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NOTICE: Yes, we have been and are still fully open and operating alive, in-person and unafraid during the Coronavirus pandemic. However, we are currently operating at capacity and not currently accepting any new clients at this time.  We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.  Also please note that due to Bidenflation, the fees for all our services have increased.  Please check back on this page frequently for status updates.

Magnus Omnicorps is a diversified, professional service company assisting with your personal and business needs.  Oklahoma CLEET* licensed for your safety and security.  Insured.

On almost a daily basis, we need someone else's assistance with something in our lives, either personally or at our place of business.  However, one of the most significant challenges we all face is the ability to find someone who is trustworthy, professional, dependable, competent, flexible, and adaptable to our needs.  As a graduate of Purdue University and the Marine Military Academy, with licenses and certifications in several disciplines, experience in Fortune 500 corporate, military and small business settings, I am ready, willing and able to assist.

Specializing in personal, business and property security, executive assistance, services for seniors, estate management (esp. elder case management), sales and marketing, home and business special projects, real estate consulting and general labor.  Note:  Unfortunately, we do not take domestic cases, e.g., surveillance on cheating spouses, child custody, insurance fraud, etc., nor do we offer process service.  Please see the Service Providers page for detectives who do.

Please contact Magnus Omnicorps for availability and rates - days, nights, weekends and holidays - hourly, short and long term contracts are available.  Discounts for charity events and non-profits.  Yes, I am available for direct-hire.  Please contact me to discuss your business' needs and how I may be of assistance to you.

In addition to promoting my services, I wanted this website to be a resource for people whose interests include:  Safety and security issues, entrepreneurship, consumerism, news, a little bit of leisure and for people who are just looking for other information that they may have difficulty finding elsewhere.  So, please be sure to visit my Helpful Info & Links, Breaking NewsPublications, and other pages for all kinds of useful information and it's all free and without any obligation whatsoever! 

Seniors, if you are concerned about crime and fraud or are interested in attending free, informative, public events  that address a variety of issues important to you, please be sure to visit my (unofficial) Oklahoma County TRIAD page and get involved with your local chapter, if there is one in your area.  Note: We have several in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area.

Council on Law Enforcement Education & Training
Limitations apply

Magnus Omnicorps, LLC is a domestic, for-profit, limited liability company registered with the Oklahoma Secretary of State, #: 3512186444.  Other state and federal occupational license numbers and certifications apply.

Important Note Regarding Advertising:  We do not accept any type of compensated advertising, whether directly paid or in-kind (free products, goods or services).  We do not accept "sponsored content" articles.  We do not perform product testing/evaluation for compensation, whether directly paid or in-kind (free products, goods or services). Please see section 4. on the Terms of Use page for more information. Additionally, suggestions for website resource additions are no longer being accepted.

Important Note Regarding Public Speaking:  Sadly, I have stopped accepting requests to speak to groups and this is mainly because I have found that it is not time well-spent since most people don't listen, don't heed my advice, and then wind up calling me for help (but don't want to pay) when they wind up in trouble.  Just about everything I can tell you can be accessed for free on the Publications page of this website.  Whether you decide to avail yourself of all that knowledge is solely your choice now.  Good luck!


The information, reports, forms, etc., on this website are all free and without any obligation whatsoever.  I provide all this as a service to my clients and the public.  However, if you would like to make a small donation to support the website and keep all the good information coming, it would be most appreciated!  I respect your privacy!  I will not spam you, ask you for additional contributions, or sell any of your contact information to anyone else!

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