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03-10-2023 - Report: NYC Mayor Eric Adams (D) Plans to Use Taxpayer Funds to Send

                        Migrants to College

03-10-2023 - University of Notre Dame to Host Event on 'Queer Holiness' <Another great

                university lost to woketardery!>

03-09-2023 - DePaul Univ. Students Petition for Christian Group to be Banned From

                     Campus Because Their Beliefs Don't Align With LGBTQ Lifestyle <Don't

                worry, the lawyers from the ACLJ or ADF will set those dumbasses straight on the

                First Amendment!>

03-09-2023 - Columbia University Eliminates SAT and ACT Requirements So They Can

                     Prioritize Diversity Over Academic Excellence <Parents save your money at this

                one, too.>

02-24-2023 - FL Teacher Placed on Leave After Making White Students Pretend to be

                     Slaves… Kneel Down to Black Students in Black History Month Skit [VIDEO]

02-23-2023 - To Increase ‘Equity,’ This California High School Is Eliminating Honors

                     Courses <That's just great - dumb 'em down to the lowest common denominator!>

02-15-2023 - Oklahoma Universities to Spend over $10 Million on Diversity Agenda

02-01-2023 - College Board Backtracks on Woke AP Curriculum After DeSantis Criticism

09-06-2022 - School District Settles With Coach Who Lost His Job After Objecting to

                     Critical Race Training

09-01-2022 - Pandemic Protocols, School Closures Caused Largest Learning Loss in 30


09-01-2022 - 72% of Top Medical Schools Use Racial Politics to Eliminate Applicants

07-26-2022 - Maryland schools won't tell parents if their child is changing gender identity

05-23-2022 - VIDEO: New “Racial Literacy Curriculum” for High School Pushes Social

                     Justice in Every Subject, Including Math

04-28-2022 - 'God gave kids to parents - NOT the government': Oklahoma governor leads

                     Republican fury at Biden for suggesting kids belong to teachers and the

                     administration when they enter the classroom

04-27-2022 - Republicans tear into the 'stupidity' of Biden considering cancelling all

                     student loan debt because it will raise taxes by $13,000 per person and

                     make inflation worse - and 65% of Americans don't have a college degree

02-24-2022 - Texas teacher on leave after reportedly caught saying: ‘Conservative

                     Christians need to get Covid and die’

02-21-2022 - Students Told to Disclose Who Their Parents Voted For

02-18-2022 - YOU GOT CANCELLED! Recalled San Francisco School Leader Blames ‘White


02-12-2022 - Are High School Graduates Ready for College? Studies Are Dismal - 60% Not

                        Ready for College

02-05-2022 - Wokeness and the dumbing down of America

02-02-2022 - New GA school district chair draws heat for pushing CRT, calling white

                     people ‘socialized racists’

01-28-2022 - Report: Chicago Schools Train Teachers that Sex ‘Not Rooted in Biology,’

                     and to Hide ‘Preferred’ Pronouns from Parents

01-10-2022 - America’s Most Notorious Billionaire, George Soros, Leaves His Mark on the

                     World from a $2.3 Billion Education Behemoth to Racial Politics 

12-10-2021 - WaPo Accuses Math Curriculums of ‘Racism’ — ‘The Other CRT’

12-06-2021 - Top Democrat Economist Says Woke Math Is a National Security Threat

11-21-2021 - University Of California To Permanently Remove Standardized Testing For


11-20-2021 - "They Laughed At The Parents" - Leaked Audio Reveals How California

                        Teachers Recruit Kids Into LGBTQ Clubs

11-16-2021 - FBI Whistleblower Reveals Biden DOJ Activated Counterterrorism Division

                     Against Protesting Parents

11-08-2021 - We Can't Wait for Universities to Fix Themselves. So We're Starting a

              New One.   University of Austin

11-08-2021 - Audits Reveal U.S. School Boards Abusing COVID Relief Funds

10-29-2021 - Tennessee Top Ed Official Pushed California’s ‘Math Is Racist’ Plan

10-26-2021 - Watch: Berkeley students willingly donate funds to support terror group

                     and kill Americans

09-11-2021-  Syracuse Professor Jenn M. Jackson Trashes 9/11 Commentary, Says It Was                       An Attack on ‘Heteropatriarchal Capitalistic Systems’ Preferred By
                     White Americans
 <Syracuse, you need to fire this idiot!>

08-25-2021 - Research Cited to Show California Math Is ‘Racist’ Often Misrepresented

08-13-2021 - Gov. Kate Brown (D) signed a law to allow Oregon students to graduate

                      without proving they can write or do math. She doesn’t want to talk about


08-12-2021 - Oregon Democrats Resurrect the ‘Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations.’  A new

                      law allows students to graduate from high school without the ability to

                      read, write, or do math.

07-21-2021 - Hillsdale College: Fight Back Against Critical Race Theory with Our Free

                        K-12 History Curriculum

07-13-2021 - Public defender who opposed critical race theory being taught in NYC

                     schools claims she was forced out of her job at the Legal Aid Society

                     because 'she is white' and after 'McCarthy' style attack labeled her racist

07-13-2021 - Former UN ambassador Nikki Haley calls for 'every governor in the United

                     States' to BAN funding for critical race theory in schools

​06-23-2021 - Now MATH is racist: Educators condemn $1M 'Dismantling Racism in

                     Mathematics' program funded by Bill Gates which tells teachers NOT

                     to push students to find the correct answer because it promotes white


06-21-2021 - 9-Year-Old On Fire, Tells School Board To Get The BLM Posters Out Of Her


06-20-2021 - VIDEO: Teenager Gives Brilliant Speech Against Critical Race Theory

06-18-2021 - Black Father Rips Critical Race Theory: ‘How Do I Have Two Medical Degrees

                     if I’m Sitting Here Oppressed?”

​06-09-2021 - Iowa Governor Signs Law Targeting Critical Race Theory in Public Schools

06-08-2021 - Conservative Think Tank Provides Guide to Help Fight Critical Race Theory

                     in Schools

06-03-2021 - “They’re gonna teach children to hate each other”...Florida Parents Fight

                     Back Against Critical Race Theory

06-02-2021 - BLM St. Paul Founder Who Quit Says Black Lives Matter Is ‘Racist’ Against

                        Black Children Over Charter Schools

06-01-2021 - Watch: Students Sign "Cancel Memorial Day" Petition: "It's A Celebration Of

                     US Imperialism And Colonialism" <Ahhh, publik ejukashun at its finest!>

06-01-2021 - Virginia teacher put on leave after speaking out against preferred pronouns

                     for transgender students

05-31-2021 - Will Eliminating Standard Tests Really Reduce Racial Disparities In


05-29-2021 - NYC's elite Dalton private school's parents enraged over ‘masturbation’

                     videos for first-graders <Even private schools aren't safe now from liberal


05-27-2021 - Parent Group Creates Guide For Fighting Critical Race Theory

05-11-2021 - Minnesota Black School Choice Movement ‘Explicitly Rejects’ U.S. Is Racist


04-29-2021 - Agitators Get Dirty To Push Institutional Racism In Texas’s No. 1 School


04-29-2021 - Father, Teacher Slam Elite Private Schools For Their Obsession With Race

04-29-2021 - WATCH: Professor Berates Student For Calling Police ‘Heroes’

04-29-2021 - VICTORY: Idaho Bans Critical Race Theory in Public Schools

04-29-2021 - Idaho Bans Teachers From Forcing Students To ‘Affirm’ Critical Race Theory

                     In Government Schools

04-29-2021 - Stanford Student Government Candidate Says ‘White People Need To Be

                     Eradicated’ <If you have a recent degree from Stanford, you might want to call

                Charmin - they will give you a few cents for it.>

04-28-2021 - Report: Teachers Unions Increased Funding For Democrats Who Thwarted

                     School Reopenings

04-28-2021 - Critical Race Theory Is Finally About To Face The Music In Court

04-23-2021 - Virginia Eliminates Accelerated Math Courses Because Equity

04-22-2021 - Biden Admin Signals Intent to Push Critical Race Theory Under Guise of

                     History and Civics

04-21-2021 - Univ. of Texas Approves Identity Politics “Strategic Plan for Faculty

                     Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity”

04-19-2021 - Megyn Kelly Offers Warning to Heads of Schools Pushing Critical Race


04-19-2021 - Biden Education Dept. Seeks to Prioritize Critical Race Theory and 1619

                     Project Grant Applications

04-19-2021 - Website Will Allow North Carolina Parents and Teachers to Expose

                     Classroom Radicalism <Translated:  Liberal wack-jobs can no longer hide and

                continue to indoctrinate our children!!>

04-18-2021 - Woke Math And The Intentional Destruction Of Free, Independent Thought

04-16-2021 - Teachers Union Head Randi Weingarten Says Kids Can’t Go Back To School

                     Because Jews Have Too Much Privilege

04-15-2021 - California Education Dept. Considering Program to Fight Supposed Racism

                         in Math

04-15-2021 - California Weighs ‘Equitable Math’: Goal of Getting Correct Answer Racist

04-13-2021 - Men in Women's Sports Get Huge Boost as NCAA 'Unequivocally' Supports

                     Transgender Athletes

04-06-2021 - Trees Are Now Racist? Portland, OR School Worries 'Evergreen' Mascot May

                      Be Linked to Lynching
04-05-2021 - Portland, OR high school's choice of new mascot — evergreen trees —

                     could be a problem due to lynching connotations, officials say
04-05-2021 - Portland, OR School Delays ‘Evergreens’ Mascot Vote Due to Fears It’s

                     Linked to Lynching
04-05-2021 - Trees Are Now Racist: Portland, OR School Delays Vote On ‘Evergreen’

                     Mascot Over Fears People May Link It To Lynching
04-05-2021 - Trees Are Now Racist: Portland School Delays Vote On ‘Evergreen’ Mascot –

                      Making a tree a mascot a concern because black Americans were once

                      hanged using trees
04-05-2021 - Civil Right Champion Lawyer Leo Terrell reacts to Portland, OR school

                     fearing 'Evergreens' mascot tied to lynching: “It devalues true racism”
04-05-2021 - Portland, OR School Delays Vote On 'Evergreen' Mascot Citing Trees As


04-03-2021 - Obama Gets Canceled: Illegal Aliens Fight Plan to Rename School After Him

04-01-2021 - Grassroots Rebellion Grows with New Calls to Ban Critical Race Theory from

                     Military, Public Schools

03-25-2021 - Once Held Hostage By Teachers’ Unions, West Virginia Just Passed The

                     Nation’s Broadest School Choice Law

03-25-2021 - Top-Tier Illinois High School Hosting Critical Race Theory Indoctrination


03-25-2021 - Here’s Your Primer On Critical Race Theory, Now In A Town Near You

03-03-2021 - Here are the 'wrong' illustrations that got six Dr. Seuss books cancelled

03-01-2021 - UT Donors Threaten Boycott if School Cancels 'Eyes of Texas'

03-01-2021 - University of Texas alumni threaten to no longer donate amid controversy

                     surrounding school song, emails show

02-23-2021 - Math Suffers From White Supremacy, According to a Microsoft's Bill Gates-

                     Funded Course

02-17-2021 - Microsoft's Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Behind ‘Anti-Racist’ Math


02-17-2021  -10 Worst Colleges for Free Speech: 2021

02-17-2021 - FIRE presents the 10 Worst Colleges for Free Speech: 2021

02-16-2021 - Judicial Watch Sues on Behalf of High School Coach Fired for Objecting to

                     BLM/Critical Race Theory Curriculum for Daughter’s 7th Grade History Class

02-13-2021 - 9 Professors Who Compared Trump, GOP to Hitler but Weren't Canceled

02-11-2021 - ACLU debunks 'myths' about trans athletes, claims trans girls do not have

                     'unfair advantages' in sports

02-10-2021 - White House defends order permitting trans athletes to compete in girls'

                     sports: 'Trans rights are human rights

02-04-2021 - ACLU declares ‘transgender myths DEBUNKED,’ says trans girls don’t have

                     any ‘unfair advantage’ in women’s sports

02-04-2021 - DOJ Drops Trump-Initiated Lawsuit Accusing Yale of Discrimination Against

                     White, Asian Applicants

02-03-2021 - Watch: Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) Blasts Biden Education Pick on “Bizarre”

                     Trans Sports Edict

01-21-2021 - Biden Signs Divisive Transgender Executive Order

01-11-2021 - Title IX Has Turned Universities Into Really Terrible Sex Police

01-08-2021 - Campus Reform | SURVEY: 63 percent of students at this school say gov't

                     should punish 'hate speech' <See, this is what happens when you don't teach

                Constitutional principles in high school.>

01-02-2021 - Black man at Brown University forced out of his job by rich white leftists

01-02-2021 - 2019 Teacher of the Year Rodney Robinson urges Mitch McConnell’s

                      neighbors to give him Rand Paul treatment

12-31-2020 - Purdue Univ, led by former GOP gov, bucks tuition trend

12-31-2020 - Trump authorizes 'emergency learning scholarships' for students denied in-

                      person school

12-22-2020 - Professor Speaks Out After Being Shamed for Writing History of BLM

12-03-2020 - Chuck Schumer Endorses Biden's Plan To Force Public Schools To Allow

                     Males In Female Bathrooms

11-30-2020 - New Jersey Lawmakers Pass Bill to Adopt 'Social Justice' Education in Public


09-24-2020 - Mother fired for opposing LGBT sex ed for little kids sues school where she


09-23-2020 - New York Times Quietly Removes Anti-White Propaganda From Anti-

                        American '1619 Project', Angering the Far Left

09-23-2020 - Trump issues executive order to combat ideology that America is

                      ‘irredeemably racist and sexist’

09-17-2020 - 2 Seattle Schools Offered 7-Year-Olds Anti-Police, Leftist Messages

​09-16-2020 - ‘Shocking And Saddening’: Survey Shows Profound Ignorance Of Holocaust

                      Among U.S. Young People, Including Nearly 20% In New York Who Believe

                      Jews Were Responsible

09-03-2020 - Academic Death Spiral: VIDEO Highlights From “Saving Higher Ed From

                     Cancel Culture”

08-31-2020 - Study: Public Schools Hide Planned Parenthood’s Extermination Of The


08-31-2020 - It’s Time To Stop Paying Colleges For Overpriced Leftist Indoctrination

08-30-2020 - Teacher Retirements Are Up Across The U.S. Here's Why.

08-28-2020 - California Schools Kowtow to Black Lives Matter's Marxist Agenda - 

                     A glance at the hatred being force-fed to American kids.

08-26-2020 - REPORT: Public Schools ‘Revamping’ History Curriculum After Study Finds

                     Vast Majority Of Teachers Support BLM

08-26-2020 - Prof. Walter E. Williams:  Institutional Racism in Higher Ed

08-25-2020 - ‘Nice White Parents’ Responsible for Failing Public Schools, New York Times


08-21-2020 - LISTEN: ACU Podcast - The Case Against Homework and Race to Nowhere.

08-21-2020 - Prof. Walter E. WIlliams: Back to College, Back to Academic Brainwashing

08-20-2020 - Fordham U Sent Cops To Investigate A Student For Criticizing China

08-19-2020 - This Mom Created an Education Pod, and You Can Too

08-18-2020 - 4 States Supporting Private Schools With COVID-19 Relief Lead Way on

                      Education Choice

08-18-2020 - University Instructor Warns Anti-BLM, Pro-Life Views ‘Grounds for Dismissal’

08-17-2020 - 3 Jewish Students Forced Out of USC Student Government for Pro-Israel


08-16-2020 - I’m a Former Teacher. Here’s How Your Children Are Getting Indoctrinated

                     by Leftist Ideology.

08-14-2020 - Progressive Sex Education and the Battle for Our Children

08-13-2020 - The College Death Spiral, Part 2

08-13-2020 - Problematic Women: Her Leftist College Tried to Reeducate Her. Now She’s

                     Speaking Up.

​08-12-2020 - Leftist Teacher Worries About Parents Listening in on Virtual Classes

08-11-2020 - Has the college death spiral started?

08-10-2020 - Bad news for teachers' unions: New UK mega-study shows that opening

                     schools brings almost no COVID risk

08-07-2020 - USC Student Government Purging Pro-Israel Leaders

08-06-2020 - If Teachers Unions Really Cared About Kids, They’d Be Demanding Schools


08-06-2020 - Chicago College Students Demand Schools Cut Ties with 'White Supremacist

                     Cult' Police <Parents, save your money and stop sending your kids to these                          universities to be indoctrinated by these anti-American Communist professors!!>

08-05-2020 - Teachers Unions Are Attempting Political Blackmail. It’s Time To Break

                     Them Up

08-05-2020 - How Oklahoma Is Making the Best of a Bad Situation With COVID-19

                      Education Funding

08-05-2020 - To Save America, Defund the Schools

08-04-2020 - Chicago Lawmaker Wants to Cancel History Classes ‘Until a Suitable

                      Alternative Can Be Found’

08-03-2020 - Teachers’ Unions, Socialists Demand Funding, End to 'Systemic Racism'

07-28-2020 - National teacher union supports strikes over reopening plans

07-28-2020 - Speaker: Most Parents Have No Idea Schools Are Pushing Trans Ideology

07-27-2020 - Peak Idiocy: Rutgers University Declares Grammar 'Racist'<Yeah, because

                grammar is hard and we shouldn't have to learn that, or math, or real history, or

                science or any of those other hard subjects....and the government should pay all our

                tuition, man!!  Now who's got my joint, man??>

07-25-2020 - California State University’s Mandate of Ethnic, Social Justice Studies Driven

                     by Hatred of America

07-23-2020 - Young Americans’ Ignorance of Socialism Threatens Our Freedom and


07-23-2020 - Standing Up to ‘Wokeness’ and the Intolerance of the Mob

07-22-2020 - Popular Teacher Allegedly Fired From Michigan High School for Saying

                     ‘Trump is Our President’ <Well, whether you like it or don't like it, he is the

                individual currently occupying the White House, but I guess you can't even teach the

                obvious anymore.>

07-22-2020 - Students and Faculty at Dartmouth Sign Letter Urging School to Fight

                     ‘Structural Racism’

07-21-2020 - Campus Re-Education - Maoist-Style

07-21-2020 - The Citadel Will Require All Cadets to Study Constitution <FINALLY in

                compliance with a 96-year old South Carolina law.  One of the premier universities

                that trains our military's officers who must swear an oath to "support and defend the

                Constitution of the United States," yet they aren't taught anything about it. 


07-21-2020 - Virginia Mandates “Slavery Lessons” . . . For Kindergarteners

07-21-2020 - UConn Medical School Suspending Honor Society Over Fear That Merit-

                     Based Criteria is Racist

07-21-2020 - Students at Harvard Law School Call for ‘Automatic Bar Admission’<Yeah,

                good luck with that.>

07-20-2020 - Notre Dame Stands by Use of ‘Fighting Irish’ Nickname and Leprechaun 


​07-20-2020 - Home Education Surges as Teachers’ Unions Block Reopening of Schools

07-20-2020 - Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D-IN) gets hired by Notre Dame to ‘restore trust’ in


07-19-2020 - Georgetown Student Petition: Create a 'Sanctuary Space' Campus by

                     Banning Cops <Hey parents and donating alumni - did you know you money is

                funding this kind of stupidity??>

07-18-2020 - Sixties Radicals Hold Powerful Positions in Government & Academia

07-17-2020 - College Calls Police on Student Who Sent Email Mocking Diversity

                     Demands <Wait, you don't want the police around, but you do want the police. I know

                they don't teach those worthless skills like critical thinking in college anymore, but you

                have to make a choice.>

​​07-17-2020 - Dismantling Student Loan Program Best Path to Fight ‘Leftist Indoctrination’

                     on Campus

07-17-2020 - Biden Fights Science: Just Plain Dangerous for Kids to Return to School

07-17-2020 - NC Teachers' Union Demands Universal Health Care, Welfare for Illegal

                     Immigrants to Reopen Schools

07-16-2020 - Democrats Play Politics With Schools, But It’s Not the First Time

​07-16-2020 - Cornell University takes a major step towards compulsory racial activism for

                     faculty, students, and staff

07-15-2020 - More Than 20 Countries Are Reopening Schools. The US Should Take Note.

07-16-2020 - Biden-Sanders 'Unity Task Force:' We Must End a Popular Scholarship

                     Program For Poor Black Kids

07-15-2020 - Prof. Walter E. Williams:  Despicable Behavior of Today's Academicians

07-15-2020 - Physician Dr Scott Atlas Explains Why Closing Schools in the Fall

              Doesn't Agree with the Science

07-14-2020 - MSNBC Host's Face After Pediatricians Say It's Time to Send Kids Back to

                     School Is Priceless

07-14-2020 - UConn student government leaders resign because they’re white

07-14-2020 - These Are the Ridiculous Non-Coronavirus Demands the LA Teachers Union

                      Wants Met Before Returning to School

07-11-2020 - Remember When Obama Threatened to Take Funding From Schools?

07-11-2020 - Families Turn to Homeschooling as the Education Establishment Fumbles

                     Its Pandemic Response

​07-11-2020 - L.A. teachers union says schools can't reopen unless charter schools get

                     shut down, police defunded

​07-10-2020 - Trump Has a Strong Warning for Public Schools More Interested In

                      Indoctrination Than Education

07-10-2020 - SCOTUS to Hear Freedom of Speech on College Campuses Case

​07-10-2020 - Victor Davis Hanson: 5 'Radical, Long-Term Solutions' to Leftist Academic


07-10-2020 - Trump: Defund 'Radical Left' Universities; Orders Review of Tax-exempt

                     Status <YES!!!>

07-10-2020 - 'Faculty-Lounge Coyotes': 25,000 Academics Dismiss Citizenship as

                     'Artificial Distinction' <And we're paying to have idiots like these prepare our kids

                for life.>

07-09-2020 - If You Want To Defund Something, Start With Higher Education

07-09-2020 - U.S. Bishops Laud Court’s Defense of Church Right to Choose Teachers

07-09-2020 - A Clarifying Moment for Teachers Unions

07-09-2020 - Teachers' Unions Rebuff Trump Push to Reopen Schools

07-08-2020 - Prof. Walter E. Williams - Charter Schools and Their Enemies

07-08-2020 - Taxpayers Need to Hold Public Schools Accountable

07-08-2020 - Supreme Court Tells Ninth Circuit to Stay Out of Personnel Decisions of

                     Religious Organizations

​07-08-2020 - Supreme Court Separates Church and State to Protect Religious Freedom

07-08-2020 - Colleges Hike Tuition, Slash Classroom Instruction

07-08-2020 - We Have Failed to Fight Anti-Americanism in Public Education

07-08-2020 - Colleges To Increase Tuition While Cutting Amenities And In-Person

                     Teaching <While sitting on millions and billions in endowment funds.  See stories at


07-07-2020 - National Parents’ Coalition ‘Thrilled’ Trump Exposed ‘Indoctrination’ in

                     Government Schools<That's 'gubbment skools.'>

07-07-2020 - College Professors Celebrate the Fourth of July by Bashing America

07-03-2020 - Universities Sowing Seeds of Own Obsolescence

07-02-2020 - Survey: College Makes Young Americans Less Patriotic

​​07-01-2020 - L.A. School Police Chief Resigns After School Board Defunds Police by 35%

06-30-2020 - Supreme Court Hands Huge Win to Families on School Choice

06-30-2020 - Supreme Court Protects Religious Freedom and School Choice

06-20-2020 - Only 1 of the Top 100 Universities Featured a Conservative Graduation

                     Speaker This Spring

06-16-2020 - How Our Anti-American Education System Made Riots Inevitable

06-13-2020 - Academia’s Push to Fire Even the Few Academics Who Don’t Tow the Leftist

                     Line   More Info Here

06-12-2020 - School choice should be the status quo

06-11-2020 - George Washington University Apologizes for Sharing Email About Police

                      Recruitment Fair <Oh, did poor little snowflakes get triggered???>

06-11-2020 - UCLA professor suspended, receives death threats for not canceling exams

                      <I'm shocked that they even still have exams out there in the Democratic People's

                 Republic of California.  Aren't exams racist, or politically incorrect, or unfair or


06-09-2020 - Why the New York Times Capitulated on the Senator Tom Cotton Article

06-09-2020 - Arizona State Revokes Job Offer After Professor Praises Good Police

                        Officers' <What happened to free speech and open exchange of ideas?  Well, ASU

                used to be a great school.>

​06-04-2020 - New Jersey Adopts Mandated LGBTQ-Inclusive Planned Parenthood Sex Ed


05-27-2020 - Why We Need to Reemphasize America’s Founding Principles in Civics


05-21-2020 - Why a Return to Obama’s Student Loan Forgiveness Rules Would Be a


05-20-2020 - Prof. Walter E. Williams: Rotten Education Isn’t Preordained

04-23-2020 - The Left's Long War on Parents Over Schooling Their Kids

04-23-2020 - Attack on Homeschooling Is the Left's Latest Way of Silencing Conservatives

04-21-2020 - Harvard Smears Homeschooling Parents and Their Children

04-15-2020 - The Welcome Rise of Homeschooling


12-03-2019 - U.S. Students Show No Improvement in Math, Reading, Science on

                     International Exam

11-28-2019 - Rap Sheet: 117 Acts of Violence and Harassment Against Conservatives on


10-31-2019 - Jew-Hatred Exposed at University of Minnesota During National Students for

                     Justice in Palestine Conference

10-29-2019 - Seattle Schools Propose To Teach That Math Education Is Racist—Will

                        California Be Far Behind?

10-15-2019 - WALTER WILLIAMS: Intolerance in academia

10-10-2019 - New Jersey Teacher Reassigned for Kneeling During Pledge of Allegiance

08-22-2019 - The US spends more on education than any other country, but students lag

                      behind academically. Here's how much other countries spend and how well

                      their students perform.

07-07-2019 - What Country Spends the Most on Education?

06-12-2019 - Elementary School Teacher Bans 1st-Graders from Saying “Jesus” or G-d”,

                     but Allah is OK

06-05-2019 - Rap Sheet: 76 Acts of Violence and Harassment Against Conservatives on


04-12-2019 - Amnesty Advocates Help Illegal Immigrants Get College Scholarships

01-03-2018 - Millennials Don't Know Brutal History of Communism <Thank you gubbment, I

                mean publik skools!!>

12-27-2017 - WALTER WILLIAMS: Educational rot

10-24-2017 - WALTER WILLIAMS: Undermining America

08-30-2017 - Indiana teacher asks first-graders to stop talking about God in class

03-29-2017 - WALTER WILLIAMS: Educational sabotage

08-15-2015 - WALTER WILLIAMS: Academic Fascism II

08-11-2015 - WALTER WILLIAMS: Academic fascism


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