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Full list of President Trump's achievements and failures, categorized by subject matter.

Trump Administration Accomplishments on Life, Family & Religious Freedom 2017-2020

Biden vs Trump Stock Market Performance Comparison

06-28-2024 - Fact Check: Joe Biden Claims He Is the ‘Only President’ This Century with

                     No Troop Deaths

06-28-2024 - Fact Check: Biden Claims Trump ‘Did Nothing’ When Iran-Backed Militia

                     Attacked Troops in Iraq

06-27-2024 - Fact Check — Donald Trump: Illegal Immigration Will 'Wipe Out' Social

                     Security, Medicare

06-27-2024 - Fact Check: Joe Biden Claims Trump Wants to Cut Social Security, Medicare

06-27-2024 - Fact Check: Biden Claims Trump Called Military Veterans 'Suckers' and


06-27-2024 - Fact Check: More Coronavirus Deaths Under Joe Biden

06-27-2024 - Fact Check: Biden Repeats Charlottesville 'Fine People Hoax' at Debate

06-27-2024 - Fact Check: Biden Misleads with Claim Trump Tax Cut 'Rewarded the Wealthy'
06-27-2024 - Fact Check: Joe Biden Falsely Claims Border Patrol Agents Endorsed Him

06-27-2024 - Fact Check: Biden Claims 'Trump Didn't Do a Thing' After Iran Attack on


06-27-2024 - Fact Check: Biden Falsely Claims Trump 'Didn't Do Anything' to End

                     Afghanistan War

06-27-2024 - Fact Check: Biden Falsely Claims He Inherited A Terrible Economy From


06-25-2024 - Fact Check: Karine Jean-Pierre (KJaP) Claims Grocery Prices Went Down Under


06-27-2024 - Fact Check: Biden Falsely Claims Unemployment Was 15% When He Took


06-27-2024 - Fact Check — Donald Trump: Migrants Are Living in 'Luxury Hotels'

12-29-2023 - ICE Arrests of Criminal Illegal Aliens in 2023 Drop by 41% Under Joe Biden

                     Compared to Donald Trump

12-02-2023 - Bill Maher: Trump Is Right that Schools Teach Kids to Hate America, That’s

                     Why Dem Staffers Are Protesting for Hamas

08-25-2023 - A Dozen Media Outlets that Fell for Fake News on Mar-a-Lago

08-04-2023 - STILL OBSESSED: MSNBC, CNN Spend 91% Of Thursday On Trump

07-30-2023 - Americans without college degrees earned more when immigration dipped

                     under Trump, study found

07-20-2023 - Former Trump SecDef and RINO Esper: Trump Is Not Fit for Office -- I'm

                     'Willing to Assist Any' Credible Challenger

05-23-2023 - 59% of Voters Agree Media ‘Truly Enemy of the People

05-19-2023 - Jim Brown, 1936-2023: Football Legend, Civil Rights Leader, Trump Supporter

05-15-2023 - On Taxpayer-Funded PBS/NPR, Liberal Journalists Trade Tips on

                     Deplatforming Trump for ‘24

04-26-2023 - Trump Accuser E. Jean Carroll Backed by Democrat Mega-Donor <Well, of

                course she is, just like ever other bed-wetter liberal who accuses any conservative of

                some kind of malfeasance.>

03-18-2023 - 'Legally Pathetic': Prof. Jonathan Turley Shreds Bragg's Potential Case Against


​​03-13-2023 - Rice University Study: Trump's Policies Cut Illegal Immigration, Biden's

                     Encourage Inflow

03-03-2023 - BREAKING: General Flynn Fights Back Sues U.S. Government for $50 Million

                     Over FBI Entrapment

02-27-2023 - Wash Post Reviews ‘Every Possible Regulatory Change’ Made Under Trump,

                     Finds None Contributed to East Palestine Train Derailment <What you got to say

                now, Mayor Petey??>

02-23-2023 - ABC's View Sunny Hostin: East Palestine Train Derailment Is 'Trump's

                     Fault' <What a glittering jewel of colossal ignorance!>

02-16-2023 - Pathetic! Mayor Petey Blames Trump for East Palestine Disaster Fact Check:

                        Cites 2018 Rule Change that Didn’t Affect Train <Ya' know, I remember when it

                took Bush 72 hours to get to the Katrina Hurricane area and the media brutalized him

                for taking 'so long' to do so, yet it took Mayor Petey 20 DAYS to get to E. Palestine and

                not a word of criticism from the mainstream media - hypocrisy much, media maggots??>

02-07-2023 - WATCH: Donald Trump Responds to Biden’s State of the Union Address,

                     Zones in on Border, Crime, Wages, Corruption

12-28-2022 - Biden Demands China Travelers Provide Negative COVID Test ( After Calling

                     Trump’s 2020 COVID Response ‘Nakedly Xenophobic’)

11-14-2022 - Trump: Some American Jews 'Not Doing the Right Thing' for Israel, a 'Modern-

                     day Miracle'

10-05-2022 - Trump Hails Conservative Wins Worldwide: This ‘Great Movement’ Is

                     ‘Happening All Over the World’ ‘What We Do and What We Preach and What

                     We Believe In Is Common Sense’ ‘It’s Not Complicated’: People Want Dignity

                     and Respect

10-03-2022 - Donald Trump Sues CNN in $475 Million Defamation Lawsuit

09-07-2022 - LISTEN: Harvard Law Professor & Liberal Alan Dershowitz: Will elections slow

                     down Trump investigation?  (WATCH ALL EPISODES HERE)

09-06-2022 - Judge's order exposes FBI sloppiness, excessive evidence collection at Trump


09-05-2022 - Federal judge hands Trump win, orders special master to review evidence

                     seized from Mar-a-Lago

09-05-2022 - Judge Suspends DOJ Investigation of Trump, Grants Special Master Request

09-02-2022 - WATCH:  Judicial Watch:  Biden's Hate Speech, Trump Raid Corruption

                        Exposed, Victory Against CRT

08-31-2022 - Trump Legal Team Blasts DOJ for ‘Leak,’ ‘Unprecedented Behavior’

08-31-2022 - Trump Responds to Photo of Documents Released: 'Lucky I Declassified!

08-30-2022 - LISTEN: Harvard Law Professor & Liberal Alan Dershowitz:  Redacted affidavit

                        does not justify Trump indictment

08-29-2022 - DOJ Tells Court It Found 'Limited' Attorney-client Materials in Trump Raid

08-28-2022 - Federal Judge Sides with Trump, Announces ‘Preliminary Intent’ for ‘Special


08-26-2022 - LISTEN:  Judicial Watch:  Affidavit Proves Trump Raid was a Scam!  

08-26-2022 - Mar-a-Lago FBI Siege Affidavit: 'National Security' NOT Cited by DOJ Among

                     Reasons for Redactions

08-25-2022 - Mark Zuckerberg: FBI Warned Facebook of 'Russian Propaganda Dump' Ahead

                     of Hunter Biden Laptop Story

08-24-2022 - Unredacted memo reveals why DOJ didn't prosecute Trump

08-24-2022 - LISTEN: Harvard Law Professor & Liberal Alan Dershowitz: Trump's motion for

                        a special master should be granted  (WATCH ALL EPISODES HERE)

08-24-2022 - Trump Vindicated as Biden DOJ Releases Mueller Memo on Not Prosecuting


08-23-2022 - Biden White House facilitated DOJ's criminal probe against Trump, scuttled

                     privilege claims: memos <Succeeding presidents cannot override previous

                presidents' executive privilege claims>

08-22-2022 - GSA Packed Boxes of Documents Trump Brought to Mar-a-Lago,

                     Not Trump Political Staffers

08-22-2022 - Judge formally rejects Justice Department's plea to keep entire Trump raid

                     affidavit sealed<Hmmm, I wonder what they're hiding?>

08-22-2022 - Report: Documents Show Biden White House Involvement in Trump Criminal

                     Probe But Joe Said ’No Advanced Knowledge’ of Raid!?

08-21-2022 - Harvard Law Professor & Liberal Alan Dershowitz: 'I Voted

                     Against Trump Twice,' but Mar-a-Lago 'Was an Improper Search'

08-19-2022 - Chris Wallace: Trump Lawyers Silent Because 'There’s Probably a Lot in that

                      Affidavit That Is Very Damaging'<Says the biggest loser in cable news.  Chris,

                 you'll never by 1/4 the journalist your daddy was!>

08-19-2022 - FBI Fraud: Agent Admits Guilt, Destroyed Evidence in Case Against Pro-

                        Trump Lawmaker

08-19-2022 - WATCH:  Judicial Watch:  Biden Raid on Trump Home is a Scam, Court Case

                     Update    (LISTEN)

08-18-2022 - FBI Unit Leading Mar-a-Lago Probe Earlier Ran Discredited Trump-Russia


08-15-2022 - LISTEN: Bill O'Reilly Discusses Media Insanity and Mistakes Made by FBI (No

                     Taint Team) in Trump Mar-a-Lago Raid with Former U.S. Attorney Brett

                     Tolman (starts at 8:28)

08-12-2022 - WATCH:  Judicial Watch:  Biden Responsible for FBI Raid on Trump - Was It


08-11-2022 - LISTEN: Harvard Law Professor & Liberal Alan Dershowitz: ”Whataboutism” is

                        the right question to ask about the Trump raid

08-10-2022 - LISTEN: Harvard Law Professor & Liberal Alan Dershowitz: The

                        unconstitutional Trump raid :it could happen too u!

08-08-2022 - Harvard Law Professor & Liberal Alan Dershowitz: Trump Raid 'Improper' --

                        'This Is Misconduct'

08-04-2022 - Poll: Donald Trump Outperforms Joe Biden on Jobs, Economy, Crime<How

                'bout that all you idiots out there with suffering from the mental illness known as

                Trump Derangement Syndrome!>

08-01-2022 - Biden Slammed Trump When He Took Out ISIS' Al-Baghdadi, Iran's Soleimani

07-31-2022 - Biden’s DOJ: Militia Group Cannot Blame Trump for Entering Capitol on

                        January 6

07-27-2022 - Behar: Trump Will Not Be Prosecuted -- 'There's No Smoking Gun'  <OMG, even

                the Queen of All Hate has her moments of clarity and truth!>

07-26-2022 - LISTEN: Harvard Law Professor & Liberal Alan Dershowitz: Can Trump be

                     successfully prosecuted?

​07-25-2022 - Biden Defended Portland Anarchists as ‘Peaceful Protesters’ but Claims

                        Trump Failed Cops on Jan. 6

07-22-2022 - ABC's Hostin: Trump Committed an 'Act of Domestic Terrorism' -- He Could

                     Go to Jail<What a glittering jewel of colossal ignorance, just like anyone who watches

                that absolute garbage show!>

07-18-2022 - Harvard Law Professor & Liberal Alan Dershowitz:  Democrats Still Can't

                     Admit Trump Was Right About Abraham Accords, Even After Biden Israel Visit

07-05-2022 - WINNING!  Trump-Backed U.S. Senate Candidates Undefeated in 2022


04-27-2022 - Trump APPEALS New York court's $10,000-a-day fine: Lawyers insist he has

                     cooperated with the tax investigation and claim Attorney General Letitia

                     James has refused 'good-faith' discussions

02-27-2022 - In 2018, Trump implemented a program to combat Chinese spying. Biden’s

                     DOJ just cancelled it

02-27-2022 - 'The streets of our Democrat-run cities are drenched in BLOOD': Trump hits

                     out at woke DA's policies that have been blamed for soaring violent crime

02-24-2022 - Key prosecutors resign from Manhattan DA case against Trump, now leftists

                     want them investigated

02-23-2022 - IT’S OVER! Manhattan DA's Witch Hunt Against Trump and His Family

                        Collapses, As Two Prosecutors Resign From Case Over Lack of Evidence

02-23-2022 - VIDEO: MSNBC Guest Blames Ukraine on Trump Admin <Uh, hey, in case you

                haven't heard, Biden is president and Trump's been gone for over a year, you dumbass. 

                Proof positive once again that liberalism is a mental disorder!>

02-15-2022 - Special Counsel U.S. Attorney John Durham: Clinton campaign hired techs to

                     'mine' data about Trump servers to fuel collusion suspicions

02-15-2022 - Durham's Clinton Spying Revelations 'a Massive, Massive Scandal'

02-15-2022 - Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) Calls Out MSNBC’s Chris Hayes For Wrongly Claiming

                     Trump Received Illicit Foreign Donations When it Was Clinton

02-14-2022 - NewsBusters: Sunday Shows Ignored Durham Allegations of Spying on Trump

02-12-2022 - Special Counsel U.S. Attorney John Durham Filing Suggests Clinton Operatives

                     Spied on Trump in 2016 and in White House

02-05-2022 - Did Trump order the National Guard be deployed Jan 6? Here’s the full story

                     neither side is telling.

02-02-2022 - Survey: Voters Rate Biden Far Below Trump

02-02-2022 - Biden Approval 10 Points Lower than Trump's at Same Point

02-02-2022 - Poll: Just 17 Percent of Voters Strongly Approve of Joe Biden

02-01-2022 - Four Years of Profound Change: Immigration Policy during the Trump

                     Presidency - Migration Policy Institute Report (PDF)

01-25-2022 - Poll: Majority of Voters Say Donald Trump a Better President

                     than Biden <Heh!  WNS!  Choke on that, TDS worms!>

01-16-2022 - Glenn Greenwald Exposes Deep State Effort To Stop Trump Pardoning Edward

                     Snowden And Julian Assange

01-15-2022 - Flashback 05-05-2020 - SPECIAL REPORT: The Eight Worst ‘Fake News’ Stories

​                     of the Trump Years

01-06-2022 - Trump Hits Back at Biden Jan. 6 Comments: “Just a Distraction for Fact Biden

                     has Completely and Totally Failed”

01-16-2022 - "We Are Going To Take Back America": Trump Holds First Rally Of 2022 In


11-20-2021 - BREAKING: President Trump Releases Bombshell Evidence, Throws 2020 Into


11-07-2021 - Bill O'Reilly's Weekly Column:  Corruption (in the media)

10-31-2021 - Trump does controversial "tomahawk chop" with Atlanta Braves fans at Game

                        4 of World Series, Mainstream Media Loses It <Oooooo, he's such a meanie!!>

09-20-2021 - Obama Executive Order & Jan 6 Investigation - Executive Privilege and the

                        January 6 Investigations: The Presidential Records Act and Relevant Judicial


09-13-2021 - President Trump Releases HARD-HITTING New Ad Highlighting Joe’s Failures

                     in Afghanistan (VIDEO)     Downloadable HD-Quality Video

08-12-2021 - Trump Wins Another Major Court Battle And Dems Are Furious

08-09-2021 - The Rise of Fake News: How “Destroy Trump” Agenda Led to Collapse of

                     Journalism in America

​08-05-2021 - Dr. Fauci Credits Trump for Speedy Development of Coronavirus Vaccines

07-28-2021 - After Trump Releases Letter PROVING AG Barr Ordered US Attorney NOT To

                     Investigate Election, Battle Erupts Between Barr And McSwain

07-26-2021 - The Art of “Providing Context”: Lies and Misinformation of the Media Fact


07-20-2021 - Washington Post Reporter: 'Rand Paul Was Right and Fauci Was Wrong'

07-12-2021 - Trump says Biden must 'stand up' to Cuba and mocks Obama for watching

                     baseball with Castro while regime 'imprisoned, beat, and killed the Cuban

                     people' - as White House dodges question on whether COVID sparked huge


06-21-2021 - What If the Media Had Told the Truth?…5 Mainstream Media Lies for Which

                     Trump Has Been Vindicated, and the Damage They Caused

06-20-2021 - Trump was RIGHT AGAIN: California Will Spend $500M to Thin Forests to

                        Help Prevent Wildfires <Forget Trump, what have conservatives been saying for the

                past 20 years!!!!>

06-12-2021 - I told you so! Trump reels off list of times liberal media said he was wrong

                        when he was right all along, from Wuhan, to Hunter Biden's laptop and the

                        clearing of Lafayette Square

06-10-2021 - Police did not clear Lafayette Square so Trump could hold 'Bible' photo op:

                     Watchdog, ABC News

06-09-2021 - N-Word Usage Score -- Bidens 15, Trumps 0

06-09-2021 - US Inspector General's Report:  Police Didn’t Clear BLM Protesters From Park

                     Last Year for Trump Bible Photo-Op: Watchdog

06-06-2021 - Twitter declares access to its platform a 'human right' despite banning Trump

                     and conservatives for their views

05-11-2021 - Trump: Palestinian War on Israel Provoked by Joe Biden's Weakness

04-29-2021 - MSNBC And CNN Anchors Perpetuate Lies About Operation Warp Speed,

                     Refuse To Give Trump Due Credit

04-27-2021 - Simon & Schuster employees tell publisher no book deals for Trump

                     administration authors

​04-19-2021 - Chinese labs and Russian bounties: Biden admin gives partial vindication to

                        Trump theories

04-12-2021 - In Middle of Briefing, Biden's Commerce Secretary Admits Trump's China

                     Tariffs Worked <Yep, she's fired!>

03-23-2021 - Let's Compare Coverage of Biden's and Trump's Border Crises

03-11-2021 - Fact Check: About Those Viral 'Trump vs. Biden' Economic Charts...

02-17-2021 - Fact Check: President Biden Falsely Claims Trump Did Not Condemn Proud


02-01-2021 - Famous Liberal Democrat and Constitutional Attorney, Alan Dershowitz,

                     Nominates Jared Kushner for Nobel Peace Prize for the Abraham

                     Accords <Remember, Obama got the Nobel Prize for doing absolutely NOTHING!!!>

01-31-2021 - The Speech As Incitement Case Against Trump Continues to Crumble

01-31-2021 - Did Trump Tell Supporters To Storm US Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021?

01-09-2021 - Squelched by Twitter, Trump seeks new online megaphone

01-07-2021 - Rep. Matt Gaetz: “Trump explicitly called for protests to be peaceful…He was

                     far more explicit about his calls for peace than some of the BLM and Left

                     -Wing Rioters” [VIDEO]

01-07-2021 - Trump Pledges ‘Orderly Transition’ of Power to Biden

01-07-2021 - Now they tell us — Trump was tough on Russia

01-02-2021 - Top 10 Trump accomplishments of 2020

01-01-2021 - CNN's Zakaria: 'Dirty Little Secret'—Trump Was Tough on Russia!

12-31-2020 - Trump’s China Policy Earns Praise From Tibet, Fury From Communists

12-31-2020 - Donald Trump Has Been The Most Illuminating President In Decades

12-31-2020 - REWIND: The Media’s Four-Year War Against the Trump Presidency

12-31-2020 - Trump authorizes 'emergency learning scholarships' for students denied in-

                     person school

12-10-2020 - Trump Secures Another Peace Deal Between Israel And An Arab Nation

11-30-2020 - Trump's 44 uses of clemency powers seen as a bad thing by critics.

                         Obama granted clemency nearly 2,000 times

11-24-2020 - The U.S. Middle Class’s Exceptionally Long Decline — and Recent Recovery

11-13-2020 - Family Income Rose Drastically Under Trump, Meaning His Economy Was

                     Better Than Obama’s

10-27-2020 - Trump denounces White supremacy '38 times' in new campaign video, amid

                     Biden-Harris criticisms

09-24-2020 - Dr. Alveda King: African-Americans supporting Trump because of his ‘stand

                     for life’

09-23-2020 - Trump To Sign ‘Born Alive’ Executive Order, Protecting Premature Babies And

                     Abortion Survivors

09-23-2020 - Trump announces executive order to protect babies who survive abortion

09-23-2020 - Trump issues executive order to combat discrimination in federal workforce

09-23-2020 - Trump issues executive order to combat ideology that America is

                     ‘irredeemably racist and sexist’

09-19-2020 - UFC Fighter Stuns After Victory: ‘If You Thought That Was A Beating’ Wait Till

                     Trump ‘Landslide’ Over Biden

09-18-2020 - Trump Creates A National Commission To Promote Patriotic Education: ‘We

                     Will Reclaim Our History’ <Thank you, Mr. President!!!!>

09-18-2020 - Trump Gives Classy Statement On Ginsburg’s Passing, Avoids Politics Unlike

                     Top Democrats

09-17-2020 - Trump Rips Into Critical Race Theory, Says Teaching It To Kids ‘A Form Of

                     Child Abuse’

09-17-2020 - Response to 'I Just Can’t Vote for Trump' Republicans

09-17-2020 - John Kerry mocked for 2016 claim that 'there will be no separate peace'

                     between Israel-Arab nations without the Palestinians

09-17-2020 - Flashback: Kerry Hilariously Wrong About Trump Moving US Embassy to


09-17-2020 - WATCH: John Kerry Dire Predictions Fail Again After Trump-Brokered Peace


09-16-2020 - Facebook Censors Pro-Trump Ad After Fact-Checker Admits Claim May

                     Be True

09-07-2020 - Trump Takes Aim at Marxist Propaganda Behind the BLM Riots

09-04-2020 - Trump Orders Purge of 'Critical Race Theory' from Federal Agencies<Well, it's

                about time!>

09-01-2020 - 143 (So Far) Media Mistakes in the Trump Era: The Definitive List

08-27-2020 - Trump has delivered (list) many of his 2016 campaign promises. Here's what

                     remains for second term

08-27-2020 - RNC Convention Speaker & Chinese human rights activist asks Americans to

                     vote Trump for 'our future'

08-26-2020 - Retired Gen. Kellogg: Trump Has Reversed the Decline of Our Military

08-24-2020 - Nikki Haley: 'Democrats are still blaming America first. Donald Trump has

                     always put America first'

08-24-2020 - RNC Issues Powerful Rebuke to Obama/Biden Admin for Trusting Far-

                     Left Smear Group, The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)

08-17-2020 - The Anti-Trump Media Has Embraced Conspiracy Theories About The Post


08-21-2019 - President Trump Says No To Universal Background Checks for Guns

08-20-2020 - Therapists Rebrand 'Trump Derangement Syndrome'

08-10-2020 - A Christian's defense of President Trump is well worth reading

​08-10-2020 - Trump Heroically Defies a Lawless Supreme Court on DACA

08-06-2020 - Malik Obama Still '110 Percent' with Trump, Who Is 'Not a Fake'

08-05-2020 - WATCH: Point by Point - The real COVID record. Media and left rewriting

                     history on COVID-19 response

07-31-2020 - Florida's largest police union unanimously endorses President Trump in 

                     emergency vote

07-31-2020 - Trump scores win over Stormy Daniels' libel suit- POLITICO

​07-29-2020 - ‘50 Things They Don’t Want You to Know About Trump’

07-28-2020 - The long list of President Trump’s pro-life accomplishments

07-25-2020 - Trump Continues to Be Exceedingly Tough on Russia

07-22-2020 - Game over: President Trump sending federal police throughout country

                     to end riots, take back America

​07-22-2020 - Trump Signs Order Excluding Illegal Immigrants from Census to Prevent

                      Inflated Congressional Districts

07-15-2020 - Trump's List of 42 Disastrous Things Biden Would Do as President

07-14-2020 - Trump Tears into Biden's Entire Agenda at White House Press Conference

07-03-2020 - Trump Executive Order Combats Credentialism in Federal Hiring

06-13-2020 - Park Police Reiterate: No Tear Gas Outside WH Despite Media Reports

06-07-2020 - AG Bill Barr: One of the Media's 'Big Lies' that Lafayette Park Protesters Were


06-02-2020 - US Park Police Corrects Record: Tear Gas Not Used in Lafayette Park

05-20-2020 - Obama commencement attack ignored Trump's support for record funding

                     for black schools

05-18-2020 - Why the left hates America and Trump, Letter to the Editor

05-05-2020 - SPECIAL REPORT: The Eight Worst ‘Fake News’ Stories of the Trump Years

04-13-2020 - Dr. Fauci Torches a Member of the Press for Trying to Imply Trump Didn't

                      Listen to Health Experts

04-13-2020 - Dr Fauci to Biased Media: President Trump Always Said "Yes" to Our Health


04-12-2020 - Dr. Fauci Sets the Record Straight on China and Coronavirus

04-03-2020 - Brit Hume shares old video clip from Dr. Fauci that every lib critical of Trump

                        should be forced to watch

04-28-2020 - While Congress awards Harvard millions, Trump moves to bolster historically

                     black colleges

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                         faith initiative

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                     First Year