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​​Okay, as a public service and favor to all the nitwits in the media who now think that even growing grass on your lawn is "racist,"  trees are "racist," highways are "racist." and even math is "racist," yes, math, let's get the definitions correct, shall we?? 

Merriam-Webster Dictionary Definition of racism:  A belief that race is the primary   determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.
Merriam-Webster Dictionary Definition of prejudice:  An irrational attitude of hostility directed against an individual, a group, a race, or their supposed characteristics.
Merriam-Webster Dictionary Definition of bigot:  Obstinate or intolerant devotion to one's own opinions and prejudices: the state of mind of a bigot.


Be sure to see theEducation page of this website for more stories and resources to help you and your community eliminate the garbage being taught in our schools.

1776 Report - The President’s Advisory 1776 Commission - Final Report 202101.pdf

Brandon Tatum - The Tatum Squad bringing common sense back to the discussion

Black Conservative Perspective (Speaking truch to the Black community)

Free to Choose Network - Business, economics, Thomas Sowell, Milton Firedman, etc.
Tatum Report YouTube Channel
Tatum Report Website
The Blacksphere with Kevin Jackson
Candace Owens

Terrence K. Williams   YouTube videos

Hodge Twins   Facebook   YouTube videos

Nate the Lawyer

United Guns of America (speaking truth to the Black community)

Wayne Dupree
Walter E. Williams - Author, Economics Professor at George Mason Univ.  VIDEOS

Thomas Sowell - Author, Professor Stanford University, Senior Fellow Hoover Institution

Thomas Sowell - Articles, etc. at Hoover Institution  VIDEOS

Shelby Steele - Standford University's Hoover Institute Senior Fellow   VIDEOS

READ:  Marx & The False Communist Promise - David Azerrad

WATCH:  The Trayvon Hoax: Unmasking the Witness Fraud That Divided America

1619 Project

07-07-2021 - Jen Pasaki says Howard University students are 'lucky to have' 1619 Project

                     founder Nikole Hannah-Jones as a faculty member after she rejected UNC's

                     tenure offer <Welcome to the drawer underneath the drawer with the dullest knives,


01-05-2021 - Carson: 1776 Commission Must Fight 'Coordinated Attack on Our History'

09-23-2020 - New York Times Quietly Removes Anti-White Propaganda From Anti-

                     American '1619 Project', Angering the Far Left

09-22-2020 - New York Times Reveals That 1619 Project Is a Fraud

09-21-2020 - 1619 Projects Fires off New Lies to Cover Up Old Lies

08-31-2020 - Who is Behind the 1619 Project?

08-07-2020 - 1619 Project Movie Coming From Studio Building Theme Parks in Slave

                      Labor Countries

07-28-2020 - With That NYT Writer's Admission About 1619 Project, A Liberal Reporter

                     Wrecks It with One Tweet
07-27-2020 - How To Disprove The 6 Most Outrageous Myths In The 1619 Project
07-27-2020 - 1619 Project Editor Leading New York Times Effort to Expand into

07-26-2020 - Sen. Tom Cotton Bill Bans Federal Funds for Teaching America Founded

                     on Slavery

06-22-2020 - 1619 Project architect says ‘destroying property, which can be replaced, is

                      not violence’​
05-27-2020 - The Battle For America’s Understanding of Its True Self


VIDEO:  Antifa Declared a Terrorist Group

06-19-2021 - VIDEO: Conservatives Attacked and Harassed by Biden’s Communist ‘Idea’ at

                     Denver Conference

01-08-2021 - Watch: Antifa’s ‘March of Terror’ Shows They Are Coming For Liberals

08-04-2020 - In Hearing, Senate Democrats Continue To Deny Antifa Exists

06-12-2020 - A Brief History of Antifa: Part I

06-23-2020 - A Brief History of Antifa: Part II - Antifa in the U.S.

Articles from America's Leading Intellectuals (who also happen to be Black)

07-30-2020 - Walter Williams' A Minority View:  Is racism responsible for today's Black


06-17-2020 - Walter Williams' A Minority View:  After George Floyd, Now What?

06-10-2020 - Walter Williams' A Minority View: The true plight of black Americans

05-04-2019 - Walter Williams' A Minority View:  Discrimination and Disparities

Blacks Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, Inc.

11-12-2021 - ‘That’s silly’: NYC mayor-elect responds after Black rights activist threatens

                     ‘riots’ and ‘bloodshed’

11-10-2021 - Black Lives Matter activists threaten ‘riots’ if Mayor-elect Eric Adams

                        reinstates controversial NYPD anti-crime units

09-05-2021 - BLM Thugs Storm NYPD Station in Attack FAR WORSE Than January 6th…

                     Media Remains Silent

06-21-2021 - 9-Year-Old On Fire, Tells School Board To Get The BLM Posters Out Of Her


06-19-2021 - Nonprofit With “Fishy Finances” Connected to BLM Co-Founder Patrisse

                        Cullors Who Failed To Disclose Large Donations

06-02-2021 - BLM St. Paul Founder Who Quit Says Black Lives Matter Is ‘Racist’ Against

                     Black Children Over Charter Schools

06-01-2021 - Founder Of Black Lives Matter Chapter Quits After Learning the "Ugly Truth"

04-22-2021 - BLM: Nancy Pelosi’s Remarks on George Floyd ‘So Damn Disrespectful’

04-21-2021 - “Trained Marxist” and BLM Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors Says Outrage Over

                      Her Personal Wealth is a “Tactic of Terror”

04-19-2021 - Michael Brown, Breonna Taylor Families Ask Black Lives Matter Where Money


04-18-2021 - Breonna Taylor's Mom Condemns BLM as "Fraud" That's "Never Done A

                     Damn Thing For Us!"

04-17-2021 - Breonna Taylor’s mom slams BLM chapter in Louisville as a ‘fraud’

04-17-2021 - BLM Co-Founders' Million Dollar Housing Binge Underscores The

                     Movement's Hypocritical Power Grab

04-15-2021 - LA: BLM Terrorists Call for White Genocide, Death to Police, Destruction of

                     Govt. Buildings...Where is the FBI? [VIDEO]

02-07-2021 - Watch: BLM-ANTIFA Rioters Chant ‘Burn It Down’ During March Through

                     Streets Of Washington, DC

01-30-2021 - After Months of Rioting and Looting, Black Lives Matter Nominated for Nobel

                     Peace Prize <Oh, it's true, it's true!>

09-23-2020 - Ties Apparent Between Communist China and Project of BLM Co-Founder

09-23-2020 - Report: Black Lives Matter Organization Removes Controversial "Destruction

                     Of Nuclear Family" Webpage

09-21-2020 - Down the memory hole: Black Lives Matter deletes “what we believe” page

09-16-2020 - REPORT: BLM Co-Founder Partnering Up With Pro-Communist Chinese Group

​09-16-2020 - WATCH:  Candace Owens DESTROYS Black Lives Matter Narrative

09-15-2020 - Black Appraisals of Black Lives Matter – Part I

08-26-2020 - WATCH: BlazeTV Documentary - BRAINWASHED: How Black Lives Matter

                     Hijacked Our Schools

08-26-2020 - Black Lives Matter Is The Most Dangerous Extremist Group In America

08-26-2020 - Black Lives Matter Harassment of Ordinary People is Starting to Backfire

08-25-2020 - BLM's perpetual fake outrage cycle explained step-by-step

08-03-2020 - Black Lives Matter: A Political Campaign Disguised as a Civil Rights


07-02-2020 - Black Lives Matter: "We Are Trained Marxists" - Part I

08-02-2020 - Black Lives Matter: "We Will Burn Down This System" - Part II

07-01-2020 - Students, Faculty Target Professor for Writing Honest History of Black Lives

                     Matter  <See 6-3-2020 and 6-4-2020 in the News/Issues section below for related


Cancel the Cancel Culture!!

07-08-2020 - Dissension at Far-left Vox over Co-founder Matt Yglesias Signing Open

                     Letter Against Cancel Culture

08-09-2019 - The Woke Capitalism List: 50 Times Huge Companies Sided With The Social

                     Justice Warriors

Color of Change

Another militant organization tied closely to BLMGNF and whose co-founder is an admitted Communist and which receives large portions of their funding from George Soros' Open Society Foundation

Critical Race Theory/Structural Racism

08-05-2021 - Federal appeals judge: Implementing critical race theory would violate civil

                     rights law

07-23-2021 - A Better Way to Fight Critical Race Theory

07-21-2021 - Hillsdale College: Fight Back Against Critical Race Theory with Our Free K-12

                        History Curriculum

07-13-2021 - 'Every officer is up to speed on diversity training. Not so much ship

                     handling': Scathing official report finds US Navy is not fit for war because of

                     risk averse, politically correct, control-freak top brass

07-13-2021 - Public defender who opposed critical race theory being taught in

                     NYC schools claims she was forced out of her job at the Legal Aid

                     Society because 'she is white' and after 'McCarthy' style attack labeled her


07-13-2021 - Former UN ambassador Nikki Haley calls for 'every governor in the United

                     States' to BAN funding for critical race theory in schools

​​​​07-07-2021 - James Woods Rips Biden, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot: 'As Long as

                     Democrats Continue to Defund the Police, America's Streets Will Run with


07-03-2021 - Critical Race Theory violates civil rights laws, says expert

06-21-2021 - Can Right Answers Be Wrong? Latest Clash Over ‘White Supremacy Culture’

                     Unfolds in Unlikely Arena: Math Class <Ya' know, education starts at home -

                maybe all these PhD pointy heads should start examining the status of the family unit

                as it compares to educational and economic achievement and go from there!>

​06-20-2021 - VIDEO: Teenager Gives Brilliant Speech Against Critical Race Theory​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

06-18-2021 - Black Father Rips Critical Race Theory: ‘How Do I Have Two Medical Degrees

                     if I’m Sitting Here Oppressed?”

​​06-09-2021 - Iowa Governor Signs Law Targeting Critical Race Theory in Public Schools

06-08-2021 - Conservative Think Tank Provides Guide to Help Fight Critical Race Theory

                      in Schools

06-03-2021 - "They're gonna teach children to hate each other"...Florida Parents Fight

                         Back Against Critical Race Theory

05-27-2021 - Parent Group Creates Guide For Fighting Critical Race Theory

05-25-2021 - Critical race theory can be stopped. Here’s how:

04-29-2021 - VICTORY: Idaho Bans Critical Race Theory in Public Schools

04-29-2021 - Agitators Get Dirty To Push Institutional Racism In Texas’s No. 1 School


04-22-2021 - Biden Admin Signals Intent to Push Critical Race Theory Under Guise of

                     History and Civics

03-13-2021 - Critical Race Theory Is Dangerous. Here’s How to Fight It

George Soros-Funded Organizations (International Financier Billionaire and

                                        Noted Communist)

206 U.S. organizations funded by George Soros

​Organizations Funded by George Soros​​​

George Soros Has 200 Organizations To Attack America

Soros Clones: 5 Liberal Mega-Donors Nearly as Dangerous as George Soros

Excellent Organizations That Really Do Help With Mentoring, Education and Job Training Programs

The Rap Snacks Foundation (look for their snacks in convenience stores - they're delicious!)

MBK (My Brothers' Keeper) Alliance

EBLM (Every Black Life Matters)

Voices of Black Mothers United

Woodson Center

CORE (Congress of Racial Equality)


11-24-2021 - Rittenhouse Case Illustrates Liberal Hypocrisy

11-20-2021 - "They Laughed At The Parents" - Leaked Audio Reveals How California

                     Teachers Recruit Kids Into LGBTQ Clubs

11-11-2021 - Joe Biden Says 'I've Adopted the Attitude of the Great Negro' During Speech

11-04-2021 - Army veteran: Cop-bashing, America-hating Kaepernick compares the NFL

                     draft to slavery

11-04-2021 - Virginia Lt. Gov-elect, Winsome Sears (an immigrant and a Marine) says she’s

                     ‘destroying all the narratives about race’

10-31-2021 - Bill O'Reilly's Weekly Column:  The Woke vs. The Awakened

10-17-2021 - Bill O'Reilly Weekly Column:  The Steal (Exposing Zuckerberg's $420M

                         Influence on the 2020 Election)

10-10-2021 - Bill O'Reilly Weekly Column:  Eyes Wide Shut  (Biden on U.S. Crime)

10-03-2021 - Bill O'Reilly Weekly Column:  Beware the Pronoun

08-12-2021 - VIDEO:  Evalena Flores Mother of Emonte and Eric Morgan Who Killed

                     Chicagp Police Officer Ella French and Wounded Another Arrested

                     Breakdown - United Guns of America Host Speaks Truth to the Black

                     community  (Profanity Warning)

08-12-2021 - VIDEO:  Baby Mama Evalena Flores Defends Her Son Murdering Police Officer

                     Ella French! Says Black People Are Afraid of Cops - Black Conservative

                     Perspective Host Speaks Truth to the Black Community

08-06-2021 - Subway ads featuring Megan Rapinoe fuel ongoing feud with franchisees as

                     some customers threaten to boycott stores

07-27-2021 - Olympian Lolo Jones: Woke Anthem Protests Make 'Many' Tune Out -- People

                     Want to 'Just to Watch Sports'

07-02-2021 - Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Blames '99%' of Criticisms on Sexism, Racism

07-01-2021 - Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Thinks ‘About 99%’ of Criticism Aimed at Her is

                     Due to Racism and Sexism

06-25-2021 - NFL Superstar Herschel Walker On Woke Olympians: If You ‘Don’t Like The

                        Rules, Why Are You Here?’

06-21-2021 - U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) Defends His Membership In An All

                     White Club, Saying “It’s A Long Tradition In Rhode Island” <Where are the

                howls of racism from the liberal mainstream media??>

06-18-2021 - Judicial Watch Seeks Injunction for Court Against Chicago Mayor Lori

                     Lightfoot Self-Confessed Racist Interview Policy

06-11-2021 - Judicial Watch: Chicago Mayor’s Office Confirms Racially Discriminatory

                     Interview Policy in Sworn Court Filing

06-02-2021 - Virginia Teacher Who Opposes Using Preferred Pronouns Asks Court to Lift

                     ‘Unconstitutional’ Suspension

​06-07-2021 - Racist Mayor #2: Los Angeles' Eric Garcetti (D)

06-01-2021 - Racist Mayor #1: Chicago's Lori Lightfoot (D)

06-01-2021 - The woke purge is coming for the military

06-01-2021 - Watch: Students Sign "Cancel Memorial Day" Petition: "It's A Celebration Of

                     US Imperialism And Colonialism" <Ahhh, publik ejukashun at its finest!>

06-01-2021 - Virginia teacher put on leave after speaking out against preferred pronouns

                     for transgender students

06-01-2021 - Biden unveils plan for racial equity at Tulsa Race Massacre centennial

05-31-2021 - Steven Seagal Is Now A Russian Politician

05-31-2021 - Will Eliminating Standard Tests Really Reduce Racial Disparities In


​05-22-2021 - Chicago Police Union Issues Vote of 'No-Confidence' in Mayor Lightfoot

05-11-2021 - Minnesota Black School Choice Movement ‘Explicitly Rejects’ U.S. Is Racist


05-10-2021 - Dave Chappelle Slams Woke Shaming: 'No One Can Be Woke Enough'

04-29-2021 - NFL, Media Give Player Pass On Anti-Asian Racial Slur. That’s Because Of

                     Identity And Politics.

04-29-2021 - Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) Fires Back At Racist Washington Post Fact Check

04-29-2021 - 10 Racist Attacks On Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) From So-Called Progressives

​04-29-2021 - Father, Teacher Slam Elite Private Schools For Their Obsession With Race

04-27-2021 - Democrats Know Wokeness Is A Problem But Are Scared Mobs Will Cancel

                        Them If they Say It

04-21-2021 - Univ. of Texas Approves Identity Politics “Strategic Plan for Faculty Diversity,

                     Equity, and Inclusivity”

04-19-2021 - Megyn Kelly Offers Warning to Heads of Schools Pushing Critical Race

04-19-2021 - Biden Education Dept. Seeks to Prioritize Critical Race Theory and 1619

                     Project Grant Applications

04-13-2021 - Will Smith Kills Untold Number of Black Jobs by Pulling Movie from Georgia

                     Over Voting Law <And moves production to Louisiana where voting laws are even

                more strict.  Shut up and read your script, Will!>

04-13-2021 - If White Supremacists Are Everywhere, Why Did the 'White Lives Matter' Rally


04-12-2021 - The Media Won't Report Black Attackers and Hopes We'll Believe They're


04-06-2021 - Trees Are Now Racist? Portland, OR School Worries 'Evergreen' Mascot May

                     Be Linked to Lynching

04-05-2021 - Portland, OR high school's choice of new mascot — evergreen trees — could

                     be a problem due to lynching connotations, officials say

04-05-2021 - Portland, OR School Delays ‘Evergreens’ Mascot Vote Due to Fears It’s

                     Linked to Lynching

04-05-2021 - Trees Are Now Racist: Portland, OR School Delays Vote On ‘Evergreen’

                     Mascot Over Fears People May Link It To Lynching

04-05-2021 - Trees Are Now Racist: Portland School Delays Vote On ‘Evergreen’ Mascot –

                     Making a tree a mascot a concern because black Americans were once

                     hanged using trees

04-05-2021 - Civil Right Champion Lawyer Leo Terrell reacts to Portland, OR school

                     fearing 'Evergreens' mascot tied to lynching: “It devalues true racism”

04-05-2021 - Portland, OR School Delays Vote On 'Evergreen' Mascot Citing Trees As


04-03-2021 - Obama Gets Canceled: Illegal Aliens Fight Plan to Rename School After Him

04-02-2021 - Girls Scouts Announce $500,000 Campaign for ‘Anti-Racist’ Programming

04-01-2021 - Grassroots Rebellion Grows with New Calls to Ban Critical Race Theory from

                     Military, Public Schools

​03-31-2021 - Africa’s “Bigger Slave Problem"

03-31-2021 - Race in America Still Incoherent

03-25-2021 - Top-Tier Illinois High School Hosting Critical Race Theory Indoctrination


03-25-2021 - Here’s Your Primer On Critical Race Theory, Now In A Town Near You

03-20-2021 - Rapper Lil Mama Says She Is Starting a ‘Heterosexual Rights Movement’

03-15-2021 - 'The View' co-host Joy Behar insists Antifa is 'fictitious,' it 'doesn't

                     even exist' <Joy Behar's brain is fictitious and doesn't even exist!>

02-25-2021 - Young Black men and teens are killed by guns 20 times more than their

                     white counterparts, CDC data shows

02-25-2021 - Letter: Wake up America, socialism is lurking

02-20-2021 - Coca-Cola Promotes Anti-White Rhetoric In "Anti-Racist Training

                     Video"...Tells Employees ‘Try To Be Less White’<Okay, so to be 'less white'

                you would have to be something not white, but to do that, you would have to imitate

                another race/culture, but wouldn't that be 'cultural appropriation' and isn't that wrong,

                too?  I just can't understand this woke/liberal logic!>

02-16-2021 - Judicial Watch Sues on Behalf of High School Coach Fired for Objecting to

                     BLM/Critical Race Theory Curriculum for Daughter’s 7th Grade History Class

02-05-2021 - Tuft's Univ. Promotes Event to ‘Root Out Racism’ Among ‘White Christian

                     Folks’  <Apparently the genius administrators know absolutely nothing about the

                teachings of Jesus Christ of the tenets of Christianity.>

02-02-2021 - Denzel Washington: I Don’t Care for People Who Put Down Police, Soldiers

                     Who Sacrifice Their Lives So We Have Freedom to Complain About What They


01-27-2021 - Biden Reverses Trump Order Banning Racially-Divisive Critical Race Training

                     In Federal Government

01-10-2021 - Months Ago, Democrats Blocked a Resolution Condemning Mob Violence

01-09-2021 - The Navy Forces SEALS To Go ‘Gender Neutral’

01-02-2021 - Planned Parenthood: 'Don't downplay abortion as small part of our services;

                     we're proud'

01-02-2021 - Black man at Brown University forced out of his job by rich white leftists

01-01-2021 - 2020's most shocking 'cancel culture' stories

01-01-2021 - This browser extension lets you view the race and pronoun data of

                     companies as you browse the web. Because EVERYTHING is racist.

12-31-2020 - Outlines a “Gender” Utopia Scheme That Seems Satirical —

                     but Isn’t

​12-31-2020 - Radical leftist attack on gas lines in Colorado leaves thousands without heat

12-30-2020 - When We Teach Our Kids That Life Has No Value, This Is How They Act

12-24-2020 - NPR Lists Cardi B's 'Wet Ass Pu**y' as 'Best' Song of 2020

​12-22-2020 - Professor Speaks Out After Being Shamed for Writing History of BLM

11-30-2020 - Kaepernick Quick to Condemn US Slavery, Silent on Nike Ties to Chinese

                     Slave Labor

11-10-2020 - Democrats Turn On Minority Voters For Discovering Trump Isn’t The Real


10-30-2020 - Larry Elder’s “Uncle Tom”: The Challenge for Black Conservatives

09-23-2020 - Suicide of the liberals     FULL ARTICLE

09-23-2020 - LeBron James Asked to Comment on Compton Cops Who Were Shot in the

                     Head, and His Response is Callous

​09-23-2020 - Laura Ingraham: Democrats 'Don't Even Pretend to Hide Their Anti-


09-19-2020 - Why Can't We Talk About George Soros’s Plan To Remake America?

09-19-2020 - LIMBAUGH: The Richness Of Leftist Fascists Decrying ‘Fascism’

09-18-2020 - WATCH: Herschel Walker Challenges Pro Athletes: BLM Founder A

              Trained Marxist. Is This Who You’re Supporting?

09-18-2020 - ‘O.C.’ Actress Comes Out Backing Trump In Fierce Video; Slams Media, BLM:

                      ‘Not What I Signed Up For’

09-18-2020 - Trump Creates A National Commission To Promote Patriotic Education: ‘We

                     Will Reclaim Our History’ <Thank you, Mr. President!!!!>

09-17-2020 - 2 Seattle Schools Offered 7-Year-Olds Anti-Police, Leftist Messages

09-17-2020 - Trump Rips Into Critical Race Theory, Says Teaching It To Kids ‘A Form

                     Of Child Abuse’

09-17-2020 - Lady Gaga: ‘When You’re Born In This Country, We All Drink The Poison

                     That Is White Supremacy’<Should be named 'Lady Blah Blah'!>

09-17-2020 - EXPOSE HIM: Here's how George Soros is funding today's riots & chaos

09-16-2020 - WATCH: Coach Mike Ditka Triples Down Against National Anthem

              Protests: ‘Go To Another Country’ If You Don’t Like It

09-16-2020 - ‘Shocking And Saddening’: Survey Shows Profound Ignorance Of Holocaust

                      Among U.S. Young People, Including Nearly 20% In New York Who Believe

                      Jews Were Responsible

09-16-2020 - It's Official: The George Floyd Riots Were the Most Destructive in U.S. History

09-16-2020 - Civil Rights Leader Aims to Stop the Riots at the Source — With Stories of

                     Black American Success

09-16-2020 - WATCH:  Candace Owens DESTROYS Black Lives Matter Narrative

09-09-2020 - Has the Second American Civil War Already Started?

09-08-2020 - Left 'Secretly Preps' for Violent Unrest If Biden Loses

09-07-2020 - Trump Takes Aim at Marxist Propaganda Behind the BLM Riots

09-07-2020 - VIDEO: Candace Owens Slams Joe Biden for Pandering to Blacks Via

                     "Ignorant" Rapper Cardi B

09-07-2020 - UNEXPECTED: Rapper 50 Cent Speaks Truth About Cancel Culture

​09-05-2020 - Drew Brees Celebrates Christian Faith While Responding to Critics of 'Bring

                     Your Bible to School' Video

09-04-2020 - Trump Orders Purge of 'Critical Race Theory' from Federal Agencies <Well, it's

                about time!>

09-03-2020 - AMERICA TO BOYCOTT NFL: A Letter from an Old Marine

09-03-2020 - Black Pastors Demand Nike Drop the 'Anti-Christian' Marxist Black Lives

                     Matter Movement

09-03-2020 - AMERICA TO BOYCOTT NFL: A Letter from an Old Marine

09-01-2020 - Kenosha Rioters Destroyed 'the Very Neighborhoods That They Want to


09-01-2020 - BLM Vandals Strike Elvis Presley's Graceland

09-01-2020 - ​New Jersey Makes 'Race-Based' 911 Calls a Crime

09-01-2020 - DHS Chief: DOJ Is 'Targeting and Investigating' Antifa and BLM Leaders and

                     Those Funding the Riots

08-31-2020 - Oprah: America Cannot Move Forward Until 'Racial Injustice' and 'Betrayal' of

                     Blacks Is Acknowledged <Uh, I guess you forgot Pres. Clinton apologized for slavery

                in 1998.>

08-29-2020 - FLASHBACK: Democrat Leaders Have Encouraged Political Violence,

              Beginning With Barack Obama

08-29-2020 - If The Founders Didn’t Compromise On Slavery, The Constitution And

                     United States Wouldn’t Exist

08-28-2020 - California Schools Kowtow to Black Lives Matter's Marxist Agenda - A glance

                     at the hatred being force-fed to American kids.

08-28-2020 - Michelle Obama says white America views black women like her as

                     'invisible' <Yeah, that's pretty rich coming from THE most photographed First Lady

                and arguably the most financially successful First lady in history.>

08-27-2020 - Cultural Revolution: What the Violence in American Cities Is All About

​08-27-2020 - Retired Police Chief David Dorn's Widow Eviscerates the Black Lives Matter

                     Narrative at the RNC

​08-27-2020 - WATCH: Historic Civil Rights Figure Clarence Henderson: ‘If You Do Vote For

                     Biden, You Don’t Know History’

08-27-2020 - Hall Of Fame Linebacker Brian Urlacher Slams NBA Players For Postponing

                     Games Over Blake Shooting

​08-26-2020 - HUD Secretary Ben Carson: Racially ignorant media don't know most

                     minorities now live in suburbs

08-26-2020 - Medical Examiner Concluded George Floyd Likely Died Of Fentanyl

                     Overdose, Court Docs Reveal

​08-26-2020 - Why DO Blacks Vote In Droves For Democrats Every Election?  They don’t

                     deliver for the black community 

​08-25-2020 - HUD Secretary Ben Carson: Opportunity zone investments to rebuild

                     minority areas exceeding targets, hit $75 billion

​08-24-2020 - In sequel to viral video, candidate Klacik tells RNC black voters done 'blindly'

                     backing Democrats - Klacik says Joe Biden believes black people 'can't think

                     for themselves'

08-22-2020 - The Left-Wing War on America’s Suburbs

08-20-2020 - Latest Marriage Data Suggests Dark Future If Things Don't Change Fast

08-20-2020 - ‘Under God' skipped in pledge of allegiance in at least two Democratic

                      convention meetings

08-19-2020 - Goodyear Stock Price Nosedives After Company Endorses ‘Black Lives

                     Matter,’ Bans Employees From Saying ‘Blue Lives Matter’

08-13-2020 - New York Times: Lawns Are Symbols of Racism, Bad for

              Global Warming

08-06-2020 - Larry Elder: Barack Obama and His Race Card

​08-05-2020 - Biden's Lies for Black (and White-Privilege Guilt) Votes

08-05-2020 - How Today’s Left Is Promoting White Supremacy

08-04-2020 - Woke Mobs Demand You Must Now Explain Why You Stand For The Anthem

08-04-2020 - Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) Shares Guide To Defeating ‘Cancel-Culture


08-03-2020 - Barack Obama Had the George Wallace Story Backwards

07-30-2020 - Civil Rights Vet Warns Against BLM Riots: 'Their Target Isn't Injustice in

                     America, It's America Itself'

07-30-2020 - Walter Williams' A Minority View:  Is racism responsible for today's

              Black problems?​
07-28-2020 - To Hell With Professional Sports 
07-28-2020 - Anti-Americanism: The New Anti-Semitism
07-26-2020 - 10 Big Fat Lies You're Being Told About the Portland Riots
07-26-2020 - Police Tell Business Owners in Seattle 'You're on Your Own'

07-25-2020 - Rabbi Calls for Baseball Boycott Until MLB Disengages from Hate-Filled

                     Politics of BLM​
07-24-2020 - Corporate giants Amazon, Apple, Google and Walmart all donating millions

                      to domestic terrorism organization Black Lives Matter

​07-23-2020 - Standing Up to ‘Wokeness’ and the Intolerance of the Mob
07-23-2020 - Young Americans’ Ignorance of Socialism Threatens Our Freedom and 

07-23-2020 - 20-Yr-Old Tough Guy Who Posed For Photo Holding Down Crying White

                     Baby With His Knee On His Neck And BLM Message, Has Been Arrested and

07-23-2020 - Do you STILL support Black Lives Matter after seeing Ohio’s BLM

                     representative Isaiah Jackson crushing a white baby’s neck to make

                     a statement?
07-23-2020 - Rioters Are Using Racial Discontent to Promote Marxist/Communist Agenda

07-21-2020 - Column:  What Frightens the American Left?  Larry Elder's New

              Documentary 'Uncle Tom'

07-20-2020 - LISTEN:  Thomas Sowell audiobook: THE REAL HISTORY OF SLAVERY Part 1
07-20-2020 - LISTEN:  Thomas Sowell audiobook: THE REAL HISTORY OF SLAVERY Part 2

07-16-2020 - Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Calls Kayleigh McEnany a 'Karen'​
07-16-2020 - Black Lives Matter's Hatred Of The Family Feeds Its Desire For Revolution
07-10-2020 - Convicted Terrorist Susan Rosenberg Raising Funds for “Marxist” Black Lives

07-08-2020 - LISTEN: Rule of Race Now Trumping Rule of Law

07-07-2020 - If We Don't Stop It, Marxism Will Annihilate The American Way Of Life​
​​07-01-2020 - Students, Faculty Target Professor for Writing Honest History of Black Lives


06-30-2020 - The Corporate Thought Police

06-30-2020 - Why Rioters Will Eventually Turn Their Rage On Christianity If Not Stopped

06-16-2020 - How Our Anti-American Education System Made Riots Inevitable

06-10-2020 - The Full Truth About Race and Policing

06-10-2020 - Walter Williams' A Minority View: The true plight of black Americans

06-08-2020 - INSURRECTION: Civil Rights Leader Shelby Steele to Mark Levin: 'Blacks Have

                     Never Been Less Oppressed'

06-08-2020 - Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot In Expletive-Filled Fight with Alderman over

                     Black Lives Matter Riots

06-04-2020 - Reminder: “Hands up, don’t shoot” is a fabricated narrative from the Michael

                     Brown case by William A. Jacobson

06-03-2020 - The Bloodletting and Wilding Is Part of An Agenda To Tear Down The

                     Country by William A. Jacobson

07-26-2019 - WATCH:  Google says 'Christian' unacceptable keyword -- 'Muslim' okay

07-24-2019 - Faith-Based Org to Help Vets: Google Blocked 'Christian' Keyword in Ads

07-11-2019 - Dire warning about socialism creeping into Christianity

06-18-2019 - WINNING! In Historic Decision, Supreme Court Drops ‘In God We Trust’

                        Ruling On Democrats

04-24-2019 - THESE Are the Most Telling Failures of Socialism - Heritage Fdn

01-03-2018 - Millennials Don't Know Brutal History of Communism <Thank you gubbment, I

               mean publik skools!!>

08-04-2016 - Black Lives Matter Founder: 'Clintons Use Black People For Votes'
04-27-2016 - Study found race matters in police shootings, but the results may

                        surprise you - WaPo

06-01-2015 - Ferguson ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Never Happened, But Networks Keep

                     Using It