Security of our person and property is something at the forefront of many people’s minds these days, as well it should be.  Uniformed or plain clothes:

  • Property, homes, small jobsite, small business

  • Personal Guard

  • Small and special events

  • Garage Sales, Auctions, Estate Sales, Classified Ad Sales*

  • Churches

  • Funeral homes

  • Real estate professionals – when showing homes/open houses/brokers’ opens

  • Homeowner-sellers (FSBO) – for open houses

  • Builders' model homes

  • Waiting Services (Opening/closing homes/businesses for contractors and supervising**)

  • Personal defense weapons selection classes

  • Personal safety & security classes 


 *When you advertise to sell an item on Craig's List, similar Internet sales websites or in print media, you have no way of knowing who will show up to meet you nor what their true intentions are.  If you have security concerns, please contact me and I will be present for the transaction.  A 1-hour minimum charge applies and mileage charges may apply.

**Magnus Omnicorps, LLC does not guarantee the work of any third parties.


​Security Services

This page was updated on July 6, 2016