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This page was updated on September 2, 2023

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08-22-2023 - Oklahoma gov calls to reinstate 'Remain in Mexico': 'You don't have a brain' if

                     you don't want a secure border

08-17-2023 - Oklahoma State Fair unveils mouthwatering new food lineup for 2023 | KOKH

08-14-2023 - As Tuition and Fees Soar, University of Oklahoma (OU) Features Drag Queen

                     at Freshman Orientation <OU is now Woke-U.>

08-10-2023 - Oklahoma civil rights groups demand federal probe after dismissal of

                     charges against police officers in deadly shootings

07-25-2023 - Tribal Plates Allow Drivers to Evade Oklahoma Tolls, Increase Costs for Legal

                     Users, Endanger Police and Public

​07-10-2023 - Study: Oklahoma has third worst water quality in America

05-01-2023 - Oklahoma lawmakers calling for OU president (Joseph Harroz, Jr.) to be fired

                     after 'Crimson & Queens' drag show

05-01-2023 - More Universities, Including the University of Oklahoma (OU) Jump on

                     Trend of Holding Race-Based Graduation Events 

04-26-2023 - As OU (Univ. of Oklahoma) Pays Drag Queen $18,000, Lawmakers Call for


04-25-2023 - University of Oklahoma (OU) plans to hold identity-based graduation

                     ceremonies    OU website here.

04-18-2023 - As OKC pursues a ‘housing first’ strategy, Gov. Kevin Stitt offers opposite

                     rhetoric on homelessness

04-15-2023 - Governor Stitt (R-OK) explains his decision to dissolve Interagency Council on


04-13-2023 - City of OKC Launches 'Housing First' Plan to Address Homelessness

04-12-2023 - Anger as Gov. Stitt disbands Interagency Council on Homelessness

04-07-2023 - Is Oklahoma City's new homelessness plan 'bold enough'? Is there a capacity

                     to do more?

04-05-2023 - University of Oklahoma (OU) Drag Show Declared One of Nation's

                        Largest <What an honor!>

03-08-2023 - Oklahoma voters reject recreational marijuana

01-31-2023 - Oklahoma Official Demands to Know 'Every Dollar' Spent on Woke DEI


​01-27-2023 - Oklahoma Sheriffs to ATF: We Will Not Enforce Pistol Brace Rule

12-13-2022 - Gov. Stitt Invites Gun, Ammo Makers to Come to Oklahoma

10-12-2022 - Outrage as Oklahoma Governor fundraises in SECRET to build new $6.5m

                     official mansion, after moaning mold in historic governor's residence was

                     making his children sick, despite recent $2m renovation

06-23-2022 - Oklahoma takes lead addressing mass shootings while protecting 2nd

                     Amend. with new executive order, gov says

04-30-2022 - Okla. stakes out new battleground on LGBTQ rights: Birth certificates

04-12-2022 - Oklahoma governor signs bill making nearly all abortions illegal

04-06-2022 - Oklahoma Legislature Passes Near-Total Abortion Ban

03-20-2022 - 'Girls Should Compete Against Girls': Oklahoma Gov Signs Trans Athletes Ban

                         into Law

05-07-2021 - Oklahoma Governor Signs Bill Banning Teaching of Critical Race Theory

11-08-2020 - Oklahoma leaders react to Joe Biden's projected win

06-30-2020 - OKC Mayor David Holt, Rep. Ajay Pittman join BLM protesters Tuesday

01-23-2020 - Oklahoma ranked 14th most dangerous in US, Tulsa most dangerous city

03-19-2019 - Signed by the Governor: Oklahoma Law Prohibits Denial of Firearms

                     Ownership Based on Medical Marijuana Use

08-16-2018 - Can I Get A Gun License In Oklahoma If I Have A Medical Marijuana Card?

05-04-2016 - OK State Senator David Holt (R) bashes newly-elected President Donald