasio for Riots, $10M

07-08-2020 - Violence Surges in Many Cities as Dem Officials Push Defunding Police

07-08-2020 - WATCH: San Francisco Supervisor Introduces 'CAREN Act' to Stop Racist 911


07-08-2020 - Report: After Massive Public Backlash Mayor de Blasio (D) Now Backpedaling

                     on "Police Reform" as Murder and Rapes Skyrocket in NYC

07-08-2020 - 300 LAPD officers called in sick during July 4th weekend

07-08-2020 - Shootings Triple in Mayor de Blasio's (D) New York City

07-08-2020 - D.C. Passes ‘Emergency’ Police Reform, Gives Voting Rights to the


07-08-2020 - LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva Says Sharing Criminal Illegal Alien Info

                     With ICE is “Selling Them Out” for “Trump Blood Money”<Another public

                official who needs a remedial class in the Constitution and the U.S. Code!!!>

07-07-2020 - Shootings And Killings Surge In Democrat-Run Cities Across the


07-06-2020 - 7 Killed, 24 Wounded in Philadelphia Gun Violence over July 4th Weekend

​07-06-2020 - At Least 9 Shot Dead Sunday in Mayor de Blasio's Gun-Controlled NYC

07-06-2020 - NYTimes: 'Nothing to See' as Murders Spike 22 Percent Amid Protests

07-06-2020 - Investigative Journalist: Here's How Blue States Implemented a ‘De Facto’

                     Gun Ban on New Residents

07-06-2020 - Alyssa Milano Pushes Black Lives Matter Effort to Defund LAPD by 90

                     Percent <A glittering jewel of colossal ignorance who isn't even qualified to sweep the

                floors that police officers walk on.> VIDEO: Sen. Ted Cruz debates Milano on

                     Guns. <Apparently she learned nothing and her brain still rattles around in her

                little pin head like a BB in a boxcar!  I think she would be qualified to host The View,


07-02-2020 - CNN: Shootings, Murder Surge in Democrat-Controlled Cities <Not even the

                Communist/Clinton News Network can deny it now!!!>

​07-02-2020 - NYPD Police Retreat From Taunting City Hall Protesters

​07-02-2020 - Virginia Democrats propose lowering assault on police officer from felony to


07-01-2020 - Mayor Lightfoot's (D) Gun-Controlled Chicago: 75 Percent Increase in

                      Shootings in June

07-01-2020 - New York City Police Union Highlights Graffiti Calling for 'More Dead Cops'

06-30-2020 - NJ Councilman, Three Others Charged with Voter Fraud as Democrats

                     Continue to Push for Voting by Mail

06-30-2020 - Dead-wrong Democrats: Anti-cop policies are killing Americans

06-29-2020 - 1 in 5 Ballots Rejected as Fraud Charged in New Jersey Mail-In Election

06-29-2020 - Oklahoma Authorities Charge Alleged Rioters With Terrorism: ‘This Is Not


06-29-2020 - DA charges violent protesters in Oklahoma City with 'terrorism,' 'rioting,'

                     and 'assault'

06-29-2020 - Washington Post: 17 of 20 Most Violent Cities Are Run by Democrats

06-29-2020 - More than 60 People Shot, 16 Killed, in Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago

06-28-2020 - At Least 20 Shot, 7 Killed, in 24 Hours in Mayor Lightfoot's Chicago

06-28-2020 - New Jersey Democrats Charged with Mail-In Voter Fraud

06-27-2020 - Top 20 most violent cities run by Democrats

06-27-2020 - 272 NYPD cops file for retirement since Floyd protests

06-27-2020 - Minneapolis Spending $1000s on Security Detail for 3 Council Members

06-26-2020 - Federal judge: Cuomo and de Blasio can’t limit the size of outdoor

                     religious services if they didn’t care about limiting the size of

                     protests <Take that, you geniuses!!>

06-26-2020 - Fraud Charges Filed Against NJ Democrats in Mail-In-Ballot

                     Election: "Hundreds of mail-in ballots were found in a mailbox" <Well,

                imagine that!!>

06-25-2020 - Ninety Percent of New York’s Criminals Being Set Free Due to Bail Reform

06-25-2020 - America’s Next Crisis: Unfunded Public Sector Pensions

06-25-2020 - California Town Banishes Christian Church from Downtown Area

06-25-2020 - Seattle Leaders Allow Rioting While Strictly Enforcing Parking And Taxes

06-23-2020 - Gun Violence Spikes in N.Y.C., Intensifying Debate Over Policing

06-23-2020 - Report: NYC Shootings Surge 358% over Same Time Last Year

06-22-2020 - Obsessed: California Democrats Want Another $20 Million to Enforce Gig

                     Job-Killer AB5<Yet another reason to get the fudge out of that.....place.>

06-22-2020 - Hundreds of NJ Republicans Received Mail-in Ballot Featuring Democrats

06-22-2020 - Seattle's CHOP Just Cost The City A Billion Dollar Company

06-22-2020 - 2020’s Most Patriotic States in America  <NJ is the least - a blue state,

                of course.>

06-19-2020 - Shootings surge in NYC amid disbanding of NYPD’s plainclothes anti-

                     crime unit

06-18-2020 - California Gov. Newsom Makes Wearing Masks Mandatory in Public

06-17-2020 - NYC Judge Frees Alleged Looter Who 74-Yr Old Granny Helped NYPD To

                     Find After He Bashed Cop's Head Open During Violent George Floyd Riots

06-15-2020 - N.Y.P.D. Disbands Plainclothes Units Involved in Many Shootings <Proof-

                positive that Comrade DeBlasio IS the dullest knife in the drawer!>

06-15-2020 - NYPD to Eliminate Plainclothes Anti-Crime Unit Despite Crime Surge

06-15-2020 - Over 30 Shot, Two Killed, Over Weekend in Gun-Controlled Chicago

06-14-2020 - Cuomo's New York: 250 Inmates Freed from Prison Rearrested 450 Times

06-13-2020 - Dems' Push to Defund Police Creates Communities of Chaos

​06-12-2020 - What If Police Officers Go on Strike?

06-11-2020 - UCLA professor suspended, receives death threats for not canceling 

                     exams <I'm shocked that they even still have exams out there in the

                Democratic People's Republic of California.  Aren't exams racist, or politically

                incorrect, or unfair or something??>

06-10-2020 - Shootings Surge, Murders up over 100 Percent as Protesters Flood NYC

06-09-2020 - Los Angeles: Homicides Soared 250%, Shootings 56%, During Protest


06-09-2020 - WATCH: Pelosi Denounces 'Porice Blutality', 'Supplutes' Dem

                     Colleagues <Hmmm, spending too much time with Mr. Smirnoff again, I see...>

06-08-2020 - Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot In Expletive-Filled Fight with Alderman over

                     Black Lives Matter Riots

06-05-2020 - New York and California Freed Thousands of Criminals and the Riots


06-04-2020 - New Jersey Adopts Mandated LGBTQ-Inclusive Planned Parenthood Sex Ed


06-02-2020 - Park Police Calls Out Fake News: Authorities Did Not Use Tear Gas to Clear

                     Protesters from Lafayette Park, Some Attacked Police

​06-02-2020 - 6 Cities Where Looters Are Ransacking Minority-Owned Businesses <Hint:

                They're all cities or states controlled by Democrats.>

06-02-2020 - Over 400 NYC Looters to Be Freed from Jail Thanks to 'Bail Reform'

05-29-2020 - Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot: My Message to Donald Trump Is 'F You'

05-28-2020 - Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) to Sign Order Letting Businesses Kick Out

                     People Without Masks

05-23-2020 - Cuomo Shipped off 4300 coronavirus patients to nursing homes

05-21-2020 - Cuomo boyz yuk it up on CNN in wake of nursing home fiasco

05-12-2020 - Gov. Cuomo (D-NY) Blasts Claims Virus Came from Lab, But He Reported It

                     Last Month

​05-09-2020 - Coronavirus: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's (D) Nursing Home Scandal


​05-07-2020 - Sanctuary California: Illegal Alien Child Rapist Freed Six Times into U.S.

05-07-2020 - LGS - Gov. Cuomo (D) to Charge State Taxes to Healthcare Workers Who

                     Traveled to NY

05-06-2020 - LGS - Gov. Cuomo (D) Gives People Another Reason to Hate New York:

                      He'll Tax Coronavirus Volunteers  <He's a glittering jewel of colossal stupidity!>

05-06-2020 - 'Every One of Them': California Begins Forcibly Quarantining People –

                      Separating Families – Over COVID-19

05-06-2020 - Judges Help Free Nearly 200 Illegals, Including Murderers and Rapists

05-05-2020 - LGS - Health workers who volunteered to come to NY during pandemic have

                     to pay state income tax: Gov. Cuomo (D)

05-04-2020 - CA Judges Block Trump Rule that Immigrants Must Have Health Insurance

05-03-2020 - California: Suspect Arrested 3 Times in 12 Hours Thanks to Zero-Bail Law

04-29-2020 - NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio (D): 'No Regrets' for Calling Out Jewish Funeral;

                     Sorry for Being 'Hurtful'

04-28-2020 - Cuomo Claims He Didn't Know About New York Rule Forcing Nursing

                     Homes To Accept Elderly With COVID-19

04-28-2020 - NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio (D): NYPD Will Arrest Jewish Mourners Violating

                     Social Distancing <Defy Comrade de Blasio at your own peril!>

04-24-2020 - New Jersey governor is open to paying illegal immigrants $600-a-week

                     despite state 'running out of money

04-15-2020 - NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) Now Giving Away Ventilators After Demanding

                     More from White House

04-08-2020 - Trump Was Right, Cuomo Was Wrong About Ventilator Needs

04-06-2020 - How New York City’s Emergency Ventilator Stockpile Ended Up on the

                     Auction Block - Hint: It Wasn't Trump's Fault

04-01-2020 - Mayor DeBlasio (D-NY): NYC Desperately Needs Help, But Not From a

                     Christian Organization

​​04-01-2020 - Franklin Graham’s Charity, Samaritan's Purse, Treats Virus Patients,

                     "Tolerant" Lefties Mock His Faith

03-26-2020 - Gov. Cuomo (D-NY) Deserves No Plaudits for His Handling of

                     Coronavirus Crisis

03-26-2020 - Doing His Own Thing: In the Fight Against the Wuhan Flu, New York

                     Mayor Bill De Blasio (D-NY) Releases Hundred of Prisoners

03-13-2020 - National Alert: Champaign Illinois First Locality to Cite “Emergency Powers”
                     to Ban Gun Transfers

02-10-2020 - AG Barr Files Suits Against New Jersey, Washington Sanctuary Politicians

01-23-2020 - San Francisco D.A. Announces End to Cash Bail

01-13-2020 - Gun Permit Applications Surge Nearly 1,000% in NY Jewish Community

​01-10-2020 - The blue-state exodus gains momentum

01-05-2020 - Embracing ‘no-bail’ law is Cuomo’s first huge political mistake as gov

12-17-2019 - Watch: Illegal Aliens Celebrate New Jersey Giving Them Driver's Licenses

12-01-2019 - Under Progressive Policing, Transit Crime Surges in NYC, SF

11-15-2019 - New Jersey Orders Uber to Pay $650 Million in Employment Taxes for


11-11-2019 - California Cities Ban Gas Stove Hookups to Fight Global Warming

10-29-2019 - LGS - Seattle Schools Propose To Teach That Math Education Is Racist—Will

                        California Be Far Behind?

10-10-2019 - WATCH: ICE Director Slams New Jersey A.G. for Hindering Arrests of 

                     Criminal Illegals

​10-10-2019 - New Jersey Teacher Reassigned for Kneeling During Pledge of Allegiance

08-23-2019 - New Jersey Awarded $3.8 Million in Financial Aid to Illegal Aliens

04-23-2019 - NYC To Ban Hot Dogs and Processed Meats To Improve Climate <Oh,

                Comrade DeBlasio, our savior!!!>

04-22-2019 - New Jersey's Democrat Gov. Pushing $550 Fee to Own and Carry a Gun

04-14-2019 - Cher: Los Angeles ‘Can’t Take Care of Its Own, How Can It Take Care of'

                     More Immigrants <You wanted 'em, you got 'em, now deal with it, baby!>

04-11-2019 - California Has Become America's Cannibal State

02-20-2019 - $15 Minimum Wages Sparks A Jobs Recession In NYC (We told you so!)

02-06-2019 - Gov. Cuomo's (D) Right: The Rich Are Leaving High-Tax New York

02-04-2019 - ‘Rain Tax’ Likely To Become Reality In New Jersey – CBS New York

01-17-2019 - ICE: Mayor Bill de Blasio's (D-NY) Sanctuary Policy 'Sole Reason' Maria

                     Fuertes is Dead

01-02-2019 - More people moved out of New Jersey than any other state in America

12-14-2018 - Nearly 156 People Leave Chicago Daily: Demographic Trends

04-26-2018 - 800,000 people are about to flee New York, California because of taxes

04-25-2018 - New Yorkers are flocking to this Midwest sanctuary

04-24-2018 - The great exodus out of America’s blue cities

03-18-2018 - Uproar after New Jersey high school allegedly suspends students over gun-

                     range photo

03-09-2016 - How Decades Of Democratic Rule Ruined Some Of Our Finest Cities

Blue State Blues

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