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Black Book Online Free Public Records Search

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Oklahoma Areawide Aging Agency Senior Resource Directory 2017-2018

Magazine Capacity, Does It Matter Part 1 with Lee Matthews of KTOK AM 1000 and David "The Marine" from Stand Ready Defense, 3/8/2018

Magazine Capacity, Does It Matter Part 2 with Lee Matthews of KTOK AM 1000 and David "The Marine" from Stand Ready Defense, 3/14/2018

NICB VIN Check for Stolen Vehicles

Oklahoma Insurance Dept (OID) Senior Fraud Conference Schedule

Left Lane Law (effective 11-1-2017) - full text here.

​​Cutting the Cable Report

Get Safe Online

Live Windchill/Heat Index Map of U.S.

Plymouth State University Weather Center

Becky Ivins Movers Real Estate Favorites (service provider) page

OKC Talk

Oklahoma Earthquake Tracker

Oklahoma State Dept. of Health, Protective Health Services Provider Survey/Inspection Search

Medicare's Nursing Home Ratings

Oklahoma State Board of Examiners for Long Term Care Administrators (OSBELTCA)

Oklahoma Nurse Aide & Non-Technical Service Worker Registry (check to see if a person is on the registry)       DOH Full Page

​Oklahoma State Dept. of Health Nurse Aide and Nontechnical Services Worker Information

Oklahoma Board of Nursing - Nursing License Verification

Oklahoma State Dept. of Health List of Nurse Aides with Disciplinary Flags/Convictions

Oklahoma State Laws, Rules and Regulations governing long-term care facilities

Oklahoma Laws  (If website is down, try Oklahoma Statutes here.)

Oklahoma City County Health Dept - Immunization & Vaccine Information

​Oklahoma City-County Health Dept. Immunization & Vaccine Availability & Prices

Oklahoma City Municipal Code

Oklahoma City Police Dept Jail Blotter

Oklahoma County Assessor Property Search

Oklahoma County Clerk ROD & UCC Search

Oklahoma County Clerk Land Records Search

Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office Inmate Search

Oklahoma Dept of Corrections Inmate Search

Oklahoma Inmate Records, various sources

Oklahoma Land Records and Deeds Search

Oklahoma State Court Network Docket Search

Oklahoma State Prisons & County Jails Directory

Oklahoma On Demand Court Records Search

Oklahoma Real Estate Commission Home 

Oklahoma Real Estate Commission Publications

Oklahoma Real Estate License Code and Rules

Oklahoma Non-Residential/Residential Landlord and Tenant Acts (as ammended 11/1/2015, udpated on OREC website in July 2018)

Oklahoma Real Estate Licensee Search

U.S. Code

NRA's List of Anti-Second Amendment/Anti-Gun Groups, Organizations Corporations, Corporate Heads, Publications and Media Outlets, Individuals & Celebrities

Friend or Foe (A community driven interactive database and map of pro and anti-gun businesses. Find out which local businesses honor your Constitutional right to carry and defend yourself and your family.....and those that don't!)

​Most firearms related laws which people (civilians) have questions about can be found in Title 21, Chapter 53 of the Oklahoma statutes.  Scroll down about 2/3 the way to the bottom and you will find the section.

If you wish to apply for a handgun carry permit, also known as the Oklahoma Self Defense Act, all the information is here at the OSBI's website.

There are additional laws and regulations for security officers and private investigators and can be found in Title 59, Chapter 42A of the Oklahoma statutes.  Scroll down about 7/8 of the way to the bottom and you will find this section.  Additional rules are in the Oklahoma Secretary of State's Office of Administrative Rules (OAR) Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC), Title 390 (click on View Code button and then scroll down for link to Title 390).

Also, former Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt issued a very important opinion on 2/19/2014 regarding security guards, private investigators and their carrying of firearms.   Read it here.

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