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Over 200 years ago, President Thomas Jefferson famously said, "Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle." And, "If you are relying upon the media for the facts, you are receiving nothing but distortion and propaganda."  At that time, he didn't know how correct he was.

Today, small groups of very well-funded organizations are propagating a "hate America/America is a bad country" mantra and they are embraced by a complicit mainstream media that wants to fundamentally change the fabric of this country in order to implement a socialist/communist agenda.  Many of these organizations are funded by billionaire international financier and Communist, George Soros. Many of his sponsored organizations have names that are intentionally misleading, so that many people and many large corporations think they are supporting noble causes when in fact, they are doing the devil's work.  Check these lists and if you support any of these organizations, STOP!  Article here.  Article here.  Article here.

Consider that 90% of the so-called "mainstream media" is controlled by 6 large corporate media conglomerates that are overwhelmingly left-wing biased. Don't believe me? See "Here's Who Owns Everything in Big Media Today" by Vox, a left-wing website.  Then, go to OpenSecrets or Follow the Money or the Federal Election Commission and look up the breakdown of corporate contributions.  Also, go to each company's respective website, pull up their list of corporate management and board of directors and plug in their names into those websites to see to whom and what they contributed money. 

If you watch the mainstream media, you’d obviously think the conservative aspect is bad, but have you ever wondered why the liberals think they have a monopoly on truth and virtuosity?  What necessarily makes the liberal/progressive side the correct side and aside from constantly throwing out accusations of racism, sexism, homophobia, and on and on and on, why don’t they ever explain to you why the conservative side is necessarily bad or even tell you about it's points of view at all and even go so far as to suppress it?  Hmmm???  Something to ponder.  And consider all the high-profile people/stories/incidents that the media completely ignored, glossed over or got completely wrong and, in some cases, viciously and hatefully maligned innocent parties and organization for months and even years with no retractions or apologies whatsoever for trying to ruin their lives and doing so in many cases.  Remember these?:  Clarence Thomas, Richard Jewell, Cambridge Police incident, Duke Univ. Lacrosse, Fast & Furious, Benghazi, Herman Cain, Little Sisters of the Poor, Southern Poverty Law Center, Lois Lerner (IRS), James Rosen, George Zimmerman/Travon Martin, Ferguson, MLB All-Star Game/Georgia Voting Laws, Freddie Gray, The McClosky's, Nicholas Sandmann, Brett Kavanaugh, Trump-Charlottesville, 2020 Post-Election Riots, Gen. Michael Flynn, Trump Impeachments I & II, Steele Dossier/Russia Collusion Conspiracy, Defund Police, Kyle Rittenhouse, just to name a few.

You wouldn't read a few sentences out of one history book and think you know everything there is to know about history, would you?  Well, take it from this detective who routinely has to sort through a lot of "stuff" - that's exactly what's happening if you're getting all your news from the militant, intolerant, progressive, left-wing-biased, agenda-driven elitists in the so-called national "mainstream media" echo chamber and that goes double if your "news" sources are morning celebrity talk shows or late-night comedians. Is your head surrounded by that much sand?? 
;-)  At the very best, you're getting half (or less) of the story and at worst, and most probably, you're getting the wrong/inaccurate story (misinformation) or being intentionally misled (disinformation/propaganda).  And most recently, it has been discovered that several major search engines and most major social media platforms are not only filtering what we see and hear, but suppressing information they think is inappropriate or politically incorrect in an (very successful so far) attempt to manipulate and influence the public's thoughts and opinions and therefore, elections. These are classic tactics used by socialist and communist dictators and totalitarians throughout the decades to exert their control over the people, except now it's even easier for them with the Internet, 21st century technology and people's addiction to smart devices and social media. 

Bottom line: If you only watch the mainstream broadcast media and major cable news, you are not going to know what is TRULY going on in the world.  Don't walk around in a fog of misinformation, disinformation and complete ignorance. In today's world, you MUST be informed, accurately and completely, so be sure to get the whole story and not just a small, biased part. Do your homework. Get informed. Get educated. Get the whole truth!

Don't think you're being misled, lied to or only being told part of the story or that the media isn't biased?  Consider these articles, studies and exposés:

  1. Read the 2021 New York Times best-selling book, Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media's Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption by Alex Marlow
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  10. WATCH: BlazeTV Documentary - Digital Stormtroopers: How Big Tech Will Silence You & Steal the Election, 9-2-2020  <We were warned!!!>
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  19. Why the News is Not the Truth - Harvard Business Review May-June 1995
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  21. American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology - Internet & Search Engine Manipulation Studies
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  30. CENSORED! How Online Media Companies are Suppressing Conservative Speech - MRC, 09-2018
  31. ​​10 Ways Big Tech Can Shift Millions of Votes in the November Elections—Without Anyone Knowing - Epoch Times, 9-28-2018
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  35. ​​​Professors Worry Their Bias Will Be Exposed by Online Classes - 3-26-2020
  36. Bill O'Reilly's Weekly Column:  Corruption (in the media) - 11-07-2021

A Word on Political Polls and Polling

A long time ago, this used to be a fine science that was used to reflect public opinion, however, as we have seen in the past several elections, almost all have them have been completely WRONG and significantly so!!!  Especially in the 2016 general election - only two polling outfits got the Presidential pick close - Rasmussen and the Trafalgar Group.  Why is that?  Well, the main reason is that polls are now pretty much just a political tool used mostly by the left to influence public opinion, not accurately reflect it.  Ever ask yourself why almost all of the polls always cast Republicans and conservatives in a bad light and never Democrats or liberals?  Come on, even a broken clock is right twice a day.  The answer is simple - just look at the methodology in most polls - the breakdowns (percentages of those polled) are almost always weighted towards the Democrats by several points and the Independents surveyed are rarely defined (lean liberal or lean conservative).  It also is important the number of people polled and where they were polled.  Again, you will see, if it is even disclosed, that most polls are taken in large coastal cities which, again, lean heavily left.  And there are other factors that play in such as how the polls were taken (phone, Internet, in person), how the questions were phrased (not intentionally leading one way or another), how many people were polled, whether they are "likely voters" or "registered voters" [big difference (likely voters are a better gauge)] etc., and you can continue drilling down into the minutiae, but I think you see what I mean.  If a poll's methodology is not disclosed or the polling company declines to disclose it if asked, be highly suspect of it as it is probably false and the results incorrect and intentionally misleading.  So, take polls with a grain of salt and use them for fun, but basically don't pay any serious attention to most of them and definitely don't base your opinions on them - do your own homework!! 

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